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Rue de Rivoli
75001, Paris
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The Louvre Museum is one of the largest and most famous museums in the world. It is located in the heart of Paris, on the banks of the River Seine. The museum houses an extensive collection of art and antiquities from all over the world. The Louvre is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paris, with over 10 million visitors each year.

The museum was first established in the 12th century as a fortress to protect the city from invaders. It was converted into a royal palace in the 14th century, and became a museum in 1793. The Louvre has been expanded and renovated several times since then, and now covers over 60,000 square metres.

The museum's collection includes some of the most famous and iconic works of art in the world, such as the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, and the Winged Victory of Samothrace. The Louvre also has an extensive collection of Egyptian antiquities, as well as Greek, Roman, and Etruscan art.

The museum is open every day except Tuesday, and admission is free for EU citizens under the age of 26.

🕒 Opening hours

  • Monday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:45 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

🗣️ Louvre Museum: Reviews

Padmini M S 10 months ago

Lovely museum with a vast collection. The crowds are huge, especially on the weekends so, even if you have booked your tickets online, be prepared to wait in queues. Also, do your homework on what exhibits you would like to see and see those first. It is impossible to see everything in a couple of hours. So if you have a few hours planned, research well before you visit. There are small outlets and a small café inside the museum too so, water, small snacks etc. are available

Dewi Isniyati Rachmaniya 10 months ago

Louvre museum is absolutely amazing. You can see from painting, statue from each historical county, and the most popular part here is Monalisa painting. Though this painting is small, but there's queue to see this painting. There's souvenir shop and food hall inside the museum. I bought the ticket directly on the spot. There's 2 queue for online and on the spot ticket. All need to pass security check which I think the length of queue was same for both.

Tim Husain 10 months ago

Great museum and art gallery. Absolutely huge, need several hours to see it properly. Of course everyone goes to see the Mona Lisa, but it has so much more. Recommend booking a ticket otherwise the queues are massive.

Angela Chen 11 months ago

Wonderful museum! One of the most comprehensive collections in the world! Beautiful stone carvings, paintings, wood carvings, etc from around the world. We spent at least 4 hours here. Be prepared to be in the museum for at least half day. Try to get here half an hour before the museum opening to see Mona Lisa painting without any line. We arrive at 8:50am on a Thursday and there were no line for it. Do this first thing before you roam other parts of museum. Also, definitely check out the luxurious rooms of Napoleon's apartment. We entered by using the Paris Museum pass. They didn't seem to care that we have a reserved time slot available with it.

Sauli Nikkila 11 months ago

Absolutely amazing and breathtaking! Words can barely describe it, there simply are so many wonderful paintings, sculptures, historical objects and exhibitions to see. Honestly speaking, I would have wanted to stay overnight, because there were just so many beautiful things to see, just magnificent. However, do get tickets online, since wait times are atrocious, especially in the afternoon. Audioguides are a little bit confusing to use, though.

Dee Dee 11 months ago

Great experience. This isn’t my 1st trip To Paris but I’m not into the sightseeing thing; HOWEVER I was determined to come and see the Mona Lisa was epic. I ordered my ticket online, there was not a big line. Getting to see the Mona Lisa, that’s where the line is. There’s a whole bunch of ppl trying to get pictures with her. Very lovely experience.

Michelle Mitton 11 months ago

It's an experience for sure, and the building is nearly as impressive as the art. The best thing was the room 711 with the Mona Lisa. The crowds snaking along, just to take a picture were amazing! I found the people more fascinating than the portrait.

C B 11 months ago

Getting off the train station to here is quiet easy without much walking to find it. Just exit and cross the first street ahead then turn right and one more crossing on a busy motorway The Louvre museum you'll find. There's another way to get in as well just follow the map from your location. You can choose to pay at the entrance or book online to see the monuments or enter free and enjoy the outer architecture of the building as well as up close view of the pyramid. There is a fine dining restaurant here. There are few men selling bottled water in buckets with ice and some selling beautiful souvenirs of Paris at reasonable prices but they only accept cash.

Pouya Khadem 11 months ago

Undoubtedly the best museum in the world. A must see attraction of Paris which will probably take you at least several hours if you're not interested in art. Of by any chance you happen to be interested in arts, then you'll probably have to come a couple of times, just because of the sheer amount of art stores there. The Egyptian and Persian wing was particularly spectacular, with unique pieces not found elsewhere. However be warned, there maybe a big line at the entrance and you may have to wait for half an hour to an hour if you get there late in the day. It's probably a good idea toy reserve your tickets online.

