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Av. del Professor López Piñero 7
46013, Valencia
961 97 46 86

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5/5 (39 Des avis)
Tom Pachajoa 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Arch. Santiago Calatrava master piece is a wonderful must see place in Valencia. The complex is full of interesting artifacts and natural wonders. Be aware that at night there is not enough artificial ligths like it used to be.

Gina Britt 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: This place is really cool. They have this shallow pool outside and these water scooters that you can ride around on. It also has a science museum on the inside packed with lots of different interesting information. There are some sculptures outside as well that are free to look at and beautiful. Overall it’s definitely worth checking out. I think there is also a mall nearby.

Oksana Walsh 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Place is perfectly splendid. You can definitely spend a whole day there. Have your comfortable shoes on, also when you go to Arctic instalation, nice to have a jacket as it might be a bit chilly. You can bring your lunch with you, lot's of places to eat it or there are a few food restaurants, although you might spend a good half an hour in a queue ( there's another one next to delfins, not too many people go there is it is more distant, but food is good and lot's of spots to take) The whole experience is unbelievably good, lot's of positive emotions!

kojiki123 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Great place for everybody from 2 to 102 or even more. A nice lesson of science given in such a nice and interesting way. If you want to touch and try almost everything so reserve at least 5 hours. If you just have a fast run through then 2 hours are enough. Inside there is a nice cafeteria and some places where you can buy souvenirs.

Adriana Perez 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: This is an impressive structure by famous architect/structural engineer Santiago Calatrava, known for his modern, clean cut designs. It is certainly one of the main focuses of the city of Valencia as it draws attention from every angle. The overwhelming composition of white building and clean water makes for an aesthetically pleasing site, worthy of pictures from every angle. The complex features a museum, an aquarium (the biggest in Europe) and an art palace among other things. We visited during Christmas so there was a market with several food spots. Definitely worth a visit to this modern building.

Sari Blue planet 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: The most fabulous place in the whole of Valencia. You will not see anything like it anywhere else in the planet. It is unique. Magnificent futuristic structures are a sight to behold, it is awe inspiring, beautiful crystal clear shallow pools surround each building, stretching out along the old central river which used to flow through Valencia city many many years ago. The science museum is a fantastic place to bring your kids. You will not disappoint, hours of fun and learning. This building has been used for many a movie. The next building along which looks like an eye surrounded by water. .is the 3D Cinema. ..another treat you should not miss out on. Behind it is the Opera House. Jaw dropping. To the other side of the Science museum is a Bridge that looks like a Harp. Behind that is another beautiful building like and elongated dome which is not in use and passing that you reach the Aquarium. Must..must visit this place. The whole river bed has been turned into a Park. Each section of the river has been carefully designed to cater for all its residents. Just strolling around the building s is wonderful. At night when all the lights are turned's magical.

Soledad 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Amazing museum, it’s very huge and all the exhibitions were so interesting ! I definitely learnt a lot of things. There are a lot of interactive parts, especially in the « Viral » zone. The signs are in Spanish (from Spain and from Valencia) and in English. I would a 100% recommend

Nihira dewdrop 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: One of the most beautiful places of Valencia! I came here many times and I enjoy this place of art, light, space and peace. I feel each time deeply touched and brought into contact with the divine, with God. Each time I feel elated, inspired, my heart is expanding it makes me feel happy from a very deep place. I would say this place is transmitting eternal love joy and peace. Santiago Calatrava definitely transmitted Gods Love through his artwork and is touching millions of people in their heart. Really thank you to bring such beauty into this world. ☺️

Bea R C 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Crazy beautiful architecture. It is a must go if you are in Valencia. Don’t get fooled with the huge “pool”. You can’t swim or take off your shirt there, just put your feet on the water (even if it is 40 degrees out there).

razvan boboc 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: City of Arts and Sceinces from Valencia is an amazing place with an unique futuristic arhitecture. It is a big complex with many attractions: Oceanografic, Hemisferic, Science Museum and Palau des Artes. We choose to visit in two days with a combo ticket: Oceanografic, Hemisferic (you have to choose a movie) and Science Museum - 41 euros. It is better to buy the tickets online, it is very crowded in the summer. For children, there are reduced prices.

Sanaz Nik 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: It's really a treasure. Beautiful and a wow architecture and romantic environment. I did not have opportunity to visit inside buildings but from outside its so unique. Worth to see

Florent Douez 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: unbelievable ! architecturally the places are superb, very beautiful achievements of Calatrava. a pleasure to discover its places! a must in Valencia!

