Musée des sciences Príncipe Felipe

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Av. del Professor López Piñero 7
46013, Valencia
961 97 46 86

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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🗣️ Musée des sciences Príncipe Felipe: Des avis

5/5 (38 Des avis)
Cherrie Hewitt 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Excellent great for all the family, lots of fabulous interactive displays to encourage you to learn and play at the same time. All the staff are polite and helpful.. I would encourage everyone to visit while in Valencia..the architecture is amazing and surroundings too

Melissa Bridwell 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Gorgeous architecture. Lots of families and animals

Dirk van Renesse 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Need to see for the architecture! Amazing. If you have teenagers this is good. Make sure to visit all the buildings.

Satyam Singh 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Being a researcher I always feel that there is a strong communication gap between the people with non science background. It is due to lots of complex scientific terms due to that normal people start feeling boring and they do not want to listen the scientific research at all. But when I visited the science museum in Valencia the case was completely opposite. There was few reasons I observed first was due to its Avant-garde architecture, Designning, which attracts people to visit inside also from far away. Second there are lots of model system which engage people directly and in that way people are also understanding the complex scientific term and enjoying also. I think such place need to be present everywhere.

Milos Trikic 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: L'un des bâtiments les plus impressionnants de Valence et peut-être d'Europe. Le musée est une véritable source d'inspiration pour tous les âges, de 10 à 100 ans. Peut-être pas pour les enfants de moins de 10 ans, car il y a beaucoup de science que les plus jeunes ne peuvent pas comprendre. Vous pouvez facilement passer des heures à l'intérieur et ne pas voir toutes les expositions présentées.

kojiki123 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: A fantastic super modern na futuristic design which is going to be extra new and unique for long years. A nice place for a walk or even a stroll, for taking splendid photos and just resting. A superb collection of metal sculptures in water created by Mitoraj. All of these buildings are worth visiting not only outside but also inside. In Valencia it's a must see plus just walk in the old bed of the Turia River.

Raúl Manresa 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: What can I say? A must visit on EVERY visit to València. Even for a small walk, this space has something magical to it and it’s impossible not to enjoy its stunning architecture, the buildings of the complex and how well nature and modernity are so well balanced. Everytime I go I discover something new, and I wouldn’t mind visiting it a thousand more times.

David Morris 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: It's magnificent a must visit while in Valencia, we used the metro which was so easy from the city centre and only a short walk to the Museum area which covers over 2Kms. Cafés, bar's park area and plenty of room to sit down. Excellent shopping mall very close by. So much to see and do.

Kasia E 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Impressive architecture. Amazing cycle paths and park around it. Must see place in Valencia.

Rafael Pacheco 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Beautiful place full of life and knowledge. The exterior area is beautiful work from Calatrava the area around is full of entertainment and food trucks. Didn't visit inside but its a science museum and should be amazing.

Romy Blumer 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Beautiful location for picutres, relaxed athmosphere, great architecture and intesting science exhibitions.

Robin Hassan 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Didn't expect it to be as good as it was. The displays were fascinating with good level of clear description. The architecture was amazing and grounds well kept. The whole family enjoyed it.

Kelvin Cheah 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: This multi level science museum covers a lot of topics. There are many things to learn and you should allocate 2-3 hours to see everything. Highly recommended to visit.

Arbi 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: A must see when visiting! So interactive

Marta 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: I could spend a whole day here and it would not be enough. You must visit it while in Valencia, everyone can find something that will interested them. Amazing.

Radhika De Silva 1 year ago

Expérience positive: L'architecture moderne est tout simplement stupéfiante ! Nous avons acheté des billets pour l'exposition du musée des sciences et les spectacles de l'hémisphère en 3D, qui étaient malheureusement assez décevants par rapport à la grandeur des bâtiments eux-mêmes. Nous nous sommes littéralement ennuyés devant les expositions. Rien à voir avec ce que l'on peut trouver, par exemple, à l'Académie californienne des sciences et de l'histoire naturelle. Les spectacles en 3D et la technologie de l'hémisphère commencent à accuser leur âge. La résolution est épouvantable et la qualité du son est très médiocre. Néanmoins, si vous regardez autour de vous, il y a beaucoup d'easter eggs à explorer à l'intérieur et autour des bâtiments. L'avantage, à mon avis, c'est que le meilleur de cet endroit est celui qui est gratuit ! On peut facilement y passer un après-midi entier.

Stephanie Bah 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Absolutely amazing, not to be missed! I got my ticket at the venue for Euro 6, which was much better than the booking site which said Euro 36. The exhibitions were on Mars exploration and the science of sound/music.

Farhadhali Syed 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: A must visit place in Valentia. Whatta marvel this is. A great mix of creativity and science. You need a lot of time here.

Greg T 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: What a great place to visit if you are in Valencia. So much to do and see.

Olayinka Fagbemiro 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: An architectural masterpiece! A great place for sight seeing when visiting Valencia! Beautiful artefacts! Excellent hang out spots.

Marko Vujanovic 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Great place for science enthusiasts. Thoroughly prepared exhibitions with a lot of interactive parts. The venue is big, feels spacious, clean and well maintained. Pay a visit if in Valencia. It is also a good way to entertain kids for several hours.

Carlos 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Beautiful building! An engineering and architectural feat!

