Eye Film Museum

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IJpromenade 1
1031 KT, Amsterdam
020 589 1400

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Het Eye Film Museum is een Nederlands museum gewijd aan film, gevestigd in Amsterdam. Het museum opende zijn deuren in 1988 en is sindsdien een van de populairste toeristische attracties van de stad geworden. Het museum is de thuisbasis van een verzameling van meer dan 35.000 films, evenals een bibliotheek en archief. Het museum organiseert ook het hele jaar door verschillende evenementen en vertoningen.

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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Anne Kinara 1 year ago

This is a pleasant spacious restaurant with a very beautiful views of the harbour of Amsterdam. It also has a wide terrace open during summer. We enjoyed perfect coffee and snacks . The EYE building also houses various cinema's belonging to the Netherlands film museum where a variety of Interesting and high quality movies and documentaries from all over the world are shown. We attended a movie made by an filmmaker from Pakistan, which touched our hearts.

Stephan Nguyen 1 year ago

interesting architecture, exhibits were nice as well

Mohammad Syed 1 year ago

Would really recommend this place at least for the exhibitions (I didn't go to the cinema). Found each one really interesting and loved the fatboy bean bags.

David Moore 1 year ago

VIEW! and stylish crowd, and great bar staff. And great hot chocolate. And the mountain of cream that comes with it. And fun interior. And architecture. Yes.

Codrina Petcu 1 year ago

really interesting, but wouldn't recommend if you want an engaging experience. it full of information that is amazing tho

Kim 1 year ago

The Eye Museum building is modern and eye catching. Of course you can watch movies over there but the biggest surprise was the free exhibition you can enjoy in the basement, although you need a ticket I would highly recommend this short and interactive exhibition if you want a little cultural and creative (de)tour while you are there. You will need about 15-30 minutes for this part.

Luc 1 year ago

Very beautifull museum with a nice view to the city.the ferry is free to join and you have a nice restaurant

Srishti singh 1 year ago

Beautiful place for art lovers.. And you can visit the restaurant dine in with the beautiful view of Amsterdam...!

Ibrar 1 year ago

Thank you for the magical experience, visited in the winter time. Exploring the river Bank in the snow and frozen lake was a unique experience I can't put into words.

Monkey Duff 1 year ago


aiimeeeX X 1 year ago

Great service and kind employees, interesting films, interesting architecture and a great restaurant.

Wayne Devlin 1 year ago

What a wonderful place if you love movies, a must visit and reall accessible by the free ferry from yhe central sataion. We arrived on the day and were able to pay at the desk. Everything you would like to know about movies past and present, a self guided tour so you can take your time and really soak everything in, when your finished you can visit the cafe/bar/restaurant overlooking the River and then pay a visit to the gift shop on the way out where there's a great selection on old movie memorabilia.

Robert Henry 1 year ago

Enjoyed & learned from the exhibits. Had fun with interactive sections. It has a great cafe (indoor/outdoor seating) and the food was delicious. Really enjoyed the tuna sandwich.

Φίλιππος Κονδύλης 1 year ago

Excellent view of the channel and the banks of Amsterdam central station. The restaurant is well positioned with 270 degrees circular view and delicious choices for coffee, tea and sweets.

Andy Malinao 1 year ago


Valerie Pate 1 year ago


Satya R 1 year ago


Ana Isabel Estevez Alonso 1 year ago

Magnificent experience.... the beauty and modern design of the building, outdoors and indoors, gives an excellent atmosphere that brings the cinematic experience to a higher level.. here not only can you watch independent good films, but also special screenings with the director's original format... great sound and comfortable seats... grand bar and outstanding view from their gigantic windows and terrace of the Ij and Amsterdam... good prices and nice offers too for the movies...

Manu Shrivastava 1 year ago


Guilherme Razente 1 year ago

The temporary exhibition is amazing, take your time to imagine yourself in the directors place, very deep emotions and self understanding

Eoin Moriarty 1 year ago

The architecture of the building is incredible, but not just its sleek white angular exterior you see from the Amsterdam train station. Inside the building there's an incredible atrium with views of the city, and a solid cafe/bar. The exhibitions and cinemas are also really solid. It's a great afternoon stay in Amsterdam. (Photo doesn't do it justice)

Bo Thet Htun 1 year ago

Eye Film Museum is one of the best modernised building design. You must go there by free ferry boat. View is amazing. Check the photos.

Manimaran 2 years ago

I visited here in 2013.Nice place with food, bars,cinemas, restaurants.I came through by boat journey from other end. Superb environment inside the museum. I find first couples cinemas as 2 people can together watch separately the film, which i find fantastic idea. View from the museum is superb when we look out as the river we can see. Definitely visit here if you visit Amsterdam. Flim museum is another level what i seen. Overall nice experience. Climate also perfect when i visited in December month.

