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The Seattle Center is a 74-acre park and entertainment complex in the Seattle Center neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The Seattle Center Monorail, which was built for the 1962 World's Fair, runs through the complex and is the oldest continuously operating monorail in the United States. The Seattle Center grounds include the Space Needle, the Experience Music Project, the Pacific Science Center, the KeyArena, the Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, the Seattle Repertory Theatre, and the Seattle Opera. The Seattle Center is also home to the Seattle Children's Museum, the International Fountain, the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum, and the Seattle Center Armory.

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Piyum Deheragoda Perera 10 months ago

We went to the Science Museum in seattle! Grate experience for young ( above 3years) and old! Lots of play areas, small workshops and amazing Butterfly Garden in their natural habitat! Good rest rooms feeding area for babies !

bao nguyen 10 months ago

Amazing views from the top. Plan your visit since it opens at 11am. Can be busy at times but amazing place. So much history to read as you walk up to the lifts. The glass floor is really cool but scary

Jordan 10 months ago

There's lots of fun to be had here. Make sure you visit the Pop Culture Museum. Its worth admission! The Space Needle viewing platform is pretty steep at $35 per adult + tax. Frankly admiring the structure was good enough for me. Do note there arent many good food options outside The Armory!

Yichun C 10 months ago

Lovely area to spend a day or two here. I had a baby and it took me two days to explore the attractions nearby. Plenty of seats to sit and relax the scenery. There are artists playing their instruments. Food court with plenty of choice to pick from. Take the monorail to Public Market Center, a short walking distance is required. Monorail was short and beautiful to see fall trees among the skyscrapers.

Terran Benjamin 10 months ago

The most romantic and beautiful experience. Service was impeccable, I would recommend everyone to try it at least once. I thought the price was expensive for what you get for food. When we got there we realized it's the experience you can't receive anywhere else. Not even the Ball in Dallas Texas can compare to this. Highly recommend !

Chassit Devereaux 10 months ago

Paid the extra 6 bucks for the Disney costume exhibit, which was def worth it. Thought it was really cool seeing the actual costumes characters wore in the movies. The museum itself was great, interesting architecture, music and movie stuff. Highly recommended! Well, if you like pop culture of course...

chichi gates 10 months ago

One area that has the Space Needle, Chihuly Glass Museum, Armory and the Museum of Pop Culture. Great planning for tourism putting sites visitors will visit in one big area. (Main reason for my 4/5 rating.) The whole area is clean and well-maintained.

charlie sliwoski 10 months ago

Been going here since I was a kid and I still love it. So many different things to see and do and always different depending on the time of year. Where to start? The food court in the Armory building where you can get a coffee, lunch or sweets for the kids. In the winter there is a fantastic miniature train set up inside. The Children's Museum is also inside, which isn't really a museum but a hands on fun place for younger kids to play. Ride the Monorail to downtown and back. The Pacific Science Center is always great to explore, from dinosaurs to butterflies to naked mile rats. Climate Pledge Arena has concerts and sporting events. The Museum of Pop Culture (MOPOP) has hours worth of interesting things to see. And let us not forget the Space Needle, a must for any out of town visitor.

Erika Oliver 10 months ago

If you come to Seattle, be sure to stop by and check out the Space Needle. It's not necessary to go up to enjoy it's beauty! Would highly recommend catching the Monorail at Westlake Center, purchasing a $3 one way ticket and riding the monorail down to the Space Needle. While you're there don't miss Chihuly Garden and Glass!

Peter Carlesimo 10 months ago

The Seattle Center is a wonderful hub of attractions and museums for people of all ages to explore and enjoy. It is great for the whole family and includes the Children’s Museum, the Gates Discovery Center, the Museum of Pop Culture, and the Pacific Science Center. The Space Needle towers overhead the amazing Chihuly Garden and Glass, the Armory food and beverage hall, the International Fountain, and the Skate Plaza.

Raney Newman 10 months ago

Always something going on here. Especially love the all the theaters, and free music and cultural festivals as part of Festal. Enjoy just sitting by International Fountain during Pride or any ordinary weekday to people watch. This is the true heart of Seattle! Especially love the NW Folklife Festival on Memorial Day Weekend.

Nora Ileana 10 months ago

Such a beautiful site to see. Not very crowded. Parking is available but you have to walk across a street. If you get tickets to moPop 'Museum of Pop' I swear it's worth every min in there! Also, you can get the package that allows you to do that and more museums if you do plan on doing all the site seeing and museums. Worth the money.

