The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

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N Park Ave 445
32789, Winter Park
(407) 645-5311

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Sunday: 1:00 – 4:00 PM

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5/5 (33 Des avis)
Rich Wontor 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Yikes, this place will blow you away! If you are interested in not just glass art, but design, fine art and painting, it is overwhelming. We found it to be a blur of one piece is more spectacular than the next one. You can spend three hours easily, but we will need a second visit to complete all the variety presented. Definitely see the videos first. Cheers!

Sinlam L 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Great place lots of to see. Today Tiffany is the theme I love the glass work! Great location. Recommend!

Cheri Short 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: I expected to see more of the Tiffany silver and jewelry. The display showed off the detail and workmanship beautifully. Well worth the price and time.

Linda Zh 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Stunning museum! Perfect size; it’s not too big but has plenty to look at. The only inconvenience is that the details for each piece are printed on booklets for each room. It would be more user- and environmentally-friendly if the info was placed next to each piece like it is in most museums. Well worth the admission price.

Laura Hancock 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Absolutely breathtaking museum. Didn't even know this place was here, which is such a shame knowing now all of the beauty stored within. Gorgeous art, spectacular Tiffany stained glass works, and lovely pottery. The Chapel was awe-inspiring and vast, with so much fun history attached to it. The staff and security crew alike were both polite and well-informed, adding to the gentle atmosphere. Entry fee was STUPID cheap, but the gift shop is where they get you hard. Come prepared to spend some cash on a lovely replica!

Trish Utter 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: A real jewel of a Museum. When you think of Orlando, theme parks and tourist shops come to mind, but there is nothing Micky Mouse about this beautiful and elegant museum that is located in Winter Park, FL. It is incredible to think that the largest collection of Tiffany glass is right here. Don't miss a visit to this place. Entry is just $6, and Seniors $5. While there, go and explore the beautiful little town of Winter Park with is just as charming as the museum.

Bryan Russowsky 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: It’s a very small museum that is not only cheap, $6 dollars for adults and $1 for students, it’s is a beautiful collection of art from the people who created Tiffany. If you like art in general I cannot recommend this place enough.

Marilyn Kilmer 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: This museum is a true jewel. We have brought several of our visitors to the Morse. The consensus of our guests was that it was awesome. The museum is known for its collection of works by Tiffany. The museum contains American pottery as well as paintings, graphics, and furniture. If visiting, be sure and watch the film. We will return again as there is always something new to see.

Millie Pagan 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Great museum investments they have made a really wonderful keeping the museum up looking spectacular. Tiffany's is a big presence there they are beautiful.

anna 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Absolutely incredible experience. The stained glass and selection of art nouveau pieces was worth the drive. Lots to see. Only $1 for students.

Connie S. 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: So worth the admission price! Super amazing staff! Go!

John M 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: I love this museum. I love that the folks that started this museum saved so much of the history of Tiffany and his work. The chapel is amazing!! A hidden jewel in winter park. The detail and history are breathtaking. It is amazing to think that on a number of occasions the chapel was almost forgotten and left to ruin. I also love that this museum puts out a silver creamer mallee by Paul Revere and a baseball signed by Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb every Fourth of July!!

TheMarketInvestor 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: If you enjoy design this museum is a must see. The items salvaged from Tiffany's legendary Laurelton Hall alone are worth the price of admission. But the star attraction is the faithfully recreated chapel from the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. The family behind this museum are owed our deepest gratitude. If you have time explore the collection of 19th century paintings on display. Most are by little known American artists, but there are some real gems in the collection, a testament to all the great talent that toils in relative obscurity.

Elena Christinne 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: Decided to do something different with my kids and found this gem and we were impressed to say the least. Loved it! So much to see, it's definitely a place to visit several times. It's nice that they have a self guided tour and info available for each exhibit. Very affordable, parking is in front of the entrance.

Cece B 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: This is one of my favorite museums in Orlando. It is located near many restaurants and cafes in Winter Park. They have student discounts and will have specials depending on the month where admission is free. The security guards are super nice and sometimes explain the history behind the art pieces or some cool secret meanings behind each artwork. One of my favorite art piece is the one right when you enter with stained glass and statue behind it.

Carol Tran Slawson 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: This gem in Winter Park houses the largest collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany's work in the world. The museum also showcases the work of other glass and ceramics artists as well as paintings. There are several examples of Arts and Crafts furnishings and Art Nouveau jewelry and wares. The museum itself is lovely and includes an atrium and several areas to sit and relax, including a reading room with books related to the art! My favorite rooms are the chapel recreating the stunning Tiffany stained glass and mosaic ecclesiastic showcase for the 1893 World's Fair, and the reproduction of Tiffany's study area from Laurelton Hall. The gift shop was also excellent and you may purchase reproductions of Tiffany art and jewelry among many exquisite souvenirs.

Nancy Marzolino 1 year ago

Expérience fantastique: A beautiful venue for discovering American art. The museum personnel are knowledgeable and very helpful. We suggest the audio tour to provide you the most complete experience. But take your time. The tour deserves more than one trip.

Tom M 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: What a great way to spend some time! The most awesome collection of Tiffany items to be found anywhere! Excellent displays. You can even use your cellphone with headphones to access a tour and get answers about most of the displays. A BARGAIN AT $5 ADMISSION! Don't miss it when you're in town! There's also a great gift shop onsite and plenty of parking in the museum lot and across the street in the garage on the 4th & 5th floors (PARK 4 hours for FREE) LOTS of great places to eat nearby.

