Arc de Triomphe

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Pl. Charles de Gaulle
75008, Paris
01 55 37 73 77

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The Arc de Triomphe is an iconic monument located in the heart of Paris, France. It stands at the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle, at the western end of the Champs-Elysees. The Arc de Triomphe was commissioned by Napoleon in 1806, and was completed in 1836. It stands 164 feet tall, and is made of stone, with a Doric order column on each side.

The Arc de Triomphe is a memorial to all those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. It features sculptures of the French heroes, including Napoleon, and is decorated with inscriptions of the names of generals and battles. The Arc de Triomphe is also the site of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, honoring those who died in World War I.

The Arc de Triomphe is a popular tourist destination, and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Paris. It is one of the most photographed monuments in the world, and is a symbol of French pride. The Arc de Triomphe is also a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

The Arc de Triomphe is a popular spot for visitors to take in the views of Paris. From the top of the monument, visitors can see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and other iconic monuments. The Arc de Triomphe is also a great spot for a romantic stroll, as it is surrounded by a beautiful park.

The Arc de Triomphe is an important part of Parisian history and culture, and is a must-see for any visitor to the city. It is a symbol of French pride and strength, and is a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who fought for France.

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Jason Jones 3 months ago

Another iconic symbol of France. The arc stands 162 feet tall and you’ll need to walk up 284 steps to reach the top of the Arc and the steps down is a nice spiraling staircase. You can see various generals carved in the walls. The underlined names indicate that general died in battle. There’s also the memorial flame at the base to honor the unknown soldier. Great views of Paris and the Eiffel Tower from the top. A must see!

Shubhangi Verma 3 months ago

The best panoramic views of the city landscape and you are not high enough that you can't see what it is from a distance. Climb up the stairs to the top of the arc, viewing the infographic history played on repeat. The arc is also connected to one of the busiest fashion streets of Paris. Be careful in the metro with pickpockets who would come to you to ask directions in a big group, these are girls from 10-14 years of age. Don't fall for their plan.

Michael Whritenour 3 months ago

Awesome views of Paris from the rooftop. Lots of stairs. There is an elevator, but I think it is restricted to only approved persons or maybe handicap can use it. Probably not just because you're lazy. Visited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended Yes

Rebecca B 4 months ago

It was great to visit the Arc on a public holiday, when the flag was in place and the streets were decorated to celebrate! We purchased tickets to visit the top online, lots of stairs so wear comfy shoes, also wheelchair accessible via their lift which is great to see! The top had wonderful views of Paris, even a nice view of Eiffle Tower! Stay until the re-lighting of the eternal flame for the tomb of the unknown soldier which is done every night around 6.30pm you can check the website to confirm the time!

Brian Mercer 4 months ago

Beautiful, massive, historic and important. This monument is a must-see. The vision to build it was impressive and the passion to maintain its integrity and beauty are to be admired. A lot of stairs so be ready! We easily got tickets in minutes but we were a bit off season, so plan ahead if you can. The 360 degree views at the top are unforgettable. Highest recommendation.

Ekk Chawa 4 months ago

Paris is full with glorious arts and marvelous architectural structures. All the streets and buildings are beautiful. One of the famous landmarks in Paris. This victory monument was built to honor the soldiers who fought in France revolutionary. Rode along Champs Elysees and found the good spot to take the pictures. Did not get the chance to go to the underground tunnel and to the roof. Wish I had a chance to go back there next time.

Paul Leason 4 months ago

Very beautiful. You really should not try and cross the road! If you make it, they will yell at you on the other side. Once you’re in the middle, you can actually go on top if you’re willing to pay. Wonderful views and amazing to see up close. The Arc is very ornate and is so much larger than you imagine.

Craig Rose 4 months ago

Amazing experience here today. Beautiful and history filled this is a must visit while in Paris. Make sure you climb the stairs to the time to see the most amazing view of the city.

M R 4 months ago

Powerful structure not to be missed. Take the tunnel under the roadway to get to the ticket office for tickets to get up and into the Arc. Or, stand at any adjoining street to capture beautiful pictures. There's several outdoor cafes to sit and relax, all with a view of the Arc.

Reed Finn 4 months ago

Great view at the top. Not too expensive to visit. (13€). Be prepared for the spiral stairs. There is a priority lift but (they) let you know it's just for people who really need it. It's not the most interesting places to visit, but it is worth going. I spent an hour there and about twenty minutes in the gift shop.