K R 10 months ago

I remember visiting the Seattle Center in the early 00's and it's really changed for the best. On the complex there are entertainment options, sporting facilities (go Kraken), theatres, a neat playground and great food options. The Museum of Pop Culture is a must see and I love the Armory. It has so many different food options, meat pies, pizza, cheesecake, tacos, Asian food, etc. The new Climate Pledge Arena is on site and there is a fantastic monorail that takes you to Westlake in town ($3 each way, only one stop). Can also enjoy a ride up the iconic Space Needle. Felt safe there and definitely would recommend it.

yudha prata 11 months ago

Nice place to hangout and relax for tourists and locals alike. Walk around the space needle. Visit the glass museum or the science center, or just sit around the International Fountain. There is something for everyone.

Sidney Robin 11 months ago

The needle is an awesome experience!! Would recommend it! They do have a gift shop below, at ground level too if you want to get something memorable. Though they have some really cute stuff I think they are overpriced but hey that is today's economics it seems, just FYI! Still go enjoy yourself if you can!

G Aquino 1 year ago

This is a really well designed urban space. Most visitors come for the paid attractions (which can be pricey), but if you're not keen on any of them, you can just walk around and enjoy the scenery. The only public restrooms outside the paid attractions are at the Armory building, which also has a food hall if you get hungry (expect to pay top dollar for the food). If you're arriving by car, there are various paid parking options within the vicinity. We found a parking garage along Harrison Street and paid $15, which is valid for up to 12 hours of parking. I'd recommend the monorail for those who prefer not to drive to this place.

Eric Franz 1 year ago

A well designed open air arena for family fun. While we didn't go up in the Sky Needle we explored all the nearby attractions. Well worth the visit.

Nate Curlen 1 year ago

I thought it was overrated and had put off going. Get those thoughts out of your head right now because it's a thrilling Yolo moment that you'll love. Drinks, food, lots to see and do. Breathtaking sights...I was in awe the whole time!

Gary Jelks 1 year ago

A lovely place to walk around when the weather is beautiful. It was quite busy and the queues for the main attractions were long. Definitely pre book tickets to save time. There were events in the Armory and the South Fountain lawn making the atmosphere more vibrant than usual. The Armory has plenty of food outlets and the restrooms are clean. Staff throughout the venue were friendly and helpful. The Monorail is worth the trip if only for the experience. If you are in Seattle for a couple of days, then this place can be used for one of them.

Thomas McCosh 1 year ago

Lots to do. We had a great time. The crowds during Pokemon go fest were heavy but there was space for us. The kids loved the artist's at play park and the children's museum. We didn't have enough time to see everything so we will need to come back.

Tony McGarry 1 year ago

Seattle Center was built in 1962 for the worlds fair. There was an amusement park fun forests with small roller coaster and other small rides but that’s been taken out. Be sure to explore the armory building it has very interesting features inside it, currently it is like a food court. Many big events are held at the Seattle Center through the summer. There is easy parking in a big garage on the northside and on Sunday street parking is free if you can arrive early enough and get a spot.

Devon McMaster 1 year ago

Lots of activities around. Including a playground, the space needle and lots of events you can just pop into. Super walkable and stroller friendly. We went for a day trip and ended up at the Pokemon go event. I have also produced political rallies there and really loved using the space. Super green and lots of shade and food options during the day.

Doris Lim 1 year ago

First time visited this place and it's a gem in the city. It is where the space needle located. It is a beautifularea situated at downtown. It's accessible through monorail and you can connect via light rail so no car is needed It has museum of pop art, children playground, fountain, amphitheater, etc. They have good selection of food like food court style inside Armory Food and Event hall. It's a great place to spend a day with family and friends. I only had an hour and a half so didn't get to finish walking the entire area. Will definitely come again when I am in Seattle.

David Cruz 1 year ago

What an amazing place to visit. Loved every step. Couldn't stop saying, wow, look at that! The views, the parks, the fountain with kids playing, the weather. It was an amazing sensation. Didn't go up to the needle, maybe next time. But not required to have an incredible time just walking around.

Aseem Sharma 1 year ago

Amazing architecture created by mankind. Spectacular views of Seattle. Loved it. Easy to book tickets from the kiosk. Usually busy, but you can still easily get great photos and its overall fun. (Food and drinks are pricey on the top, so bring your snacks if on budget.) Tip: Make sure you get your free photograph by scanning and claiming your ticket online.

Wendy Danbury 1 year ago

I visited on a warm, sunny day, and had a wonderful time exploring the Chihuly Gardens and Glass with my brother and his family. We spent about an hour wandering through the museum and gardens, enjoying the gorgeous colors and shapes of blown glass before it was time to get in line to ride the elevator to the top of the Space Needle. It had been 11 years since my last time, and I was very impressed with with the Needle's recent makeover, starting with the interesting photos and facts about the history of the structure along the wall of the boarding queue. Once in the elevator, it's a swift 41-second ride to the observation deck, with its glassed-in 360-degree view of the Seattle area and beyond. I never realized how the mountains almost completely encircle the region, and how many of them would have snow visible on top. Rainier with its white dome sat behind our view of downtown Seattle, while Puget Sound sparkled in the late-afternoon sun. We had fun pointing out the places we'd visited the previous year from a small boat on Lake Washington. After taking dozens of photos, we took the stairs down to the rotating section of the tower, with its glass floor and views from the Seattle Center directly below to the distant horizon. It was a bit scary to step onto the slowly rotating glass floor, but we got used to it pretty quick lyrics and enjoyed watching the world go by from high above the city.