Ana Nuta 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: We were here with our girls (11 and 9 years old) and definitely it was a great experience. This museum is an interactive one. The kids enjoyed studying and playing with all the exhibits. We spent more than 5 hours because it was a little crowded and we wanted to enjoy of all interactive activities.

Camille K. 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: The museum is very interesting but as we were 2 adults and the place was packed with kids, we got to the conclusion that it is more profitable with kids… the concept of the place is to touch, so it’s the opposite of this museums where you can’t touch anything… It’s full with stuff for kids to interact with. We didn’t take so much advantage of that because most of the stuff was already occupied with the kids. Which we totally understand. We didn’t take as long as the average people, as I’ve seen on internet… for us it took around 2 hours/2,5 hours inside to see everything we were interested. Outside is a beautiful walk, especially if it’s not raining and good weather. If you have kids, I definitely recommend going. Ps.: it took us a while on the line, the website was not working to sell the tickets… I’d recommend counting on some half an hour on the line if you don’t have tickets and is gonna buy there, and it’s a busy day.

Karen L 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: My toddler had so much fun here! So many interactive displays. The chromosomes and space exhitbuts were especially well done. Well worth the €8 admission. Many (but not all) exhibits had English descriptions.

Aisling Mulligan 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Ce musée des sciences doit être visité si vous êtes à Valence. Prenez la matinée pour vous rendre à l'Oceanique (l'aquarium) qui se trouve à moins de 10 minutes à pied du musée des sciences. Passez ensuite l'après-midi ici. Nous avons déjeuné dans le centre commercial situé en face du musée pour tenir le coup jusqu'à la fin de la journée. Il y a beaucoup à lire et à voir. Malheureusement, nous y sommes allés à Pâques et il y avait beaucoup de familles, nous n'avons donc pas eu l'occasion de tout essayer.

G C 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Cette fois-ci, je n'ai visité l'Hémisphère que pour regarder un film sur les parcs naturels des États-Unis, mais j'ai visité le musée il y a quelque temps, et c'est une expérience fantastique, même si vous venez avec des enfants. Ne manquez pas le pendule de Foucault, s'il vous plaît ! Un lieu étonnant du point de vue architectural, et un endroit où de nombreux films ont été tournés (vous souvenez-vous de Tomorrowland ?) La visite vous prendra facilement 3-4 heures. Il y a de jolis petits bateaux dans le petit lac en face du bâtiment principal, vous pouvez donc y passer un peu de temps aussi !

Aurel Savoiu 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: The museum building is most interesting and has a pleasant architectural style. Inside you find many engaging things to do like games, devices, instruments. It's definitely worth going to. Unfortunately I was too busy playing with all the games that I forgot to take pictures.

josem138 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: When "Fallas" bank holidays you are able to visit all "ninots" frome ach fallas and vote for the best one according to your criteria. It becomes crowded depending on the hours, so I recommend to be there early so you can watch every "ninot" calmly

Ainash Suleimen 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Outstanding futuristic design and different options to visit all the facilities by combined tickets: museum, hemispheric IMAX and oceanografica

Divya Agrawal 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: This place was a pleasant surprise. Rented a bike in Valencia and went biking to this place with a route which goes grim inside the Turia park, so trail was very nice. When reached to this place was exceptionally beautiful, refreshing view which makes you feel you are not in Valencia anymore but somewhere else. There's one lady who sells so authentic Horchata/Orxata which is must try local drink from venecia! I went here another day just to drink Horchata again! :D

Efrem Efre 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Very interesting museum of science, large collection in different areas of science, including music, medicine, nature. On the 3 floor interesting exposition of Mars and cosmos ! Large cafeteria, shop and playground area for kids specially make this place to be hidden gem of Valencia! Must visit place, my recommendations for everyone!

Joshua 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: It was just an amazing experience, I visited it back in 2018 and it was glorious. Definitely a must go if you go to Valencia. The architecture is on point which is a blessing to the eyes, absolutely would recommend it.

Christine Faith Gumalal 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Never miss the opportunity to visit this museum when in Valencia. I’ve gone twice and each time was time well spent. I don’t know how often they change their exhibits but each one is as interactive as the next. It’s definitely for people of all ages, although yes, the kids are meant to have a blast. The stand-alone ticket is 8€ for general audience. I believe there are some discounted rates on their website. I’d recommend clearing a good 2 hours for the visit.

Dajana U. 3 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Amazing place to spend day with kids. Very interesting also for adults, wold like to come again. One minus is that there was no a normal food offer, only sandwich & croissant, and when you plan to spend there whole day, is not enough.

MadeBy VR 4 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Came here just for the buildings and they did not dissapoint. Great place to sit and take in the wonderful architecture. There is a small cafe at the bottom and a few benches to sit on. Unbelievable the amount of small tiles they must have used.

Destiny Etienne 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Very Beautiful! Free to the public. It’s awesome to walk and look at the beautiful infrastructure. Also, there is a cafe and planned where you can sit and eat. They have boat rides, water bike rides, and a bubble activity. Very cheap and family friendly. However, in order to access the inside you will have to pay.

Dominic Rajan 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Wonderful, amazing and marvellous place to visit. Really an very very excellent and amazing modern architecture. A very good place to visit and very informative. One of the biggest and best science museum in the world. Many self learning activities are available. Good to visit and a must see place in Spain.

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