Urban Nation

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Bülowstraße 7
10783, Berlin

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM

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5/5 (43 Opiniones)
Diancheng Hu 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Great art earnest curated, with a small but sweet library about graffiti and city pop culture. Love this place! Wait time 30–60 min … More

Yiotis Kladopoulos 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Small but perfectly curated! One of the top must see free places to visit in Berlin.

Jake Kochanski 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: all the faces of street based art. Great content, loves the audio-guide. The staff was really nice and helpful.

Alexey Chernikov 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Fun exhibition to visit, for free! Not life-changing, but entertaining.

Jenny Chen 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: It is cool place to visit. The staffs are welcoming. Thank you for the arts.

Armin Dadras 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: It was an interesting experience. I had two extra hours in Berlin and I visited this place. It was amazing. I will visit it again next time I am in Berlin.

Illia Samotoi 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Impressive urban art gallery. The pieces of art that are present there definitely worth attention.

ITI 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: A project that has big love for Street Art and big help for the local scene. They have periodically new exhibition. A must see in Berlin!

Bianca Ruh 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: It's my favourite gallery in Berlin! There's always something interesting going on. Each exhibit shows not only interesting concepts but is also executed with a very high level of craft and artistic skill.

Klara 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: It was such a beautiful experience- you can not only find out really interesting facts about history of black people in Berlin, but also feel the unique vibe of street culture. I really loved vibrant paintings and photos! Also the room with walls all covered in graffiti makes a perfect photoshoot location. Bonus points for the WC- it's a little bit hidden (but revealing it here feels like stealing a part of a experience from the future visitors).

Eva Cambedda 1 year ago

Experiencia positiva: If you like the hip hop culture and you are a fan of sure art this is the right place four you. I really liked the part dedicated to Martha Cooper.

David Barnes 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: I've seen several exhibitions at Urban Nation. I love this place. Streetart exhibitions which appeal to young and older alike.

Fatma Hassan 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: I visited this gallery couple if days ago, it was hosting then the photography world of „Martha cooper“, I was very impressed specifically with the „ street play“ and „ Graffiti section“… a beautiful and well organized Gallery , would definitely revisit in the future

Yvonne G 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Such a cool place, a hidden gem. Do check it out when in the neighborhood. I'm obsessed with the reproduction of Martha's photographies. RECOMMENDED

Matteo Mennillo 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: It was an amazing experience. Totally recommended.

Kars van Vreumingen 2 years ago

Experiencia positiva: First of all, entrance was free so price/quality is very good haha. While I enjoyed the collection they had, I could not shake the feeling that graffiti, by its very nature, does not belong in a gallery. It is not the type of art that comes across as intended when viewed as photos nicely hanging in a row. This is a very personal thing, I believe, but for me I just couldn't connect with the art here in the way I felt a viewer of this type of art is supposed to.

Monika Toroman 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Love it! They change exhibitions every few months. It's very Urban, Street Art, Current, vibe of the city life ♡

Naum Monika 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: free admission, convenient location, excellent staff, the paintings presented there really liked!)

Morena R. 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: I love urban nation. This little museum is a great example for street art. The entrance is for free. Just explore the detailed rooms. I already visited for the second time and it won’t be the last. Also have a check into the restroom. As usual for urban nation Museum’s it’s designed in an interesting way.

Guido Sartor 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Small butgreat museum for street art. And stunningly it's free! There is a wide range of artists on display with great pieces.The museum layout is smart and modern too. A must see for every street art lover.

Indice 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Urban Nation, another nice place for Street Art in Berlin, all this place are free entry. If you like street Art in Berlin you find the best place in the world for this kind if art. Take you time in Berlin and walk down for some nice hours full immersione Street Art. We Love Berlin.

Bradley Wilson 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: What an excellent free activity close to Nollendorplatz station! A great place to take visitors if you're strapped for cash. Beautiful exhibits and well presented to show the world of Street art and graffiti. You'll even find some of the artwork spill out onto the surrounding neighbourhood. Highly reccomend as apart of your day out in Berlin.

Katarina Aleksov 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Very cool!! If you’re into modern art you should take time and visit this place.

