Museum of Illusions Orlando

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32819, Orlando
(833) 276-9182

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  • Monday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 12:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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🗣️ Museum of Illusions Orlando: Opiniones

4.9/5 (32 Opiniones)
Pub Reviewer-UK 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: For one of the cheapest attractions in Orlando this is one of the best, unique, well thought out and a heap of fun. Not something you can really do by yourself, good fun with 2 but only because the staff are brilliant and help take photos on your phone. The photos are essential really as they portray a lot of the illusions. This would be better with 3 or more in your group as then you have at least one person to take the pics, but like I said the staff are amazing and so attentive appearing just when you need them most. There’s not a lot more I can say about this, but have a look at the pics, it’s great fun to do them to.

Stephanie Sabala 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: This is a fun spot to take pictures. I highly recommend to purchase your tickets in advance to avoid any lines available. The staff is really nice and they are willing to take pictures of you in case you need it. There are a bunch of rooms but I left with the sense of wanting more rooms. It’s really fun and a fun date idea. This can be fun for youth and adults. They have a store where you can get merch, my shirt got dirty with my breakfast so I bought one there (the one I’m wearing).

Takesha Hamilton 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: It was cool! Nice place to take photos

Maria 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: I was in Orlando for business recently and decided to come here to take a couple of fun photos. I was alone and thought I would have to use a tripod but the staff kindly offered to help. I had two help me initially, then I was introduced to Zack who - after agreeing to stand in for a photo with me - stuck around the rest of my time there. He was extremely friendly, helpful, and thoughtful, and gave great suggestions for posing. My photos turned out so much better than I imagined. Zack made it a fun, enjoyable experience and one that I will always remember. He’s a cool dude Thanks for having by back, Zack!

Iris San Miguel 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: This place is an absolute must visit if you are in Orlando for vacation. We had a lot of fun and entered some very interesting rooms. The illusions in this museum are crazy cool!

Mo Smith 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: We were on a family vacation and looked for fun things to do in Orlando besides universal and Disney. This experience, I must say, was one of the most extraordinary experiences I have had in a long time. It was interesting how most of the illusions were achieved. For us, it was almost like we had our Guide. Mike took the time to show us many of the illusions in unique ways. You could tell he was knowledgeable about the exhibits and wasn't afraid to show what he knew, and allowed us to get the best and most out of the experience. All in all a fun thing to do with the family, and a plus, it's kid-friendly; even the little ones could get an adventure.

Jeffrey Scarlett 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: This place was fun and interesting from start to finish. My wife and I enjoyed reading about the scientific principles behind everything and experiencing how they worked. We took some great pics. We'd recommend to anyone of any age!

Luis Ortega 1 year ago

Experiencia positiva: Awesome place to spend time with family. The museum can be cover in about 20 min, however we did 2 runs (for more pictures). The staff is friendly, and the facilities are super clean. Great to spend time during rainy days, plus is close to other attractions and restaurants.

Ann Michelle Artwork 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: We had an awesome time! We wanted to try something new besides a Disney Park or Universal Studios. This place was apart of Icon Park which consists of several food stands, smaller museums, shops, small rides, etc. The Illusions Musem was very unique and fun to experience. It's for all ages, both kids and adults. All of their art is either interactive optical Illusions or optical illusions that can be seen based off of your position or how you move around them. All artworks has a bio and/or directive. We went as a couple and were able to take the all of the pictures, but some would honestly be more fun eith a larger group, so I do recommend going with a larger group of 3 or more for an even better experience. If you go by yourself, they have plenty of employees to to take your pictures and give you plenty of cool ideas if needed. The whole walk around the museum could take 10-30+ minutes depending on how many artwork you choose to interact with or stop and take pictures with. They will have you wait at the entrance when you first come in if it is to crowded (they do a quick walk through and check and see) Overall we really enjoyed ourselves, had a lot of fun, and we have some really cool pictures to capture our awesome little adventure!

Jaylin Watkins 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Love this place. Great pictures and pretty fun. The spinny tunnel is trippy

beth stundon 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Rook about an hour to go through. Staff was friendly and happy to explain illusions and take pics. We used Go City pass to make it a little cheaper.

Crystal Samuels 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: I purchased Go City passes & my family decided to go through this museum. It is so cute! There are so many photo opportunities and plenty of staff there to help you. One of the staff members actually showed me how to use some cool features on my own camera. We went on a Thursday at 1pm so there were no lines and it was not crowded. We did make a reservation, but they did take walk in. We parked for free in the covered lot & enjoyed ourselves for about an hour here.

O'Brien Miles-Rhodes 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Fun Fun Fun Some of the activities are a bit hard to figure out and you do need someone to help you take photos. The staff was great but I was totally dependent on this girl named Jessica who helped me with so much patience and kindness.

Irmarie Govind 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: What an amazing attraction!!! It was so much fun visiting the different rooms and taking pictures all together. Super friendly staff, they even assist taking pictures for you and your group. Located at the ICON Park. A great experience for the entire family!!!!

Sammy K 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: What a fun little place for all ages. I was on vacation with my family and decided to stop by. One of the best decisions of the vacation. The place was not crowded and the staff were super friendly. We did even realize we had spent over an 1.5 hours there. The vortex tunnel was my favorite. ❤. If you wanna play tricks on your mind just go here...

