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R. Zalaeta 2
15002, A Coruña
881 88 17 00

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Il museo delle belle arti in una Coruña è uno dei musei più importanti della Spagna. Fu fondata nel 1879 e si trova nel centro della città. Il museo ospita una vasta collezione di arte spagnola ed europea dal XII al 20 ° secolo. La collezione comprende dipinti, sculture, mobili, ceramiche e bicchieri. Il museo ha anche una biblioteca e un centro di ricerca.

🕒 Orari di apertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 4:30 – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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5/5 (46 Opinioni)
Ramon Jesus Miragaya Cabarcos 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Highly recommended. National Architecture Prize where you can visit painting rooms, from different periods, styles and origins, Goya engravings, Sargadelos collection,..... and totally free.

Juan “Super Coruño” Opina. 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: It is a magnificent museum located in part in an old Capuchin convent, where it is a delight to walk through its rooms located in different eras, with works by Goya, Rubens, Beruete, Sorolla, Sotomayor... and Galician artists such as Laxeiro, Seoane and many more... a permanent exhibition of Urbano Lugris, Chelin, Patiño Abelenda, Lugris Vadillo and many others would be great. A little gem of the city...and little known.

Marc-Jürgen Sebode 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: A nice place on a rainy day. Free admission. Many works from the Prado depot. Classic and modern art are sometimes hung alternately. Nice architecture.

José Luis Fernández 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Very good museum to see works from the 21st century to the 20th century. Gratuitous. The woman at the entrance very friendly and very nice.

HLF 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: One of the great surprises of La Coruña, from the physical space, the architectural design to the collection of works and their distribution. Although it is true that it does not have a very large volume of works on display, the ones it does have are very good, a good number of them from the Prado Museum depository. Must visit and recommended.

Raul Felix Calvo Capurro 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Excellent wonderful. I was very surprised. I would visit again.

Pedro Cantalejo Espejo 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: 3 floors full of art. Very good treatment by the staff.

Humberto González Carballo 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Magnificent museum near the Gugenhain to visit

Carlos 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: A museum that depending on the exhibition is a show It is free and has free guided tours.

Nicolas Suarez 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Quite an impressive museum, the setting and the temporary exhibition that was on at the time were magnificent. Admission, at least that day, was free.

Jorge Rizzo 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: The space is great. Very well worked. To see for yourself. And the exhibitions of ten.

Santiago Meizoso Permuy 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Exhibition of Manuel Vilariño. As usual. did not disappoint.

Gastón De León 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: So cute. You cover it well in 1 hour. Free entrance

Lisbeth Suarez 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: It's very good, they treat you with kindness and they give you all the information you need, the day I went they opened a photography exhibition that I really liked

Neca Machado 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: A sacred temple of world culture, works from the Prado Museum collection are available to lovers, thank you, I came from the Amazon and got a gift, and all for free.

Sonia Sanz 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: A very well planned and very well built museum. My only regret is that when we visited the Sala de Goya was closed.

Rose Olivia 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Bel piccolo museo, alcuni pezzi davvero belli. Sono andato di domenica ed era libero di entrare.

Eva 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: If you go to Coruña one day, don't forget to stop by the Museum of Fine Arts. It has paintings from the 16th century to the 20th century, many works are from the Prado Museum. It's worth a visit and it's FREE!

Luis Corcuera 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: We visit this museum in the center of the city (beautiful building), and they surprise us with a classical guitar concert. The wonderful exhibitions and the spacious, bright, comfortable rooms to visit... Free... What else?

Sara TM 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: I love this museum, I have been several times and I never tire of it. Plus there's always some extra exposure so it's always different. On Saturday afternoons it is free and there are usually not many people. The permanent exhibition is divided into several floors that belong to a different century.

Michael 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Wonderful museum. Free entrance, free lockers, beautiful paintings in a beautiful, neat and clean building. Recommended.

Rula Ártabra 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: The Fine Arts Museum of A Coruña is a good example of cultural know-how. They have a very pampered collection and some gems of local art and history. Very competent education and conservation department.

Francisco Morales 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: A discovery this museum, little mentioned in travel guides and that, nevertheless, is worth visiting. Magnificent works such as "The Laundresses" by Manuel Colmeiro, "Los abuelos" by Alvarez de Sotomayor or "Tienda" by Carlos Masside. Accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Enrique Camba 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: A wonderful place, a memory for a character who lived here in direct contact with nature, and who left an indelible memory for those of us who knew him.

