Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

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Parc de Montjuïc s/n
08038, Barcelona
936 22 03 60

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Il museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya è un museo di fama mondiale situato a Barcellona, ​​in Spagna. Il museo ospita una vasta collezione di arte e architettura catalana, nonché una significativa collezione di arte romanica. La collezione del museo comprende opere di alcuni dei più famosi artisti catalani, come Joan Miró e Salvador Dalí. Il museo ospita anche una serie di importanti affreschi romanici, nonché una serie di dipinti gotici e rinascimentali. Il museo è una delle attrazioni turistiche più popolari a Barcellona ed è un must per qualsiasi visitatore della città.

🕒 Orari di apertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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4.9/5 (43 Opinioni)
Brian Peart 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: It's quite a climb from street level up a lot of steps, but it's really worth it! We headed straight to the 'Modern Art' area, which is upstairs, and I think it fills the entire floor, but not certain about that. This is a really good gallery, well laid out, with wonderful pictures on the walls. I don't think I have enjoyed myself so much in an art gallery before. The work is outstanding. We stayed for about three hours and only got a quarter of the way round. If you are considering going to this museum, go, it's well worth it. Also, if you are over 65, entry is free! We will go back on our next visit to Barcelona to see more of the gallery. Can't wait!

eM Ge 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: 12 Euro ticket for adult and you get two visits within the month! There's so much great art of all sorts to see! Definitely worth the visit. I went around 11am there was no lineup but as I left around 2pm there was a huge lineup outside.

Ghazal M 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Absolutely loved this museum. Took me 9 hours (two days) to see everything and it was worth it. You can see the whole collection for free Saturdays after 3 pm, otherwise it's best to get the tickets online, probably there would be a long line. Don't worry if you have too spent a lot of time there because they have clean toilets, three cafe and large benches too sit or even lay down. Don't forget to bring water.

Ivor Čimbir 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: National Art Museum of Catalonia,is the national museum of Catalan visual art located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Situated on Montjuïc hill, the museum is especially notable for its outstanding collection of romanesque church paintings, and for Catalan art and design from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including modernisme and noucentisme. The museum is housed in the Palau Nacional, a huge, Italian-style building dating to’s an amazing walk up the museum.

Alina K 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Museum is big. We arrived around 3:20pm and left by 7pm. There was so much to see outside and inside the museum. We got free tickets as every Saturday from 3pm onwards is free. Check the website for more dates of free entry. There is a small security check for bags. There are also lockers to store your big bags for 1 euro but you will get the euro back when you put the key back in. There was many art related to Christianity, some Gaudi pieces, and other artists. A mixture of old and new. The building inside was very impressive. 10 outta 10 would recommend.

Ben R. 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: 1st off to my surprise, Seniors (65+) enter the Museum for free! The museum's permanent collection is quite eclectic. From Medieval art to Spanish Revolution art to Art Nouveau furniture. The Palace itself is worthy of taking a tour. But the finest gem of this palatial setting is the grounds it sits on and the magnificent water features incorporated into the design! A must see!

Matthieu B 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: A good museum to visit, Booking online, and there is some slots for free visits

Dharmesh 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Great place to visit for the views, stunning architecture and deep history.

Vasilena Gyulemetova 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Amazing architecture and exterior. Perfect for walks, but very mindful that there are escalators for the people who are disabled or are just tired of the stairs. Very practical during the hot days too. Stunning view of the whole city from the top balcon.You can even see Sagrada Familia, which is pretty far from the museum. Don’t miss this place in Barcelona.

Gabor Ambruzs 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: The Museum is absolutely beautiful inside and out and you get some amazing views while walking up to the building and then from the front of the building. I think it's a must visit if you are in Barcelona even if you don't go into the museum.

Jacqui London 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: This fascinating collection of Catalonian (and other) art, is worth the €12 entry per adult (under-16s get in free). We went on a weekday but noticed that there are some times on the weekends when it’s totally free to enter. The galleries show off a huge collection of local and wider art. It really is huge though, so getting around all of it is tricky. We stopped off halfway for coffee and pastries in the café, based in an amazing oval concert hall within the museum. It’s a great place to rest your weary feet before visiting the rest of the halls. There’s also a restaurant on the top floor, which looked great, with amazing views, with possibly with a pricey menu.

Anna Campayo 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Key spot to understand Catalan and Spanish art! This museum is one of the best curated ones I have ever seen -as an art historian. It has an extensive collection, so make sure you free your afternoon so you can pay attention to every single piece, since they are all gorgeous and very valuable for our culture! Get a guide -or a very cultured friend- in order to appreciate the art as much as possible, since it is very unique and some pieces are very intricate. Pro tip from a local: book your Saturday afternoon tickets in advanced, since Sat after 3pm the museum is free, but gets very busy !!!

