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C. Colón 1
35001, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
928 31 23 73

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La Casa de Colón è un museo situato a Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, nelle Isole Canarie. Il museo è dedicato alla vita e all'opera di Christopher Columbus, che viveva nelle Isole Canarie per un po 'durante i suoi viaggi. Il museo è ospitato in un edificio del XVI secolo che un tempo era la casa di Columbus. Il museo ha una collezione di manufatti appartenenti a Columbus, nonché una biblioteca con libri su di lui e sui suoi viaggi. Il museo ha anche un giardino con una statua di Columbus.

🕒 Orari di apertura

  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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🗣️ Casa de Colón: Opinioni

5/5 (47 Opinioni)
Fabio 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Suggestive place in the "old" part of the city! Magical atmosphere around the area at night.

Godfrey Baldacchino 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: What a majestic building in the old quarter of Las Palmas. You can feel that history was made here. Fine example of colonial architecture.

Bryan Pready 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Interesting exhibits and explanations about Christopher Columbus' explorations and the role of the Canary Islands in his discoveries.

Andreas A 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Very good museum with lots of information and even handwritten notes from Christopher Columbus himself. It also has two parrots at the entrance garden in the niddle of the house. Certainly worth a visit.

Big Alloways 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Despite Covid regulation, this museum is well worth a visit. A great insight into the evolution of travel to the new world

Learned Gonzales 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: We were told it hosted Christopher Columbus. But the museum was so much more. It has several thematic areas, from pre Columbia’s America to Canarian history. This is a must stop for people who find history and culture interesting. For those who don’t, you can jump in the Atlantic Ocean and post it on Tik Tok.

Zhana Elian 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Realy nice and informative museum. There is also audio guide. Several old time objects can be found in the museum.

Néstor Escandell 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: That was a cool visit, really worth when being around to go inside and check it out. Price is fine too.

Nadine Bunert 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Wonderful little Museum, friendly staff, amazing Atmosphäre, breathtaking

Steve Popes 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Pre Colon artifacts

Dieter Hinkelmann 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Great cruise tour, lots of areas to see, wish we had more time

Lorenzo Campolongo 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Amazing place with a lot of things to see to better understand the island history, especially about Colombus. The two parrots are so cute

Noora Emilia 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Really good museum! I have worked as a professional museum exhibition designer, and I found this museum to be very well-made, interesting and beautiful. Also we got excellent and friendly introduction when we got there.

Ricardo R L 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Really interesting museum (mainly if you are from south America). Lovely garden.

Sebastian Pycz 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Piccolo museo ma vale la pena visitare se ti trovi nella zona. Personale amichevole. Coppia di pappagalli che vivono lì - indimenticabili;)

Stanko Medic 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Museo piccolo ma molto gentile e informativo con personale educato e disponibile. Due adorabili aras completano l'immagine.

Starboy Devgan Rhei 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Per quanto non mi piaccia o rispetto il carattere del colonialista Christopher Columbus, devo dire che questo museo è uno dei migliori della città. Ero riluttante a fare una visita, ma non mi pento di averlo fatto. Durante i suoi due piani + la cripta, il museo ha alcune mostre molto interessanti e tutte molto varie; Dalle descrizioni dettagliate dei viaggi di Columbus al continente americano, a squisiti dipinti, miniature, informazioni sulle origini sociali e storiche dell'isola di Gran Canaria e dell'arte pre-colombiana. Sicuramente un must quando visiti l'isola. Ci sono audioguidi in diverse lingue e persino due pappagalli che vagano liberamente!

Milica Orlovic 2 years ago

Esperienza positiva: Un museo interessante, ma sono molto deluso dal fatto che non una sola foto appesa al muro sia in inglese. Per non parlare del fatto che c'erano 2,3 ragazze in piedi accanto alla biglietteria, ovviamente per soldi, e chiedono a Dio quanto vanno e spiegano il museo, ma nessuno ci ha istruito in nulla, tutti erano totalmente disinteressati a me e al mio ragazzo Per la nostra visita al museo che mi dispiace molto dare 8 € per l'ingresso.

János Maxim Ljasuk 3 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Very friendly personnel, good security measures during covid. The entry is free in the first weekend of the month. The exhibition gives an excellent overview about the explorations of Columbus.

Borbála Anna Filep 3 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Beautiful, really informative museum, children-friendly, with Patio and parrots

Katerina Lang 3 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: The parties are stars in this place. Historical nice exposition

Anne-Marie R 3 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Unexpected hidden gem.Very friendly personnel, and of course plenty of information about the main hero-Christopher Columbus. Maps, a boat replica, the four voyages and instruments used to discover them, a crypt pre-columbian with Toltec and Mayan artifacts and more that I let you the pleasure to discover. Tickets are 4 Euro and bonus you can enjoy 2 absolutely beautiful parrots. Enjoy!

Dan Littauer 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: The stunningly beautiful home of Columbus that walks you through his heritage. There is also an extensive explanation regarding Spanish colonialism. I like also the fact they have an exhibition of indigenous American art. Highly recommended, worth spending a two hour visit to take in the importance of Columbus and the mixed heritage he left to the world.

Dixxi91 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: A fine museum and most of it is translated into English. We arrived an hour before closing on Sunday and it was free entry. It tells of Columbus' four trips and more.

Luciano Romano 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: A very peaceful and interesting place to visit. Full of a lot of history of the Canary Islands. You could easily spend the whole day there and be totally enriched by the history and culture

Ashleigh Aston 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Beautiful interior with really interesting exhibitions.