Hanish K 4 months ago

The views from the top are magnificent! Definitely worth the tiny stairs that you have to take to go up and come down. The crowds outside can make it challenging to get a good photo but that’s a given for any tourist spot. If you are taking a taxi, they will drop you off across the street and you can cross to end up right in front of the Arc. To get to where the Arc is, you take the underground stairs.

chetan shettigar 4 months ago

Historic places worth visiting and iconic landmarks of Paris. I would visit this place again. Such grandeur and majestic look! There are big bud stop right in front of it and if you walk down from there hundreds of top brands showrooms. Normally Never seen people waiting in the line to enter a showroom except on Boxing Day sale however here in Paris, it’s the usual daily sighting I believe. Anyway worthwhile spending some time here and spend some money if you care less:p

mrsauravsahu 4 months ago

The Arc itself is a beauty to behold and I highly recommend going to the top for the view, and if you’re interested in learning the history. It offers probably the most unique view in Paris as the lanes from the arc spread outward in all directions. There are a lot of stairs to climb so better wear the right footwear.

Luda Macejkova 4 months ago

Fascinating monument worth of visit. Two screens on the second floor show full history of the Arc in very interesting way (in French language with English subtitles). The roof offers great view to Paris town. There is also souvenir shop and toilets inside.

Richard Kirkwood 5 months ago

Very good value at just 13 euros at the time of going (It's free for some so make sure to check). It's a good climb to the top but it's well worth it as the views are fantastic. At the bottom is the grave of the unknown 18.30 each day they relight the flame that has burned since 1923. Its good to see and you may even have a chance to speak to a veteran. One thing to note...don't be stupid like some that we saw and try and run across the roundabout...its really not worth it.

Ben Evans 5 months ago

My wife and I loved the visit here. It's a great place that captivates the spirit of Paris and its rich history. A must see stop if you're in the area. If you're looking for an optimal time for photography, get there just before sunset to catch the perfect lighting.

Ethan Kalton 6 months ago

Little bit of a queue which was to be expected. However, was well worth the wait. Really cool spiral staircase takes you to the top of le arc where there is panoramic views of Paris. Neat little gift shop to buy souvenirs. Really enjoyed the trip overall and definitely recommend to anyone looking for something cool to do in Paris.

Luca Baker 6 months ago

Great view at the top, not a bad entry fee at €13 for over 18s. Under 18s do go for free, however I believe they still need to queue up? Would highly recommend booking a ticket online it's way quicker and you don't have to queue for ages. Well maintained, has other parts to it. All round very good.

Deborah Wymann 6 months ago

This is in the middle of a huge round-a-bout so you have to take an underground route to get to it. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to climb some stairs to the top, they do have access to an elevator. The view from the top is fantastic and they have a very nice gift shop with most all things made in France.

David Zaki 7 months ago

It is the center of Paris and from it 11 roads depart to the most important landmarks of Paris. A huge building at the beginning of the Champs-Elysées. There you take the most beautiful pictures and you can climb to the top to see the beautiful Paris. Every day there is a show of military music. You get there through an underground tunnel. After that, you will enjoy the most famous street in Paris and the headquarters of international brands. An experiment that you must do without hesitation

Mark 7 months ago

Spent the late afternoon and early evening visiting and climbing to the top. The view is spectacular, you just look out and inhale the sights. Saw the Eiffel Tower light up at dusk Another wonderful memory to add to this trip. .

Marco Caamano 8 months ago

Love this place. Have been here before and it never disappoints. Somewhat underrated. Views from the top are fantastic. Only downside is having to queue with people who did not buy tickets in advance to prove children's age. Made our efforts to book online somewhat redundant.

Dondré 8 months ago

The views from up top are nice. It's cool how you can access the arc from underground. The craziest thing was that intersection. It's fascinating to sit and watch all the cars go through it. I've always seen it on TV and I swore it had traffic lines. There are no lanes or anything it's just a free for all, it was definitely an incredible sight to see.

Emmanuel Siojo 8 months ago

A must visit if you’re in Paris. Fascinating place and history. Reasonable price and not as busy as I expected. Great view on top which you see the whole Paris. Only one toilet available for the amount of tourists visiting the place. Staircase was a little tiring to climb but worth it. It was a bit drizzly on the the day we were there and they even preparing for the fireworks display on that day we visited. Magnificent building.