Jamie Newsome 11 months ago

Highly recommend. We bought reservation tickets online for noon on a Friday and walked right in. Saw the most notable pieces in under 90 minutes, and leisurely toured the rest of the place for a few hours. I'd recommend planning 3-4 hours. Much more than that would be a lot for one day, unless you are an expert in something housed there.

Jake Gordon 11 months ago

The Louvre Museum was just as amazing as I thought it would be. It's so big that I only explored about 2 sections and will definitely need to come back a few times. Everything except the Mona Lisa is available for you to view at your leisure, however it is busy so if you're in one spot too long I'm sure others will get annoyed if they are also trying to get a look. The Mona Lisa requires you to stand in a line, and then you are free to take pictures once at the front. Nobody was up long enough that the staff told people to move along though.

Andrew Worthington 11 months ago

Such and amazing place with a great array of historic items and artifacts. The place is huge I would definitely recommend taking the full day to explore the place fully. There are cafes nearby to get breakfast before you visit and there is a cafe inside. Seeing the Mona Lisa alone was worth the visit. There is plenty of art on show from many amazing artists. The building itself is a piece of art. There are Greek, Roman, Egyptian and French displays plus many many more. I would highly recommend a visit if you are in Paris. You can get a deal through a tour operator or even take a guided tour.

Vibhor Dhote 11 months ago

A must visit place while you are in Paris. I would definitely recommend the audio guided tour there if you aren't able to book a good guided tour. The audio guides can take some time to understand when you start, but once you get a hang of it, it's a very useful tool. There are designated slots during which you can enter. I would recommend keeping an entire day for Louvre even if you just want to see only the most popular pieces of art. Mona Lisa is the most famous painting inside Louvre, but there is so much more to Louvre than Mona Lisa. Many people recommend going from the Carousel entrance, and I would recommend it too. Although the Pyramids entrance is the more beautiful one, but you can click pictures with the pyramids later as well :)

Bienvenido Del Rosario 11 months ago

The largest and most impresive and beautiful museum I have ever been to, it is a multiple day endeavor: After selectively stopping for specific masterpieces, it took me 5 hours just to get to see half of the exhibition. A truly must see, bucket list visit. You must buy your tickets online for a specific time of entry into the museum, so plan carefully your visit.

Saad Achwa 11 months ago

One of the best places and 100% must visit place during the season, though you have to be careful of social distancing because Covid19 is high peak once again, may Hid protect all humanity and out loved ones. Be safe, Enjoy life, take precautions and travel safely. Life can never stop because of some viruses as humanity faces more challenges than this but surely protect yourself and keep safe. Must visit, must enjoy.

Evita Grant 11 months ago

Amazing! Never though Louvre will be so huge. It’s beautiful place and whilst we had all day to walk around there after awhile it’s just get too much, there is so much art you can soak in at one time. Definitely one of the most incredible places in world!

S C 11 months ago

Visited on a Friday and stayed until closing. Highly recommend wearing comfortable shoes (I walked for nine hours) and visiting during the weekday. It was surreal to walk through the sculpture ballrooms, especially in the evening with fewer visitors. The audio guide’s okay but confusing to navigate, and the restrooms are all in remote locations. The art is breathtaking but so is the museum itself, with the evening views from the windows and softly-lit courtyard.

Katherine Mojica 11 months ago

One of my favorite places in France. It's breathtaking, the history and every room has so much to tell. You'll need one whole day to really see most of it, because the museum is really big. You must plan to be there for minimum 4 hours.

Cheryl J 11 months ago

Unbelievable tourist location. There are miles and miles of things to see in this museum. Walked until I couldn’t take it any longer. It would takes months to see all of this place. There are turns and more turns of exhibits and paintings to see. In addition to the rooms and paintings there is jewelry in cases to see as well. There are sculptures from other countries that were given to the King. There are paintings on the walls, wall paper on the walls and murals on so so many ceilings. How these artists painted upside down to this degree is truly unbelievable. Strange enough there was not an abundance of a crowd although there were people everywhere, but apparently this was off season so the crowds are much less than other times of the year. Simply beautiful and astonishing all under one roof with the roof going for miles around this U-shaped building.

