Norton Museum of Art

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S Dixie Hwy 1450
33401, West Palm Beach
(561) 832-5196

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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4.9/5 (35 Des avis)
Theresa Cable 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Absolutely beautiful museum. Stunning collections of art, photography and artifacts. You must spend time there so you don't miss a thing. I will definitely come again

Ivana Bernstein 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: The Norton is the best museum of art in south Florida. It's permanent collection is varied and has something for anyone who wants to take a quick tour of the history of art with well-known artists represented throughout. The Norton's temporary exhibit changes several times per year. It's current Vogue fashion photography is worth a visit. Parking is readily available and affordable.

Leah Sapphira 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: We attended during school break. There are a number of opportunities to get in Free and this was one of them. Uniquely to this week was a sketch book with colored pencils and a pouch to put them in for the kids. My kids really enjoyed them. For the kids there is a new VR experience that was fantastic! It made my daughter interact with the art and when she completed the tasks she wanted to use my phone to take pictures of everything... So I have a ton of from the perspective of a 6 year old pictures attached... Enjoy!

Rizelle Vergara 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Visited during the Chinese New Year Festival so admission was free and included museum access! It was fun and they had interactive activities good for families like lantern making, etc. The garden area was really nice. I will need to check out the night events and more of the museum next time. Heads up, they do require to show proof of COVID vaccination (even just photo proof) or a 72hr negative COVID test and I believe you are required to pre register on their website.

Mariana Carnevali 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Awesome to have this incredible museum so close. Every exhibit I have visited has been meticulously curated. The permanent collection hosts incredible art pieces that are worth the visit ( Hockney, Giacometti, Renoir, Sorolla, Flavin, to name a few) no doubt the best museum in South Florida, by far. I was finally able to enjoy Museum after dark last night and it was awesome! Every Friday, the museum remains open until 10 p.m, and most of the times they present live bands or have special activities for only $10 per ticket. The garden is beautiful and so peaceful with a restaurant that is truly inviting. A great plan any day of the week specially for those whose appreciate art as much as I do. Also, Palm Beach offers great dining options, so you will be able to close your night with a smile on your face .

b 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Lovely tours. Helpful and accommodating staff. Friday nights..who could ask for more. Unfortunately, we are from Broward so can't get in free on Saturdays.

Steve Thomas 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Been to the Norton twice during my visits with family in Florida. Each time, I’m impressed by the vast exhibits of Georgia O’Keefe or Frieda Khalo. Always happy to see what they have on display. The outdoor garden is a delight and so is the cafe. I’ve had the burger and salad, both terrific.

PogOwl_ 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: It was nice, peaceful and it did make me feel like I was inspired by the art in the museum

Ralph Levy 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: This is a great place to go to and see the new place where we can park and see loads of exhibits. We joined the museum as a family member $150 for a year membership. We can go to Friday after dark. Plan to come and spend at least 2-3, hours. It’s a tremendous thing for palm beach. Dot not fail to see the khala and diegg Rivera exhibit. It’s a world class exhibit. Donors are welcome to come over free there’s no one night or music and lectures. Called after dark

tan Gerine 1 year ago

Expérience positive: It was very beautiful and clean, full of interesting pieces with different exhibits. It is free on Saturdays for West Palm Beach residents, and it's big enough so it's not packed. Would definitely come here again.

Irina Divinsky 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: My toddler and I had a fantastic time. Amazing rare art by some of the most famous artists and amazing local artists, including families from the family art workshop! We got to join the program while we were there and had a blast. I haven't made art since many years and it sparked so much joy in me especially to share that moment with my child. When they shared with the group the art we made, he was beaming and it was awesome to have that moment. The volunteers, security and staff where so nice and the teacher leading the art class was so encouraging and everyone was so welcoming.

John Warner 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: I liked this place! I wish I had known about it years ago. They have some very nice pieces. Entrance was free but that might have been special for that day. ....2nd visit Aug2022: Has some Picassos and Rembrandts but some were in a room so dimly lit it was difficult to see the works! I know light can be damaging to the art, but there must be a better way to do the exhibit

HCC DArus 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: This museum is spectacular and bigger than it appears. The ART is amazing and great space .. loved it and highly recommended for the ART LOVERS to visit, there’s so many types of Art and none were disappointing. This place is beautifully maintained and will give a hi five to Julian at the museum store for great “friendly” customer service. And a place for children to be creative - a great place for the entire family. Highly recommended.

Chuck Salomon 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Enjoy going here. We liked it so much we purchased an annual pass. This pass not only gives us free admission at The Norton museum. We also get into other museums connected with them free. The change exhibits often so there is always something new to see.

Judy Guccione 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Excellent. The staff was friendly and so helpful. Very interesting exhibits. Grounds were nice. The restaurant had really good food and unique drinks. Parking was so easy. Did cost $5. Wonderful way to spend the day.

Alejandro Ruybal 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Nice place to visit and spend no less than 3 hours. I highly recommend to take the 2:30pm Highlights guided tour, the guide man is very knowledgeable. Do not forget to visit levels 2, 3 and the gardens, plenty of art and very good maintained.

Andy Cai 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Awesome, well curated museum. An unexpected gem in the palm beach area. Lots to see, my personal favorite was the sculpture garden. Only issue i have is that its very easy to get lost, and I feel like the organization could be a bit better (there is a Chinese art area on each floor, when they could be placed together.)

