Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

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Cable St 55
6011, Wellington
04 381 7000

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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Steven Nijman 6 months ago

Incredible. Blown away by the exhibit on Gallipoli and Nature in New Zealand. One of the best museum experiences I've had so far. Great for kids as well. They could charge plenty for this experience, but it's completely free. Definitely donate though if you've enjoyed the experience. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Hasnain Nurdin 6 months ago

Ok so I can't remember if this was free, I think it was, unfortunately I didn't have enough time explore but from what I was able to see, I was very impressed It's a real shame as Te Papa is the best museum for leaning about Mouri culture. Visited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended No … More

Ash Highnam 6 months ago

A fantastic experience for people of all ages, very accessible, and plenty to look at and interact with. The Gallipoli exhibition alone was very powerful and engaging. So many hands on activities and great for kids. Plenty of helpful staff members right around the museum ready to answer questions and offering assistance. Highly recommended for anyone visiting the Wellington area.

indah nuria Savitri 6 months ago

One of the best museums I have ever visited. The National Museum of New Zealand, it houses amazing collections, stories, displays, and experience that will cater the interests of young and old. I really enjoy Galipoli exhibition with incredible details, well curated displays and heart-touching stories. The sections about nature and the stories of Māori and New Zealand are also very rich in information and entertaining at the same time. The can touch and feel and learn many things related to nature and lives surrounding us. My kids also enjoy our visit here and happy to go back. It is very disability friendly with ramps in many areas. It has cafes and the souvenir shops are also great. Parking is available at the surrounding area.

Maitri Soga 6 months ago

Amazing museum and fun for adults and kids. The Gallipoli museum is extremely well made and very worthwhile. Give yourself at least 2-4 hours there. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait … More

Suzanne Tyrpak 6 months ago

Excellent interactive museum. Focusing on all things New Zealand, including nature, history, and art. Children and adults love it.

Shane Fortune 7 months ago

A great stop no matter the weather, but particularly on a rainy day. Excellent exhibits on the history/culture of New Zealand. It's amazing that there is no entry fee, but we were happy to donate based on the quality of our experience

Dominic Tam 7 months ago

World class Museum with lots of helpful volunteer and staff. Admission is free. Parking is charged. Avoid visiting in public holiday, weekend or school holiday as there will be lots of visitors. Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Piyush sharma 7 months ago

One of the best museums that I have visited across any country so far. The place is amazing and so is the location. Being true to myself did not click pictures inside the museum….also the experience cannot be captured in a camera. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Giulia - Italian Time Zone 7 months ago

The Gallipoli exhibition is so well done! Very informative and touching. You can easily spend 1 hour there and not realising it. Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Emilio H 7 months ago

Museum entrance free. Start with nature / wild life of NZ then go to the history of Maori and European colonization. Very interactive and interesting museum.

Matt V 7 months ago

Obsoletely stunning and surprisingly we’ll do e museums, particularly because it’s free! I was very impressed with the level of detail out into each exhibit and was absolutely lost for hours in the nature area. They really did a great job of using all of your senses to learn about NZ, including getting the chance to smell a kiwi! They even have the only colossal squid on display in the world! This place is a must This is a must

Zita Zimler-Guóth 7 months ago

Great museum to spend multiple days at, learn as an adult and teach the kids. It's free and huge, be prepared that you can eat and drink only at level 1 Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Joris (Dutchtravel_family) 7 months ago

Toddler played on playing area on the 4th floor while mom and dad took turns exploring the history of this beautiful country ❤️ Very educational and much attention is given to the Maori history as well. The fact that it was free of charge makes it accessible for all and is a reason also a lot of young people get to see the museum. We could have easily spend a few hours more. But it was nappy time for our toddler and parking meter ran out. Parking is paid in this part of town.

PWE999 7 months ago

Conveniently located near the waterfront. A Free, really well laid out, interesting and interactive site for All. A great spot with inexpensive and relevant gifts at the exit. Don’t forget to donate Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Braydon Murphy 7 months ago

What an absolutely phenomenal experience. The museum is completely free to visit, you just have to pay for parking. It only cost me $10 for 3 hours. But there is probably free parking in town, you would just have to walk over. The museum is very accommodating. It has accessibility and normal toilets, parents rooms, kids play rooms, lockers, money machines, cafes, a souvenir store, stairs and lifts. The museum itself is just incredible. With 6 entire floors to explore you could literally spend days here. It also has such a huge variety of exhibits that accommodates to all ages. My favourite floor was the animals and nature. From games for kids to dinosaurs, giants squids and an earthquake room... it was just such an amazing experience. I would highly recommend a visit.

