Museu do Amanhã

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Praça Mauá 1
20081-240, Rio de Janeiro

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The Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow) is a science museum in Magé, Brazil. The museum is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the world through the exploration of science and technology. The museum has interactive exhibits on a variety of topics, including climate change, energy, biodiversity, and the future of the planet. The museum also has a planetarium, a library, and a cafe. The Museu do Amanhã is open every day from 9am to 5pm.

🕒 Opening hours

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Museu do Amanhã: Reviews

L.T.G Tbr 10 months ago

I visited the museum on Oct 25 and it was a free entry. Just go and get notice if you'll pay if not, buy the tickets online while in line! Look for the movie of cosmos, lay down very well on the floor to enjoy very well, just relax. If you Have back pain, relax and make therapy while watching, you'll be free of pain! Visited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended Not sure … More

Vuk Manic 10 months ago

Amazing museum, a lot if interesting artifacts and ideas. Visited on Public holiday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended Not sure … More

Elia Puppin 11 months ago

The Museum of Tomorrow is located in a beautiful place with an incredible view. The exhibition of the moment and that makes the heart of the carioca beat faster is the work of the world-renowned and acclaimed photographer Sebastião Salgado. No one should miss this exhibition. Beautiful black and white photos that show the Amazon in all its exuberance. Enjoy lunch at the museum's restaurant with a menu of excellent Amazonian food. Reasonable prices. Remember that when leaving the exhibition hall you can ask the security guard for a bracelet to get back inside the exhibition again.

Angel Marenco 11 months ago

Very cool experience. It's more of an art exhibit than museum, but certainly worth the time!

Aditya A. Joshi 11 months ago

One of the best science museums I've seen anywhere in the world. Beautiful architecture inside and out and the design of all the rooms and exhibits (more like artifacts) is stunning and very modern and a joy to behold! On top of that, admission was randomly free that day to everyone. We took a ridiculous amount of photos and videos because it was so gorgeous! Must see in Rio.

Waseem Ghattas 11 months ago

Great place. Lines are very long so be prepared to wait. Don't worry about buying tics online

Pawel 11 months ago

Amazing architecture with stunning permanent exhibition about mankind. Definitely worth to visit Visited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended Yes … More

Isaac Kipnis 11 months ago

Great Museum. If you really want to immerse yourself in the exhibition, you will need a full day for it. It blends historical and contemporary sciences in an interactive way using multi media methods of delivery. A fantastic experience and I applaud those involved in organising the exhibition

sandra uzor 11 months ago

It was my second time visiting this museum in Rio. It’s beautiful

Kancijan Zatler 11 months ago

A must see museum for anyone visiting rio. Very modern and well made. You need to take at least 3 hours or more if you want to look at everything. Book online to skip queue. Visited on Weekday Wait time 10–30 min Reservation recommended Yes … More

Fellipe Couto 1 year ago

This museum is incredible. The permanent exhibition invites anyone to rethink the way we deal with the environment and what we can do to build a "better tomorrow". Furthermore, it frequently has rotating exhibitions that display the uniqueness of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil as a whole. Even the outside of the museum is a piece of art, the view of the bay is insanely pretty and the museum architecture is perfect. Highly recommended!

Andrea Salgueirinho 1 year ago

Just amazing view and opportunities to take nice pics.

Eduardo Barroso Ferreira 1 year ago

Amazing. Well located. It's a nice place to be with family, friends or by yourself. Take your time to see the fixed presentations but itinerary either. Landscape outside is beautiful (baia de Guanabara, Ponte Rio Niterói and others). There are an external restaurant if you just wanna eat and admire the landscape. On Thursday is free but normally is totally crowded. It's necessary to buy the tickets before by internet

PS PR 1 year ago

We went on tuesday, is free this day ( we did not know).. you need to book before you visit on the website. You can tale great pictures from the outside. Inside is amazing to see.

Garrett Fagnou 1 year ago

This scientific museum has a very unique design. The permanent display has a very cool round cinema, and many interactive exhibits one the world. The temporary exhibit downstairs was on the Amazon, and the people who live there.

mustafa 1 year ago

Best futuristic museum in Rio de Janerio

Jakob Loverde 1 year ago

A place where you can learn a lot and put the state of the world back into perspective. The sunset here is really underrated as well.

