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R. da Imperatriz 220
25610-320, Teresópolis
(61) 3521-4455

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The Imperial Museum in Teresópolis is one of the largest and most important museums in Brazil. It was founded in 1866 by Emperor Dom Pedro II, and houses an extensive collection of art and artifacts from all over the world. The museum is particularly known for its collections of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman art, as well as its collection of Brazilian colonial art. The museum is also home to a large library and research center, and hosts a variety of events and exhibitions throughout the year.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Imperial Museum: Reviews

Ben Johnson 11 months ago

Very enjoyable small museum of Brazilian history in what was the summer palace for the Emperor. Includes the imperial crown, bedrooms, and some nice paintings of old Rio. Good value at R$10.

Salim Sangary 11 months ago

Very educational. It is amazing to see the history and how it has been preserved. What an amazing place.

pooja arora 1 year ago

So much history and so amazing... beautifully preserved Palace.. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes … More

Aman Singh 1 year ago

Pay a small fee to clean the floors with your feet. Nice to see how royalty lived in the past but very limited experience

Mr. Silva 1 year ago

The place doesn’t hold many interesting items. They basically preserved the house where the royal Portuguese family used to live. I visited this museum 4 years ago and there were the jewels of the crown and other jewelry at display, as well as some beautiful swords. All of those displays were, for no apparent reason, covered with brown paper. And some other rooms that used to hold some gorgeous antiques have been turned into boring exhibitions of pictures hanging from the ceiling. Very disappointing. One positive thing now is that you pay less money to visit the place (R$ 10).

Tamiris Sena 1 year ago

Great museum to bring the family for a tour or simply to enjoy the gardens in the surroundings. Visited on Weekend Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended No … More

Monique Campos 1 year ago

Very informative, incredible pieces to see at the exhibition.

Paul Koether 1 year ago

Very intresting and unique.

Duncan Wierman 1 year ago

Never saw kitchen or bathrooms tho

Ingemar Kinnmark 1 year ago

Imperial Museum, Petropolis, Brazil Fascinating museum and amazing history of the Brazilian Royal family. Many memories.

Lucas Serralha 1 year ago

Mandatory stop if you are visiting Petrópolis! Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sure … More

Bernardo Engelke 1 year ago

Full of history of Brasil! Very interesting museum.

Victor Manoel 1 year ago

Very nice place to visit With a lot of history and the gardens amazing

Maximiliano Machado 1 year ago

It's a very beautiful sighted place, especially, at night.

Vanessa Patino 1 year ago

Very interesting place,good to know more abouth Brazil culture.

Daran Thach 1 year ago

Best historical paintings, crowns, wagons, and collections of Pedro I & II. The garden is supremely nice with over 300 types of trees.

Rodrigo Montagner 1 year ago

An unforgettable piece of our origins, ancestors and country history. A must visit

Andre Metelo 1 year ago

I always love going to the Imperial palace in Petrópolis. There is always something new to learn and see

Victoria Wait 2 years ago

Such a beautiful place. Everything is exactly as Imperial Family left it. Really worth seeing.

Mateus Araujo Rohde 2 years ago

Great place with great history, went there alone and realize a lack of English texts and written context, heard that the museum guides are amazing and that they probably speaks english so I recomend going with a Museum guide rather than exploring it by itself

emily bradford 2 years ago

Good value for money, get to side around because you cannot wear shoes in the museum. Helpful staff.

Fabio Quintanilha 2 years ago

A must visit place when in Petrópolis. Quick 45 min drive from Rio. Impressive museum.

Manu Peclat Guia de Turismo do Rio (Rio Private Tours) 2 years ago

Architecture, History & Culture ALL IN ONE place - UNMISSABLE!!

Louis Stroud 3 years ago

Very cool experience exploring the imperial museum. You have to wear this hilarious slippers and slide around the palace. It's very beautiful and opulent...obviously.

Trovão Greorg 3 years ago

Very cool space. Lots of artifacts. Nice gardens (free). Interesting history.

Marcelo Santos 3 years ago

Great and comfortable place.

Felipe Rocha 3 years ago

Veeery good collections of the dom Peter's empire age. Wonderful gardens for a walk and spend the day in a piquenique.

Roland Dragoi 3 years ago

One of the things you have to visit when in Petropolis. The building is beautiful both on the outside and the inside and the information is provided in Portuguese and English.

Chin Zhi Hui 3 years ago

Beautiful palace located within Petropolis Brazil. Prices were reasonable and there were exhibits in English.

Lina Cortes 3 years ago

Was nice, clean, organized and I think that have a low fare. I really recommend to visit this museum, helps to understand better the Brazilian history. Remember that you can't take photos from the inside.

Teniwa Teniwa 3 years ago

Nice to see the old Imperial Palace still well maintained. No photos allowed in the inside and you’d be given slippers to wear!

