Museu d'Història de Girona

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Carrer de la Força 27
17004, Girona
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De Museu d'Iltòria de Girona (Girona History Museum) bevindt zich in het hart van de stad Girona, in de provincie met dezelfde naam in de autonome gemeenschap van Catalonië in het noordoosten van Spanje. Opgericht in 1854 is het een van de oudste musea in Catalonië. Het museum is gehuisvest in een voormalig klooster in de orde van predikers, in de volksmond bekend als de Dominicanen, die werd opgericht in 1217.

De collecties van het museum omvatten de geschiedenis van Girona en zijn provincie van prehistorische tijden tot heden. Ze omvatten archeologische vondsten, middeleeuwse objecten, schilderijen, sculpturen, munten, medailles en andere kunstwerken. Het museum heeft ook een belangrijke bibliotheek met meer dan 30.000 delen, die gespecialiseerd is in de geschiedenis van Girona en Catalonië.

Het museum is van dinsdag tot zaterdag open voor het publiek en de toegang is gratis.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Thursday: 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Friday: 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Saturday: 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Sunday: 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM

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Rosa De soto Miranda 1 year ago

This summer I visited it, I was very surprised, it seems like a small building, but no. It has three floors and is very complete, a walk through history Highly recommended in Girona.

Raimon Cortese i Vallvé 1 year ago

All right, the building is very big and beautiful, now the architect who built the concrete bridge not so many years ago was on top of everything because it is horrible, unstable and badly done.

Jordi López 1 year ago

Located in the building that housed the city's old high school and of which Josep Pla was a student and wrote, the museum has several floors that order the history of the city chronologically. Highlights include the ground floor dedicated to the Roman Gerunda and the pieces of extraordinary value on display.

Frank Heister 1 year ago

Worth seeing.

M. Mar Barba Vidal 1 year ago

Great exposure despite the small size of the sample. Very healing, it is noticeable that she is prepared with feeling and emotion. Many thanks to whoever made it possible!

Ricardo Rabinovich-Berkman 1 year ago

Very good museum, educational and complete. The room with drawings of the attacks, made by girls and boys during the civil war, is painfully unmissable. Try to take advantage of the free Sunday of each month.

Jose Luis Ordoñez 2 years ago

Fantastic! Well kept, very well illustrated collection.

Julia Juliatm 2 years ago

Very pleasant and beautiful. We really liked it and are recommending it to everyone.

jose hors 2 years ago

Very efficient in terms of visitor service, super clean, interesting museum and very well located in the old town of Girona, excellent.

Orianna Robles 2 years ago

I enjoyed the visit very much.

Rodrigo Marcet 2 years ago

It's the best place to understand the city, I would even go as far as recommending a visit instead of hiring a guide; if you visit it first, you'll understand the city very well when touring around the old quarters.

Ojo de Pez 2 years ago

The last exhibition was quite interesting, it was about the museums under the bombs, it was about Catalan art that went into exile in the Spanish civil war

César Pascual Ramos 2 years ago

The Girona history museum is a place that I have recently discovered and wish I had found sooner. They make discounts to students and others, and because it is from Girona, entry is free. It is very large and explains the history of Girona in detail, from its Roman origins to the present day. It has all kinds of very interesting samples and texts. I totally recommend it to anyone interested in the history of the city ...

David Jordan Vilar 2 years ago

Really good

MASCAYUNQUES 2 years ago

Very cool and complete. It runs in 2-3 hours. Standard price €4, €2 reduced rate.

Manuela Nieto 2 years ago

We liked it a lot and it was free because it was the first Sunday of the month

Rafael Peñalosa 2 years ago

Zeer interessant.

András Farkas 2 years ago

It's bigger then it looks like, the entrance for UdG students it's for free. It was a good experience and could learn alot about the history of Girona.

Eduardo Rojas 2 years ago

In a small space, you enjoy a wide journey through the history of our city. You see authentic pieces very well preserved, which by themselves narrate momentous events. You travel in time the various changes, struggles, achievements, advances, projects and improvements of our city, which still preserves the vestiges of its past and is heading safely towards the future. This museum allows us to keep alive the vibrant history of our region, it allows us to know ourselves and therefore to know where and why we project our future.