Andre Malheiros 1 year ago

I have not been inside it but the architecture is incredible, nice view and a great place for an amazing picture. If you have enough time the Casa do Saulo restaurant is a place you must go (it is attached to the museum) Visited on Weekday Wait time 1 hr+ Reservation recommended Yes … More

OJAZUZ 1 year ago

While the museum itself is a stunning piece of architecture, the real treat is inside! The first floor held an exhibition on the amazon and its wildlife and tribesmen. It was extremely informative and display beautiful articles of clothing and video of their culture. The second floor was my personal favourite. Without spoiling too much, you watch a 360° video and then get to experience a number of different exhibitions about the earths natural beauty. There was 1 of these exhibitions that stood out, I wish i could post a video to show it. There are no words to describe the sheer beauty of art and creativity in this piece. Completely unique,unlike anything ive seen before. I stayed watching for nearly an hour. 10/10 would visit again.

Young Marvelous 1 year ago

The outside is architect and design is breath taking, both front and back of the building. However, the interior lives up to this being the museum of the future. Awesome!

Lorenz B. 1 year ago

Fantastic building with great exhibition inside. Book ticket early enough to avoid longer waiting in front of the building. Visited on Weekday Wait time 10–30 min Reservation recommended Yes … More

Jana S 1 year ago

Really nice exhibitons. If the topic interests you and you want to go through everything the museum has to offer, I suggest having at least 4hours for it. Also, I recommend bringing a layer even on a hot day, inside the AC game is quite strong. Btw, it closes at 5pm but you can stay inside until 6pm.

lena goe 1 year ago

Great museum, and great architecture! Especially the sunset is amazing at the waterfront! Only downside is that you must purchase your ticket online, even if already at the museum. You need to register on multiple pages and for us the payment page in the end did just not work…

Ted Conn 1 year ago

Very, very worth it. We didn’t see the temporary exhibit downstairs. Walking around this Calatrava work of art is amazing on its own not even counting the fantastic exhibits. I suggest you buy online because they told us that the “in-person sales” were sold out but it was too late to buy online or something when we went to the front door. They ended up letting us in but we were lucky.

Monique Campos 1 year ago

Amazing exhibition, extraordinary building, the views from there are awesome and it’s a safe place.

robertas onda 1 year ago

Buy ticket in a front. Tuesday it’s free, but you need book time online anyway. Nice museum, tidy, swimming pools around is amazing and view from it. Visited on Weekday Wait time 10–30 min Reservation recommended Yes … More

Prince Joel 1 year ago

Free on Tuesdays, hence a lot of people there on Tuesday. Great experience though Nice place to take kids Great learning environment Security staff should smile more, the job is not supposed to be that serious...Just saying

Carolina Correia 1 year ago

Absolutely stunning museum, full of interactive displays and a very powerful message. A must see is the Earth is Dynamic exhibition in the permanent part, where you see the four elements interacting in a beautiful dance represented by a thin fabric. The staff is soooo nice and supportive, a shout out to Caua Albuquerque who took the time to explain the exhibitions and hidden treasures of the museum! Edit: only thing I would change would be to remove the photography in the end of the visit. The museum talks a lot about ecological changes but prints hundreds of photos with no need!

Luciano Lingnau 1 year ago

Visually stunning museum with a short permanent exposition about mankind, where we come from and where we're going. I can't recommend it enough. There isn't that much to read and the exposition itself was shorter than expected. But it was very impactful to me at least, considering that mankind's future is kind of a big topic right now. It makes you think about lots of things.

Introvert Foodie 1 year ago

Online booking and tickets required. They don't sell ticket in-stores. The museum is indeed futuristic and interactive and divided into 2 parts. The lower floor is about the Amazon and the upper floor focuses on the human aspects and artifacts. Make sure to prepare your vaccination certificates/ID

Ehud R. 1 year ago

Fantastic place to pass the afternoon. Interesting exhibits; strong narrative; engaging topics; beautiful architecture. Overall, the place to spend a long (rainy) afternoon. Do note much of the interactive elements are touch based -- not ideal during covid.

Adam Borowiec 1 year ago

Really wonderful museum a lot of knowlage but in rally easy to understand way. For curious people attraction for whole day. Really great time. But air condition is running high is really cold there, yiu can take some extra clothes.

Reinaldo Kibel 1 year ago

I can’t believe this fabulous modern futuristic architecture with so much current learnings is in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. This is a must see on your trip to Rio. May not yet be the 7 wonder of the world , but it has significant impact on the visit

Thomas William 1 year ago

Very cool place. And if you want a nice photo there are some friendly photographers outside who will take a picture for you and print or email it to you right away. The area around is very safe and it’s a great place to walk around . Take a walk around some of the historical sites nearby and the naval base also . Then get your pics here and take a look inside . Fantastic!

Konstantin Rumyantsev 1 year ago

One couldn’t imagine how much entertainment and knowledge is packed in the place! Interactive screens, movies and breathtaking installations — all in one place. Bring children for sure!

