Powerhouse Museum

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Harris St 500
2007, Sydney
(02) 9217 0222

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The Powerhouse Museum is a large and interactive museum in Sydney that explores the history and science of energy. The museum has exhibits on the history of energy production, the science of energy, and the future of energy. The museum also has a large collection of energy-related artifacts, including a working steam engine, a coal-fired power plant, and a nuclear reactor. The Powerhouse Museum is a great place to learn about the history and science of energy.

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Powerhouse Museum: Reviews

Davina Wijaya 8 months ago

I would say one of the best museums. Even the permanent collection is worth re-visiting. Been there a few times and still in awe. There was Gucci exhibition at this time too. Definitely too crowded to go on a weekend, make sure to book tickets in advance cause it was sold out when we got there. Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sure … More

Erick T 8 months ago

Great museum especially for kids. The science section would keep them busy for a fair while. Has some really good exhibits as well such as the steam engine and clock. Area is very accessible from haymarket. Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes … More

Alfred Tao 8 months ago

Really fun and interactive exhibits. Staff are super helpful and lovely. The Gucci exhibit was a great exhibit which provided an insight into various campaigns from the past- very interesting if you enjoy fashion. They have exhibits which help kids learn concepts and allow play. There are adequate amenities and cafes as well as a gift store. A very worthwhile visit especially since there is no admission fee.

Andy Gladstone 8 months ago

Amazing and diverse collection of industrial design, art and technology artifacts. It takes 2 or 3 Hours to see it all and it's free. Well worth a visit particularly if the weather is not so good.

T M 9 months ago

Unlike most museums Powerhouse has this rather feel of, ‘We do things differently around here’. An amazing space in short! Shoutout to Chris Potirakis too! Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sure … More

Cixi Y. 9 months ago

A must visit in Sydney. You prolly need 4-5hours to go through all the exhibitions. My fave is the experiments exhibition - it has lots of interactive displays. Random tip: there's a water bubbler right outside of the entrance in case you need to refill your drinking bottle.

G Abby 9 months ago

Didn't know what to expect but at the end of the visit I was happy that I decided to come. Lots of things to see from heavy machinery, space exploration items to modern art and designer fashion. You can easily spend few hours here always being surprised by what you find. Visited on Weekday Wait time 1 hr+ Reservation recommended No … More

Markus Howard 9 months ago

Beautiful place with incredible pieces of history and art. It made my day to walk through the space section, I could not help myself being all giddy like a child in a lolly shop. I recommend taking your time through some of the exhibits and taking in this history that you're interacting with and reading about.

Vista Venisia 9 months ago

Went to see the Gucci Archetypes installment and strolling around the museum to see other stuff which were great. The staffs were very helpful too. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes … More

David Judson 9 months ago

This is an amazing place with more than 100,000 exhibits. Although technology focused, there is a strong art and design presence. You need several days to fully appreciate the Powerhouse. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Marion Malique 9 months ago

Loved it! The building, the collection, the permanent exhibitions as well as the DJ if you go on a Thursday evening. It was a great experience and definitely part of my favorites museums. ️

Patty V 9 months ago

Quite interesting museum so far. The set up of all kinds of vehicles is very cool. With the plane hanging above, i think it is awesome! Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait … More

Adriano Nunez 9 months ago

Amazing free experience! You can spend hours inside this museum. Definitely recommend the zero gravity experience. Also gotta highlight the explanation about how the first trip to the moon happened. A volunteer explained in details all steps from launch to the trip back. Loved this place! Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Warwick Potts 9 months ago

WOW WHAT A SPECIAL PLACE I HAD Absolutely NO IDEA HOW MUCH not only enjoyment knowledge fun and hands on entertainment with the essence of actually learning !!!! Ha ha and the special of the night owl music spectacular was bar none the greatest orgasm for the EARS and viberating senses within the mind . Close too the city for a late DESSERT after the OWL HAD HOOTED .. Didn't see everything in the time we allocated ourselves but we will most certainly enjoy the next time we go too this AMAZING part of the city of Sydney

Sarah charles (Thewhereto) 9 months ago

Currently two exhibitions; 90’s underground posters and Gucci garden archetypes. Lots of fun and they’re set up so well. Even better, they’re free! The interactive level for kids is also great

Charlotte H 9 months ago

Amazing Gucci exhibition And nice place to bring kids for their permanent collection! The coffee shop is also nice to chill after visiting the museum + the shop has a nice variety of products and books!

Jiak Tan 10 months ago

Nice place to visit, my kid enjoy it during our vacation here... most importantly is free haha Lots of educational stuffs and the place is clean and safe to all...

