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The Third Man Museum in Wien, Austria is a unique and fascinating museum dedicated to the 1949 film The Third Man. The museum is located in the heart of Vienna and is housed in a building that was once the home of the film’s director, Carol Reed. Visitors to the museum can explore the history of the film and its production, as well as its impact on Vienna’s culture and history.

The museum is filled with artifacts from the movie, including original props, costumes, and set pieces. Visitors can also view rare photographs and documents from the movie’s production, as well as a collection of film posters and lobby cards. There is also a special exhibit dedicated to the film’s iconic zither score, composed by Anton Karas.

The museum also features interactive displays and activities, such as a scavenger hunt, a quiz, and a virtual reality experience that allows visitors to explore the city of Vienna as it appeared in the film. Additionally, the museum hosts special events, such as screenings of the film, lectures, and workshops.

The Third Man Museum is a must-see for any fan of the film, as well as anyone interested in the history of Vienna. The museum provides a unique and immersive experience that will transport visitors back in time to the world of The Third Man.

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🗣️ Third Man Museum: Reviews

R. 2 weeks ago

I highly recommend this museum, though only for Third Man fans. I loved seeing all the memorabilia and old photos of the stars, and hearing dozens of different versions of the haunting theme. Definitely the highlight, though, was watching a two-minute clip of the movie on a (gigantic) vintage projector. I just wish their rooms dedicated to post-Communist politics were less confusing, because I still have no clue about the real-life context.

Mark Freeman 2 weeks ago

Well worth the visit! Even if you haven't seen the movie yet (which I haven't) you can appreciate the collection of movie memorabilia. The shining highlight is the history of Vienna / Wren after WW1 through WW2 and the rebuilding. With your admission you'll receive discounts on three other elements of the Third Man movie: 1.) tour of the underground / sewers, 2.) a walking tour and /or 3.) screening of the film. Also 1€ off on a drink at the Café Museum. Ask for the booklet to get the discounts

Andy Little 2 weeks ago

An amazing collection of movie related items. An old projector plays a two minute clip of the film. The museum staff does a great job of moving the visitors between the three individual spaces. Also ties pre/post war Vienna history to the movie.

Matthew Batten 2 weeks ago

A highlight of our trip to Vienna. This is more than a museum about the classic film, it also tells the story of pre/post war Vienna. The owner has been collecting memorabilia from The Third Man film since the 90s which provides a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of a great film. I recommend to tour as the owner is very knowledgeable and passionate about the museum. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

daniel Brooks 2 weeks ago

“Wow! Amazing view of Vienna's history through this obsessive museum!” The Museum is crazy good, obviously curated by people who love Vienna and film. A friend had recommended this if I ever got to Vienna and boy was it worth it. It helps to have seen The Third Man before you go, but it isn't a deal breaker - and there is a cinema in Vienna that screens it several times a week, so you can check both things off your bucket list if you want. They give tours in several languages and I got an english one which increased the museum experience by several thousand percent. The film is the jumping off point for a view of pre and post war Vienna, the business of filmmaking and the cultural impact that one film had as it was distributed around the globe. The music, the technology, the filmic process are all explored with thousands of artifacts and mini media installations. Simply amazing. The tour guide confessed that Austrians made only a tiny percentage of the museum going audience - which is sad because with all the history in this town, no one is dealing with this period from 1935-1955 in such an accessible way. It is well worth checking the website and getting a tour. Everyone in our group who thought they know something walked away confessing they had no idea what had happened here in that period. Like a photograph is a frozen moment in time, this museum allows you to see a moment in history that is scarcely known and grossly under taught. Fantastic. Visited April 2016

Gabriel Fawcett 2 weeks ago

An extraordinary, first-class, one-of-a-kind museum, the life's work of a deeply talented and committed team. If you want to know the story behind Vienna, go here. If you are lucky enough to get a tour from Gerhard, it will blow your mind.

Yakir Ariel 1 month ago

The Third Man is one of the best movies of all time, and a serious contender for the finest ever. This museum celebrates the movie's countless facets while demonstrating a gold standard for avid and enthusiastic sense of memorabilia collecting and curation. The museum is loaded with countless of items, arranged with much attention and presented alongside informative descriptions. It features three parts: all-encompassing memorabilia and information about every possible aspect of the film; profound exhibition about Vienna during and after WWII which complements the necessary historical context for the The Third Man; and finally a diorama presentation that immerse the visitor in The Third Man unique and elusive atmosphere: from the sewers to the cemetery. The tour in the museum ends with the desire to re-watch the film. We recommend spending the full four hours of the opening time slot as there is so much to see, watch and read.

