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110-0007, Tokyo

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is an iconic museum located in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the most popular museums in the city, attracting thousands of visitors each year. The museum is home to a large collection of art from around the world, with a focus on Japanese art.

The museum is housed in a beautiful building that was built in 1926. The building is a combination of traditional Japanese and Western architectural styles, and the interior is decorated with beautiful woodwork and stained glass. The museum is divided into several galleries, each with its own unique theme. The main exhibition hall features a variety of art from different periods and cultures, including works from the Edo period, the Meiji era, and modern art.

The museum also hosts a variety of special exhibitions throughout the year. These exhibitions focus on specific topics, such as Japanese painting, sculpture, and photography. The museum also hosts lectures, workshops, and other educational programs.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is a great place to explore the art of Japan and the world. It is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in art, culture, and history.

🕒 Opening hours

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Sunday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

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🗣️ Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum: Reviews

Brent Dowland 2 weeks ago

Very nice museum to visit, but know when to go ^_^ Do your research on the Internet before going, ensure they have a nice attraction in which you will be interested in viewing. When I last visited they had the Ancient Egyptian display, very nice

Jared T 1 month ago

Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …

Charles Hollenbeck 1 month ago

I enjoyed my time here. As a part of the larger Ueno Park series of stops, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is good place to visit. Also, it is not expensive to visit at all. Some cities have museums that have $20-30 tickets, but the Ueno Park museums are much more cost effective.

Emma Charanton 1 month ago

The permanent exhibition is very beautiful and well designed to trace the evolution of modern Japanese art.

星野浩 1 month ago

Visited on Public holiday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …

Sun Wa 2 months ago

A number of Interesting & well designed articles in the souvenir shop.

Ariel Glorioso 3 months ago

Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …

권혁우 3 months ago

Great museum! Location wise good for tourist who wants to hang around Ueno Park.

Kirk Wilson 3 months ago

The special exhibit of Henry Matisse is exceptional. The only drawback is that photographs are prohibited in 2/3 of the exhibit area. they are only allowed on floor two.

Ivonne Hawinkels 5 months ago

Beautiful building and surroundings! Ueno park is beautiful! I was there to see an exhibition on E. Schiele, the collection presented was quite complete and there were some Klimt works too aside from other works by well known Secession artists.

Craig Dandridge 5 months ago

Perhaps one of Tokyo’s most visually impressive older museum buildings, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum opened in 1975. The building was designed by renowned Japanese architect Kunio Maekawa—a key figure in Japanese postwar modernism. Kunio Maekawa (May 14, 1905 – June 26, 1986) was known for blending traditional Japanese design elements with those from European modernism. If you make your way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum via the Park Exit of JR Ueno Station, you’ll pass another building designed by Kunio Maekawa, the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan—opened in April 1961 commemorating Tokyo’s 500th anniversary. Anyway, getting back on topic: Perhaps it’s because this is a public-supported museum, but there seem to be a lot more rules here than at other museums in Tokyo and stricter enforcement. Definitely check the website for rules and guidelines beforehand. Museum staff must inspect you before you can enter exhibitions. There are a lot of personal lockers for storing personal things you’re not allowed to carry in with you. However, as the museum staff are quite strict, these lockers tend to fill up fast during popular events, so get there early and store your belongings before attempting to enter the exhibition. Using the public lockers requires a 100-yen coin, but the coin is automatically returned to you when you insert the key to remove your belongings. So using these public lockers is essentially free, but you must have a 100 yen coin to use them.

Edward Abraham 5 months ago

Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …

Friday's Flicka 6 months ago

Visited on Weekday …

jaeyoon Kim 6 months ago

There are lots of art places in Tokyo and this is one of those places. Beautiful atmosphere and good exhibition every quarter period. Sometimes, it's very hard to get a ticket. Therefore, you better book a ticket for the exhibition before you set up the trip.

Yanan Cheng 6 months ago

Visited on Weekend Wait time 10–30 min Reservation recommended Not sure …

M U 6 months ago

A beautiful place. The cafes inside, the building itself, and the souvenir shop. I love every bit of this place:)

Jocy Cooke 9 months ago

Smaller than I expected, and gift shop not as big as I imagined too. Staff are very friendly and attentive, and I did enjoy 1 free exhibition and 1 paid one. It's nice that you can pick and choose what you want to do, with general free entry to the building.

Peter Hoboth 9 months ago

Thank to the “Retrospective” experience I caught in here, Taro Okamoto became on of my favorite painters.

Fengyuan Yap 1 year ago

A great place to spend time with your family. Except paid exhibitions, it offers free exhibition entries too. There has no entrance fees, but it has extra fee for paid exhibitions. Just pay at the counter in front of the exhibition. For free exhibition, just need to write down your name and address for recording purposes. Some thoughts and suggestions: Free exhibitions are good but they mostly dont have a theme, aka each project represents a different message, and you might get nothing after visiting. However, it is good for person who just wanna explore. Paid exhibitions have a theme and a message they wanna delivered. It is better to do some homework before buying tickets. Overall, I like this place and definitely will revisit again. Good luck to your trip!

