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Carrer de Montcada 15-23
08003, Barcelona
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Het Picasso Museum in Barcelona is een van de meest populaire toeristische bestemmingen in de stad. Het museum is de thuisbasis van een grote verzameling werken van de beroemde Spaanse kunstenaar, Pablo Picasso. Bezoekers kunnen een breed scala van zijn schilderijen, sculpturen en andere kunstwerken zien. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek- en onderzoekscentrum.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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Raymond Hitchcock 1 year ago

What a great museum in a great part of Barcelona. The emphasis of this collection is on the early part of Picasso's career - when he lived in Barcelona. There are special exhibits, in addition to the great understanding that you get about this artist's early life. The special exhibit space is so tastefully curated to amplify and resonate with the museum's focus.

Mays Jahjah 1 year ago

Big and beautiful museum, The picasso museum consists of five mansions exquisitely designed in the catalan gothic style. In the end of the museum you can buy some souvenirs from the museum shop. It is amazing place for who love Picasso art

Praveen Ravikumar 1 year ago

I am not an aesthete, but by miracle I had visited the Picasso museum, even though it has entry ticket (7 Euros). But it's a great worth of visit, it has the fascinating collection of several paintings of piccaso and as well a souvenir shop. Note: To claim free entry on selected days, you should be booking the tickets in advance.

Szarina Ko 1 year ago

My friends and I greatly enjoyed this museum. The rooms were well organized in such a way that you get a chronological view of Picasso's life and his artworks, like the entire place was telling you a whole story. The vast collection of Picasso's artworks are simply outstanding, and there is just so much more to see beyond his cubism period. The temporary exhibitions were also very interesting and gave a personal touch to the kind of man Picasso was.

Win Pierce 1 year ago


Margarita Gevorgyan 1 year ago

get the tickets online to skip the line. loved the museum. even though the most famous picasso pieces are not here there is still plenty to explore and get introduced to. a must visit in barcelona

Michaela Rihova 1 year ago

Great collection of Picasso artwork since his first pictures, located in nice house, grwat gift shop

Franz Ferdinand 1 year ago

Always a good idea to pay this museum a visit. I have been here on a number of occasions and the exhibitions I attended were always worth the price of the ticket. On this occasion we visited the Picasso-Clergue exhibition, which I can only recommend. The museum staff is very friendly and helpful; also, the Museum is very kids friendly.

Jack T. Ryan 1 year ago

Well done chronological presentation of Picasso. A couple of the docents or attendants are over zealous however: I pulled down my mask for 5 seconds for a selfie and got screamed at. Jesus lady, find another job if your that worried! You'll have greater exposure on the metro, at a bistro, or on the street. Anyway, go early to avoid larger numbers of people.

Fatma 1 year ago

Nice museum to get to know Picasso more, his journey, life, and creative process. Also, there is an amazing collection of his paintings

Fábio Henrique Bittes Terra 1 year ago

If you want to know of Picasso and see a lot of his life and paintings, this is the place, just go. Fair price and good range of his works. The store is also very nice.

Noosh W 1 year ago

It was one of the best experience I’ve had. Beautiful pictures, facility was organized, the explanation was perfect. In general lovef it.

Karim 1 year ago

If you’re an avid art museum goer, this is definitely a place to go to. You can see the entire life of Picasso displayed in his art pieces. How is mentality over time changed which affected his art style and direction.

G G 1 year ago

Worth a visit. It mostly covers his early life, and not much of his later works are presented. Mainly what his family collected as he was growing up and some of his relatives works. It shows he was a prolific artist and these works provided a great foundation of his later works.

Max Martinuzzi 1 year ago

If you are in Barcelona you cannot miss a visit to the Picasso museum. A collection of works on the painter's early life. The route, it is advisable to rent a guide, does not present his famous works, but all those that marked his youth and some variations such as the decorations of furniture objects. Not a simple exhibition museum but a journey through life more than in Picasso's works.