JJ 2 years ago

Didn't go in

Susi Pla 2 years ago

A journey through the history of the city, a marvel.

Jordi Rovira 2 years ago

Very interesting. With many themes from the history of Girona

David Binnerts 2 years ago


Yamil Ali Pacheco Romero 3 years ago

The museum is very nice. Maximum travel time of one hour. Bring a mobile phone for the audio guides because the cards are in Catalan. The person who attended us was very friendly.

josep mitjà 3 years ago

It is the chronology of an intense past history of more than 2000 years - Roman civilization - medieval - modern and current. History with a lot of epic due to being a crowded city besieged by numerous armies.

Mimi Amaru Illari 3 years ago

A small museum that offers interactive content on the history of the city. The ticket is not expensive and for students it is half the price. ;-)

Augusto Decoud 4 years ago

Interessante plek

Rosa Schoenmaker 4 years ago

A very good way to get to know the history of these Dutch pioneers who with bravery and courage brought and donated their culture to the city of De Holambra. The museum contains historical records collected among the pioneers. There you can experience through photos and objects what the early days of Holambra were like. It is worth knowing this precious memorial.

alabanzas Carrasco Baquedano 4 years ago

Zeer goed

Albert Pons Torres 4 years ago

We liked the exhibition of photographs of the great Fargnoli, one of the pioneers of the photographic image, made with care. A journey through time for our land.

Angela Kirk 4 years ago

Informative and user friendly. Staff on reception helpful and well informed

Maconcepcion exposito ayuso 4 years ago

Very well

Deirdre Abril 4 years ago

It is very didactic, very visual and harmonic. The curatorship is very good, recommended to go to know the great story that is hidden in this beautiful region.

Cristina Freixes 4 years ago

The Museum of History of Girona is even more attractive if you visit it during the Time of Flowers where it is decorated with magnificent floral decorations. A totally recommended visit to have a view of the historical origins of the city and its evolution and changes up to the present day, going through all its historical stages.

carles pagès sala 4 years ago

A place that has a lot to do and know.

Anna MB 4 years ago

Very complete museum where they explain in detail the different stages of the city from Roman times to the present day. Very well organized by rooms and good indication. To highlight the section on the republic and civil war. Special mention to the incredibly clean museum bathrooms, both me and my boyfriend had one of our best poops ever. Apart from the clean toilets, there were no people, which made it a very pleasant and pleasant experience. The correct ventilation of the toilet meant that the smell of truños was well concealed. At the exit we were able to refill water, all in all we could say that it was a very well cushioned entry.

Nemain 4 years ago

Very interesting, very spacious (with several floors) and with a lot of information. I don't finish it in one day. To take a photo is also fine. The friendly treatment, and being from Girona access is free .

Miguel Trilla 4 years ago

Very good museum to understand the history of Girona

Bilal Utmeh 4 years ago

It was very beautiful and rich in both the Gironian and the Catalan heritage. I was very pleased with this visit and the history of Girona

Montserrat lujan rovira 4 years ago

Imprescinple, authentic jewels of the past and of the importance of Girona in the Middle Ages

Jeanie Crowson 4 years ago

Fascinating collections depicting the history of the City, and beautifully displayed. An oasis of cool and calm after the strong heat and crowds outside. Thank you. Jeanie

Loch Miwa 4 years ago

Very informative museum with well done exhibits covering the history of Girona from Roman times to the present. Cards with translations available for each section.

Lars Karlström 4 years ago

Zeer interessant

Shane Hansom 4 years ago


Irene Cotrina 4 years ago


Alfonso JC 5 years ago

It is very didactic. Congratulations to the museographer who designed it

Emmanuel Alejandro 5 years ago

The museum offers numerous exhibitions and in addition to its great historical collection, the thematic rooms cover the history of Catalonia since prehistory. It is a must-see for any tourist and lover of world cultures.

Thales Ferreira Pinto 5 years ago


Michael John 6 years ago

Very good collection of artefacts and resources about Girona, but it's lack of inter-activity makes it slightly dated. However, for many this might be an advantage. It has a certain traditional charm and the sections on the effects of the Franco regime locally are moving.

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