John Jacob 1 month ago

Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …

Aleksandra Dineva 1 month ago

Wait time No wait …

Daniel 2 months ago

The meticulousness of the exhibitions and the passion behind them is exceeded only by the amiability and thoughtfulness of the staff. Bravo!

Lydie Buleon 2 months ago

We went to see the movie at Burg Kino, we did the tour and we visited the museum. This was a great way to discover Vienna! The museum is VERY good. This is not only about the movie but about Post war Vienna. the museum will give you a better understanding of the city. Truly a Must if you want to understand the city

Vicky Krombach 4 months ago

Visited on Weekend Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended Yes …

angus brown-grant 7 months ago

Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …

Kasra Karimi 8 months ago

Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait …

Nikolas Drillis 8 months ago

Very nice experience in a unique and innovate project! Keep your passion alive and I hope that next time I visit Vienna you have expanded the museum even more!! I also strongly recommend to purchase an Anton Karas album because it s so unique and relatively rare!! The people of the museum are fantastic and very helpful!! As for the end i would like to suggest to the owner, after a little chat we had, to visit again Greece because now it s way better than he remembers it!! Keep the good job!!

Graham Evans 10 months ago

Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …

Ellen Broadman 1 year ago

Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …

Elliott Turner 1 year ago

Stunning. It is based across different houses on the street, chasing the story from room to room is so perfectly in keeping with the film. Very informative indeed. One of the great museums of the world.

Katrin Larissa Kasper 1 year ago

Visited on Public holiday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …

Rodrigo Martín (The Hitchcook) 1 year ago

Amazing place to discover and enjoy the many marvels of one of best movies ever made. Tons of footages, details, objects and secrets from the set that would shock u. The Anton Kara's iconic sitar song will guide u thru the visit. Thanx Gerhard and Karin for all your love and effort to create and mantain such a great museum. Best of lucks!

steve atkin 1 year ago

An excellent presentation of detailed and original material relating to the film and the city. The information about pre and post war Vienna was particularly good. It is obviously a labour of love and the owners/curators were extremely helpful and welcoming. It is a joy to find little gems like this in a city full of big ticket locations. Many thanks.

Laura Bragagna 1 year ago

This is by far the best museum in all of Vienna! If you visit Vienna, it should be at the top of your list of things to do. So many originals from the third man movie and all the background information you need to understand the film even better. For me personally, it is particularly interesting that the owners of the museum dedicated a part of the museum to the post-war period in Vienna. A time about which one does not otherwise learn very much in Vienna. Great recommendation!

Yvonne Van Hek 1 year ago

***You MUST visit this amazing museum*** I was in Vienna with my son last week and was thrilled when I discovered that this museum exists, it is a film lover's dream and doesn't disappoint. The Third Man museum is open from 2-6pm on Saturdays. There are lots of original props, room sets and items relating to the film together with pictures and articles from post-war Vienna. These provided a new dimension as I saw the reality of that time and how it tied in with the film. Previously I had seen the film as a story, and now I view it as social commentary. The museum is privately owned and funded by Gerhard Strassgschwandtner and Karin Hofler. They search all over the world for pieces to add to their collection and the placement of the pieces follow the same route as the film. It is a true homage. Gerhard and Karin are delightful people and we were able to spend a little time talking with them about the museum and the genre in general. I love learning and I gained lots of new knowledge from talking to them. Gerhard is the Third Man oracle and his enthusiasm is infectious. This was the highlight of my holiday and I know that we'll be returning the next time we're in Vienna. I left the museum walking on air from the experience plus the bonus of talking to like-minded people. Thank you Gerhard and Karin. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this great museum when you're in Vienna. Be sure to comment here and on social media as this little museum deserves a wider audience. After your visit, go to Prater for a ride on the famous Wiener Riesenrad ferris wheel that appears in the film.

Kent Weaver 1 year ago

This museum was the highlight of our trip to Vienna. The section on post-war Vienna and the period from 1933-1945 was especially strong. They cover material that many people would like to forget, but should not be forgotten

Lawrence 1 year ago

It's more than just a film museum! It has also lots of materials for the history of the world war two period. You also got to watch the original film in the original projector for 2 minutes! Highly recommended!

Linda Cantoni 1 year ago

A must-visit gem of a museum with a comprehensive collection of memorabilia about this great film. And the section on Vienna before, during, and after World War II is utterly fascinating. A brilliant labor of love run by a husband and wife team who are devoted experts in both the film and the history. Looking forward to returning soon!