Sam MacSmith 1 year ago


Dharmesh 1 year ago

Highlight of the trip, there is a lot to see here especially if you are into art, but don't have to be to enjoy. Very impress to see it all.

Chris Cocek 1 year ago

The museum really helps to span and detail Picaso’s early beginnings to his later career. Museum takes about 1.5 hours to do with audio guide.

Rachel 1 year ago

Booked online on the museum website on the same day at the end of July and managed to get tickets 12euro pp. Zero line up needed. Really worth the trip, even as a mildly interested in art person. We spent about 2hours there and had a leisurely pace to see everything. Free day on the first Sunday of every month- so if you go then, book that!

Irvin Klein 1 year ago

Much expanded since last time....very enjoyable. A bit confusing since it's like 5 historical houses stiched together, so you're never sure where to go. I'd paint a red line on the floor like they used to do in some hospitals.

Michael Morales 1 year ago


Personal Coaching 1 year ago

What an amazing experience of Art. Incredible artwork and the perfect City... both in combination are unique. If you visit Barcelona you have to visit the Picasso museum of Art. Five Star is logical.

N. Naderi 1 year ago

The first day of our arrival in Barcelona , we visited Picasso Museum ️ It is located in the Gothic Quarter on the Calle de Montcada, named after an important local family of the 12th century. It was such an amazing experience. The historical buildings, the stair cases, and the tangerine trees are making this visit more memorable. In museum, we see the evolution of Picasso's work! The site where museum is located is called Calle de Montcada and it is listed as a Conjunto Monumental Histórico-Artístico (Historic-Artistic Monument), and the five palaces are remarkable Catalan Gothic landmarks dating to the 13th and 14th centuries. The architecture of each building features a central patio and a grand exterior staircase. The collection of the museum focuses on works created by Pablo Picasso as a young artist. Containing over 4,000 works, the collection reveals the talents of the artist during his formative years. An exhaustive assortment covers paintings created from 1895 and up until Picasso's Blue Period (1901 - 1904). Other highlights of the collection are several paintings created in 1917 including Arlequín, featuring a harlequin character (the model was a dancer from a Russian ballet company); El Paseo de Colón, illustrating the Hotel Ranzini at number 22 on the Colón passageway; and Blanquita Suárez, depicting a famous singer of the time. Also not to be missed is the series of paintings titled Las Meninas, which portray the Infanta Margarita María.Address: 15-23 Calle de Montcada, Barcelona

Mateusz Bernatek 1 year ago

Really impressed with this place. Stumbled upon it by a complete accident and very much enjoyed the visit. I love how it shows Picasso's artistic development from his early days as a painter to the most famous pieces. I loved discovering how big a part women played in his art even though he was a known misogynist. All in all, it's a great, well run place with friendly staff and great facilities.

Lisa Jones 1 year ago

I found this museum fascinating and in formative. I always think of Picasso as well, Picasso! I knew he was a classically trained painter, but WOW! I had no concept of how advanced he was at such an incredibly young age. We purchased “front of the line” tickets in advance and walked right in. We visited on a Friday morning and while the galleries had people in them, none of them were over crowded. It was the perfect visit!

Frances Nguyen 1 year ago

What’s a wonderful curation and story telling. The museum is small but layout nicely. Enough for me to spend about 2.5 hours learning about Picasso and his early work. You’ll learn more about some of his paintings that you may seen from time to time. I won’t pretend I know much about art but I believe this museum is for both the art lover and the one who appreciate art. Work well for the traveler that don’t have lot of times to dig deep but enjoy learning. The staffs are polite and helpful. You won’t be disappointed

Jasna J 1 year ago

Well explained his early phase of his work. Additionally, till the 04 th September you can see the Blue phase - fascinating! Worth to visit and see.

