Musée des Amériques

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Av. de los Reyes Católicos 6
28040, Madrid
915 49 26 41

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM

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🗣️ Musée des Amériques: Des avis

5/5 (45 Des avis)
No Body 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Perfect. My favorite museum of all Madrid. This one has a deep significance and cultivate the locals and the tourists who need to see the story of the inhabitants of the American continent. Long ago before the Spanish, the French, the Portuguese and the British came to upheld everything in America. I loved to discover all the population culture. It's very well presented and provide the necessary information to understand everything. All of that for free each Sunday. What could we ask more ?

matthew sayles 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Excellent exhibits and info.

Xanti Larrañaga 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: A very interesting museum, not in the center of the city but easy to reach by public transport. Several priceless objects to admire, with a broad scope of North, Central and South America

Marcin Kuzniar 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Really worth it - unfortunatelly everything is in spanish so you would have to know spanish or have a good translator with you.

Othilia Zen Tao 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Fabuleux ! J'ai eu l'une des meilleures visites guidées par Magdalena, une personne charmante et très bien informée qui m'a expliqué de nombreux aspects extrêmement intéressants de la culture de cinq femmes indigènes différentes. En l'honneur de la Journée internationale des femmes indigènes.

Felicianno Garzia 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: A time traveling experience. Each new world nation deserves its own museum

Fiodor Kaloev 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Interesting building. Unfortunately, we couldn't get inside.

Marius Dragulin 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Musée très intéressant couvrant les cultures des Amériques avant et après la colonisation. Beaucoup d'informations utiles sur les populations locales, couplées à des artefacts, des cartes et des aperçus culturels. C'est un musée sous-estimé à mon avis, les informations sont bien présentées et il n'y a pas trop de monde, ce qui permet d'assimiler les connaissances à son propre rythme.

Mattia Scalabrin 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Interesting museum, worth the price

Josu Camacho 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: An interesting museum in the heart of Madrid´s University City. Essential for those who wish to explore the history of the Spanish America. Over 3,000 pieces, from maps, scale models, treasures of incalculable value like that of the Quimbayas to codices such as the Trocortesiano, one of the only four Mayan manuscripts that still exist. The well-systemized collection provides perspective on how Europe viewed the New World from Columbus up until the Conquest.

Ed Ferrell 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Il y a beaucoup de choses ici. J'y suis allé deux fois. Une fois pour chaque étage. Sinon, pour moi, c'était trop pour une seule visite. Une collection étonnante et étendue. En particulier, les figurines de cire à l'étage supérieur. Un mélange extemporané d'art religieux d'influence européenne et d'œuvres autochtones non chrétiennes.

Brice Pissard 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Wonderful museum with incredible pieces. It should be much more promoted. If you comme to Madrid for a short or a long stay it’s definitely a place where you should go.

Diana Tanase 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Really intersting. The museum should be promoted more

Ester Muro Machin 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Very nice museum, quiet, good explained and good items. A good option to came back and discover the New Land

Zuzana Telepovska 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Very impressive.

Mahmoud Banhawi 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Good collection, next time I'll download the guide app before starting the visit

Tf Mtb 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Very good. Check out the enormous sun dial.

Denys Rodin 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: It's a bit far, but really worth it, if you are interested in the Spanish ex colonials! You can find there authentic sculptures and things brought from the American continents and preserved in very good conditions. I find very interesting originals of maps and early cartography of the Americas, as well as reconstructions of indian houses

Ankur Gupta 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Very well maintained Meuseum. Detailed, knowledge and learning about Americas and its connection to Spain. Can be fine on 2 to 3 hours, but if you are interested in details 6 to 7 hours is still short. Good for children.

Jamie Hay 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Huge array of artefacts to look at with lots of contextually material, but unfortunately only in Spanish. There's an English guide you can download but I couldn't make it work on my phone. The displays are organised into thoughtful themes and there are some pretty amazing things to see, like shrunken human heads and a Peruvian mummy as well as incredible gold objects, tapestries woven from feathers. A really amazing visit and free till the end of September.

Victor Bello 3 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Much better than expected, their collection of artifacts was atonishing. Nearby there is a lookout for 3 euros, that is worth it to pay.

Nicholas Frandsen 3 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Cheap museum in a beautiful building. Only English translations are in the temporary exhibits, but the visuals alone are worth the 3 Euros admission price. Absolutely recommend! Can be seen in two hours or so, but you can spend more time there if you speak Spanish.

Bruno Parsley 3 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Museum with a lot of history about the new continent. It is worth visiting at least once

Alex 3 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Good museum with a very interesting collection. Takes about 2 hours to finish if you don't linger too much. Text is only in spanish but with the google translator app and its camera function I understood everything.

emmanouil samios 3 years ago

Expérience fantastique: it's worthly to visit that museum to see history from indians latin american and cetral american. They offer an extensive collection from maya and inca empire and of course the spanish when they went to explore this continent.

