Museo Ralli Marbella

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N-340 km.176
29602, Marbella
952 85 79 23

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Het Museo Ralli Marbella is een wereldberoemd museum in het hart van Marbella, Spanje. Het museum is de thuisbasis van een uitgebreide verzameling kunst en artefacten van over de hele wereld, en is een van de meest populaire toeristische bestemmingen in de stad. De Museo Ralli Marbella is gewijd aan het behoud en de promotie van wereldculturen en kunst, en is een must-see voor elke bezoeker van Marbella.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

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Irene Urdiales 1 year ago

Extraordinary, and above free. It is surprising that we have a museum of such high quality in Marbella and we are not aware of it. Totally recommended, exceptional works and beautiful surroundings

Ilonka Nieman 1 year ago

It is again a very nice exhibition, and the building spacious and open. If we are back in the south we will definitely come back.

Juan Carlos Prieto González 1 year ago

Museum as unknown as interesting. It brings together a large sample of contemporary art with works by such relevant artists as Dalí, Miró, Chagall, Bacon and Giorgio De Chirico. It pays very special attention to Latin American artists who surprise us with samples of genius such as the triptych "La familia informal" by the Peruvian Braun-Vega, a tribute to the mythical Velázquez, Goya and Picasso. The Ralli seems to me to be an essential visit for all art lovers who pass through Marbella.

Francisco Roman enriquez 1 year ago

It is free and has quite a few works and has a lot of space

Sole Mazuecos 1 year ago

Very quiet museum, with very friendly staff, you could visit calmly and it was not overcrowded ... I loved the room of surrealist paintings and sculptures

ricardo acevedo marrochahar 1 year ago

A great experience for art lovers.

BuNnYKiLleRZ lolo 1 year ago

A museum that gives pleasure and more with workers like Alba who is available and always with a smile.

gema castillo 1 year ago

I love the site and the exhibits. You can park right in front of the museum. It is a very large museum inside and the best thing is that it is free

Larysa Bour 1 year ago

Heel mooi museum

Ane Bengoa 1 year ago

I appreciate that places like this exist, a pleasant visit. Wonderful place and I am surprised by the size of the works. Thanks also to Alba for her excellent attention and explanations

Oddy Kapoh 1 year ago

What a great little museum and beautiful balanced collection with works from Latin American artists including great works from Salvador Dali.

Eirini Garoufalia 2 years ago

What a find!!! Don't miss a visit to this place of you are in Marbella.

Sander Schaap 2 years ago

Although modern art is not really my thing, if you are in the area it is worth a visit for the enthusiast.

Victor Garrido (boke) 2 years ago

This museum is incredible in the heart of Marbella's golden mile. It is a private collection with free access and with artists of the highest level such as Dali, Miró, Picasso, Stanley, Bacon as well as its entire ground floor dedicated to Latin American artists. If you are in Marbella and you like culture and art, you cannot miss this authentic jewel of a museum

Ely Larsson 2 years ago

The idea behind the founder is great: free art for anyone interested in it. It's worth a visit!

July Reyna 2 years ago

We loved it. Free entrance. The lady at the reception very kind and friendly. We liked the exhibitions.

Candela Vizcaíno 2 years ago

A wonderful discovery on the Marbella Golden Mile. Pristine museum with free entry with works by the great representatives of 20th century art. They have a special attention to Surrealism and Latin American artists. The exhibits are of high quality and the visit is simple and friendly. If you are an art lover, you cannot miss it if you are in the area.

Jose Manuel Perez olvera 2 years ago

Very interesting site, We were seeing the altar of the dead typical of Mexican culture and very well set up. We already took the opportunity to see the works they have on display and it was impressive. I thank the museum and its staff for the time we enjoyed.

Joss F R 2 years ago

It is a completely free contemporary art museum, courtesy of Harry Recanati, a generous art collector, fascinated by surrealism, who puts at our disposal his entire collection spread over five museums around the world. Highly recommended this one from Marbella for its variety of artists and styles.

Linda Syder 3 years ago

Really interesting with wonderful pieces of art and also free entry! Well worth finding the gallery

Nora 3 years ago

An impressive collection, especially considering that it’s free. Well worth a visit. Easily accessible by bus. Do come here :)

ross ogilvie 3 years ago

Wonderful collection of European, South and Central American artists. Would highly recommend

R Day 3 years ago

A real nice art gallery that is free due to the collectors benevolence. Highly recommend. Some lovely sculptures and pictures as well as the classically hilarious I can’t believe someone paid money for that pictures. You be the judge. One of each below

Edoardo C 3 years ago

Free entrance and great vibe!

Sonia Farrugia 3 years ago


Kelvin Hayfield 3 years ago


Georg Beyer Clausen 4 years ago

Fantastic. Definitely a visit worthwhile!

Ángela del Valle 4 years ago

I love this museum, it is small, cozy but at the same time spacious, it has small but very cool Dalí sculptures, the exhibits change. It looks very quiet and you can take photos.

Divacia Santos (kmara360) 4 years ago

Wonderful experience. Had the opportunity to enjoy this museum in completely peace and very well attended. Amazing pieces from Miro, Dali, Tamayo, Quiroz and Chirico. Exquisite place.

Rudolf Koch 4 years ago

Excellent art collection, free and very friendly staff. Be sure to visit!

Kevin Craven 4 years ago

Excellent place to visit

Terry Husher 4 years ago

Amazing collection with some stand out pieces and all for free

HeikoJ R 4 years ago

Very nice museum. South America and some European art (several sculptures and paintings by Dalí) Unfortunately neither locals nor tourists show any interest.

Wendy Boast 4 years ago

A hidden gem of stunning art and free!

Auroray JG 4 years ago

A lovely, well-kept museum where you can freely enjoy great works of art

Abraham Serbetsoglou 4 years ago

A cultural gem in the heart of Costa del Sol!

Zatoushevsky Alexander 4 years ago

Heerlijke plek

Justin Waghray 4 years ago

Some great artwork here. Free is always great

Sarah B 4 years ago


Rolf Hallerbach 5 years ago

Light, colour and marbel! Beautiful sculptures, paintings and engravings from Latinamerican ad European artists. Even after several visits over the years still exciting. Highly recommended for art lovers and holiday markers.

Cath Campbell 5 years ago

Excellent museum with surprising variety of art works. Well worth a visit and it's free

Zum Zum 5 years ago

A hidden gem! Big thanks to the founder of the museum.

Maite Ochotorena 5 years ago

The altruism of the founder of the museum is admirable, as he is INTERESTING. How many museums in Spain are completely free to enter? The permanent work is EXTRAORDINARY. The building is wonderful. I recommend the visit, it is very enriching.

Bernard Leigh 5 years ago

Fascinating modern art exhibits mainly from South America displayed beautifully in an interesting building. Spent an enthralling time wandering around the paintings, sculptures and presentations. Free entry.

Asbjørn Hagen Nielsen 6 years ago

Great surprise. And free

Anastasia Surova-Kovaloff 6 years ago

Super Museum! Beautiful, spacious, bright. The pearl of the coast! A stunning collection of paintings and sculptures, including by Dali. Highly recommended for a visit! The entrance is free. The museum is just a gift for art lovers.

Mike Escott 6 years ago

Free to visit good disabled facilities and some beautiful art.

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