Tracy M 11 months ago

Fabulous place. Purchase your tickets ahead online and get the early times if possible. It's a big place and you need a good few hours to take it all in. The audio guide is a must so definitely get one from the foyer before entering the main building. My advice is to go straight to mona Lisa as early as possible as long queues form very quickly and photos can be difficult. The rest of the paintings and statues can be enjoyed more leisurely

Muqdad Hasan 11 months ago

The Mesopotamia section as being my country of origin is the the most interesting part in the Louv. The Louvre is the most-visited museum in the world, with more than 10 million visitors in 2018. The former royal palace is now the magnificent home of some of the world's most iconic artworks (ever hear of the Mona Lisa?). Walking through the halls where Louis XIV once strolled (he lived here before moving to Versailles), surrounded by the most famous art on earth, is an overwhelming experience.

Mohammed Yusuf 11 months ago

Well a pleasant surprise here. I thought the Louvre was just a bloody triangle but boy was I wrong. No way I could get through that whole museum in one day. Thank God we had a good guide in Frederic to show us the short cuts. The museum is so spectacularly done. The exhibits were great. Make sure you find your way to Napoleon III apartments they are magnificent and shows the elegance of France. This is an experience I recommend to all who visit France. My advise get there early in the morning because after 11:30am the crowds are ridiculous. You should also make sure you have a guide with you. The major complaint I had was the Mona Lisa, they hype was just too much for what looked like an 8x10. Man listen the picture across from here was much more spectacular. Don’t break your neck trying to see Mona Lisa. Look for other fantastic images from other artists. Donatello paintings in the hall leading to the Mona Lisa were spectacular.

Globetrot With Mikalys 11 months ago

I just love the Louvre. It was my second visit (the first one lasted 6 hours and a half). This time, I attended the exposition of Athens-Paris that commemorates the bicentennial anniversary of the Greek independence. It’s really professional and the lighting is just perfect giving you the perfect museum experience!

A Sanga 11 months ago

You should have seen the Louvre once. It certainly has something for everyone. The facilities are very good, you have a free wardrobe and food options. The museum itself has so many works that you have to reserve a lot of time if you want to see everything. Check out what you want to see beforehand and plan your visit. Otherwise you will walk too much and get lost quickly.

Tim B 11 months ago

As you probably already know the Louvre is a must one in Paris, I will address a couple of notes and considerations I have taken when visited. Under 18 the ticket is free, I recommend coming somewhere approximately near sunset time in order to get some astonishing views from different light perspectives. The audio guide is 5€ but I preferred to walk around the museum for 30 minutes therefore decided an audio guide won't be used enough although it is probably recommended to get cultured from the beautiful art pieces (a lot of them by the way).

Henry Chen 1 year ago

Absolutely gorgeous all around. It’s very big and informative, and could be overwhelming too. It was challenging to have a baby on a stroller to tour here as no ramp anywhere. Other elevator/lift is a bit hard to find, but still accessible to be fair. I would recommend to either have a whole day to tour around here or you get yourself a guide who can actually tell you stories about everything you see in Louvre. I am here mainly for the photos, so it is totally worth it.

Anirudh Pillai 1 year ago

I am pretty sure it's in your itinerary if you're visiting Paris. It's probably the best museum in the world and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Except to spend an entire day or at least 6-7 hours if you plan on skipping some exhibitions. We got the timed ticket yet waited 30 mins to get in. The museum is spread into 2 floors and did take a while for us to figure out where to begin. We really liked the Egypt exhibition as well as everything French revolution related. You will start seeing more people and crowd as you approach room where Mona Lisa's painting is and you will have to wait in queue to get a picture. Mona Lisa's art is much smaller compared to most of the art in the room. We spent close to 6 hours and did skip few exhibitions. There are over 350,000 items in the museum and felt it's impossible to see or remember everything. If you are planning to see everything then make sure to keep an entire day for Louvre even if you do finish early you will be tired from all the walking and climbing up and down. There are plenty of food options available in the museum as well. Make sure to get tickets online to skip longer lines and also make sure to check Museum is open. IG: journey_man16

Frank Acha 1 year ago

You will not be able to see the great collection of art and history in one day, it is impressive. I recommend that if you go to the museum you go on weekdays, on weekends it is crazy and you will not be able to appreciate the collection. They have availability of guided tours, ask the cost. Suggestion to the management... don't allow the agglomeration for visitors to take selfies with the iconic works of the museum.