Kate Rakova 2 years ago

One of the best places to hang out in Amsterdam. The building itself is a masterpiece, and the area around it, by the water, is just created for enjoying a bit of sun and a stroll along the IJ. Very photogenic too. Very easy to get there from Centraal - just a 3 min free ferry ride. Inside there is an impressive exhibition space, there is always something to check out! Also, they have a cinema with a great selection of movies, very different from the cinema chains - they have everything, from blockbusters to festival movies and old movies too. The cinema usually runs all day long, there is always something to choose from. Finally, they have the best terrace in the city. The bar itself is nothing special, but having a drink and a snack overlooking the water (especially on a summer evening) is absolutely priceless.

Stephen Alfreds 2 years ago

I was affected by my time at Eye film museum today. Not only were the exhibitions special and effective, I met and interacted with real people. Also I saw Owen Wilson.

Lars 3 years ago

Beautiful museum with a really great views from the restaurant. Worth going to if you have an interest in the history of films and cinema. Can even watch full length old films there if you like. Restaurant is reasonably priced and the food was very good.

Mazen Saber 3 years ago

The architectural beauty of this place is mind blowing. It is such an elegant and futuristic place. I didn't explore the museum itself but I was there for the documentary film festival. Very modern and nice.

Naomi Patchett 3 years ago

Really interesting place and beautiful both inside and outside! Also love the fact you can watch full movies downstairs in the film pods as well as playing quizzes - makes for plenty of things to keep you entertained. The restaurant inside was also spectacular with the food a particular highlight, although I must add the view from the restaurant was incredible!

Kev Bradshaw 4 years ago

Stunning building with state of the art equipment in vision and sound. The exhibition we attended was intriguing, captivating and very thought provoking. Location is good, being right by the river you get good views of the areas. Boat across the water if FREE, another brilliant feature.

Dondré 4 years ago

As an avid movie watcher I had to come to this Museum. This place is amazing. The architecture is incredible. The inside you can walk around and check out the history of film. You can watch films here and they also have a restaurant and a gift shop.

Esin Hezer 4 years ago

Nice museum with a good restaurant which has a great canal view, and good food.. I also liked the arts shop in the building, you can find really good art pieces there.. Highly recommended..


Outstanding Building. All the side of this futuristic construction is breathtaking. I really suggest you to read the story and the concept behind the architect’s idea. I really suggest you to get the ticket and watch one of the several different shows that they have. You won’t be disappointed

youngjay12345 4 years ago

One of the greatest film museums I've ever been to. The special exhibition is what you wanna go for, since it takes up the main part of everything and the constant exhibition is not that big or interesting. The Jan Švankmajer exhibition that was on when I went was just amazing. I had been to an exhibition of his works before in Prague, but this was much better with a lot of attention to detail. The building itself is beautifully desigend and has a great cafe and gift shop.

sarah afifi 4 years ago

Cool building. Take the free ferry from Centraal Station - only takes a couple of minutes to get there. Right next to the big Amsterdam sign and A’DAM lookout with the swings.

Jimithy Jones 4 years ago

Excellent cinema with restaurant and bar. The views are stunning! We particularity liked the free lockers for use in storing jackets and bags. We seen "the favourite " and were impressed by the ambience of the room and darkness which made distraction free viewing.

Muhammad Yoga C. 4 years ago

The museum’s collection, which consists of 46,000 film titles, 35,000 posters, 450,000 stills, 1.900 periodicals and 30,000 books with more items being added all the time is the source of inspiration for the institute’s film programs, exhibitions and events. If you’re a student with nothing to do I would highly recommend it!

Ms L Wright 4 years ago

Museum about film. I loved every moment of it. There are a few free exhibits inside. There are 4 cinema spaces with regularly scheduled movies. The staff was very friendly and polite. I definitely will be back when the flip book is fixed.

Константин Щеников (Konstantin Shchenikov) 4 years ago

Very interesting place! Besides cinema and souvenirs you can visit the exposition of history of cinematograph (for free!). Stereophoto, first cameras and other mashines, some of them you can even try! You can put yourself in early movies using green screen and know a lot of interesting about history of that kind of art.

Mieleous 4 years ago

What an amazing place! If you love film, it's well worth the visit. It's only small but it's packed with so much history. I was in there for 4 hours!

Ally Kanji 4 years ago

Certainly an exciting experience; beautifully crafted with unique architecture. The form is one with the message, and that is always something to look forward to. PS: The passion fruit cheese cake is to die for.

David Clarke 5 years ago

An architectural masterpiece. Visit just to indulge in the vacuous lunch area. The main exhibition and history of film elements are interactive and engaging. Great for all the family offering excellent facilities.

Oksana Vinkarklina 5 years ago

This is super cool building.Its located on the bank of channel. If you sit in the evening on the open terrace after sunset you will see beautiful views of the city. Nice,charming,fantastic,and you can also cheer yourself to some nice drink and meal.And watch ships passing by.

Katja Kaygin 6 years ago

Great architecture from the outside and inside. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to watch a film, but I can imagine it will be great. There is a small film museum in the cellar. Well it is interesting, but very small, so do not expect too much. But it is for free. There is also a beautiful café inside and a shop, where you can buy some nice things. The free ferry from the Centraal Station take you to the Eye.

Sebastien Toupy 6 years ago

Fabulous restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam! Located by the water, The eye offers Scrumptious food, fantastic views and a delightful atmosphere. Certainly an evening to remember...

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