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Francia Kalea 24
01002, Vitoria / Gasteiz
945 20 90 20

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Het Artium Museum in Vitoria / Gasteiz is een van de toonaangevende musea van hedendaagse kunst in Spanje. Het bevindt zich in het hart van het Baskenland, in een omgebouwd 18e-eeuws klooster.

De collectie van het museum omvat meer dan 4.000 werken van Spaanse en internationale kunstenaars, over de 20e en 21e eeuw. Hoogtepunten zijn onder meer werken van Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí en Juan Gris. Het museum heeft ook een belangrijke verzameling Baskische kunst, met artiesten zoals Eduardo Chillida, Jorge Oteiza en Luis Fernández.

Het Artium Museum is ook de thuisbasis van een bibliotheek-, auditorium- en educatieve programma's. Het organiseert het hele jaar door tijdelijke tentoonstellingen en is een populaire bestemming voor zowel de lokale bevolking als bezoekers van Baskenland.

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  • Monday: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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Ita Bravo Duque 1 year ago

It has an exhibition of the children of the precious barrutia school where the children have participated

Mafalda 1 year ago

It came out for free in the afternoon and it was very cool

Maria jose martin 1 year ago

Magnificent museum! I recommend your visit!

alex bohimio 1 year ago

Nice place, nice view

Serena_Moon 1 year ago

Het is goed

Cristina 1 year ago

I was visiting with my husband and daughters. We had a drink at the Terrace of the Museum and a wonderful place, very good service, incredibly friendly staff, young people and the drink very well presented. The restaurant inside is a cucada, the beautiful bathroom, we will repeat without a doubt when we return to fer the family, Thanks Guys!

Lucia Ortiz 1 year ago

The museum is very new and the facilities are great, the staff very attentive, just one warning if you don't like contemporary art you won't like it, it was my case I didn't understand the exhibitions and found it boring, however, that's something personal and subjective

soyyocesar 1 year ago

Well, quite large and very complete. When I visited there were five exhibitions in its rooms. You have to take a while to see it well. It is contemporary art, you can find everything, but you have to go to discover it.

Igor Marin Ochoa 1 year ago

A great unknown with a collection that is worth it.

Dustin Frost 1 year ago


E 1 year ago


Tita Pinho 1 year ago

I really like this museum although on this last visit I found it a little abandoned... The glass sculpture on the entrance ceiling was not working and the fantastic museum shop had disappeared...

Javier Antelo 1 year ago

I've never had such a good time in a museum. I think it had been more for the company than for contemporary art. It is worth the visit. 100% recommendable

Miguel Fernández Ircio 2 years ago

It has an important collection of its own. It is a pity that Tourism does not make this museum more known

MrsZaritta 2 years ago

I have made here, in the rooms of this magnificent museum, a splendid workshop with an international artist (Julyen Hamilton), for very little money. Thanks to DanzAlava, a great and dynamic group, led by Ignacio (musician) and Zurine (dancer). Thank you Artium, for facilitating and supporting DanzAlava and allowing everyone to make art. Thank you!! I have done here, in the halls of this magnificent museum, a splendid workshop with an international artist, for very little money. Thanks to DanzAlava, a great and dynamic group, led by Ignacio (musician) and Zurine (dancer). Thank you Artium, for facilitating and supporting DanzAlava and allowing everyone to make art. Thanks!!

Joseba Koldobika Abaitua Odriozola 2 years ago

An asset for contemporary art lovers

Nubia monalisa 2 years ago

I have visited it twice and in both it has seemed very well organized and with beautiful works in the exhibition. so then the rare moment of the pandemic is over I would like to go back and enjoy the museum.

Monserrate Guillen Mojica 2 years ago

An obligatory stop, even if you don't understand art.

Keiko M 2 years ago

Spectacular, I particularly liked the small garden at the back of the building, this garden is not impressive in terms of design, but being the green city I could not miss a corner to relax, in terms of the exhibition I visit two non-permanent rooms, one of them was that of xavier salaberria and the other that of katinka bock, both very cool. Xavier's seemed very interesting to me, he also did photography and I love it. Katinka's is aesthetically very cool. Spectacular the idea of ​​involving the Museum in his work. ;) Highly recommended.

Rita Kc 2 years ago

Geweldige plek

Omer Butt 2 years ago

Leuk museum

Luis de Verástegui Mergelina 2 years ago

I have attended the opening of the Txaro Arrazola exhibition and I have loved the assembly of it.

