Museu Oscar Niemeyer

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Rua Marechal Hermes 999
80530-230, Paiçandu
(41) 3350-4400

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The Museu Oscar Niemeyer is located in Paiçandu, Brazil. The museum was designed by world-renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer and opened in 2002.

The museum is home to a large collection of Niemeyer's work, as well as temporary exhibitions of other artists. The museum's permanent collection includes Niemeyer's drawings, models, and photographs. The museum also has a library with a collection of books about Niemeyer and his work.

The museum is located in a park that was designed by Niemeyer. The park has a large lake, gardens, and sculptures. The museum is surrounded by trees and has a view of the lake.

🕒 Opening hours

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Museu Oscar Niemeyer: Reviews

Edson Thiago Dias 10 months ago

Grade A!!! Get ready to go with time to see all the exhibitions. Or separate a second day of visitation. One of CWB's best sights. Top score! Spare a more than a couple of hours if u plan on visiting all the exhibitions on a syngle day. One of the Best Touristic Attractions in the City.

Matheus Fernandes Pinheiro 11 months ago

Nice place to visit

Cladio Martins 11 months ago

Really nice museum! I enjoyed most the Niemeyer Space where you can read and learn a little bit about this fantastic architect.

sofia 11 months ago

It's a really nice place, the Africa exhibition was one of my favorites, as well as the Asia one. Every Wednesday the entrance is free, however, some exhibitions have to be scheduled beforehand and are paid. On the building itself, it's an architectonic masterpiece.

Alberto Hoyos 11 months ago

It is an interesting place!

G “oz-fan” 1 year ago

Always worth a visit if not for the art but for the building Always go there when i m in CWB


Legal Visited on Weekday … More

Catherine Oda 1 year ago

Spectacular experience! Loved the exhibits and of course, Niemeyer's The Eye!

Walcyr de Souza (Wall-e) 1 year ago

Great place for a visit!!! Clean and cool!!! Highly recommend it to people who like arts.

Leandro Pompilio 1 year ago

Amazing Architecture, spectacular construction Visited on Weekday Wait time 10–30 min Reservation recommended Not sure … More

Garrett Fagnou 1 year ago

Very interesting and unique architecture. The museum at the the time I visited had a mixture of modern art and art from Africa, Asia, and native Brazil. Its worth a look around the place even if modern art is not your style like me.

Sudipta Chowdhury 1 year ago

This is a very historic place with many old sculpture, statue. Good for photography

JENS FISKER 1 year ago

Great museum, interesting exhibitions. And 50% off for blood donors! <3

Nice “Nislou” Costa 1 year ago

Beautiful design of the museum building by Oscar Neyemyer. The exhibits were very good. The place is great inside and outside. Had a great time visiting it.

Nara Medeiros 1 year ago

An architecture in the Oscar Niemeyer style. Amazing !!!

savas kazantzides 1 year ago

Just for this museum it is worthy the visit to Curitiba. Just incredible!


This museam has an exhibition of the famous Brazilian twins world renowned for thei graffiti work. The exhibition is well set out and detailed. I love art so I loved this place. More over the architecture of the museam is wonderful. It is truly fascinating from an architectural and engineering perspective.

Curl Optim 1 year ago

it is really beautiful, it lacks only a guide explaining the story of the twins.

Paula Cordeiro 1 year ago

Really worth visiting! Amazing expositions! On Wednesday it's free. My kids love visiting MON!

Elias Carlo Aguayo (Ecariv) 1 year ago

a must go in Curitiba ....the name of the museum in honor to its major Arquitect Oscar Niemeyerr with whom Lucio Costa Designed the capital Brasilia

Mateus Chagas 1 year ago

Experience absolutely amazing! If you are in Curitiba, it's an obligatory place to visit!

Cristian Bettiol 1 year ago

A beautiful architectural space for artists to exhibit.

HERM PAZ 2 years ago

A great indoor space for a miles-long stroll on a bad weather day. Exhibitions (that try hard to be interesting) take place mostly in the undescriptive, adjacent "square" annex, so what is actually worth seeing is 85% outside. Store offers an array of objects using the museum logo (=outline). Still by far tourist attraction #1 in town.

Chrys 2 years ago

If you're visiting Curitiba, you have to come to this museum. Mostly modern art is present here, but they occasionally have special exhibits of antiquities. Many parts of the museum have descriptions in both English and Portuguese, so no worries if your Portuguese isn't strong. 20 reais to enter for general admission and they have discounted rates for children and students, plus expedited service for geriatrics and people with disabilities.

Hadley Brine 2 years ago

Excellent place to go, with various types of artifacts and even a dedicated section for the Japanese royal family. Choose a date when there is a good exhibition on the Eye tower, or you'll just find a bunch of contemporary "art". All the other features are flawless, nonetheless: great pieces, environment, atmosphere, etc.

Jose Revelo 2 years ago

You should visit this museum if you are in curitiba, its eye structure is very famous. Inside you can explore many of the works of Oscar Niemeyer. Outside there are gardens where people take their dogs for a walk, recommended visit, there is a tourist bus that stops here.