Noobysama 1 year ago

I wouldn't say I love exhibits here. It's quite pricy, for the amount of art works you get. Usually the poster of an event is appears to be the most exciting painting of all exhibition and the rest are just sketches and studies, or just the similar painters. If you've been to any European galleries, you'll know what I mean. In that case you'd probably might wanna pay more attention to japanese artists and morden artists. Tickets might be difficult to buy, if you do it the fist time. So many unnecessary information and hundreds of links :) What is good here - it is that exhibits change quite frequently. And I just looove the museum shop and how there're so many collaborations with the paintings and characters ???? Adorable.

M M 1 year ago

Great collection. Beautiful space. Feedback to the museum: I would have liked if the museum worked on better lighting around the paintings. The way the lights were placed caused strain to the eyes and made it quite difficult to see and appreciate the paintings properly.

Pollin Natah 2 years ago

Great Art Museum! A fine collection of art !!

Mesut Durukal 2 years ago

Lots of paintings and other exhibitikns for f

Dev Cat 2 years ago

Went there to check out the Isamu Noguchi exhibition: Ways of Discovery. It was amazing! The show features Noguchi’s signature Akari lighting works, as well as his sculptures. I really did’t know much about his cultural and family background and the time periods he lived in. This show gave me these contexts, and I leaned the significance of his work more. Some ideas that struck me: sculptures with metal-folding is “origami with metal”. Also, the idea of Karomi = lightness was important. Made me want to visit his studio in Mure in the future.

Tommy Kurauchi 2 years ago

Ueno Park has an incredible assortment of museums. The 東京都美術館 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is large! There is generally a featured exhibit and these are expertly curated although, depending on the day of the week and the popularity of the current show, the venue can be crowded. As I was leaving the last time after viewing “Vilhelm Hammershøi and Danish Painting of the 19th Century”, my eye was caught by an exhibit in one of the Citizen's Galleries. The artwork on display were carved wood calligraphy panels curated by the 日本刻字協会 (Nihon Kokuji Kyoukai) [Japan Carving Association]. The artists on view included Japanese and other Asian countries and the calligraphy was in kanji, kana, Korean Hangul characters, Chinese and even a couple with English. Photography was permitted and I took many. I actually returned the following day to spend more time in the exhibit which had hundreds of articles. Some has won prizes and there were even a couple that included paper drafts with the finished artwork. The exhibit I visited in January 2020 was the 39th such show. I was informed that it was held annually at the end of January. (Note: 2021 was different because of the pandemic.) This is a show that I will make travel plans around. I will endeavor to curb my enthusiasm and post only a score or so photographs. Photography is permitted in this exhibit and most of the artwork did not have glass covering it. The 1985 sculpture in the entrance courtyard (my sky hole 85-2 光と影 by Inoue Bukichi) is kept nicely polished for selfies.

lesley miles 3 years ago

It's situated in a beautiful park, and it's full of wonderful exhibitions. Staff are efficient and polite, and speak English well.

zxgoh 3 years ago

Museum staff were amiable and keen to help out. They were rather coherent in english, so i was able to understand at that point in time, most of the exhibitions were free of charge. The exhibition staff were really nice and were proud to showcase the artworks, it made me feel warm and welcomed. It's a must visit if you like to wander around at a slow pace.

PIastic monre 3 years ago

A museum located inside Ueno park. I visit here for Vilhelm hammershøi exhibition. Love it so much. You couldn’t take the pictures inside and there is entrance fee, 1600 yen. Worth the price though.

Gabriel 3 years ago

Really good selection. Definitely a must see for any first trip to Toky

Alida 3 years ago

Beautiful building, incredible selection of art works, fantastic gift shop, and I appreciated their locker storage where I could fit my 45L backpack. In hindsight I would have liked to have seen the special collections exhibit but the crowd put me off. Avoid weekends! TIP: Grutt Passes are not great for Ueno Park, if you intend to visit multiple museums in the area go for the Ueno Museum Pass (not sure of what it's officially called). I committed to my Grutt pass and it did not pay off, or even qualify to discount my visit, so I paid full price entry.

Kehidupan Ini 3 years ago

I was here for Edvard Munch exhibition. It was a pleasant experience. The exhibition was well prepared and show Munch work through every phase of his artistic career. There was audio guided tour in English too. The museum is easily accessible by walking from Ueno Station, and it's close enough that it will just be a short walk. To get into the museum you need to use escalator to go to the lower floor. After you enter the building, you can turn left to find the ticket counter and purchase exhibition ticket. The staff was nice and capable of guiding foreigner to purchase admission ticket. The visitor was quiet and considerate with other people. Famous painting typically attract crowd, but this museum gives us the chance to see them closely by making visitors line up to see them. Staff will announce the time left before closing so you can choose wisely which work you want to appreciate with your available time. At the exit of the exhibition you can buy various souvenirs and exhibition catalog from the museum. There's also a photo booth too. This is good because you cannot take pictures inside the exhibition.