Smilingface 7 months ago

Have been to just once which was 15years ago, Te Papa is still the best place to walk around quietly for a pretty while. The highly interactive Nature section, even adding an outdoor City Bush area, is so amazing, young kids and mature kids(like me) there are all very excited. A new part, Gallipoli section is a great way to memorize the sacrifice of service people and their family, and to express our gratefulness as well. Highly recommend

Thomas Kemmer 7 months ago

An absolute must for every Wellington Visitor. The many different Floors and exhibitions are worth it. The Café is good aswell. It was awful weather and we spend half a day - it was awesome. Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More


I went to this museum in January 2016 and the gallipoli exhibition, is still the best exhibition I have ever seen, it brought me to tears reading the stories & seeing the pictures in 2016 and did the same to me in Jan 2023. Wrote on & laid a poppy for my husband Peter who was with me in 2016 and died shortly after & my dad who died in 2019. We had some food & drinks in the cafe which is very reasonably priced. You can't go to Wellington without going to this museum & make sure you have a good few hours there. They have lockers for $2 you can store your bags/coats for 5 hours. It's a FREE museum. Make sure you make a good donation if you can afford it.

Davide Baj 7 months ago

This is a must do. Free entry and very interesting cultural and naturalistic paths all about New Zealand. One of the most interesting thing about Kiwi birds is the size of their eggs. There’s a Kiwi skeleton with an egg inside it, which well represents this fact and it’s in a corner under the main display of the birds, easy to miss. The Gallipoli exhibition is very immersive and well represents the drama of this campaign through the eyes of military personnel. There’s a floor entirely dedicated to the Māori culture, architecture, traditions and history and this was my favourite section of the museum.

Timothy L 7 months ago

It's free to enter, though the parking isn't. Recommend anyone visiting to take public transport. Very educational exhibits, learnt a lot about Maori culture and New Zealand.

Soumyajit Ghosh 8 months ago

Very informative museum. 2 day tour is better to see everything. Enjoyed the volcanic activity history. Modern art section was not so attractive.

D C (QBNTO1) 8 months ago

Wow just wow. The states could learn a thing or two about how a museum should present itself to the people. The exhibition was amazing. The interactiveness for children were plentiful. Kids and adults will learn so much from this place. Parking was a breeze and the staff was super friendly. They do offer early admission which we bought. It’s worth it to get there before the mob. Just a fun place to spend a morning.

Lucy Salmond 8 months ago

One of the best museums I've ever been to. ANZACS exhibition outstanding & outside gardens gorgeous. As an Australian what really stands out is how interactive it all is, well maintained and restful and inclusive of your indigenous heritage.

Marc Clausing 8 months ago

All worth it. Learned a lot around earthquake (test the simulator) and the Maori history. Impressed by every section. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Nicole Chua 8 months ago

Wasn’t able to visit all rooms but so far one of the best museums i’ve seen really enjoyed how interactive the displays are ❤️ and, it’s free! Visited on Public holiday Wait time No wait … More

Benjamin Moye 8 months ago

This is a fantastic museum. There is great diversity in the displays on offer here so there is something to meet everyone's interest, from WW1 history to earthquakes and Maori culture. Make time to visit this attraction. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Anastasia G 9 months ago

This is a must visit if it is your first time in Wellington. The entrance is free and the exhibitions are absolutely amazing. The Gallipoli exhibition is one of the best historical installations I have ever seen. Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

alison richard 9 months ago

Amazing museum!! Great expos, very interesting and interactive! Even kids will enjoy that place a lot! And it's free! (Takes about 2.5/3 hours to see everything) Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Kristofer Tidemar 9 months ago

Giant museum with absolutely amazing exhibitions of New Zealand history, Maori culture, nature and wildlife. The giant octopus on display is a highlight. Free entry to most exhibitions! Do not miss if you are in the Wellington area. Nice architecture and lots of parking. Right next to the Wellington waterfront walk. Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Eranga Athukorala 9 months ago

New Zealand's national museum and Te Papa Tongarewa translates literally to "container of treasures".Te papa is 17th-most-visited art gallery in the world. Maori culture and taonga (treasures), dynamic art heritage, and its fascinating history.collaboration with weta workshop they make incredible thing in war section, must visit, open everyday 10am to 6pm.

Lisa S 9 months ago

Great museum to visit to learn the history of New Zealand and its people. It currently has an incredible WWI exhibit as well. Plan to spend at least 3-4 hours here to fully enjoy it. Also has a wonderful gift shop! Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes … More

Jaena Ong 10 months ago

Really enjoyed the nature and climate change exhibit. Got to experience how earthquake is like, the interactive exhibits is fun. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Stijn Van Mulders 10 months ago

Incredible museum with lots of information on New-Zealand culture and nature. Also great for children; there are many different ways how this information is conveyed. Best part about this huge museum: it’s free! Lockers for hire for a small amount (about 3 NZ-dollar for 6 hours).