William Howarth 10 months ago

Interesting science and technology museum. I particularly enjoyed the space, train, and steam engine exhibits. I am unsure why the Gucci exhibition was there however, it had nothing about the history of the brand and seemed like a poorly designed advertising campaign.

Safy O 10 months ago

Fantastic museum. It was my first time visiting and I loved it. We passed a solid few hours in the various hall. And it was fee admission.

Mark S 10 months ago

Kids will love it. So much for kids to learn and see and for free. Quite during weekdays. Can spend 2-3 hours here easily. Must visit while in Sydney if you have kids. Also a nice playground not far outside from the museum.

Shuo Yang 11 months ago

My daughter love the power house museum She love the space area there's also an area for kids play and explore Parents will be easy to spend all day here with kids Visited on Weekday … More

C P Kularathna 1 year ago

A must visit place in Sydney. I was so amazed at seeing actual machines and replicas. A good place to bring kids to learn. There are interactive exhibits where you can try by yourself and see how the machines are working. Specially loved the design area and plasma ball. Space area is wonderful. Zero gravity experience is must to have, even though I was dizzy afterwards. First exhibit you see is the very first Locomotive engine of whole Australia. It’s very rare to see a country’s first Locomotive engine.

Mika Tsuruta 1 year ago

Many interactive activities that little kids enjoy. The building is nice and clean. There is a cloak you can leave your luggage and coats. Cafe is available there too. It’s perfect for rainy day entertainment. Free entrance! Visited on Weekday … More

Matt Ashton 1 year ago

Really interesting and engaging place, with a lot of interactive activities good for the kids. Ours were entertained for a good few hours and we had to drag them out!

Lorna Bruce 1 year ago

Really varied exhibits, with some fun interactions for all ages. We went on a winter weekday afternoon and spent a few hours. It was quiet and the staff were helpful and friendly. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sure … More

Taivan S 1 year ago

Loved the different ranges of artifacts displayed. Loved the Children's experience area and small story time corner. Loved the Space and robotics displays and experiences Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Nora 1 year ago

Very short walk from Chinatown, we visited the Powerhouse Museum on a drizzly Saturday afternoon. It's a museum dedicated to mainly science and innovation. Lots of exhibits and information about steam engine locomotives, there was a microcar display and also a section on space travel. And it's FREE admission!

Kat Whitbourne 1 year ago

Huge museum jam packed with plenty of various exhibitions. Family friendly (inc. pram friendly) and wheelchair friendly. Street parking is available depending how busy the area is. The best part of the museum is the aviation section - lots for the kids to look at. Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Philip Whitehouse 1 year ago

Free entry with lots interesting mechanical items some of which are priceless. Loved the section with all the operating steam engines and machinery. Current micro car exhibit is really fascinating too. Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Shawn Zheng 1 year ago

A fun place for family with kids. You can easily spend few hours here without worrying how to keep you little ones entertained! Visited on Weekend … More

Matt Taylor 1 year ago

This place is incredible. There is so much going on inside. It's pretty impressive seeing the old machines working and there is a lot of interactive displays to keep the kids interested. Highly recommend this for all ages.

Grace F 1 year ago

Wonderful museum where the arts and science meet. It’s a place that will have something for everyone and you can definitely spend a whole afternoon here if you go through all the exhibition halls. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Ben Park 1 year ago

Admission is free right now. They have a video introducing things in the museum and that was nice. The mini car section and steam engine sections were pretty cool.

Georgia Gee 1 year ago

Brought my dad to the Powerhouse Museum...because why not! We had such a great time exploring the museum, trying out the interactive displays (colonial clothing, magnetic forces,) and getting close up to so many different historical artifacts and objects (moon rock, steam engines, ceramic art, gaphic art prints, indigenous art, a social photography exhibit, spacecraft simulations...and so much more). We attended mid-week and there was no crowd, which also meant that we could try out any of the interactive activities we wanted to. My personal favourite exhibits were the train, the planes and the ceramics and the photography exhibit..but there were so many fascinating things to see. There was zero hassle on entering the museum... a friendly greeting and the offer of maps. Lots of hand sanitiser pumps, very clean spaces. Airy and accessible to all. Bonus: entry to the museum was free!

Reza Khademlou 1 year ago

It has a lot to keep you amused especially if you are into engineering, science or art. Also good place for kids and food lovers. I am personally into engineering and enjoyed seeing how airplane and train engines work, my friends were into arts and culture and they had a good time too.

Oliver Roths 1 year ago

Very interesting setting. Lots to see for young and old. The Experimentation section was very popular with the kids as was the Space Exhibition. We all loved it. Free entry is wonderful also!

