Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona

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Plaza Leonardo Da Vinci 4-5
08019, Barcelona
932 56 60 02

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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4.9/5 (42 Opiniones)
Cristian Mihon 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Absolutely spectacular museum. We spent about 5-6 hours going through each of the rooms, reading all of the history and all of the writings that are available. There's a natural progression between the rooms, taking you from the beginning of the universe until present day. We even spent some good time watching the documentaries and listening in on the audio guides that were available in some rooms. Extremely recommended for anyone who loves science and history as there is a lot to take in by visiting this museum. Be prepared to spend your entire day here without being bored for a second.

Aditya AJ 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: This place has a great range of subjects and collections to be observed with care and time. so plan ahead one of the most diversified museums in Barcelona

Pau Fernandez 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Extraordinary way to invest your afternoon with kids. Everything is well taken care of and very educational

Xavier Anguera 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Great building and very well curated wxposition, well worth the visit!

Chimi Chu 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: It's very good and detailed about science, especially organisms on earth. Also cheap entrance fee. Staff can speak English well. The museum have detailed explanation in English too. Sadly the museum is a little small. And there are barely interactive things for children below 5 to play. So it only took us around 1 hour or less to see everything. Because our son still very small. So he didn't understand about most of it. They have temporary exhibitions for kids. But you need to pay more. But they have chairs inside the museum. So if you're tired. You can rest for a bit. No cafe, but it's near a mall. Near metro and bus station.

Artem Postavniev 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: I am very impressed with this museums of natural sciences! The Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona tells the story of the Earth using the concept of "Planeta Vida". The beauty of this approach is that visitors can not only see standard exhibits behind glass, but become a spectator by taking part in a session of projecting videos onto interactive screens and walls. if you are in Barcelona, ​​be sure to visit this place, you will get a tremendous experience.

Caroline 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Definitely worth a visit. A lot of interesting facts, skeletons, stuffed animals and so on.

Winterpuma (Winterpuma) 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Rocks, bones, animals, mushrooms, plants. Visited on Public holiday Wait time 10–30 min Reservation recommended No … More

Tosca Joubert 1 year ago

Experiencia positiva: We had a lovely time here. They had a special exhibit of baby animals that was really well designed for young children. It had fun sensory games that were both educational and entertaining. Unfortunately not catered for adults but it was nice to see. The main part of the museum was really interesting, they had multiple interactive screens with information and explanation plaques in English. They had extensive animal and bird exhibits as well as a mushroom/fungi exhibit. They had an impressive mineral collection. I especially enjoyed the insect exhibits.

Sue Leigh 2 years ago

Experiencia positiva: There were some nice displays in the different areas, like the rocks and minerals, and the the plants and animals, but I was expecting a bit more. It was a bit out of the way for me to get to the museum, and there wasn’t anything really to see around the museum. It only took us about 1.5 hours to see everything inside, and the gift shop was closed. It wasn’t very crowded around 11:00am on a weekday and there wasn’t much of a wait to buy tickets, since their online ticketing system was down. While I enjoyed seeing what we did see, I wouldn’t go again and I wouldn’t recommend for someone to go out of their way to see it. If you happen to be in the area, it’s something nice to pass the time.

James Truax 2 years ago

Experiencia positiva: Kinda wished there was a dinosaur ancient animal area. But was nice& advisor was wheel chair accessible with extra wheel chairs to borrow. I have arthritis& my feet & what was really nice about this place was being able to use wheel chair. Fairly clean & couldn't argue with the price. The view at the top was nice & even though I'm a dumb American from the states , no one here gave me that feeling of treating me like a dumb tourist out playing with me or anything.

Peter Rudenko 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Great museum, interesting exhibitions.

Flavius 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: A compelling lesson for both adults and youngsters. An interactive display of animals, insects, minerals. Excellent location on the sea shore of Barcelona.

Alexander 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: It’s what museum should be, great deal of knowledge and curiosity packed here

Evgeny Landyshev 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: We were in the middle of the day. Not a lot of people visiting the museum at this time. Not very big. Good managed. Can spend 1-2 hours definitely. My daughter really liked it !

Robbie 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Interesting place and cool building, worth visiting at free times

aranya kumar pal 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: An architectural marvel!! Really great place to see fossils and stuffed animals. Brilliantly depicts the history of the earth, and the inception of life in it. Can spend around 3-4 hours here..

Valeriy Kotsemir 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Super amazing place. Hundreds of grand interesting thing in stylish place. Must see.

Meline Margaryan 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Such a fun experience for children and adults alike! It's located very close to Diagonal Mar mall and to the sea as well, and has good transport connections. But the museum is organized in a very entertaining way that is enjoyable for everyone and you learn so much. The interactive features of the museum make it really interesting, especially for young kids. On Sundays after 15:00 pm it's free so definitely check it out, and if you have children bring them to have a great experience!