Fadela Elagag 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: A must go to when you visit Valencia There is a guided Visitevery 2 hours I think. The personal is super friendly, do also speak English

Milena Galindo 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: The complex is very big, and I believe you need more than one day to see everything. If you have time and plan to visit more than one place, it's better to buy combined tickets. Also recommended to buy the tickets in advance. And even if you don't go inside any place, you can enjoy the outside and admire its Arquitecture. In this case, I recommend renting bikes (they have options there) and spending the afternoon to see the change of colours at sunset

Denis Tavano 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: It is a must when visiting Valencia, it is beautiful and full of experencing scientific things. It is as fast as a child could challenge but if you want to have datailed informations you could take all the day to read and learnd the physics and scientifics behind every experiment you will try.

agules ' 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: The modern architectural masterpiece complex, designed by Valencia-born Spanish architects Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela, consists of 5 main buildings. It fascinates you with its architecture. It offers an environment where you can find different activities. It offers an opportunity to use a kayak in the pool. An excellent complex has been created with an opera house and a science museum where you can watch movies.

Anca Rotaru 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Most of all I enjoyed walking in the park of Ciudad de las artes. It is very beautiful and you will find a lot of interesting things.

Alberto Mendez 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: The architecture here is just marvelous! Has a lot of shade where you can sit back and people watch or just enjoy the structures. There are plenty of clean bathrooms inside of the museum and no purchase of tickets are necessary to use them. Family friendly!

Kotada Ab Yonus 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: It’s definitely one of the most impressive architectural styles I have ever seen 2022. Highly recommend to see it any night. It’s more special and the less hot.

Melissa G 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Il vaut vraiment la peine d'être visité par tous ceux qui se rendent à Valence. Composé de plusieurs musées, d'un aquarium et d'un jardin, il constitue une excellente activité/journée pour les familles/amis/touristes. Nous avons acheté l'accès à deux des centres (le musée des sciences et l'aquarium) pour environ 30 euros et y avons passé toute la journée. Même si vous ne payez pas l'accès à l'un des bâtiments, cela vaut la peine d'y jeter un coup d'œil, car l'architecture est magnifique et de nombreuses œuvres d'art sont exposées à l'extérieur.

Kristiyan Kovachev 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Definitely my favourite spot in Valencia. Massive structures, open spaces, very pedestrian-friendly. I could spend the whole day just watching the different architectural marvels that are displayed there. It’s definitely a good idea to set aside a full day to visit all of the places, especially the Oceanografic and the Science Museum. The Hemisferic was quite interesting as well, but I’m definitely more impressed of the overall architectural design of the area. In the complex you can also find a “Valencia” sign where you can take pictures with your friends :)


Expérience fantastique: What can I say?? I was looking and I was wondering how beautiful is that place. Spectacular!!! Speechless with everything. Bravo Bravo. It's one of the reassure to visit that beautiful city. For sure I'll be back again

Raju Reddy 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: One of the must visit while in Valencia. Architecture marvel and neatly maintained. However it was closed before 5pm even a weekday Tuesday during May.

Vio Banciu 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Un lieu étonnant. Même si vous ne visitez aucun des bâtiments qui s'y trouvent, c'est un endroit idéal pour se promener et apprécier l'architecture étonnante. Vous pouvez faire un tour en bateau, prendre une boisson rapide ou un sandwich au petit stand de nourriture. Il y a un petit parc où vous pouvez vous asseoir sur l'herbe et admirer la vue. J'ai visité l'oceanográfico, c'était bien. Je pense que ce sont les enfants qui l'apprécieront le plus. Il faut compter environ 2 à 3 heures pour en profiter pleinement, en prenant le temps de visiter chaque pièce.

Tarang S 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: L'architecture et les couleurs sont magnifiques ! Il y a beaucoup de choses à voir et à faire. Il est toujours rempli de touristes, de locaux et d'étudiants en grands groupes. Les expositions à l'intérieur des espaces aquatiques sont de magnifiques œuvres d'art. Plusieurs magasins et restaurants sont accessibles à pied.

Carla Redondo 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: This was the third time visiting the complex and it never will stop to amaze me. In this particular opportunity. This time I dedicated it to the space photography because the light was really beautiful that specific day. Designed by Valentian architect, Santiago Calatrava, the complex of 4 buildings and 1 vehicular bridge stands among the rest of the city for it innovative and futuristic landscape. However, not all in Valencia, regarding architecture, is about the City of Arts and Sciences. The city is a really great example of a place thought for the pedestrians and bike riders. ll the city is connected in such a magnificent way that you can spent all day walking in order to know it better.