Mark 1 year ago

A gem in the heart of Barcelona, the Picasso museum is one place not to be missed. There’s a record of Picasso‘s relationship with a very famous photographer who cataloged his life. It’s fascinating to see not only the paintings but the artist as well. While not as extensive as collections in Paris or Madrid, the collection is none the less a real delight and shows the artist’s evolution from a great painter as a youth of classic paintings to the esoteric work of the later years. Housed in a beautiful building it’s a delight to visit and well worth it.

Ewelina Bagińska 1 year ago

Absolutely visit when in Barcelona. Buy tickets online to skip always crazy queques. Didn't know many facts about Picasso so the exhibition definitely helped me to meet him even better. Audio guide mandatory, don't save here

sabxu 1 year ago

Amazing. Love it! Spend almost 2 hours in. Only thing is that in middle part of the museum, it gets a bit tricker to follow the instruction because they get confusing. Then you might miss something. Suggestion is only follow after the room number. The arrows in the walls are not helping. Audio guide is a must. 5 euro is very much worth it.

A. De Silva 1 year ago

Take the tour !!! Brings Picasso's journey as an artist to life. Our guide did an amazing job, my appreciation for his art has definitely increased! And buy your tickets in advance.

Grace Liu 1 year ago

A must go in Barcelona! The items in gift shop are worth buying as well. Recommend to purchase the ticket in advance to avoid the queue

Tatiana Markelova 1 year ago

Must see when in Barcelona. Picasso lived and worked in this city a lot and the museum is dedicated to his early life. It’s interesting to see the development of the artists style and learn about his life. Book your tickets online to avoid long lines!!! With the audio guide is so so much better! Bring your headphones (with an old school jack), otherwise you are walking with the phone to your ear

Jack Werner 1 year ago

Fantastic museum featuring works donated by Picasso himself. We did our visit unguided. The museum layout walks you through his life chronologically with a focus on his development and early life. It was very fascinating and exciting to see a couple of his more famous works alongside his caricatures and meaningless drawings on napkins and notebook paper.

Tran Na 1 year ago

beautiful art in a gothic building. You will find a huge collection of Picasso art which is not so famous but reflect himself. It based on time period so it is so easy to understand. loccated in a walking road in the centre of city. you should book ticket beforehand to save time. There are some sunday free ticket, check the website. They also have some artwork and book of his family.

Swati Murteli 1 year ago

Great place for art lovers. Tip: it's free on first Sunday of every month. But still need to both your slots. Don't forget to do that.

Lukasz Zbylut 1 year ago

High quality museum with good exhibits of the early life of Picasso and his creative process. Unique pieces can be found there and lots of thought providing content.

Constantina Karaniki 2 years ago

I love Picasso and I’ve known a lot about him before visiting this museum. I was not 100% impressed but getting to look at his early sketches, his evolvement into cubism, pictures and jewelry he made, really made up for what I was expecting. This is a unique museum, dedicated to one of the founders of cubism and it’s definitely worth a visit. The man is a genius! Don’t forget to book your ticket online before going, so you can skip waiting in line and also to get immediately in the exhibition without booking a ticket on the spot there and waiting for an hour to get in.

Joeleen Ng 2 years ago

Really well curated museum in a beautiful space. The work is mostly Picasso’s early work, but it gives you a great background into his life leading up to some of his great works, and a lot of insight into his mind as an artist. Make sure to buy tickets online in advance, they started turning people away around 4pm on a Thursday!

Sarah Hogan 2 years ago

What an excellent museum! €12 entry and worth every penny! Wonderful curation of some of Picasso’s great work and great information alongside it. On entry there is a jewellery exhibition - showcasing clay and metal works from Picasso’s later years. Beautifully presented and an insight to Picasso I was not previously familiar with! Then it brings you through to the Jaamis exhibition, a previously lost piece of surrealist sculpture only found in recent years! It then brings you through nearly 10 rooms of artworks from throughout Picasso’s life. So well curated and wonderful pieces on display! I would highly recommend and will return myself. The gift shop is also a beautiful shop- not just filled with tack, but lots of great pieces to purchase (art books, books, ceramics, prints etc)

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