Casa del Sol - Museo de Segovia

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C. del Socorro 11
40003, Segovia
921 46 06 15

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De Casa del Sol - Museo de Segovia is een prachtig museum in Segovia, Spanje. Het museum is gewijd aan de geschiedenis en cultuur van Segovia en heeft een breed scala aan exposities en displays. Bezoekers kunnen leren over het Romeinse verleden van de stad, evenals de recentere geschiedenis als onderdeel van het koninkrijk Castilië. Het museum herbergt ook een verzameling Segoviaanse kunst, waaronder schilderijen, sculpturen en aardewerk. De Casa del Sol - Museo de Segovia is een must -see voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in de geschiedenis en cultuur van Segovia.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Andrea 1 year ago

It was foggy, but still, it was worth it.

Jeremy 1 year ago


Jonathan Fowler 1 year ago


DobleD 2 years ago

We have just finished our guided tour with Álvaro (his explanations and knowledge have been outstanding) they have many interesting objects that you can only see in this museum that for the modest price of €1 is a totally essential visit if you visit Segovia. 100% recommended and if you have Álvaro's guided tour even better

Jorge Domínguez 2 years ago

A museum that tells you the history of the city of Segovia from the Palaeolithic to the 20th century, it also has an elevator to go up to the top floor and its price is very cheap, people over 65 are free and the rest only pay € 1 .


I was pleasantly surprised. I liked a lot. And I thought it was a very good museum. Also free.

Pí BS 2 years ago

We have really enjoyed the museum, very interesting. Add the kindness of the people who work there, they have made our visit very comfortable and the attention given great. Thanks a lot

Fabián Domínguez Pérez 2 years ago

A highly recommended visit to learn the history of Segovia. In 1 hour or less you see everything.

Fuencisla Cayuela 2 years ago

Museum very well organized chronologically, very interesting and good information. Highly recommended to visit

Cristina Alvarez Fraile 2 years ago

An incredible place where you can enjoy the views without schedule problem. At night it has spectacular views.

Alberto Alvarez 2 years ago

Excellent, I loved the visit.

paquito paquitez 2 years ago

I was going to visit the temporary exhibition of Las Bulas de Cuéllar and I had a great surprise with the rest of the museum ...

Martin Pedraza 2 years ago

A museum with quite a few things; a hidden gem in Segovia. It is worth checking out.

Raquel Pérez 2 years ago

We liked it a lot. To me particularly the Visigothic part and the regional costumes. Segovia was full and here we were alone and very quiet. Highly recommended

Alfredo Bermejo 2 years ago

Beautiful. Views of the dead woman in the background (Sierra de Guadarrama), Jewish cemetery with tombs, foreground of the natural monument El Submarine. The provincial museum, now open, good exhibition of pieces. To highlight Visigothic art, impressive fibulae. Also the findings of the shelter of Estebanvela, with a home of the oldest found in the peninsula. It is also advisable to see the piece of the month, they value authentic little-known wonders. If you come with children, check beforehand, they have very fun activities for them from time to time. If you come walking from the Alcázar, you arrive at the museum, and on the same street you will not see the Plaza del Socorro, with a monument to Agapito Marazuela, the Francisco Peralta puppet museum-you can see some original crystal balls-, and the arch del Socorro with inscription of the Domine Cabra del Buscón, and the medieval house of the Nao Damores theater group. Taking the left, along the wall + walkway (visitable by appointment) you reach the cathedral and the Jewish quarter.

Paul Bredin 2 years ago


Mike Caldwell 2 years ago


Víctor Manuel López Fernández 3 years ago

Admission: € 1. Provincial museum, with a large number of archaeological pieces from the province of Segovia, and a part dedicated to looms, forges, etc. Recommended.

maria alcazar rus ruiz 3 years ago

Beautiful museum, essential to learn about the history of Segovia.

Toni 220854 3 years ago

A nice, pleasant museum and great people. You can not lose.

Eugenia Martin-Crespo 3 years ago

A very pleasant walk through the history of Segovia, well organized and well explained content. The building is also worthwhile and does not interfere with the collection.