Michael Tokarski 1 year ago

The Third Man Museum is a unique and one-of-a-kind museum. Karin and Gerhard have created a real gem of a museum. Hundreds of photos, posters and many special exhibits about the film and Austria in the post-war period. We travelled all the way from Chicago to visit this privately run museum and it was more than worth it. I would give it six stars if I could. The passion that has been put into this project is outstanding.

J. Lapajne 1 year ago

A remarkable and charming experience full of passion and knowledge. A must-see for all movie and Vienna lovers.

Gregor Petri 2 years ago

The Third Man Museum, which opened in 2005, displays a comprehensive collection of exclusively original exhibits on an area of over 400 m² in 14 rooms relating to the international film success "The Third Man", which was filmed in Vienna in 1948 and was based on the novel of the same name by Graham Greene. The Third Man Museum is a two-person project initiated by Gerhard Strassgschwandtner. The collection is by Strassgschwandtner, design and concept by Karin Höfler. In the spirit of the former universalists, they built the museum entirely on their own, without outsourcing. It is a private museum without sponsors or subsidies. The museum is a contact point for film fans and at the same time a door opener to Vienna's post-war history. The exhibits on display bear witness to the international success of film and portray everyday life in the city occupied by the Allies (Americans, Soviets, English, French) from 1945 to 1955.

Rob Chelseth 2 years ago

Unique and fascinating look into the iconic film, its actors and production. Plus an in depth collection of pre and post WWII items from Austria and Vienna. Highly recommended.

Harry D 3 years ago

If you're a fan of the third man movie this museum is for you. The museum is own by a husband and wife duo, both are very familiar with the film and knowledgeable. The museum consists of three neighboring buildings. Two of the buildings have interesting memorabilia and the other building has artifacts from the time the movie is set (post world War 2). Overall the museum was an interesting experience, however, if you want the full experience you need to have seen the movi

Joi Sutherland 3 years ago

This place is a gem if you're a fan of the film or know nothing about it - lots of memorabilia and info, not just on the film, but Vienna itself pre and post war. The couple who run it are very enthusiastic and kindly gave me a present, when they found out it was my birthday!

Lucie Fišerová 3 years ago

Admirable collections of things that are connected to the film, actors and much more. You can feel that the museum was created by heart :) We appreciated also the third part where you can discover more about the context of post-war Vienna. We enjoyed it so much and spent there about 2,5 hours.

Anton 3 years ago

Great private museum with very hospitable staff. The collection related to the film itself is impressive, the owners managed to find a lot of memorabilia. One of the halls presents the historical context - Vienna during the 1930-1950s.

Best Of 3 years ago

An incredible museum for one of my favourite films, a must visit for anyone with even the tiniest interest in films. I felt somoved by the passion that has gone into this from it's creators and the contributions made by relatives of people who worked on the film. I was with two friends who had to split as they haven't seen the film yet (we're in our 20s so cut em some slack), I'll be meeting up with them shortly and will spend a good hour rambling on about how much they missed out haha. I was a little overwhelmed and in awe by the end of my visit, I should have shaken the owners hand and thanked him but I just got out a meek "thanks". The staff were all lovely, I'm a bit frail today and their guidance was greatly appreciated. If any of you are reading this thanks for a great time, I hope to visit Vienna again some day and do it all again. I never write these reviews but I felt I had to with this one, I hope people continue to watch this amazing movie so that they can visit this place!

Lara Nicholson 4 years ago

I went here with a group of students and the owner gave us a tour of the place. He was so friendly and obviously passionate about his museum. The place explains post-WW2 Vienna in a way no one else in Vienna does, with lots of great historical pieces to enrich the learning. Also on the movie side, it was very cool to see so many artifacts and props from the movie there and on display! Also the projector from almost 100 years ago was incredible to see in action. Surprises me that there aren't more locals that go there.

Elisabeth Gründhammer (Ellie) 4 years ago

Any fan of this iconic film who is interested in Vienna during and shortly after WWII should visit this privately owned museum. The artefacts sorrounding this topic that are displayed here are fascinating and the amount of passion and work that must have gone into creating this place is incredibly impressive. I had never heard of the "Third Man" and basically stumbled on this gem while looking for something to do in Vienna. And I'm glad I did. It was a great experience and well worth the visit and entry fee.

inessa more 4 years ago

It's my third (!!!) visit to the museum and I still find things that I 've never seen before because the owners are expanding the exhibits and creating new ones all the time! 2019 is the year of 70th anniversary of the movie, so it's especially appropriate to enjoy this museum at this milestone year. Owners Karin and Gerhard have created a labor of love in their excellent museum dedicated to one of the greatest films ever made, and their enthusiasm shows in every exhibit. They have also expanded the exhibits to include a thoughtful and very informative section on the history of late-war and post-war Vienna which is very well done. I like to think about this museum as a hidden gem of Vienna. If you want to experience "Vienna off beaten path" - it's your place. It is located very close to famous Naschmarkt, Karlsplatz. All those tiny streets around museum are full of all sorts of cafes and cozy restaurants where you can sit and sip a beer and listen to all kinds of music. I cannot wait to go back there!