Dillon Kohler 1 year ago

Great museum and it’s very friendly to locals and foreigners! Plus they have multiple languages available with their interactive booths! I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the exhibits. They are also extremely covid friendly at the moment with tons of hand sanitizer stations and limited touch exhibits. They are currently running a mini covid exhibit as well which is very inspiring and educational! I would highly recommend this place!

Marcos Machado Dos Santos 1 year ago

Great Place, very informative and educational, a must see if you like museums.

missSindbad 1 year ago

A very special place in Rio, very modern, focused on ecology and the role of the man on earth. It is almost unbelivable to see such place after seeing such contaminated places like streets or beaches in non-turistic zones. It gives you a bit of dissonance but also a lot of hope. Apart form the feelings it brings, it is loaded with amazingly well shown portion of knowledge. Noone can be bored in here, with so many interactive, interesting exhibitions. Definitly worth seeing.

Tamás Kántor 2 years ago

I really liked it. The architecture is amazing. Entrance fee ia 20 BRL. Inside three are 5 or 6 exhibits. The 1st is the main attraction where the"movie" is projected to sphere room and it feels like it surrounds you. Be in the front of the quite so then you can lie down on the floor to the pillows. Only Brazilian, no English subs but it is better, subs would destroy the experience. You can download the English transcript from the museum website. I spent here around an hour counting on the time when I went around the building outside as well.

Andrés Vázquez Aviña 2 years ago

It is a really really nice museum. It tries to make us be awared of climate change. It is a really really important topic. We are completley destroying our planet, and this museum gives us the facts that yo need if you don't beleive in climate change. If you are in Rio, please go. It is a must.

Diana Minkara 3 years ago

I was very surprised and amazed. Every single human being should go visit to see what is the purpose #1 of the message... if we don't take care of our planet we won't get anywhere we are destroying our environment with our own hands.

Gabriella Israel Grinberg 3 years ago

By far one of the best contemporary/modern museums that I've ever been to! I don't think I could recommend this museum enough. I was extremely impressed with the building as much from the outside as well as on the inside. Very informative and interactive and thought-provoking exhibits about the future of tomorrow. Very big and spacious and very well organized. Also great bathrooms for Rio standards . If you're visiting Rio, make sure you add this museum to your list!

M. Morgan 3 years ago

Modern and big musuem with entertainment and learning factor. Many interactions do not make it boring for children either. Therefore, a good option for the bad weather and then, of course, the view outside is not so nice. Relatively easy to reach by taxi and Uber. Entrance fees and snack prices are fine. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Marcio Lena 3 years ago

Loved the place! The museum is modern, cool and there are transcriptions in English and Spanish (and Portuguese, of course). Very informative and in some cases I felt being punched in the face. It really got me thinking. Ah, the plus is the view, it is just gorgeous, took many cool pictures.

Melanie van den Bosch 3 years ago

I cried in this museum. Its trying to make the people aware of how we are destroying our beautiful planet and what we need to do to help save it. Please go there and educate yourselves! Tuesdays they open for free, but I think they should open their doors for free every day of the week!

Hunter Collins 3 years ago

Really cool and unique museum experience. Makes you think about the future while staying immersive. It gets a bit dark to be honest, especially when they talk about environmental footprints. Clearly there is a lot more to do on a whole planet level. Not sure who the museum was aimed at age wise it was highly interactive but not in a particularly child friendly way. Seemed to be mainly for teens and young adults. The cosmos video at the start is all in Portuguese which was a little off putting as an English speaker but the exhibits themselves all had English and were easy to follow. Overall a thought provoking and interesting experience. And lovely architecture of course!

Stuart Rose 3 years ago

This place is a must while in Rio. It's a great insight into the world we live in from past, present and what potential future we have if we carry on treating the world how we do. It has loads of information on the screens and can be a little overwhelming. Make sure you don't go there hungry or in a rush. You can easily spend a few hours taking it all in and learning. It's certainly thought provoking and insightful.

Stormy Howard 3 years ago

Really cool place. Lovely to walk around outside and the inside is neat. Bring ID because discounts are offered. We arrived at 10am and we're the firsts ones to watch the presentation. Ensure you download the app and check out the VR things. English is widely available! Water fountain also available

Brian Van Ausdal 3 years ago

Beautiful representation of humanity and how it is everyone’s responsibility to care for this planet of ours. Set in a modern, beautiful building and close to the art museum. Loved their display showing similar themes (festivals, mother/child photos, etc.) across various cultures and countries.

David Maddison 4 years ago

A very simple yet poignant experiential collection highlighting the wonder of the earth and human species but also our impact on the fragile ecosystem. Amazing 360° cinema and plenty of exhibits to be really engaged whilst learning. A spectacular building in itself - like some futuristic spaceship from a Final Fantasy game

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