Paul Wingfield (PWingers) 1 year ago

Essential place to help develop young minds. Interactive scientific demonstrations of electric motors, pullies, cogs, and magnetism. There's even a lunar landing simulator for people to try. Great for all ages and something for everyone.

TheNurikochan 1 year ago

Suddenly having a day off on a rainy weekday meant I had a chance to see some exhibitions I already wanted to see - the Eucalyptus exhibit and the Microcars. The staff in the foyer were pleasant and helpful. The (free) exhibitions were varied and I found them all pretty interesting. I liked the interactivity with some of the exhibitions (the Experimentation Lab, the Steam exhibition, and the Space one). Printed guides to read were handy. The shop has lovely but pricey souvenirs, and a few small items set me back over $100. I didn't try the café but other visitors seemed to enjoy it. Will definitely return at some point to see new and revisit permanent exhibits.

David Williams 1 year ago

Amazing musuem one of the lesser known jewels of Sydney the tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable of what they are talking about. There is 0 charge at the moment so the price can't be beat so if you have some time and are close by please check it out the staff will appreciate it.

Emily Lee 1 year ago

One of the most interesting exhibits! There is literally so much to do here and there’s tons of little rooms to explore! It’s also free! Highly recommended you check this place out!

Stevio Bee 1 year ago

Always a fascinating place, so pleased it is where it is and didn't get moved. The 'Electric Keys' and the 'Microcars' exhibits are amazing and will go again to see them soon!

Danilo C. 1 year ago

Amazingly kind staff, and super interesting contents on display. Truly a place for the whole family to experience and spend half day. Plus it’s free!

sally 1 year ago

enjoy so much time i spend in the museum! museum very organize, staff friendly, also have activity place for kids. if you like photograph they show us so many picture that capture on 80's the museum so clean 1000% amazing

Fred Dafforn 1 year ago

Very casual place. Beautiful building and clever exhibits. Loved the Microcars. Free entrance. Nice coffee in the on site cafe

Mady 1 year ago

Absolutely loved it. Every single thing is simply adorable and when you get to the Experiments , you'll get so childish with all the stuffs over there. I mostly enjoyed Playing the Thermening and playing the Siren while generating electricity (I must have annoyed a lot of people that day ). Also, you don't wanna miss the Old Steam engine vibes too along with the music when the Horn is pushed . I would recommend visiting the Experiments at first and then explore around.

Arthur Mamou-Mani 1 year ago

Loved it. Very diverse and unexpected collection from Graphic Design to Space Travels and Clay pots. All very well presented and narrated. Inspiring and beautiful.

Paolo B 1 year ago

The whole family had a great time here for a couple of hours. The micro car display was amazing and worth a visit here just for that. Kids also loved designing their own little wooden car. We will be back!

Maher Itani 1 year ago

A great institution in Ultimo, a short walk from Haymarket and Chinatown with easy public transport access or a 15 minute walk from Central Station. FREE entry (2022) A welcome escape from the humid summer weather into an amazing huge space with air-conditioning. Lots of interesting things to see for young and old. There is a special area for kids on level 1 where they can enjoy hands-on displays and learn. Cafe and gift shop available for a short break.

Ezzat Halabi 1 year ago

It’s like walking through a book. Free entry as well! You could spend hours in a single section. We spent 3.5 hours and barely covered a fifth. There is so much to explore and learn about. For a family with kids it’s probably best to come with a mission in mind, for example to explore the space section on the back of research at home/school about space. Not just roaming about. The experimentation space for kids (and the big kids) on the bottom floor has a good range of elements (electricity, electromagnetism, physics, etc.). Having said that, lighting could be better, and the signage next to the exhibits could be bigger, perhaps with a barcode linking to a site that has more information. Telstra coverage inside was quite good. Plenty of sanitisation stations. And the bathrooms are clean and well kept. We will be returning soon for further exploration.

Nicolas Dahan 1 year ago

The powerhouse museum is worth visiting for the museum itself more than what it is showing. The way the exhibitions are presented is wonderful. The lighting, the separations, the sounds... everything has been very well thought of. However, after leaving the museum its hard to feel like you have learnt something valuable. Maybe I was hoping for a deeper meaning but I got to see a lot of beautiful things.

Mohammad Kalantari 1 year ago

Highly recommended. A must to do in Sydney. You need 3-4 hours to explore all sections. The Industrial Revolution and Space sections are far beyond words. Specific section for children and all people interested in science to do some scientific funny experiments.A unique museum full of history and adventure. The Powerhouse Museum is the major branch of the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences in Sydney. Located in Harris St with easy access via public transport. No admission fee with nice staff.

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