Vinny F 8 months ago

I loved visiting this structure! One of my favorites in all of Paris. Be very careful when taking a picture here as the street is very busy. You can cross the street through an underground tunnel to safely visit the Arc de Triomphe as well. It is a beautiful structure in the heart of Paris and is well worth your visit.

Nidhi Gupta 8 months ago

Beautiful place and views from top are worth waiting for an hour in the queue. Tips: Get online ticket if possible to avoid 1st line to get the ticket. If online ticket not possible then make sure you have water and snacks, since it may take 1 to 2 hours to get on the top. Try to reach before sunset, you will get two views one with daylight and one with twilight.

Manasi Pandya Raghunandan 8 months ago

Such a lovely place. Something important to visit when you visit Paris. Morning and evening, both times the view is spectacular and great for spending time and clicking pictures. Easily accessible by metro and bus also. Even major luxurious showrooms and shops are around, at the road opposite Arc de Triomphe. It will be great if you keep 1 hour in hand and walk around. There are benches also on the side of the road, kids/ elders can sit for sometime.

TheGroovyNewbie 9 months ago

Great view of the Eiffel Tower. Especially great to go right at sunset or a little before. If you buy tickets you can go to the museum, inside of the monument, and go up to the terrace/roof (great views). You do not need a ticket to go up and stand below it on street level so don’t stand in the line; you also don’t need to stand in the ticket line if you have a city pass. Anyone under 25 gets free entry into the museum!

Chris Rodriguez 9 months ago

Beautiful landmark in the city of Paris! I always enjoy coming here to admire the arc and all of the beautiful cafes that sit around it! The entrance to get to the top is roughly 13 euro, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get in because the line was over an hour wait and it was freezing outside! Here you will also find the memorial for the unknown soldier. It is located just 25 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower and you can definitely knockout both sites back to back!

Aishah Saddique 10 months ago

Very easy to access and go through. You can buy tickets or get them online (online may be easier). There is 250 steps or so to go up , if you have good health and not too tired then walk up otherwise they have lift. You can spend as much time as you wish up there very nice

The Hooting Owl 10 months ago

Definitely a must see. The architecture is amazing and there is a spot in the center of the road marked for people to take really cool photos. It's places on one of the world's biggest roundabouts, and definitely do a hop-on-hop-off tour as they drop you off right beside it.

Tim B 1 year ago

I didn't get a chance to get inside but definitely enjoyed walking around it and admiring this architectural art. You can surely take enough photos with it although many people are visiting there every day every hour. Be careful not to pass the road by walking, that's dangerous and wrong. There are different underground passes that will do the work. One of the must visit places in Paris, and looks like it is better to visit it by climbing it up and also getting an astonishing view of Paris.

Autumn Mollet 1 year ago

A historical monument that is at least worth a drive-by! The best way though would be to get up close and personal to be able to wonder at the details! Don't become a dead tourist! There is a set of stairs that takes you under the road in order to see the Arc up close! It is also supposed to be a spectacular view from the top though I wasn't able to do that with the tour I was on , but I would definitely go back for that experience though!


This is by far my most favorite monument in Paris. It is easily accessible by metro. The place gets too crowded easily and the queue is a bit long when I visited. The checkers are very polite and kind anyhow. If you are going to visit this monument, prepare your legs as you ascend coz you'll be taking a long spiral stair but the ascent is worth it because once you reach the terrace, the view is just magnificent.

Wagner Castro 1 year ago

This is much than an historical monument. All the area around is breathtaking and people choose the place to take spectacular photos. However, no images are sufficient to make you feel the magic atmosphere. You have to come and see yourself.

Willem Neuefeind Lessig 1 year ago

This beautiful, magnificent, and enormous arch is a must-see for any visit to Paris. Its massive size can only be appreciated standing next to it, and being surrounded by a 5-lane, constantly going traffic circle makes it feel like the center of the city. Afterwards, I walked down the main road to the Louvre, and the street was full of people and shops.

Tina Liow 1 year ago

Beautiful monument a "must-see" when visiting Paris. Unfortunately did not had the time to go up the top. The roundabout is a bit crazy with car going everywhere as there is no road sign directions. So better becareful if you are planning to take some pictures here.

Samuel Whatley (Sam) 1 year ago

An incredible experience which takes you up, close, and personal with the arch as well as the opportunity to see an incredible view of Paris from the top. There was a bit of a queue when visiting the Arc de Triomphe but this seemed to go down rather quickly and the large crowds did not impact the experience at all. Being from the UK, I unfortunately had to pay full price to access the landmark but this was justified by the amount of features that the arch possesses. An hour or two can easily be spent here.