Andrew Koch 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Lots of history and art to look at. Exhausting, it is big and comprehensive. You can get lunch at the cafe or restaurant inside. Visited on Weekday Reservation recommended No … More

Wyne Kirabo 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: amazing location for filming You can find culture, nature, gardens, good vibe. We love it. ❤️

Joanna Graham 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Beautiful museum located in one of the most spectacular palaces with a view of a fountain and Barcelona landscape. Great art exhibition inside and really nice gift shop inside the museum.

Catalin Hriban 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Beautiful but huge. The collection of Romanesque art beats the Prado one and is the best part of the visit, IMHO.

Pragati 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Outside and inside both are good to explore, you wont be able to cover all kinds of art as it might be tiring but going on the top of museum and looking at view is marvelous , also its free on saturday after 3 pm and have online registration for free to skip the queue for saturday.

Lucas Maes 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Amazing place! You feel like visiting a museum? This one is definitely one of the museums you should visit in Barcelona. Amazing architecture, amazing collection and really friendly people!

Claudio F. Baroni 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: The MNAC has a magnificent collection of Romanesque art. it focuses on the works that originally adorned the churches in the Pyrenees and others places in Old Catalonia. You can also visit the rooms with authentic jewels of European paintings belonging to the Gothic Renaissance and Baroque. The visit is extensive , I spent 4 hours with two intervals in the cafeteria. It's worth it! If you enjoy art, you must go to this museum!

T. Kumar 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Such a fantastic museum. Give yourself a lot of time for this as there truly is a lot to take in from their fantastic collection to the amazing views of the city. The building is gorgeous and as we were leaving there was a musician playing keyboards and you could sit on the steps to take that in along with the hustle and bustle of the city as the backdrop!

Gabby Vargas 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Museo assolutamente sbalorditivo !! Svegliandoci c'era un sassofono che creava un'atmosfera straordinaria. Le viste sono spettacolari !!! Ci siamo divertiti così tanto prima ancora di entrare nell'edificio. Le loro mostre erano fenomenali, apprezzate davvero gli sforzi che hanno fatto a condividere queste fantastiche opere d'arte. L'interno era un'opera d'arte in sé. Non dimenticare di alzare lo sguardo, i soffitti erano meravigliosi. Avrai bisogno di 2 giorni per vedere tutto o arrivarci presto. Anche i biglietti erano un biglietto di 2 giorni, vorrei che lo sapessimo prima. Sicuramente tornerà di nuovo !! Ottieni il biglietto GA!

Marlena Trała 1 year ago

Esperienza positiva: Dall'esterno spettacolare! La vista intorno era come da un film. Girls & Boys si prendono dei bei vestiti, potresti fare qualche foto romantica lì! ???? All'interno del museo - mi è piaciuto, tuttavia mi sono mancate le descrizioni accanto alle opere d'arte. L'applicazione non funzionava, quindi non ho potuto conoscere di più l'arte e gli artisti. Andava bene! Potrebbe essere migliore. Ma è stato bello vedere cosa ha da offrire l'arte catalana

Ela Jurko 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: One of the best locations in Barcelona. From rooftop views to coffee on the terrace in front every side offers amazing panoramic of Barcelona. The entrance is free on Saturdays after 15:00. Their collection is nice, it could have been curated better in terms of space organization but a very nice experience non the less. Pro tip: if you are not a fan of medieval/ gothic christian art skip to the upper floor and their modern section.

Bayram ilqz 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: One of the beautiful place in Barcelona. Highly recommended.

Venelin Manev 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: MNAC has 83 different rooms with paintings from the middle ages till modern times. The normal ticket costs 12€, the student's one costs 8.4€. It's definitely one of the best places to visit in Barcelona

Lauren Sterling 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Incredible experience. You need a full day to see this remarkable collection of art, but most tickets allow for two-day use. Don't miss it.

Tom Callahan 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Very beautiful grounds and displays Definitely enjoyed our time here.

Jainif Marediya 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Cool and majestic museum. I didn’t go inside but the views from the outside were great and at the top of the stairs you can get a great look of the city and the plaza

Júlia Falcão 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: I had no expectations and was pleasantly surprised by the museum! The building itself is gorgeus with an amazing view of Barcelona and there are escalators all the way up the hill to the door of the museum. I didn't even pay for the Gaudí exhibition and was happy enough with the permanent collection. Can't recommend it enough.

belisa bettega 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: I paid 2 euros for visiting the building (and not the art expositions) and was totally worth it! After walking around you can ask to visit the terrace, inside the restaurant in the last floor. You can visit it for free and it has the most amazing view of Barcelona! Recommend 100%

Roxana Chirițoiu 1 year ago

Esperienza positiva: Museo molto bello, a due livelli - al piano terra, c'è un'arte più vecchia da tre periodi diversi e al primo piano c'è l'arte moderna. La nostra visita è stata molto bella, fino al momento in cui siamo stati letteralmente cacciati da un dipendente perché sono rimasti 15 minuti fino al tempo di chiusura. Stavamo aspettando un'amica al piano di sotto e lei continuava a sollevare il tono per farci spostarci dal corridoio. Molto maleducato e sicuramente proiettato un'ombra in una visita altrimenti piacevole.