Tom Huthwaite 11 months ago

Te Papa Tongarewa @te_papa is one of Lonely Planet's top 500 places on earth & one of Tripadvisor's top 25 museums in the world - for good reason! This 'container of treasures' holds six floors & 36,000 sqm of exhibitions, cafés & gift shops dedicated to NZ culture. Te Papa's unique architectural design from Jasmax envisioned contrasting external faces & as a result the building looks different from every angle. One of our favourite places in the city, recommended for adults & kids alike!

Divine Transcendent 1 year ago

This would have to be the best museum in New Zealand. Great day with your family or even on your own. Very respectful and knowledgeable staff. There are lockers conveniently placed by the entrance with strong security presence. It's been atleast 21 years since I was last down there but it looks incredible! Simple layout and great if you have kids (plenty of activities).

Dats Travln 1 year ago

Great museum, amazing price, having 6 floors to see different things was great, facilities were clean, staff were really friendly and helpful. Keep it up

Anima Sola 1 year ago

Highlight of our short stop in Wellington. Learned a lot about Māori culture and New Zealand flora and fauna. Gallipoli - The Scale of Our War expo was incredible. Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Olivia Victorius 1 year ago

Amazing place. I love the world war exhibition. They made the replica of the soldiers i think double the size. And sadly it’s temporary. So please go and have a look before it’s gone. Apart from that they also present museum that is very interactive and kids friendly. Definitely recommended to bring your kids there. And it’s free!!

Aleesha Wright 1 year ago

Wow… the Gallipoli exhibit was so incredible and very moving. We were all in awe at the precise detailing of the models on display. It was very well done and was very emotionally touching being able to read the personal stories on the walls throughout the exhibit. The Cafe coffee was superb! And tasty cabinet salad and hot chips !! Gift shop downstairs had very average selection of gifts and was also ridiculously overpriced (I think I saw a tea towel for $30 and a tote bag for $40 .. no thanks) We didn’t have time to see anything else in the museum apart from the Gallipoli exhibit but would definitely return again in future to see the rest of the museum ☺️

Anita Kagaya 1 year ago

Beautiful, clean, and lots to see here! Definitely a to-do and a good way to spend time with family or friends. The Gallipoli exhibition is mind blowing, and the nature one is very educational too.

Gavin Brown 1 year ago

its a must. while we were there they had a gallipoli exhibition. it was great, also always good to see a Britten motorbike from a great kiwi

Adele Chapman 1 year ago

One of NZ's best museum's that I have had the pleasure to experience. Amazing team of worker's doing what they can to help answer queries etc. A happy place where young & old share in history

Bronwyn Doar 1 year ago

Took the kids(4-12yrs) there for a trip during the holidays. They were very engaged with all of the exhibits and we ended up staying longer then expected. Lots of changes since we last visited so always new and interesting things to explore. Some sections were closed off with new exhibits being installed, but still plenty there to keep you intrigued. As always the ANZAC exhibit is phenomenal and well worth it!!!

Ru Wi 1 year ago

The Māori name of the museum is Te Papa Tongarewa. Literally translated, the name means something like "container for treasures". The short form Te Papa can be translated as "Our place". In addition to the permanent Māori and Pacific Island culture exhibits, there was an extensive exhibition on the ground floor when we visited, Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War, about the First World War Battle of Gallipoli, which also involved New Zealand. The other exhibitions are also worth seeing.

Brian Frost 1 year ago

Just totally impressive, the Gallopoli exhibit is humbling. The whole Te Papa space is so professionally put together it makes you proud to be a New Zealander. Weta workshops well done with your larger than life testament to some heroic men an woman.

Sarita Petric 1 year ago

Must see!!! Amazing exhibitions and couldn't believe that it's free. Really enjoyed getting lost in the museum for almost 3 hours.

Nikora Hemana 1 year ago

A haunting memorial that words and pictures can't describe. From the moment I heard about this exhibition a few years ago my sole motivation to visit Wellington was this display and it did not disappoint. The level of detail is inspiring, creative and damn skilful. If you get a chance check this display out, but that is not all that they have. There's a huge area that is just interactive and looks like so much fun for children. But alas, I did not get a chance to view the whole thing, but I was certainly delighted with what I did see.

Finedine Romance 1 year ago

Beautiful experience glad we came and had a look this museum is very thought out the people who works there was also very informative and nice very clean and well maintained for a public area all covid protocols are also very well followed even the toilets are clean. love all the exhibition it was an eye opener and just well thought out.

Rebecca Hillary 1 year ago

My second time coming to this museum and I always enjoy myself. The Gallipoli exhibit is a personal favorite and I get emotional everytime. Located at the end of the waterfront and you can walk to it too it's a great time for everyone

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