N Bassett 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: This is just one of those super cool places that everybody should visit and then revisit with people that haven’t been there. This place makes you feel like a child again with all the cool illusion tricks, it feels magical and that’s awesome Being a people watcher I love seeing people‘s reactions and this is the place for that!

Shanise Black 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: I LOVED this place! I brought my kids and we had so much fun going through the illusions. The staff was super nice, helpful, and friendly. They did not hesitate to jump in and help with an illusion or snap a photo for us. Faith, Eduardo, and Chris specifically were very nice helpful throughout my visit. I would definitely recommend this.

Sunil Govind 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Fun time at Museum of Illusion Orlando! Museum of Illusions is a unique experience that is great for the whole family – kids, parents, and grandparents.

MJ Mondaca 1 year ago

Experiencia positiva: Cute place to wander around for about an hour worth of activities. Price is quite high for the amount of time you spend in there, especially of you’re visiting in a weekend where it’s busier. The staff was very helpful, Jessica was quick to get us into the next available time slot, and they were all great at helping us get the best pictures. Definitely recommend if you’ve got kiddos. Tons to do around Icon park before and after. Bring your patience for the parking garage on weekends.

Kim Crowley 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: This museum is amazing there's so many cool illusions great for kids and adults alike! We spent about an hour wandering around and taking photos, the nice thing is if your a couple and you want to go and get pics there are employees ready and willing to help explain illusion or take a photo for you! Ill definitely have to take some friends here....

Lisa B 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: We visited 3/18/22. I would definitely recommend doing this. I feel the price was acceptable. We booked online and saved a couple dollars. It was easy fun. It took us about an hour to go through it all. We reserved a time but I feel it could have been a little less crowded. There is lots to do and see in the “courtyard” area of ICON park.

Monica Dorr 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: We had a blast! My daughter liked this more than the arcade at The Game! Take your time going through, we let people pass us a few times. The staff is wonderful, they will take photos for you! This was super helpful so I could get into pics with my daughter- which in some cases was needed for the affect to work.

Doug Stroud 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: First time here and lots of fun! We actually were part of a special group so not sure on pricing etc! However the staff was friendly and the place was clean and fun! It is unique to try and figure out prospective while trying to take the pictures in the different illusion rooms but once you do, you can get some great photos for your social media! This place is located at Icon Park an Orlando area located in International Drive with lots of food entertainment. While in town check them out - fun for the whole family!

Chad Burton 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Great family fun. A self-guided tour takes about 45 minutes. Lots of fun for all ages.

Zipporah Wadlington 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: The museum of illusions was amazing! What I loved most is that everyone that works there was extremely friendly and very helpful. They have helpers placed throughout the museum for your assistance. If you don’t have anyone to take pictures, no worries, they GOT YOU‼️ This place is very affordable, and a good time for the entire family, or just a cute date. We will definitely be back.

Michael Price 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: This was surprisingly fun. It exceeded my expectations. I assumed it would be an overpriced walk through exhibit. However, that's not the case at all. There are quite a few exhibits. Some are purposely made for photos. Others are hands on. It takes time to go through it all. Staff is very helpful to get the best pictures and explain some of the effects. Overall, it was a good experience.

Bandit99 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Went there for my girls birthday, she wanted to go there. I loved it. I caught a bit of vertigo in the rotating tunnel with the cat walk. And we couldn't finish the puzzle at the end of the exhibition either.they were in icon park. Pretty cool spot for my first time going, wish they were closer to me. But for sure next time we will go to the one in Miami, I've heard it's a lot bigger. I would recommend this place and it's family friendly as well

Nicole Felton 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Had a lot of fun here! Definitely good for families with kids (probably older than 8) or a super cool date night. It’s not a big place, but the hour we spent there was really fun, interactive and of course we took plenty of photos! Be sure your phone is charged for the pics!! Staff are around to take the photo so everyone in your group can be in it. You don’t really “touch” anything either so it’s a pretty clean place. Masks are required as of March 2021 and they were on top of people trying to pull it down for photos.

Rob 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: My wife and I had a great time here. Most of the exhibits were amazing. This is a must see. If you are near Icon Park looking for something fun to do, this is highly recommended. Staff are located throughout to assist with photo taking and directions. They made the trip even better. I'm going to bring my sons there soon so they can enjoy it as well. You guys rock!

China Doll Travels 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: This place was so much fun!! It’s $15 per person and you can book it online and pick what time reservation you wanted make sure to do it early it fills up fast! It’s smaller than I thought it would be but it had a lot of cool rooms to take photos and it took me about a hour to do the whole thing! Must do in ICON PARK

B K 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Wow mates this was a pleasant surprise. Me and me lady took a little day date, this place was awesome!!! Really, really cool place to check out and get some wicked awesome pics. Staff was awesome and really helpful with describing each display and how to take the picture correctly, was a lot more to check out than I was expecting which made it even better. Highly recommend this to anyone!!!

Lauren Cugliotta 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Museum of Illusions at ICON PARK is truly full of sights to behold. This is a walk through experience with different illusions in every corner. From pictures on the wall to experiences you can be a part of, the museum is incredibly interactive. You can look in a mirror and see many different variations of you, or make it seem like you're falling through a pipe. You can even make it seem like your head is being served on a platter. My favorite illusion was the rock climbing wall. Pictures will never do this place justice. It's definitely a must see.

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