Martin LaVenture 4 years ago

What a wonderful surprise to visit this fascinating museum in Vienna. They have an incredible collection of artifacts for the movie "The Third Man" filmed in Vienna shortly after the end of the war and the extent of the destruction is real in the film. I immediately rented the movie when I go home. It is worth it to visit this museum for the movie history alone but the museum has much more including a fine collection of materials from Vienna and WWII. The photos and stories are moving and fascinating. The collections adds depth and detail to what the war and aftermath was really like as the world slipped into the cold war. A visit is well worth the time.

Emily Schultheiss 4 years ago

I came to the museum as part of a tour so I didn’t get to see the movie section but what I did see of the war history was expansive and extremely well catalogued. I was especially impressed by the video interviews which were quite moving and the sheer amount of memorabilia collected. I wanted to go back and see more but I ran out of time. It’s ok though, it just means I have to come back to Vienna and visit again!

Tim Allman 4 years ago

Very interesting small museum run by a guy named Gerhard and his wife. The Third Man is a 'film noir' made in 1949. The story is about life among the sleazy folks in post WWII Vienna. The museum uses the film to introduce the rest of the exhibits with include a lot of documentation, photos, news stories etc. around the subject of Viennese and Austrian neutrality during the Cold War. Sadly, most of the customers are tourists. The average Viennese person does not like thinking about the past.

Person N Cary 5 years ago

Agree... this is a must see in Vienna Although I love the movie and therefore really got a lot out of the museum (behind the scenes, etc.) it was interesting to everyone and they now want to see the movie. But it's more than just making of the movie, it gives you a real appreciation for what ti was like during that time, so a lot about history/life in Vienna during the period. We enjoyed this unplanned visit during our stay in Vienna and would put it alongside the Schobrun and a few other must-see places during a Vienna vacation.

Cheryl Zimmerman 5 years ago

Why isn't this in the top of "things to do in Vienna"? The movie is set in post war Vienna but the best part of the museum is the historical pre/post Vienna displays and interviews. Extremely touching. Loved it! And the owners are so gracious.

Cathal McGuinness 5 years ago

Excellent museum for fans of the film "The Third Man". Excellent artefacts for the film with posters, film reels and scripts available to see. New addition of an exhibition on post-war Vienna really adds to the museum and gives it a historical significance. 5 out of 5 for m

John Barry 5 years ago

My new favourite museum. Even if you don't think The Third Man is the best film ever - which it is - this museum is a complete delight and utterly charming, with an extensive collection of information and memorabilia related to the film as well as a huge amount of historical context about pre and post-War Vienna and the history of that wonderful city. It's run as a labour of love by the charming owners and has very limited opening times but I was fortunate enough to be in Vienna on a day when it was open. There is so much to take in that I could have easily spent even longer there if I'd had the time, but I came away with a great catalogue of the collection and a fantastic Harry Lime soccer shirt. Highly recommended!

Computer Hilfsdienst 5 years ago

All about the film classic “The Third Man” and Vienna after the War. Alles rund um den Filmklassiker.

Peter O’Brien 5 years ago

Loved it, an absolute gem, especially if you've seen the film but even if you haven't! Very memorable, on of the highlights of our trip to Vienna. All the staff were extremely friendly and we felt welcomed and special.

Eirik Newth 6 years ago

An informative and charming museum for fans of the classic noir movie, "The Third Man". The collections, which are based in three different apartments, are private, and the museum is run by the owner and his wife. They gave me a very enthusiastic and friendly welcome when I visited, making this a high point on my Vienna museum tour. The personal touch is so rare in museums these days, but this place has it!

Sarah Bowman 6 years ago

An excellent private museum - brilliantly curated, great film and audio memorabilia - an astounding collection of posters - and a fascinating section of Vienna prior to, during and after World War 2. I spent 2 hours here and was riveted the whole time. The owners and staff are friendly, enthusiastic, entertaining and incredibly well informed. Highly recommended for fans of the film and of the espionage genre in general.

Ramaswamy Narayanan 6 years ago

Amazing experience. If you have seen the Third Man movie, you would love it. Even if you have not seen, this will be a great experience. The owner has collected all sorts of things from the movie set and have decided to share it with the public. The staff is just great. It takes you to a different era. Great pictures of Berlin WW2 era. A must for Visitors to Vienna.

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