Clayton lovett 3 years ago

Very well preserved. The art is fantastic. Most exhibit information is in portugues, espanol and english. No pics of any kind allowed once inside the museum. Bags must be checked in with security. Worth a visit if you are in town.

Marco Lauria 3 years ago

Going to Petropolis is the most interesting place to be visited together with the Cathedral. Advised

Joaquim Assunção 3 years ago

If you like history, this is a must! There are not many museums like this in Brazil.

Simon G 3 years ago

Good value at R$10. An important part of Brazil's history and a very spacious exhibit. Highly recommended.

Ted King 3 years ago

This is a special place to see in Petropolis for all visiting people to Brasil and all Brasilians. Rich in colonial history.

Carlo Fragni 3 years ago

A pleasant piece of brazilian history, this palace is located in the heart of the historical center of Petrópolis. Take your time to sit in the garden for a bit while admiring the Palace and the quiet atmosphere.

Salvador Menjivar 4 years ago

A great day out from Rio de Janeiro Rodoviaria Novo Rio. Simply take the BRT train from Cinelandia as it takes you directly there. Coach service a/c pkus toilet facilities on board is reasonably priced takes you to Petropolis Rodoviaria where you catch bus 100 at other end of station. Will leave 5 minutes walk from Palace. You are not allowed to take pictures inside main palace plus have to wear protective one size slippers so as you shuffle on wooden floors you feel you are polishing wood along the route. Informative but sadly mostly in Portuguese with the odd english or french translation. They have to improve on this front however worth a visit as the town is very pleasent and with other options of sights and places to visit. Allow a full day to relax and enjoy most sights.

William “Bill” Owen 4 years ago

Lovely museum with a very good tour in Portuguese. The only odd thing is that they make you don these oversized slippers, ostensibly to avoid damaging the hardwood floors. However, the only way you are able to prevent the slippers from falling off is to maintain a shuffling gate as you are moving around the floors of the former palace. So, as one wag recently put it on the Q&A forum, Quora, "They should have paid ME to take the Imperial Museum tour as I found myself cleaning and polishing the floors of the palace!"

Miguel Nicolaevsky 4 years ago

If you come to Petropolis, it is unmissable place to visit. It is just amazing, all the furnitures and treasures of Brazilian emperors.

David Ugas 4 years ago

Extremely well kept museum, it offers a might play and a light show worth going if yuo are in Petropolis.

Leandro Fernández 4 years ago

A very well maintained and conserved imperial residence. The exposition es big and it's rotating. You can take a look to the forniture, crowns, clothes and personal belongings of the last Brazilian Emperor and his family.

Pieter Lekkerkerk 4 years ago

Wonderful peak in the lives of the Brazilian imperial family through the lens of their summer retreat in the mountains above Rio. Don't expect a Schoenbrunn or Fontainebleau, but in the context of historic sites from the 19th century in Latin America (and especially Brazil) it is an absolute marvel. And, of course, the imperial crown is one of the most important things on display.

Maciej Bliziński 4 years ago

The museum is a Emperor's palace, stocked with paintings, furniture, and various artefacts. Before visiting, I suggest reading a bit about Brazilian history, especially the period between years 1823 and 1889.

Andre Renovato 4 years ago

Awesome. This museum holds a collection of artifacts related to Brazil's imperial period. Besides the area is surrounded by a beautiful garden and many side show attractions. Don't miss it.

Brian Warby 4 years ago

Well curated museum. It was the emperor's summer palace and has been well maintained. Also, Petropolis is a nice town to visit.

Liquid Swan 5 years ago

Very nice, historical, nice layout for tours and well staffed. Relatively small, but worth the low fee.

Werisson Viana 5 years ago

Great place to visit. There's a coffee house where you can enjoy a good time reading, talking or just appreciating the architecture.

Alexandru Ciobanu 5 years ago

A piece of Brazil's history. A great place to learn about Brazil's royal history. Highly recommend if you're visiting the country for more than it's beaches and sun.

David Day 5 years ago

Loved the palace in the jungle! Very interesting stories about how the "emperor" and his family lived with all of the European pomp and circumstance in the middle of the jungle. The town also has a Bavarian/Austrian flair to it - high in the mountains, etc.

Lewis Maddock 6 years ago

Great palce full of history and culture. Not only a great museum but also a nice place for picnicking. Hosts many cultural events during the week and at night.

Jean-David Caprace 6 years ago

This is the place to be visited in Petropolis. The imperial palace is well maintained and almost as it was during imperial period. Twice a week a special sound and video event is organized at 8 pm.

Logan Parsons 6 years ago

Happened to be free on the day we turned up, which was great. Helpful staff. And there is an app 'Museu Imperial' which is worth downloading. It doesn't provide much more information, but it means you don't have to crowd round the info points. The slippers that they ask you to wear take a little getting used to.

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