Felipe S. 3 years ago

It always has some interesting expositions and it's not expensive. On weekends you can go to the museum's garden to relax and read a book. If you're a dog lover you should go on Sunday mornings when it's common that a lot of owners brings their dogs to play around

Estela Ribeiro Kuntz 3 years ago

A beautiful construction, touristic place worthy of a visit, with nice contemporary art expositions, and a park just beside it, you can easily spend a few hours there! The entrance is a bit pricey, but it's definitely worth it

Mauricio Pretto 3 years ago

Most iconic and unique architectural place in Curitiba. Definitely must be in anyone's visiting list

Alessandro Lenzi 3 years ago

Very modern and spacious place, with a great garden by the side which became well known as "ParCão" (park for dogs). Lots of good pubs and restaurants around it. Very secure and nice place for travelers and locals.

Lucca Teixeira 3 years ago

Big and modern museum, with around ten art expositions that change over time, it was a very enjoyable experience. There's a coffee place outside as well. Parking is paid.

Kristaps Prūsis 3 years ago

Great art museum with different kind of exhibitions, so that everyone can find something he/ she enjoys.

Tobias Fonseca 3 years ago

The building itself makes it worth going. The exhibitions at the time I was there were really great - paintings, sculpture, light installations. Family, friends or by yourself it's a nice thing to do.

Ernesto German 3 years ago

Beautiful place. A must seen while in Curitiba

Eloi Thomaz Folmann Sabedotti Breda (Eloi Selvagem) 3 years ago

One of the most remarkable places of Curitiba. Build by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer and inaugurated at 2002 it has an unique design, has with some frequency nice expositions. There is a huge space behind where you can enjoy a sunny day to make some sport, play with you dog or just enjoy to rest. It is safe around and it is located near another good places as "Bosque João Paulo II".

Robson Bornancin 3 years ago

Beautiful Museum in Curitiba with a great park outside for fun with your pets. Its a must see in Curitiba! Also, the region around the museum has a lot of options for hapy hour fun and dinning.

Joni Takubo 3 years ago

Oscar Niemeyer Museum.. an iconic architect !! obligatory stop in Curitiba !!

Timothy Reese 3 years ago

Very cool design Museum from the outside with plenty of artwork and cool things to see even if you do not go inside! There's also a beautiful part store dedicated to Pope John Paul II.

Michael Vornes 4 years ago

Great option for tourists, beautiful place with outdoor recreation area where dogs are allowed

Leandro P. 4 years ago

An incredible museum, like most of Niemeyer works and designs. This place is really worth to visit, the amazing architecture and the surroundings. There are exhibit rooms under the entrance floor, which is made of glass that lets you look through it. The art is not only in the works exhibited but also everywhere starting with the museum itself. Awesome!

Barbara Bauer 4 years ago

One of the signature places of Curitiba if you are a tourist is a must do. The art display changes so there is always something new to see. O museo do olho is totally a must

Wolfgang “Wolf” Mtr 4 years ago

A must see if you visit Curitiba! Nice exibition! 1- 2h minimum needed to see the most of it.

Guilherme Nocera 4 years ago

It is an amazing place to visit and take your beloved ones together. It has got plenty of paintings and sculptures there. I got a free ticket on my visit day. It is worth the visit, always.

José Rodolfo Chreim 4 years ago

Quite a nice place to visit if you're sightseeing. We went on a Sunday afternoon and entrance was free. The surroundings of the museum are also quite good. On that day e were surprised by the fact that at the garden of the museum a lot of citizens were roaming with their pets

Kha Chuc Lieu 4 years ago

I have seen a lot of fanstatic work arts here. Nice to understand about Brazil in this way!

Alinne F. B. 4 years ago

The must modern museum of Curitiba. You can visit the exibitions and also enjoy the out side parts, like the green field on the back, where people can sit and drink a beer with their dogs.

Cláudio Rocha 5 years ago

Absolutely impressive. The permanent exhibition itself is surely more than enough to impress any visitor. Well worth a visit. Make sure you go in the morning. In the afternoon it becomes ridiculously crowded. Also, take the opportunity to visit Bosque do Papa, which is right next to the museum.

Gary Walker 5 years ago

Marvelous resource here in Curitiba. Seems they make miracles happen all the time even though we know their resources are low just like everyone else's. So much activity and creativity in such a beautiful setting. It is a must!

Guilherme Brun 5 years ago

Impressive architecture, lovely museum! At the backyard of the museum lots of families and youngsters gather for picnics, music making and walk their dogs, extremely cozy place.

Fabian Schmiedlechner 5 years ago

Among the best museums I've ever been to! A must see when you're in Curitiba! Great architecture and exhibitions!

Giovani 5 years ago

To visit this, you need to access the tunnel if the other museum first. Great expositions with deep meaning. Sit back and reflect, every sensation helps fruition.

Leticia Dáquer 5 years ago

The museum itself is very strange, like everything Niemeyer ever designed, but it's worth the visit. There's always at least one interesting exhibition, probably more than one. The workshops for children are great. The green area around it receives dozens of people with dogs on warm Sundays and is even nicer than the museum itself then. The café and the store are nice too, though expensive.

Lucas Smit 6 years ago

One of the best attractions (and a great surprise) in Curitiba. Nice architecture and great spaces. The only issue is that when I visited more than half of the spaces were empty, so I wish they can get more attractions and exhibitions to make the visit even better!

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