Emily Smith 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Very impressed with the museum. I have been to winter park a few times and walked by but never checked it out. I went on a Friday night where it was free entry after 4 or 5. I had no idea what to expect and it was much larger than I thought also. Tons of Tiffany glass and art. Could go back and spend more time there for sure! Definitely recommend

Edward Lamm 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Quite an amazing place!! And right in the middle of beautiful Winterpark. One could easily hop on the Sun Rail, stop by the museum, go shopping, eat and wander around for a lovely day, then back on the train.

Ward Dougherty 2 years ago

Expérience positive: The prettiest collection of stained glass that I have ever seen. A Must-see location! This is located on the north of downtown Winter Park and to the west of Lake Osceola. Parking can be found on the street (many places are 3-hour open spots) and in a parking garage just south of the building. The building has many parts to it. You enter through the north door along the west side of N Park Avenue. You pay at the counter and are (at this time) required to wear a mask. General admission is $6/person. It is the best deal in the city for what you can see. There are numerous rooms explaining the various types of art that were explored. There are numerous paintings, sculptures, blown glass, stained glass, furniture, jewelry throughout the museum. There are whole rooms recreated to show the beautiful artwork in its original atmosphere: a chapel, a dining room, etc. It is absolutely beautiful. There are numerous places that show how some of the work was created. Once you are done, you exit through the gift shop which has some wonderful products illustrating some of the artwork. Many of the exhibits have a number that can be accessed through a podcast-like app to give you more data on the item. Be careful to keep the volume down or the museum guards will ask you to lower it. I liked this museum so much I would have given it a 5 but for the fact that they require masks. This is an absolute must-see location that I highly recommend for all my fellow travelers.

Olivia Hope 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Had such an amazing time! Thank you to Shawnshy who was so kind to my grandma and made our experience special ! She showed us around and was full of knowledge! Such an exquisite gallery!

Jeff Wakefield 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: We visited the The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art last week. Amazing museum full of Tiffany lamps, stained glass, and other glass artwork. Here are the lamps.

Elizabeth C 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: This place was so lovely as my husband and I enjoyed all the beautiful stain glass art. It was also very nice to see there security was the same company I work for and everyone was very friendly. They are doing social distancing and mask. I would recommend this place for anyone who loves and admires art. It was a nice gift for my birthday.

Grant Nielsen 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: What an absolutely stunning gallery! Every room was curated so well and the staff was incredibly insightful. Will definitely be back!

Cristine Peña 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: This museum is a hidden treasure of Orlando. I couldn't believe we have our very own Alphonse Mucha print in town! The Tiffany glass collection is impressive. The range of work is wonderful, and honestly... I was quite glad to see there was so much more than the lamps. The price of admission was very reasonable, and there are clusters of great restaurants in the area. Best of all, parking was super easy! The museum has dedicated spaces, and I was relieved to not have to worry about parking in busy Winter Park. Had a perfect day showing my family around this museum, and it was paced well enough that my grandmother could keep up. Definitely give the Morse Museum a visit! It is worth your time!

Haikatrine Kat 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Wow! What a gem of an art gallery. Stained glass, jewelry, pottery, paintings! I really enjoyed the independent tour audio that can be played through your phone. Convenient location, plenty of free parking or a garage across the street, an awesome gift shop, really friendly curators.

Chris Correa 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: This museum is much bigger than in seems and has a wide variety of art. I'm talking about aside from the Tiffany lamps, you have jewelry, pottery, paintings, architecture from original properties, etc. Though every item is ornate, on top of that, many of the items are huge because of how the artist made them. There is even a Chapel. Absolutely worth the price. In August 2021 (right now) admission is free. NOTE: The gift shop also has many unique tasteful gifts & you can visit that part without entering the museum.

Samantha Baldyga 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Beautiful stained glass pieces, Tiffany lights and pottery. Peaceful atmosphere with many rooms to explore. The chapel was a beautiful surprise. I booked tickets with a specific time in advance, only $10 each but we went on a Friday and Fridays have free admission. Parking is very limited in back of the building.

Victoria Larkin 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: This place is absolutely gorgeous. The art, the stain glass, it's all amazing. This is great experience if you're an art fan, great for couples and great for people who just like pretty colors. The staff was amazing. They were friendly and had no problem awnsering any questions I had.

Sean Davis 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: What a wonderful museum that is larger inside than expected with multiple rooms of art to view at your leisure. For the month of August there is no charge either. Masks worn are mandatory inside too.

Lada Yunga 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: Such a nice museum! The exhibition is magical. So many beautiful lamps, jewels, decorations. And you can learn the history of Tiffany. The gift shop was another reason to stop by. They had such a beautiful collection.

Jim Hopton 2 years ago

Expérience fantastique: The tour of this jewel of a museum was an experience not to be soon forgotten. The items in the collection are impeccably lighted and displayed for a world class museum experience. The reference guides provide the backstory on pieces displayed. The staff is well versed on their tasks and the docents are very knowledgeable and helpful. This museum was a very beautiful, informative and enlightening. The atmosphere is peaceful and refined through flowing natural lighting and well positioned and properly used spot lighting. An impressive experience that grows your appreciation for the universe of Tiffany. This should be a definite visit when you are in the proximity. Kudos and keep up the great work!

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