Trahimi Nahire 3 years ago

Mega top, you can appreciate the immense beauty of Segoviana


It is worth taking some time to visit it. They have a very wide and varied collection. Admission is only 1 euro and it is worth it;)

Aitor Ruiz 3 years ago

Highly recommended. Perfect to finish rounding the visit to the city of Segovia, which is not fully understood without this look at the history of its province. The museum commitment is up to date and is very didactic and complete. I highlight the collection of Visigothic period pieces, probably the most varied in Europe.

gabi 3 years ago

Very complete, the prehistoric and Roman collection is amazing.

Urban Traveler 3 years ago



It is very interesting, lots of Roman objects

john wilkes 4 years ago

Nicely laid out, small, local history museum. Almost everything is in Spanish, but there are a few annotations in English. Only 1EUR. Evening hours are 4-7pm Oct-June, 5-8pm July-Sept.

Luz Mª Gómez Rubio 4 years ago

Excellent location. Historical building very well rehabilitated. Very interesting selection of funds; the medieval heritage (Visigothic hall!) and Renaissance. Very advisable

Jorge Gelato 4 years ago

Extraordinary city museum. Anthropology and history with historical and prehistoric elements and materials, displayed with technology, science and art. Magnificent exhibition of a modern museum. The staff, very willing and very friendly. Absolutely recommended for those who enjoy this type of Works and Arts.

Pablo Menchon 4 years ago

Wonderful views of the wall and the cathedral

Adrián Holguin 4 years ago

Splendid museum about the history of Segovia and its province. Virtually unknown to the public, the variety of its objects is spectacular

Mark Dawson 4 years ago

Free entry to a good collection of artefacts about the history and culture of Segovia that's found a home in an old abattoir - beautifully designed and revamped

Ruben Ramirez 4 years ago

Spectacular view both day and night, you can see the cathedral and much of the wall, it is very close to the center and it is very worth stopping and contemplating a part of Segovia.

Luis Benagulu, Espacio Literario TvGroucho 4 years ago

Super interesting for the works of Painter Mariano Quintanilla

Jose Roberto Sotto 4 years ago

CASA DO SOL - MUSEUM OF SEGOVIA Historical-Artistic Heritage The Provincial Museum of Segovia, created in 1844, like others of their same kind after collecting objects coming in earlier activities, goods that the church had collected in the province. Once these objects have been housed in different buildings, the city gives the State an old building that had been slaughterhouse since the time of Henry IV, to be definitively Museum. CASA DEL SOL, with a good and interesting collection.

Jason Sioutis 4 years ago

Very well organized museum. The security personnel helped through our tour as well! You have to visit it!

Álvaro Vera Roig 4 years ago

Much better than expected. I really liked it, it has a lot of old pieces.

Ricard Romero Cano 4 years ago

Very didactic museum to learn and understand the history of the city

Lucia Alvarez 4 years ago

Interesting visit. It is a very varied and entertaining museum, with many explanatory models of a batan, coined coins, sawed wood, archaeological, pictorial, sculptural ... besides the staff who are taking care of the museum very kind, they even gave us some explanation of the above....

Quique Público no 4 years ago

Very nice, deserves to visit it, on Sundays it's free

Tato Banito 4 years ago

Good views of the wall, the cathedral and the orchards of the valley, from there to the museum or to the Alcázar and if not to the Jewish quarters, since you have seen their burials in the Cuesta de Hoyos, we will make a little visit to their lives, it's time to go up worth.

Javier Ortiz Muñoz 4 years ago

Beautiful views!

S. 5 years ago

In cre i ble

Carlos Tornadijo 5 years ago

Great museum, it is very sad that despite being free it was almost empty. Why?

Víctor M Matías 5 years ago

Very well ordered, chronologically, the best collection of Visigothic fibulae, the Roman theme, aqueduct, etc., very interesting, very good pieces from the 15th and 19th centuries.

Marcelo Ferrando 5 years ago

This archaeological museum is a must see in Segovia. Very, very complete and with an excellent narrative of the province!

Mario Santos 5 years ago

Museum about the history of the Segovia area from the beginnings of man until now

Pablo Rodríguez Romo 6 years ago

A great museum where you will find a part of the history of Segovia.

Susana Pavon 6 years ago

An exceptional place to visit and get to know Segovia from its fantastic beginnings

Uge (La Web de Sebúlcor) 6 years ago

Very interesting compilation of all cultures that have passed through Segovia and province

Alexey Morgunov 7 years ago

great views next to it on the outside

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