Sharon Gefen 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: What an awesome (free!) urban art gallery! A wonderful, interesting experience of cool and imaginative artwork. We had such a wonderful time here. Also, don't miss the restrooms, if you can find them!

Carlos Ramirez 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: This is a worthwhile museum to visit while in Berlin. Found it by chance when visiting the weekend market at Winterfeldplatz. First it's donation based and they don't push for one. They welcome you and if you enjoy you can donate. No pressure, no signs to remind you. This is a deep dive into Berrlin street art and graffiti. Beautiful pieces on display, the tools and methods they use and videos of it actually happening. Spent well over an hour here admiring this art. Definitely recommend a visit to this intriguing space. The building is part of the art as well. Enjoy!

Mujtaba Idrees 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: There is wall chalking culture in Germany, dominant in Berlin. They make such art on walls. They started it as a resistance after World War. Nowadays too, if you visit Berlin you can see such art on walls all around in Berlin. They think it's political, rebel, demotratic and empowering. This museum signifies this art form.

Владислав Мартяк 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Wow, just wow. I highly recommend visiting it for everyone who is connected or loves modern art, especially street one. No tickets needed, excellent place for youngsters.

Tletl m 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Really nice museum, although a little bit small, it has really beautiful. Pieces

DAR F 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: The museum is awesome! And you should definitely check when the studies of the artists that lives in the same building are having an open studio events!

Dom 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Great place to experience some real contemporary modern art in fabulous Berlin. The entrance is for free and you get the chance to experience art on 2 levels at least. It isn't too crowded and definitely worth it visiting, if interested in modern art. Great place for inspiration and more..

Google User 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: A very well done museum about a mainly illegal art. It's free, not that big but different and nice. There are a lot of informative videos and translations

Ashleigh Heinichen 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Definitely worth going to if you like street art. I suggest walking around the neighborhood afterwards so you can view more art. Somewhat interactive which adds another dimension to the exhibit.

Maria Leshchinskaya 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: This place is definitely worth a visit if you are interested in urban culture. It’s free which is in sync with the street art ideology and I believe it’s a very important first impression to make on a visitor. The collection is well curated and thoughtful, the description of every piece sheds light on the author and provides some background, the interior design is very cool. Don’t miss the bit explaining yarn bombing and guerilla gardening, those were new to me!

Jamie Matthews 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Such a great street art collection. Pretty cool to see the tools, equipment, and gear used by graphitic artists. Admission is free.

Krzysztof 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: An amazing compact museum - a must-see for all street art fans.

Steven Schwartz 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Simply the best presentation of current pop surrealism and graffiti art culture I’ve seen. And it’s free !!! Do yourself a favor and go. It’s the future of art.

Josef Weber 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Amazing street art museum which shows the diversity and sophistication of urban artists. Don’t miss the graffiti toilet ;) P.s. free entrance!

Christina Lee 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Amazing museum and so worth the time. It was my mom and I's favorite part of our visit. Entrance is free (you can donate if you'd like on the way out) and the museum is relatively small -- two bottom floor rooms and a walkway on the top level -- so can be seen quickly or lingered over. There isn't much text in the museum, it consists mostly of large form street art with just the name of the artist. The colors are vibrant and the paintings exquisitely fun and entertaining. Would highly recommend.

Jelena Popovic 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: The entrance is free and you can enjoy the works of famous street artists. It is different than enjoying them on the streets of Berlin, but this is a great place for a different perspective on the street art.

Colleen Madsen 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Went over to walk the streets around Bürlowstraße for street art today and stumbled upon Urban Nation. Last day of a month Berlin, how did we not find out this was here before today. What a great exhibition and it was free. Amazing!

Sivan Rehan 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Very cool small exhibition. They present urban art from all over the world. They miss some famous names but hopefully they will get more pieces with time. Entrance is free but donation is recommended!

Peng Ling Tan 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: It's free and something different and interesting. The bathroom is an experience in itself! Absolutely worth a visit.

Tommy Zěitgeist 6 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Loved this museum! Small (2 floors) but totally free. Take care to spend time *outside* the museum as the area is littered with morals and installations. Very well done.

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