Yaroslav Kurennoy 1 year ago

What can one say about the world's most-visited museum, and a historic landmark in Paris? This is must have Paris experience if you want to see the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Code of Hammurabi and many more. This is always busy with long waiting time, therefore it's highly recommended to plan your visit and book online ahead of time.

Andrew Neary 1 year ago

An incredible museum that is a must visit. Unlike many landmarks, the louvre lives up to its hype. Its size and scale are incredible. Exterior walls hold dozens and dozens of immaculate statues and carving. Entering through the glass pyramid is unique and iconic, and sets the tone for the rest of the visit. We walked for 4 hours and certainly didn't see everything. Even the tuilerie gardens are at a level above most gardens anywhere else in the world. Visiting the louvre is completely worth your time.

swapn joshi 1 year ago

This is a must to go place if you are found of history or if you just enjoy art or if you want a experience just Out of the world! And kudos to the staff they are very helpful. I lost my phone over there and they literally helped me find it and at the end I got it. I could not thank the manager she is so helpful and just an amazing woman. A very good and knowledgeable staff. Just amazing please do visit.

N.O.D Musik 1 year ago

World’s biggest museum! One day is definitely not enough! Plan to be there at least 3 days if you want to get a relatively good grasp of many artifacts. Perfect level of organization. Everything a visitor needs to feel comfortable is taken care of. The only downside is that not all information is available in English. Many descriptions are just in French.

Margherita Flamini 1 year ago

It took 6 hours and 12 km to visit almost everything but I suggest planning your visit before, reserving the tickets online and avoiding the main entrance (long queues). You will need a map (free and at the entrance) but it's not easy to read it because it's too chaotic. Despite that it's absolutely stunning and totally worth it!

Rafael Aranguren 1 year ago

So much to see here, you might need another visit. You can book your tickets online, please plan your trip as this is packed daily, if you decide to go without tickets, it will be a huge queue. Worth to pay the audio guide with comments about the sections and specific art work. You can eat on site at it has couple of cafes. The area around the museum is also beautiful to stroll around.

Cobi O 1 year ago

Amazing museum... Unfortunately we were not able to spend a lot of time here as we arrive a couple of hours before closing. I went through all the exhibits (I think).. There was a queue for the Mona Lisa so I had to settle with looking at it from a distance. We got our tickets at the museum. In my opinion, you really don't need a guide unless you are absolutely clueless. They give you a pamphlet that is a guide to the rooms. There are several arrows directing you to the room the Mona Lisa is... Compared to the frescoes and other paintings it does appear small but on its own, it isn't. The masters are called that for a reason... wow.. Be sure to look out for Venus de Milo as you go through the Greek exhibitions...

Ayşe 1 year ago

My review based on the outside area since I didn't enter it but a small tip, my friends entered and they got the ticket from the museum instead of online and it was 15 euros unlike online ticket so keep that in your mind. Louvre museum area is really beautiful and I can really see the reason of its fame. The architecture is just amazing and there's also free wifi near to pyramid. Watching sunset in the garden part was just so epic. The evening view of Louvre is also beautiful. Too many reasons to love this building complex. How modern architecture and historical one blends so well. Love it!

Nirav Gangar 1 year ago

Highly recommend visiting this museum! It has an amazing collection of Paintings and artifacts from all over the world! Do book your slot before hand online so you don’t have to wait for too long to enter the museum. If you really want to see the whole collection, you will need the complete day so book the earliest slot only.

Ana Repetina 1 year ago

Amazing! but you need to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start and devote the whole day. Never come on a Tuesday. The Mona Lisa is beautiful, but standing in line is pointless. look at the side! take care time.

Diane Clark 1 year ago

The greatest museum in the world. One day isn’t even enough to see one object per room. Visit more than once if you can, or make a plan. The digital guide is great but f you kind of all ready know what you want to see, but a little frustrating if you don’t have a full day to spend. Open late on Fridays - a great time to visit with less crowds and a totally different atmosphere.