Ani Serobyan 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: next to Plaza d'Espanya,very easy to find the museum building itself is worth seeing. The permanent collections are very interesting, if you're into art. there is a cafe on the first floor ,so if you're hungry but don't want to interrupt your visit-ypu can eat inside the meal of the day was very tasty. Affordable prices. museum entrance ticket starts from 2eur. There is also a restaurant on the upper floor which at the moment was closed

Writing Reflex 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Questo è un edificio molto bello. Il Barcellona è davvero una bellissima città con così tanto da esplorare. Indipendentemente dal tuo interesse e posizione, si può sempre trovare qualcosa di interesse. C'è un buon link di trasporto con biglietti per autobus, metropolitana, tram e treni. Cerca sempre i passaggi della metropolitana specialmente per la famiglia, se si intende viaggiare con i trasporti pubblici.

Emma Douglas 2 years ago

Esperienza positiva: Sono andato un sabato dopo le 15:00 quando era gratuito. Ho aspettato circa 1 ora per entrare, cosa che mi aspettavo un po 'di attesa. C'era una linea molto lunga per entrare nella sezione artistica romantica del museo, quindi non ho mai avuto modo di vederlo. Questo museo era enorme !! Potresti passare un bel po 'di tempo lì dentro. Vale la pena dare un'occhiata.

Joeleen Ng 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Great collection of work. Only viewed the modern art because we were pressed for time. But would recommend at least 2.5 hours to view everything. It’s a bit of a hike up to the museum but it has great views and is in a beautiful building

Lee Sigall 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Wow! This gorgeous museum is atop a series of waterfalls that take your breath away. You must go. If I recall, admission is €13 to enter the museum. Very reasonable. Beautiful artwork. Explore the grounds for free. Amazing views from the top.

A Gryguc 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Yet another must see attraction in Barcelona. The museum is massive and full of beautiful art- my friend and I spent almost 5 hours exploring. They offer a 30% discount for students (even non-Spanish students) so remember to bring a student ID with you! Every piece or art is labelled and there are detailed descriptions and historical facts throughout the exhibitions. The exhibitions span various decadws from Medieval and Gothic to Civil War Spain and modern art. The museum also has a cafe just outside which offers amazing sandwiches and refreshments.

Catarina Alves 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Beautiful museum! We've spent many hours there and still want to go back. - Free entry every saturday after 15h (must make an online reservation)

Shapoklyak Moloduha 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Great place! They took parts of buildings and move them to museum. I never seen such museums before. Also very interesting Gothic exhibition. You can see how rich was Catalonia!

Adrian M 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Currently free after 3pm on Saturdays, expect there to be a line if you opt to go at that time. However, the line moves fast and entrance is unproblematic. The museum has three sections - Roman, Gothic and "modern" (i.e. after the previous two periods). Within the sections, the displays are organised by themes and periods of history and you can expect to see everything from paintings, sculptures, arches, photos and furniture. The building itself (both inside and out) as well as the front that overlooks the grand entrance including columns, fountains, walkways and roads is another spectacle to see. Inside the museum is also a gift shop, a cafe and a restaurant.

Анастасия Головатая 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Great museum with wonderful area around! You can find out about Spanish art and history from the Middle Ages till nowadays. I recommend you to book the general ticket and get to know the museum better!

Vilius Alaunis 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: After a long day we decided to go to the museum of art, and it was not a bad decision. The medieval art wasn’t that amazing mostly because the majority of it were pictures or statues of religious figures. But the modern art collection had it’s variations and really amazed us. For anyone who is thinking about visiting this museum, it’s worth it, and if you don’t like the art, you could just look at the paintings and laugh about how wrong some parts of the bodies look.

Victor Schegin 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: One of the best museums I visited in Barcelona. The permanent collection is split in 2 : medieval art and modern art. While I'm not fond of the medieval part, I adored the modern art part of the museum. The works are, for the most, true visual gems. They are also very well lit. The museum itself has a very unique architecture. It has a terrace with a nice view on Barcelona. If you're an art enthusiast, or simply sensitive to culture or history, this is unmissable.

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