Vinay Nagaraju 1 year ago

Made me feel insignificant but in a beautiful way. Spectacular monument, its scale is impressionable. I could stand there for hours just soaking the beauty of its surroundings, beautiful carvings as a testament to the art that was prevalent around that time. The subway system takes you right under the arc de triomphe . Don’t try to cross the roads because you can’t, it is busy and chaotic. One of the views directly looks into Napoleons palace, each one of these roads coming into this monument creates the impression of its importance. Beautifully laid out - a must visit if you’re in Paris

Rick Doesburg 1 year ago

It’s amazing to watch the traffic around here almost crash into each other every single minute of the day. The Arc itself is an astonishing sight with a lot of details. The metro stops right beneath it so it’s easy to get to. And while you’re there you must walk along the Champs-Élysées

Pavel D. 1 year ago

My most favorite view of Paris and definitely a highlight of the city! I have visited many times in the past, but it never ceases to amaze me how grandiose this building is. During my last visit, I waited around 10 minutes to purchase the ticket and another 5 minutes to go through security - all reasonable times, however next time I would buy tickets online. Once I walked up the twisting stairs (there is no elevator for the general public) I entered a lobby where toilets are located, and continued to the roof. I spent about half an hour at the roof deck, walking around and enjoying the view of the city. It was not really busy, people were just chilling, relaxing, and taking pictures. It was really lovely to watch the buzz down there by the roundabout and traffic at Champs-Elysees. As the sun was setting it created fabulous photo opportunities over the La Defense neighborhood. On the way down I passed by a quite large gift shop and watched a couple of videos in the lobby right under the roof deck. I saved some time to walk around the Arc and enjoy the beauty of it. Definitely a place to return to when in Paris! Visited in May 2022.

Yash P 1 year ago

Beautiful arc in the centre of the roundabout and easy to get through by tunnels. Amazing views from the top and I would highly recommend going at night as it’s the perfect place to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle. I was lucky enough to watch a procession while visiting

Francis 1 year ago

Wasn't planning on going up but once we got there changed our minds and so glad we did. The price is €13 and the stairs are quite a lot of work but it's totally worth it for the amazing views. Make sure you take the time to walk around the whole thing in the middle to get some pretty nice shots with barely anyone in the pictures.

WittyBoi 1 year ago

Another site in the middle of the city that I felt really in love with is Arc de Triomphe. This is the center to more than 10 mains roads converge and every angle of the arc gives you an amazing view. Grab some crepes made on the carts which you find on the sidewalks here… amazing street food!! And snap your snaps

Andrejs L 1 year ago

Loved this place. I was couple times in Paris, was near Arc de Triomphe, but usually had other things to do and haven't entered it. So I have visited it this time and definitely don't regret it. Ticket is 13€ what is reasonable. You have to climb some stairs, but premises inside are interesting to see and view on top is breathtaking.

Sadesh Abeysinghe 1 year ago

An absolutely amazing place to visit. I highly recommend it to anyone who travelled to Paris. The sheer size of construction coupled with the view from above was breath taking. In April the wind up there was very chilly and warm clothes would be ideal. Really loved the experience up there.

Nicki Urbanio 1 year ago

Such a wonderful view from the top. Beautiful landmark very well kept customer service is excellent. The Arc is free for children under 18. There is a line with or without ticket as far as I know so plan accordingly I had a ticket and still waited 45 minutes to enter.

twang3411 1 year ago

What a magnificent piece of architecture full of history! Was late when I arrived so didn't get a chance to go on top to view one of the most popular luxury commercial streets in the world. But it was such an amazing experience to have visited with much less traffic due to covid and met people from all over the world who were waiting in line to have their photos taken. Absolutely loved my first trips to Paris and surely it won't be my last.

Robert Clarke 1 year ago

Beautiful monument to soldiers and a must see in Paris. Crazy roundabout that surrounds it so be careful, if crossing. Didn’t get a chance to go up to the top but it was amazing to see from the ground. We had fun trying to figure out the traffic pattern too.

John Slipe 1 year ago

Really cool experience, you can really spend a bit of time here reading all of the displays and material they have. The views from the top were breathtaking and it is a don't miss spot. It was well worth the extra ticket, it was only a few bucks more and it let us skip a line which was helpful since we were trying to zoom all around Paris in one day.

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