Raul 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Probably the most remarkable landmark of the city. You can just relax around, take a boat ride, eat something and of course visit the science and arts museums

Craig Murray 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Great place for adults and kids. Wide variety of animals. Lots of shows and entertainment. Good price and a great day out .

ד'ר ענת אביטל- מטיילים עם ענת - הדרכה וארגון טיולים 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: An amazing site to visit! The large scale if the buildings is significant! We were lucky to see the most impressive bronze statues of the Polish artist, Igor Mitiraj, April 2022. Be aware to face the cold strong wind among the monumants

Vasileios Tsarouchas 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: An incredible space to visit, the architecture of the buildings is beautiful and that alone is a good reason to visote the place.

Max Martinuzzi 2 years ago

Expérience positive: Un endroit spécial, différent et à visiter absolument si vous êtes à Valence. Bien desservi par les moyens de transport et à 10 minutes du centre. Structure futuriste, vous pouvez visiter le jardin botanique, le musée des sciences, le pavillon de l'innovation et ce qui est proposé pendant la période où vous vous trouvez. Malheureusement, nous sommes tombés sur une courte période d'exposition et nous avons quand même apprécié l'architecture, la belle piscine avec les équipements que vous pouvez louer. Un moment de détente. Vous pouvez aussi louer des vélos pour aller dans le parc à côté ou visiter l'espace d'exposition qui est très grand.

Andrés Zamudio 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Un endroit incroyable. L'un de mes endroits préférés et à visiter absolument si vous êtes à Valence. Le complexe a été conçu par Santiago Calatrava et l'architecture est tout simplement incroyable. Il comprend différents bâtiments, tous très beaux, et dans l'ensemble, c'est un endroit idéal pour prendre des photos et se promener. J'ai acheté un billet qui comprenait les visites du musée des sciences, d'un film et de l'aquarium. Je ne pense pas que l'entrée à tous ces endroits en vaille la peine, mais vous pouvez essayer, surtout si vous venez avec des enfants.

Christian B 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: What an impressive area with imposing modern architecture by star architect Calatrava! Absolutely worth a visit to see a stark contrast to the historical city center of Valencia. There is a cafe and a restaurant nearby. You can also rent a small rowing boat and ride around the pond in front of the science museum.

Florentina Badea 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: An exquisite piece of art and in my opinion the best place to experience a sunset in Valencia. To witness the sunset here was one of my best experiences from Valencia, it was just astonishing how the sky would change just in a blink of an eye and how beautiful it was reflected in the water from the swimming pool. A shooting here is definitely recommended for a life long memory of this place. Truly beautiful!

Melvin Trilsbeek 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: During my holiday in Valencia I visited Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias with my girlfriend. We wanted to visited this place because when you see the skyline of Valencia you always see these buildings. When you go there the best way of doing so is by food when you are staying in the city center. I can recommend that you first go walk to the normal park. This because it don’t feel like you are in the busy city. And when you walk true the park you can slowly see the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. This is better than just go there by bus or car. The buildings are very modern and the place is very clean. We were here during June and it was not as busy as I thought. This could be because of Covid. When we came there the sun was very hot. This in combination with the mostly white buildings and streets this was causes. There are a few bars were you can drink and have a small meal. It is better to bring also some water with you when you visit this place in the summer. Summary: I think it is a must see when you go to Valencia because it is one of the iconic parts of the skyline of Valencia.

Dani Peleva 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Absolutely amazing and a must-see. A lovely part of Valencia that left me mesmerized. It feels a bit serene and unreal when there. I went for an early morning run and explored the space before all people and tourists were there and the moment was pure magic… highly recommended!

Efrem Efre 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: B It was really awesome and very interesting place to visit. It’s look like futuristic building, i really enjoy maximum that place, of course next year if everything will be good absolutely i will visit again because is unique place. Water was really clear, in that place you have many things to visit and explore. I would recommend everyone to visit that place who visit Valencia, Spain

Bill M 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Wow!!! What fantastic architecture! If you are a fan of Marvel or Westworld it is a must see. So cool to have such a wonderful place to relax in the city. Take some time, visit, enjoy the creativity. Maybe catch a show!

Oleksandr Anisimov 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Beautiful place to visit, especially with children. A lot different things to try, to learn, to explore. Try to make complete day free, as half-day will not be enough to give attention to every part of museum. Also strong point is architecture of museum itself, gallery and buildings near by. A lot of impressions from everything.

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