Rad Pal (RadPal) 4 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Superb collection of Andean relics. There are also North American examples, e.g. Tlingit, Apache. However the supporting literature is only in Spanish.

Christian Hoeffel 4 years ago

Expérience fantastique: This is a pretty awesome museum to see the artifacts pilfered from the natives that Spaniards conquered hundreds of years ago, as well as some artifacts from the conquistadors and settlers. We went on Sunday morning and it was free to enter and very small crowds, highly recommend going there. Some parts are in English, but the descriptions of museum pieces are mostly in Spanish.

Leeso nneville 4 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Pretty good collection. You would think Spain would have a really amazing museum of all the incredible things shipped over during the conquest, but sadly a lot of it was lost or ended up on private hands or outside of Spain. If you already knew this then you will enjoy the museum as it does have some great items and is well worth a visit. A lot more gold and silver pre Colombian jewelry and figurines than I saw at the Mexican anthropology museum or the Denver museum. Price for non EU citizens was 3 Euros. About 2 hours total will be needed for the 2 floors of permanent collections.

Mexicano en Polonia 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: It's a big museum and a lot to see. To see everything I would recommend at least 2 hours but if you don't have that much time I would recommend it anyway as there is a little bit of everything inside there. With your ticket you get free entrance to another exposition within the museum.

Alexandru-Petru Vasile 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Filled with mystery and excitement. Exceeded my expectations by a long shot. From mayan gold to north-american hunting huts, from savage weapons to religious artifacts, it’s got everything and more!

Begum Ozel 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Excellent selection of art form the Americas, beautiful displays, not at all crowded and lovely staff. There were some very interesting pieces including a map from the 1700s that shows California as an island and the Pacific Northwest is completely missing. Unfortunately no photos at all were allowed. Only negative is that there were no English translations so I had to do my best to figure out the Spanish. I'd give them 4.5 stars, but I rounded up.

Nick Gerrard 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Phenomenal collection of artefacts. Was there three hours and only just about saw everything! Very cheap entry and strangely empty of tourists, there were more staff than visitors when went. A must see.

J Murphy 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Great museum with lots of artefacts from South America as well as North America. They also had a few pieces from Africa. They have a number of very old maps. I was able to spot out Barbados on at least one of them. There is a lot to see. If you plan to go at the weekend it's probably best to go early.

Gabriella Seye 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: One of the most interesting museums I have ever seen. Huge amount of objects from colonial history. You can learn about all the indian tribes and their culture. It is unique in Europe.

Stanislava Manitu 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Incredible history of native Americans! It could be interesting for people who really appreciate ancient civilizations like Maya for example.

Patrícia Procházková 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: A very nice place if you want to know something new about not only South but also North American history :-)

Dina Mohamed-Aly 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: It's a history museum that does its best to include things about the Americas from pre-Columbian times to the Era of Discovery by the Spanish mainly to Colonial life. The temporary exhibit about North American Natives was really cool and well organized. It's very informative and best of all it's free! (I was confused by the sign that listed their admission prices because I had read that this was a free museum). So at least as of December 2017 it is free. The museum is mostly in Spanish but the temporary exhibit was bilingual.

Armando Bramanti 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: One of the best museums of arts and history of the Americas before the colonization. It focuses on the regions colonized by the Spaniards: arts, history, anthropology, languages and writings. It exhibits the famous and spectacular Código de Madrid, one of the few preserved Mayan codes. One of the best museums in Madrid, strangely not so visited. Don't miss the faro de moncloa, 91 meters, from which you can see a spectacular view of the city and of the nice building of the museum.

RickJ 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: An easy access, great setup, a must for people with interest in Spanish conquest of Americas

AD613 5 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Love the place. Has lots of good artifacts. Very old. It was a learning experience. One thing I find odd it’s the overplayed themes about racism. I kind of find it distasteful. But come on and visit. Entrance fee is really low.

lillou931 6 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Lovely place , great History .

Demetra Panaretou 6 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Has a good collection of pre colloneal items. A knowledge almost lost. Strongly recommended

CB Droege 6 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Great museum. I had my doubt, since I'm from the Americas, I thought there'd be little I hadn't seen before, but clearly the Spanish stole a lot of junk from the Americas in the colonial era. It's very interesting to see it all collected, and learn more about how Europeans, and the Spanish in particular, saw the Americas at that time.

Kathy Ho 6 years ago

Expérience fantastique: This is a huge museum! And absolutely beautiful. Just a note though: if you're not interested in the history of America (natives, hunting, slavery, religion), you should spend your precious tourist time somewhere else!

Jesse Robertson 7 years ago

Expérience fantastique: A fantastic collection of pre-Colombian Americas cultural artifacts. Highly recommended for those from the Americas with an interest in your own history.

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