Emmanuel Gaziaux 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Very interesting little Museum where we can learn about the passages of Columbus by the Canary Islands during his voyages to discover a shorter route to India and ending finding a new continent. Lots of maps and items related to the History. It wasn't crowded at all when we went and it was relaxing. Students paid half price.

Damjan Cokan 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Interesting place to visit and learn some facts about Christopher Columbus and his voyages and discoveries. You can see lots of maps, there is a replica of the boat. And there are two parrots which just sit there in the middle of yard and are not afraid of People. Nice experience overall.

János Kiss 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: The museum is well-equipped and demanding. Do not hesitate to visit!

Journeying With Tab 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: It is claimed that Christopher Columbus stayed in this very building in the year 1492, prior to reaching the American continent, hence its name - Casa de Colón. History books tell different stories of what led to this possible stop, ranging from: It was a planned pit stop; the ship needed repairs; a mutiny; or to recruit Canarian sailors for their vast knowledge of the ocean. We didn't quite go inside the museum due to limited time and a desire to see more of Vegueta, but from some FOMO-inspired research conducted later that night, it was learned that the interior has been beautifully restored with old maps pasted on walls, ship models, and two resident Macaw parrots that freely roam the courtyard. The entry fee is currently €4. Traveling to foreign lands and then writing about those journeys does kind of force me to look more into the "why" of things seen or observed. It could be as simple as, WHY is this building here? Or WHY do cats in this country have more pointy ears or longer tails? And before I know it, I'm 8 chapters deep in some history book reading about Colombus' childhood, the kind of book that my HS teacher forced me to read. Life comes full circle and traveling is the greatest teacher. Anyone else feel this way? If you're on IG, FB or YT, you can follow my journeys at JourneyingWithTab on all platforms as I roam around the world and write about stuff.

Lilit Tomkova 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Views from the Cathedral is must see in Las Palmas!

Ave T 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: I have visited it several times and always bring all the people visiting me here. A great place to learn about Christopher Columbus' voyages.

Viktória Halassy 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Everything is in Spanish inside, so either get a guide or better learn Spanish :)

Marius Chelmu 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Really pleased to see such a museum. I do strongly recommend to visit if you are in the area!

Daniel 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: This museum is amazing. Lots of care was taken into the design and restructure of ships. Lots of information on the canary islands relation to Columbus journeys. Fantastic displays of pottery.

William Ford 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: A great little museum! Theres a mock-up of a ship, where you can picture the sailors counting their egg timers and measuring time patiently. A decent amount of information on Columbus's three journeys to the West Indies and some historical context about Spain and Portugal, too. Even if you're not into maps and history, it's a beautiful courtyard and there are two lovely parrots!

Hiliana Fienieg 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: An absolute must-see when in Gran Canaria. I was impressed by the level of detail they have collected and accounted for. My fav spot was the replicas of Colombus' ship. It's superbly kept, centrally located and at very reasonable entry price. Absolutely recommended! Tip: there is a 500-years-old carpet on the wall. One can actually smell the years of history take the time admire the intricate embroidery. It is superbly maintained.

Michael Johnson 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: A small beautiful museum and very informative with helpful staff.

Jason Thomas 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: So worth the minimal €4 entrance fee. I had quite low expectations coming here and was totally impressed. Not only is this a lovingly restored house but the interesting exhibits and artifacts on display are fascinating stuff. A really lovely day out in a beautiful part of Las Palmas. Highly recommended for both art and history buffs, maybe not so much for kids... Look out for the resident macaw parrots wandering around the courtyard!

Łukasz Oklesiński 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Quite an interesting museum, you will love it if you like maps, ship models etc. And also parrots! I was a little disappointed with a highly advertised in a guides South America exhibition, which was pretty small.

Marina M 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Loved this musuem, apart from most items being copies or reproductions as the real items are in Madrid or other places. They should be here in this museum. €4 entry they close at 6pm not sure about weekends. Took around an hour. There are macaw birds in there too live ones. Look up at the amazing Celing's in every room. The courtyards are so cool. Great information in four languages as you enter each room. There is a painting on display by Carucci on loan from the prado musuem. Information about Christopher Columbus's voyages and models of the ships, a portrait of him too and display flags, old shipping navigation devices using the lunar and solar maps. Can buy cool reproductions in gift shop and great unusual jewellery. Art work and an awesome crypt with artefacts from Ecuador!

LiverPool Of Life 6 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: It's a small museum mostly dedicated to the discovery voyages of Columbus. In the top of the building there is a small painting collection and a plaquette of the island. I found most interesting were the parts about Columb us and his voyages of discovery and the paintings upstairs.

Konrad Wdowiak 6 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: We had a great experience in total, the staff is very helpful and friendly and the artefacts inside give you proper insight into the journeys of Columbus.

Debbie Diamandis 6 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Amazing stepping back into historical time's fantastic day spent in the old town just a stones throw away from the hassle and bussle of a modern day town search for the Christopher Columbus house .

Mahmoud Kamal 6 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: The number one destination at Gran Canaria .. if you're into history you'll love seeing the old maps of the worlds and how history was made .. and how our exploration of Earth went .. half a day is recommended ..

Marek J. Szuta 6 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Interesting place with great exibition. Good for all age

Rami Ibrahim 6 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: You can enjoy the experience of the journey life of Columbus also the building where is the museum is old and awesome .

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