Maria Rojo 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: This place is awesome. I love their family studio sessions. They are SUPER affordable and they include a tour and an activity. It is definitely a place to go for a date or a family outing. Especially if your kids are old enough to learn a thing or two about art and appreciate it.

Wontae Cho 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: We saw priceless masterpieces here and had good lunch in the restaurant. This place could be best museum of art in South Florida.

Kim 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: The Norton museum has to be one of the best art museums here in South Florida, they greeted us and had complimentary masks up front which are still required but it’s ok. Not that many people where there it was a very calm and quiet museum. The art was super versatile there was more modern art and then more remote art. There was also a couple sculptures and generally a good museum to roam around

Syra Ozaeta 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Wonderful experience.... Went to see the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit with my family over the weekend November 21 and it was a blast. Highly recommend to go visit because aside from the awesome Frida display was the Chinese exhibit and the diaspora one. We really wanted to try the restaurant but was filled to the brim and on passing the food looked amazing,can't say about flavor because unfortunately I wasn't able to try. Don't understand why people get so heated over the museum asking for negative text or vaccine card, don't like it then don't gowas a great place and will definitely be back.

Nicole Belmonte 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: This is the best art museum in WPB where you get to see work from world famous artists to new controversial art.

Andrew P 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: We were there for ‘Art after Dark’ where different artists get to do their thing! - listened to Jazz in the Grand Hall - fantastic btw - wandered through the sculpture garden and art halls - Museum is somewhat compact, but a beautiful space - during ‘Art after Dark’ access is somewhat limited in that not all exhibits can be viewed - restaurant and bar were packed, need to go eat there next visit - great excuse to have to return to wine and dine there!!!

jenna jenna 2 years ago

Expérience positive: I would give it a five but do-to the day at the end of my review I can only give it a 4 star. The second attempt to go to the museum was great. We love the museum and the Dale display is out of this world. I could just stare at it forever. Would definitely go to this museum again First attempt (I put a day aside to go to the museum with my kids. Did not know that you had to show proof of vaccine even though we are wear masks. Waste of one of our spring break days)

David Zohar 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Enjoyed visiting, super modern yet many of the displays are From the old age. The integration of the 2 is great. The museum consists of 3 floors serviced by a huge elevator and a nicely decorated staircase. The also have a restaurant and a boutique shop. I mostly enjoyed the Asian artifacts.

Kelly King 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: For a small city (even though it's the biggest in the County) this is a huge art museum, something you might find at a much larger city. Their recent expansion put much more art out for viewing and the property has much better flow than I remember. The classrooms and programs are really wonderful and the whimsy begins at the front door and continues throughout. I was amused and delighted to visit the Norton and marveled at how far it has come since I was a young adult learning about art.

Joanne JC 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Loved the pieces at the Norton Museum, especially the Frida Kahlo collection. If you stop by the restaurant, you have to try the Mexican/Spanish hot chocolate. But, beware, it has a little kick to it!

Scouser1965 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: First time here and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my experience. A good mix of art, sculptures and artifacts ranging from historical to modern. Whilst most modern art is not usually my thing the sculptures were awesome and the layout is easily navigable. I’m usually through a gallery within an hour but ended up spending over three hours here .

Alejandra Aboud Keenan 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: An impressive museum hosting paintings from some of the most renowned artists in history. Beautiful garden and restaurant. There is a nice gift shop. Don't miss it!

Savannah Duran 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Very beautiful art gallery and space. They have very insightful and beautiful exhibits. I would recommend for all ages.

Mary Leyzeaga 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: For those who love museums and art, this is a great place to visit in West Palm Beach. To be honest, I am not a museum lover. We decided to come to this place because we were able to visit this place without having to pay anything thanks to Bank of America for its new “Museum on Us” program. It is a program that gives free admissions to some selected museums during the first weekends of each month. It is a pretty big museum (3 levels) with a beautiful cafeteria area, restaurant, and garden. The museum presents different art collections such as American, Chinese, Contemporary, European, and Photography. The museum has its own restaurant overlooking one of its gardens. On Friday nights the museum shows films in its garden. This place has perfect wheelchair accessibility. The museum does not have any type of entertainment for children. Parking is free and is located in front of the museum. Follow me. Instagram @hoppincities Facebook: @hoppincities Twitter: @citieshoppin

Nicholas 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Norton has a surprising mix of contemporary and classic art. Surely something for all museum goers. The sculpture garden is a must so fair weather days are a necessity when planning your visit. 10/10 would visit again.

Trini O. Gyal 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! I love this museum. They have a wide range of styles and mediums. The design of the building is a piece of art in itself. They also have an awesome display of women artist witch I really loved. From Rockwell and O'Keefe, to most "new one the scene" artists, there is a little something for everyone!

Michael Jimenez 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: What a great experience. Loved this museum. Way bigger than I expected. Lots to see. Different works of art and displays. If you are in the area and love art or just want to kill some time. This place is definitely worth checking out.

Vaibhavi Babji Rao 3 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Beautiful museum to visit. Currently as of this review, entry is free on Friday and Saturday (thanks to some amazing donors). Also Fridays they are open until 10 pm If you have bank of America card, it is also free the 1st weekend of each month. Be sure to check out their events calendar. The exhibits are beautiful, we especially enjoyed the 2nd and 3rd floor paintings and sculptures in the European and Chinese halls. The outdoor garden is nice, big restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, also have a coffee shop and a gift shop. Overall great way to spend a couple hrs. Come enjoy what the Palm Beaches have to offer whether you are a local or visitor.

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