Galería Arte 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Good collection, very careful temporary exhibitions and magnificent professionals. The building is comfortable, pleasant, you have the feeling of being on the street, but under cover. It relates very well to the elements that were wanted to conserve from the previous building. Essential library for Galician art.

Diego Lopez 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Currently visiting the temporary exhibition Vestir Épocas that hosts the museum. Highly recommended and very well organized throughout the museum. A wide variety of clothing, accessories, a look back in time through a wonderful collection that is in very good condition. Congratulations on the exhibition.

Cristian Rodríguez 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Museum that I did not know about, but that is interesting because it has a large collection of Goya's engravings in its permanent exhibition. There was also a table of relevant authors, among them the Galician Luis Seoane

susana susana 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: I loved the exhibition of vintage dresses and accessories. Another day I will return to see the permanent exhibition, because I have not had time for everything. Beautiful building, spacious rooms and comfortable to navigate


Esperienza fantastica: I did not expect to find treasures as unique as Goya's Caprichos in such a modest museum. It is definitely worth a visit. To highlight the wonderful presence of exceptional Galician artists

Manu Sánchez 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Undervalued within the A Coruña museum collection. It has a room dedicated to Sargadelos and another to a series of engravings by Goya. The collection is not impressive, but the paintings provided by the Prado Museum and the series of regionalist and avant-garde Galician paintings stand out, key to understanding the history of our land from another point of view. Currently the museum houses the exhibition # VestirÉpocas 1860-1960, The González Moro Collection, with more than 300 pieces that show the evolution of fashion and try to highlight the value of sewing in art. Recommendable.

ana moroño 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: The exhibition of dressing times is impressive. Very friendly staff, and the fundamental prior talk to understand it.

Palinuro Cirilo 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Painting, by masters like Rizi or Collantes y Rubens! to Goya or Lugrís, it is impressive, a must-see. The staff, very friendly. The fashion exhibition runs throughout the museum. I loved the contrast between the period dresses and the paintings from the permanent collection. A pleasure to revisit it!

PM Hernández 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Museo molto bello, merita una visita veloce, in mostra la stampa di Goya e la collezione Sargadelos China. Ha una buona collezione che copre i pittori fiamminghi ai galighi, persino un grande formato sorolla. L'ingresso è gratuito, quindi come ho detto anche solo per godermi l'edificio merita una rapida visita. Ben adattato per handicap

Leidy Julieth Pensado Colorado 3 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Leaving aside the exhibitions that are a masterpiece and its rooms, the workers are charming, friendly, willing to help you with any questions and let you know if there is any activity inside the museum.

Ted Oatway 3 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Una straordinaria collezione di grandi arte! Che gemma e scommetto che molte persone non sanno nemmeno che è qui. Molto ben curato e ogni pezzo è ben illuminato a differenza di così tanti altri musei. È una galleria d'arte da non perdere e proprio lì con la migliore spagna che ha da offrire.

Laura Moreno 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Particularly, I recommend it, how to make feel good, who visits it, it is very comfortable, and that helps, to people, who have difficulties to walk. This is very important. And I enjoyed it, because the theme, I liked it a lot, and because art, whatever it is, is culture, and culture must be promoted.

chris darby 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: A good place to visit

руслан катаев 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Very nice museum beautiful picture history

Nick Haigh 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Wonderful works beautifully presented. Enjoyed much more than the Guggenheim!

Urszula 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Intersting to see, not too big but perfect if you like Spanish art.

Ștefan Mariniuc 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Grat building, impressive exhibition

Joao Carlos Vergueiro 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Adoro questo museo. Edificio molto bello, moderno, ben organizzato e molto pulito. Grande arte! Il personale è molto gentile. Ed è solo 3,50 euro.

Colin Jones 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: A must see

Matías J. Schilling 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: I am positively surprised by the quality of the permanent exhibition that the museum presents, because considering that we are not in Madrid, London or Paris, it must be said that it is really very good!

Juan Fernán Bello 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: One of the most important Museums in the city of A Coruña. Interesting content and continent. Beautiful building conceived by the architect Gallego Jorreto. Rooms dedicated to the Sargadelos Ceramics, to the engravings of Goya, contemporary Galician Painters ... A must see, I would say essential, for lovers of Fine Arts.

G. Colunga Ramírez 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Woow it's impressive place!!!!!

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