Ollie 4 years ago

Great place to visit in Tokyo. Just only 10 minutes walk through the park from Ueno train station. When I was there also have an exhibition of Gustav Klimt but the ticket was a little pricey and the line was super long.

EllƎ XGäëL 4 years ago

A Classic One... if you Love Art and Modern Architecture, you should not missed it.

Atitar Pol. 4 years ago

nice museum and souvenirs in "Munch: A Retrospective" are very cut

Nalinesh Arun 4 years ago

Klimt exhibition - 4 May 2019. Awesome. Pics are of the exhibition merchandise.

Odie S 4 years ago

Went on a Saturday to the Tokyo Met to see The Miraculous World of Edo Painting. it was a spectacular exhibit. The one and only drawback was the crowd. Next time will be on a week day!

Ariel Huang 4 years ago

It was a lucky day to me, unexpected meeting this great Gustav Klimt Exhibition in Tokyo, love it! The exhibition lines design are orderly, mostly of people who visits the exhibition were neat, focus and not that much talks, sometimes they just whispering if they’re needs to discuss. It was Friday and is Special Exhibition so the last admission at 19:30, so many people visits at the day, althought I walked out at 18:00 it’s still many people waiting in line. There have around 120 pieces exhibits in this time, if you was a fan about Gustav Klimt, the Vienna – Japan 1900 works will stunning you, especially visit in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, where is cool and calm, full of modern and artistic atmosph

David Ballesteros 4 years ago

Definitely a trip highlight. Was not expecting the Munch retrospective. Seeing the Scream, the work he is most known for, in person, was unforgettabl

Calvin So 4 years ago

First time being there for the Munch exhibition. The environment and visitors are great and the staff are helpful. It was a friday afternoon, but it wasn't too crowded, which allowed me to comfortably browse the art pieces. Enjoyed my 3 hours spent there a lot.

HJ 4 years ago

Lots of art exhibits at various prices. We saw the black and white ink painting exhibit for free. Was a good way to spend an hour. Information desk can speak English, but the rest of the staff cannot.

Vanessa Abel 4 years ago

Went for the Bonsai Expo and it was incredible. Very well set out, easy to navigate, smiling staff and easy to know where to go. They put on a free shuttle bus to the bonsai trade fair - it was great!

Alex Baum 4 years ago

Beautiful exhibit, helpful staff, and a really awesome gift shop at the end. Unfortunately I didn't come prepared to make it back to the state with a thick book, otherwise they offered an excellent compilation of the exhibit. Lesson learned, when going to Japan, bring am extra suitcase. Note that you pay per exhibit, so buying one ticket does not give you free travel around the entire MET.

Zane Hepburn 4 years ago

Go when a community exhibit is on no line, cheap entrance cost and many wonderful pieces by local artists

Elzbieta Ray 4 years ago

Great experience, we have seen the Edvard Munch Retrospective here. I have never experienced so much poise and controller. I also never seen every painting without being pushed and blocked by my fellow visitors before. It was an exceptional experience people walked in a line stoped for a little while and kept moving at a slow pace nobody cut in front of the next person. The museum staff was incredibly patient with all of us and used a very determined but polite tone of voice. I have never seen paintings by Munch live only in my art history books. So it was an incredible treat to see him in Tokyo on top of it. They have a really nice restaurant upstairs with good food and incredible service. Overall one thing I am upset about is not seeing the rest of the museum but considering the time we have spent there already it was just not in us anymore.

Lindsey Fung 4 years ago

Excellent layout and services. Always have great exhibitions.

Matthew Edmondson 4 years ago

Very nice art museum. The free admission for foreigners is really what got us through the door. I'm not much of an arts person, however I thoroughly enjoyed walking this museum. The pieces all followed the theme of the room and some of them were very striking. If you're traveling through and admission is free, I would definitely take 30mins to have a look around.

Yk 4 years ago

Quite relaxing gallery. You can enjoy not only the special exhibitions but also some other free exhibitions of oil paintings. On the restaurant you can enjoy beautiful green views of Ueno park while you taste delicious desserts.

H D 4 years ago

Amazing Gustav Klimt special exhibition by the Metropolitan Art Museum. Well organised with audio guided headset with English Chinese and Japanese.

Shubho O Saha 5 years ago

Amazing collection of Japanese Paintings, crafts, culture, tradition and history. Every visitor should visit this museum. The displays are nicely done. Beautiful environment with soften light. Perfectly mapped the whole and flexible entry.

Pooja Vaid 5 years ago

Amazing exhibition of Van Gogh and Japan. Would've liked to see more exhibitions at the museum. We were there during the Christmas and new year holidays so perhaps fewer exhibitions were available then.

Saskia Van Ryt 5 years ago

Incredible selection of artwork. Very pretty!

Goli Vasq 5 years ago

I went to Van Gogh and Japan exhibition, it was outstanding. Convenient place and so close to Ueno station. The exhibition will continue until February 18th of 2018.

Anthony Khayle Guillermo 6 years ago

Not gonna lie i am not an art lover but by being here I learn to appreciate art. The musuem is quiet which I enjoyed. The staff is very friendly and knows basic english. Visit the place at least once! If you drop by.

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