Gerardo Arteaga 2 years ago

I wanted to visit them and I finally got it. It is not very crowded. We went with children and they were not bored as they gave us some notebooks to complete with questions. The exhibits are light and with few works. We can also enjoy works by Chillida and Oteiza among others. We were also with Josune, a truly peculiar and charming person! We will meet again there! Thanks!!

Erikps29 2 years ago

I have been 4-5 times in it, both with family and friends and I have liked all of them. I have been able to see impressive works and each time something new.

Edu Fernández 2 years ago

The architecture is fascinating, an original building that takes advantage of the underground space. The exhibition contents are current and recommended.

Saarkar Loog 3 years ago

Cool art

Pilar 3 years ago

Committed to new artistic manifestations.

Gonzalo Martín 4 years ago

We liked it a lot! The exhibitions are of very talented local artists from Vitoria. The price is free, you pay what each one wants to contribute.

PIKI 4 years ago

Different museum, less modern works are missing, but the variety of art presented and the welcoming of the galleries make the visit relevant.

miguel gomez jara 4 years ago

Goede plek

Enkarna Lopez 4 years ago

Very elegant, it's like getting into another world. The excellent guides. The Cafeteria very well and the phenomenal terrace, also coincided that towards an ideal night.

María López Gómez 4 years ago

A very recommendable visit, the three exhibitions that we liked a lot, the museum staff was very attentive giving us guidelines to enjoy more of the experience, we also had the opportunity to fill out a notebook of questions about one of the exhibitions and with that they gave us a gift in the store. There are many playful options to reflect on the works as a wall to hang "versions" of some of them.

prince Lionel 4 years ago

You should be here

Aitoru 11 4 years ago

I loved it! It has some impressive exhibits made by really competent artists. Excellent facilities and a bar where you can have a coffee with a peace of mind

Feliciano Acevedo Trebbau 4 years ago

Nice setting

Esperanza Fernández M. 4 years ago

It is a curious museum, almost all underground. With charming staff and spacious rooms. It has a small auditorium and a room that opens onto the garden, beautiful. I will be back!

RUBEN Eguzkilore 4 years ago

A great museum, pity that it is overshadowed by the proximity of the Guggenheim

Mathew Fedley 4 years ago


maite villamayor 5 years ago

If you like art, it will not leave you indifferent. Its great cafeteria with tasty press and skewers. Be sure to ask for a potato omelette with those buns spread in natural tomato ummm mm rich.

Tori Magee - Yoga 5 years ago

Wow! The temporary exhibition on at the moment by Olga Mesa & Francisco Ruiz de Infante is incredible!! Such an immersive and atmospheric experience!! Do not miss this if you visit the city before May!! By donation (or free) for all kids 14 and below, all students, unemployed & pensioners on any day so no reason to miss this amazing installation. By donation (or free) for everyone on Wednesdays.

Soledad Gion 5 years ago

A unique museum, the modernist building and it is in a fairly well located area in the city of vitoria

maria mercedes mauleon amestoy 5 years ago

A jewel of contemporary art that you should not miss if you are passing through Vitoria. In addition to admiring his works, then you can eat in his restaurant or have a drink in the cafeteria. It is a most pleasant environment.

Falo García 5 years ago

Being a small museum, I love the format it has, its exhibitions, the permanent and special collection, the conditions and the treatment offered by its staff. Wonderful children's activities that are organized.

Maria Angeles Yepes Soto 5 years ago

I went by chance on a Wednesday and more than delighted! It turns out that on Wednesdays you don't pay admission, you pay what you want (the museum suggests donating € 2). There is an audio guide at no additional cost and they also gave me an exploration notebook with which if I solved 10 puzzles they would give me a gift at the end of the tour. An unexpected but very rewarding experience, it made my day

César Orille Books & Gyms 5 years ago

Great! Very nice staff.

Manos Koutsoukos 5 years ago

Pleasantly surprising visit. Selected works under one roof

Claire Haffner 5 years ago


Karle Olalde 6 years ago

Nice place to take a coffee or a lunch

CÎMPEAN PETRU 6 years ago

A quiet place and Food RECOMMENDING it Fun and To choose

Iñigo Retana 6 years ago

It has the best collection of Basque and national contemporary art that exists. Its temporary exhibitions are not renowned for those of the Guggenheim but they are very enriching and always contribute, in addition to supporting quality artists. Activities and events are fine. It is worth the visit and if you are not motivated by this type of art then the guided tours will make you enjoy it!

Kyle MacDonald 6 years ago

Great art museum

Thomas Buffard 6 years ago


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