Barbara Hass 1 year ago

Timed entrance to space needle, but we had no wait. Quick elevator trip to top level. We had a clear day and the sun even came out for great view.(great shot with reflection of tower with sun at top)They have slanted benches so it looks good in pix with city below. Snacks available and tables to sit at. Then you walk down to the level below which has glass floor.things look so small from above but on the ground are huge. Gift shop at ground level. Several food booths near base. Don't miss Chilhuilly garden/museum (glass art) next door to tower. Nearby Armory building has food court.

Lisa Obermeyer 1 year ago

Great place to walk around and take in the views of the space needle. There was a little festival happening on the stage the day we were walking through. The fountain is a great place for kids to cool down and anyone to take a break.

Aidan Cusa 1 year ago

Awesome area to hang out with friends and family!! It’s a very clean area with lots of places to chill and things to do. The Chihuly Glass Garden has some of the most amazing glasswork I’ve ever seen and the way they blended everything with the surrounding nature is so cool. The Space Needle also lives up to the hype as the views from above are the best you’ll get in Seattle period

Randy “Bigbenboys” Daniels 1 year ago

The smartest thing Seattle did was save the area were the 62 worlds fair was located. The grounds are beautiful. The Exhibits are iconic. Ride the monorail, see the Space Needle, the science center. Tons of food options. A great place for everyone to enjoy.

Tim Taravella 1 year ago

Visited the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden with a combo ticket. Took the monorail door to door. Not too crowded when we went. Consider eating lunch over at Grecian Corner across the street by the TV station building!

Krystal V. 1 year ago

Iconic space needle surrounded by a sculpture garden, pop museum and science museum. There are also food vendors outside in the park area where you can get drinks and something small to eat. If you are visiting Seattle this is a must see!

Claudia D. 1 year ago

I must see & experience when in Seattle. Will caution if you are afraid of heights or have Vertigo - don't go to the top. Love the improved glass view - what an improvement from my first vidit 10 yrs ago. Loved the rotating glass floor - so cool! The surrounding grounds & gift shop are nice to hang out while waiting from someone to down from the top. Tickets available through kiosks & pricing was fine. I hope you enjoy a clear day. I recommend taking the complimentary photo; can access & download easily after your view. Enjoy!

Michael Higginbotham 1 year ago

Really cool place. Very clean and we had a great time participating in Pokemon Go community day. We reserved tickets to go in the Space Needle which I highly suggest well ahead of time so that you are sure you can see it if you want to make it part of your visit.

John Musumeci 1 year ago

Changed a little bit after covid. Some things have closed down. But pretty awesome. Still lots to see. The Chihuly collection is beautiful, And of course the space needle is always worth seeing if you haven't before.

J B 1 year ago

Seattle is an amazing city to tour around! We spent 2 days and saw the aquarium, pike place, space needle, chihuly and MoPop Museum. Incredible! Everything was right next to each other with the armory (food court like building) nearby. We were able to spend the entire day checking out everything in one area and had a blast!

Kelly Lashua 1 year ago

We arrived around 8 pm & it was still light outside. We enjoyed the valet service that was offered. We looked around the store at the base of the Needle before we embarked the elevator. The elevator was awesome because of the windows, you can see outside! The top of the Needle was wonderful! There is a cafe for wine, beer, water, juice & champagne. They offered lil cakes too! We enjoyed wine & shared a red velvet cupcake! Both were delicious! It's gorgeous up top! I couldn't believe that there was a glass floor!!!! The view! To make things even cooler the Needle spins! I highly recommend it! We went just for fun, spur of the moment type evening. It is so lovely! Even a great gift idea!

Linda Bagley 1 year ago

It was a beautiful evening and Seattle Center did not disappoint. If you're at any venue and you have an opportunity to walk through Seattle Center the lights are stunning and I felt very safe. Lots of really good people.

Molly Clawson 1 year ago

Chihuly glass museum and garden was wonderful, colorful and interesting. Every display was a visual treat. Many of the displays were tied to themes of culture or nature giving the pieces more depth and context. The glass blowing demonstration was interesting and enlightening!

Yü Wu 1 year ago

Seattle Center is an amazing urban space. There is a series of museums and city landmarks for tourists and locals alike, and the open and green spaces are great for taking a walk or take a break. Space Needle is such a photogenic tower that from any angle, at any time of the day, it looks so beautiful. I don't come here often but every time I come I always stay longer than I planned.

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