Lachlan O 1 year ago

Absolute sight to see while in Paris, we mainly seen the pyramids as entry was to busy. The pyramids alone blew our mind, they are so unique and the thought that went into there design is next level. I’d highly recommend visiting the museum if you get the time and seeing the pyramids at night. Has to be my favourite place during my visit in Paris

Leslie Hind 1 year ago

Essential attraction to visit when in Paris. The home of The Mona Lisa and other famous works. Extremely busy, showing how Essential it is to book ahead. Easily accessible via public transport. Magnificent architecture and amazing artworks.

Awantee. D 1 year ago

The other main place to visit in Paris after the Eiffel Tower. The museum is enormous and takes hours to properly visit. The best track is to first see the Mona Lisa and then cover as much as you can at leisure. It's good to know the worthwhile pieces to see beforehand. The museum is crowded, but the lines move fast. The collection is housed across an impressive 3 wings. Even the building itself is grand; do check out the beautiful ceilings as you move across the rooms. And do not miss the inverse pyramid as you walk out ;) There is a metro stop right at the location. Would advise to visit sometime during the evening so as to experience the pyramids being lit. The view across the courtyard towards the Tuileries is also nice.

Z Lee 1 year ago

You probably need five weeks to cover the immense Materials in here. It’s incredible collection. I highly recommend at least one full day and to get the audio guide. Start with the masterpiece trial to get a good introduction. Left the museum by buying a guidebook that I’m still perusing at this point. Total mind blowing experience.

Sue Martindale 1 year ago

Our family of seven (ages 8 to 69) planned in advance and bought tickets to the “My First Louvre” private tour led by museum staff, directly from the Louvre website. The 90-minute tours are Saturdays and Sundays at 11 o’clock. It’s just a brief overview to get you started. I was most impressed by the below ground viewing of elements of the castle remains on which the Louvre was built. Tour included a history of the museum before we set off. Make sure you allow plenty of time to find the starting place of the tour within the museum. It took us awhile to find where to enter the museum, and then to find our way to the location to pick up our headsets and the room to wait. So allow at least 30 minutes. Trust me! A stop to view the Mona Lisa is included, but there is a Disneyland-type queue to get close enough to snap a photo. We enjoyed our brief taste of the museum very much. We also enjoyed that there were places in the pyramid section to purchase beverages and baguette sandwiches.

Asma Halimi 1 year ago

One of the best museum Unfortunately we were very late and were able to explore a few halls. You need to go as early as you can if you are into arts and beauty as this museum is next level huge. I would definitely visit this classic museum again to cover more halls.

Khristina Martsinkovska 1 year ago

Highly recommend you plan at least 3 hours for a visit Louvre because it takes a lot of time to find the right hall and the right exhibition. Huge space, gorgeous atmosphere. Must visit. I'm in love with it ❤️

Nicolas B. 1 year ago

What to say about Le Louvre Muséum. This is a place that you need to visit a least once in a life time but one visit won't give you enough time to see all the treasure that are hidden inside. Please make sure to prepare your visit before going there so you don't waste to much time. Book your ticket in advance. Check which entry you will take because depending the aisle you want to visit you need to go at the proper entry. Enjoy your visit !

Negar Javan 1 year ago

You should definitely visit Louvre when you are in Paris! Plan your visit in advance by purchasing the ticket online. When you arrive, find the line with your visit time! The line will go fast so don’t scare of a big lineup! You need minimum 3 hours to see a few sections of the museum, and probably you can’t see all in one visit so take it easy and enjoy the museum.

Steve Chitsey 1 year ago

What can you say... It's the Louvre. Fantastic but very large museum. Do some homework before you arrive to get the most out of the visit. The staff is very helpful and we were able to get through a see most of what we wanted to see. We tried a later in the afternoon time to beat the crowds, but the Mona Lisa had a large line to get in front of it. I think being there on the opening hour may be the best or definitely during a slower tourist season.

Will Thompson 1 year ago

One of a kind place—a 100% must see during your visit to Paris. We toured the Damon section and saw the paintings. This is the section the Mona Lisa is displayed in. The whole place is a work of art. The halls are lined with priceless art and sculptures. The whole place is an aesthetic experience. If you want to see the whole thing, you’ll need at least two days. Extremely price friendly at 17€ per adult. Kids get in free. There is a restaurant and cafe on-site, as well as a gift shop. There are two metro stations close by too. Make sure to check your COVID credentials and have them ready to display.

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