Alejandro A 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Great museum with a lot of things to see. Very good variety of fossils, taxidermy animals and minerals. A lot of interesting things to see and a pretty good size place. I visited it on a day of free entrance (by accident) and regret to, would have rather paid and have a calmer time in it. Only wished there was more information for the ones that want to go more in depth about some parts of the exhibitions.

The Hunger Game Nancy 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Great museum visit for a lazy afternoon. This museum is showing a wide range of live-looking animal, insects, birds, as well as rock, minerals and fugues. The museum offers free entry on Sunday from 3-8pm ( if I remember right)

Ivana Miletic Demmel 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Nice museum, great for visiting with children! The content of the permanent exhibition was presented in an engaging and fun way with immersive videos of different periods in the development of life on Earth, locally discovered fossils and stories about local archeologists. Our 5 and 6 year-old had a lot of fun roaming around and exploring. Even the building itself is worth seeing with its clean minimalist design, interesting textures and a rooftop garden.

Juan Morales 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Beautifully designed and presented museum. Very interesting and informative displays, the stuffed animals, some of which are over 100 years old are incredibly well preserved. I would highly recommend a visit.

Nigel Balfour 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: A reasonably small collection, but well-displayed.

Tse SM 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: I've visited so many natural history museums around the round, this is so far the best! Definitely worth visiting. The collection might not be as huge as the other museums, but very well articulated. The architecture of the building and arrangement of exhibition is really amazing. The experience is unforgettable!

Marcus C 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Breathtaking modern showcase of biodiversity & the story of life on Earth.

Dmytro Vytvytskyi 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Interesting place for those who wasn't in natural museum before, if you were - you can skip it. Nothing new or amazing.

David Nadiradze 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Good museum but the displaying is a bit intense and old fashioned. The architecture is amazing recommend to visit

Natacha Pinto 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: I went to this museum in a sunday, and it was really cool to find that the entrance was free (only on sundays). I spent I guess about two hours here, time pass by really quick without noticing. They have great exhibitions from mineral rocks.. to videos, and from all the animal kingdom. They also have some rooms specially for children, and different events from time to time.

Igal Epshtein 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Wonderful museum. For that funny price (2.7 eur per adult and free for kids) you get an amazing exhibition of world creation and all its habitants from the first stage. Very recommended !

Lisa Kim 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: This museum is great. I loved the permanent exhibit and so did my 23 month old son! :D So I am a bit directionally challenged and accidentally went into the work office portion of the museum. The permanent exhibit is in a circular way, but I thought that I was cleverly following the signs and was surprised to see a bunch of people and vice versa. In my brain, I was like well this is interesting to be considered part of the exhibit ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ Luckily a really nice lady helped me find my way out past the mineral exhibits Bottom line, you pass the earth periods, animals, plants, minerals, and exit! Haha Also the temporary exhibit about saving the planet was pretty powerful. But for toddlers, the permanent exhibit is perfect! Highly recommend!

Brescan Dragos 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Awesome museum. Offers a good experience and has a wide variety of specimens

Acrodancon 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: It's a perfect place to spend with the family. Discover, explore and learn new things that were in the past many years ago. Super cozy and nice. Good atmosphere and good prices. Acrodancon

Martin Repetto 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Really nice place to go with the kids! Modern, well presented. Good stuff!

Dinaily Janga 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: I loved my visit here, there was quite a collection and a lot to see. If you're a student, you can also get discount for the tickets. It is a great way to spend time in Barcelona. Plus on the outside there is a view of the ocean, which is super nice.

Petros Klironomos 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Modern and easy to explore! Very nice for all the ages!

wingchun c 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: The permanent exhibition is well articulated. You can also go only for architecture as well.

Catherine Exter 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Second time in this museum and it is never enough. Exposition is well organized with a lot of information. Will be interesting for children and adults.

Farhan Chowdhury 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Wonderful museum with a lot of artifacts and objects on display in the permanent exhibit. Temporary exhibit I visited was regarding oceanic life, which was cool too. Staff were helpful as well.

Massimo Cenciarini 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: It's a great museum of natural history and Sundays are great for families with children. They offer many activities for kids of all ages, even the very little ones. My 2 year old daughter really like to go and play with all the activities offered to kids.

Kizito Wafula Okumu 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Used the auditorium here for a conference! Spacious and very convenient!

Marcel Matijssen 6 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: A museum pack filled with information about the origin of our planet earth. Evolution, geology and general information. A great museum to bring your children as well. There are so many things to do and see. Hundreds of not thousands of species on display. Minerals, fossils etc. So jam packed that no one will get bored inside, and not too big so you get tired from walking. Lots of interactive displays for children to play with and enough reading material to spend hours just reading. Entry is cheap enough even if you spend just an hour or two there, you'll feel saturated with information. Taking pictures is allowed without flash. There is a commercial centre just across the street where parking is free for 3 hours.

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