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Maliebaanstation 16
3581 XW, Utrecht
030 230 6206

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Het Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht is een museum gewijd aan de geschiedenis van de Nederlandse spoorwegen. Het museum bevindt zich in het voormalige station van Utrecht, het eerste treinstation in Nederland. Het museum heeft een verzameling van meer dan 200 locomotieven en coaches, evenals een grote verzameling spoorwegapparatuur en objecten. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek en een archief. Het museum is geopend van dinsdag tot zondag.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Ricard Garrido 1 year ago

A must do for everyone who loves trains! It has also interactive parts and it's well connected by NS trains (the Utrecht Maliebaan station is right by the museum's entrance, so easy to reach from Utrecht Centraal). Don't miss it!

Jakub Kaczmarzyk 1 year ago

Words cannot describe our experience. The amount of dedication and attention to detail the employees of the museum put in is simply incredible. We spent over three hours here learning about trains, the history of the Dutch railway system, and the Dutch postal system. The museum has something for everyone. It is highly interactive as well. Highly recommend all of the experiences, especially Steel Monsters and the TechLab.

Mary 1 year ago

Love this place. We spent an hour at least at the first station & steamtrain, only then realizing that this was just the entrance and a huge museum lay behind it. Definately coming back!

Carlos Mera 1 year ago

Interesting museum with trains. Having been to the UK, South America and India I was expecting typical British trains, but these carriages were rather original. Worth a visit

廖思嘉 1 year ago

Definitely worth it. Besides all the visible exhibition, do not miss the rides or the surprise underground back to the old time. They all come to me without expected.

Dark Weeb 1 year ago

Really interesting museum. The theme runs throughout the entire museum, even with the lockers and the toilets. There is a special playground for kids, indoor and outdoors. Most of the museum is indoors, but there are a few places where you can go outside. There are places to sit down and have a drink or have lunch (a bit pricey in my opinion, but was good). There are a few rides you can go on which are both educational and fun, not just for kids! The highlight of my day was definitely the old station before the train theater, where we got a live show from a character. The atmosphere of the station beforehand was great (the design and such), and the man that did the show was so enthousiastic about it I couldn't help but smile. Shout out to the cook! The only problem for me would be that there was a little too much to see with little direction to go off. Maybe that gives others freedom, but I felt a bit overwhelmed. It was also busy because of a special exposition, which didn't help. It was nice though!

Gavriel Fleischer 1 year ago

Make sure you have enough time, there are many things to see, especially with kids

Wanda G 1 year ago

If you enjoy trains and want to see some real ones, here is the place to go. There is some small ones you may have never thought of and very unique ones.

Houssam Soubra 1 year ago

Unfortunately we were not able to visit the museum because one of the kids got sick. The museum staff were really friendly and gave us a full refund. Hope we can visit again soon. The full stars is based on the service rendered.

Murat Çağatay Nesimioğlu 1 year ago


Ran Kunst 1 year ago

A one of a kind experience. When you enter this museum you are thrown back in time. An old station is transformed into a beautiful entrance to the large space where you'll find a wide variety of old trains. The museam is beautiful and filled with surprises for young and old. A must see for lovers of trains and everyone else.

Cantinieaux Violette 1 year ago

Absolutely amazing place, beautiful old models of trains but also some nice experiences to do inside the museum. Good to do with children too

Emrah Öz 1 year ago

This place is great. Best places are hidden under doors. There is a real train to ride, and also there is a nice simulator train that your kids can enjoy.

Koen Zomers 1 year ago

Blown away by this museum. Was expecting a big room with some old trains in them and that's it. This was so much more than just that. Really large, incredibly fun rides and rooms. Nice puzzles for kids and parents. Almost could call it a small amusement park. Friendly staff. The show of about 30 minutes was incredibly professional and fun. Free drinking water tap a little outside the paid area. Parking costs 9,50 euro for the entire day and is right in front of the museum. It hosts 6 EV 16 Amps/11kW chargers. Only weird the the outdoor kids train stopped running at 3.30 PM already even though everything else was open until 5 PM and that there was no sign stating so at the train platform itself. Souvenir shop also closed 10 to 5 PM so if you think about getting your kids a lolly or souvenir on the way out, don't wait until the last moment. We spent 5 hours here and weren't even able to see everything yet. Highly recommended to visit this place. Lots of fun with and without kids.

Emrah Onder 1 year ago

We went to this museum with my 5 year old son at the weekend. Access to the museum is really easy, walking distance from Utrecht Centraal train station. If you are coming by car, it has its own parking lot right in front of it. You can use this car park for 9.50 Euros. Museumkaart is valid. Inside, you can find everything about trains. It is also very fun for children because there are some special activities for them. For example, there is a special little train and dresin for them in the children's playground outside. You can take a journey from the first steam train in the Netherlands to the present day. You can also go 200 years ago with a time machine and visit a Dutch town that existed at that time. We spent about 4 hours and I advise you to spend at least half a day here.

Ed Pat 1 year ago

Nice place to go with family and friends plenty playgrounds for the kids and the staff was very friendly

Beertje de Jager 1 year ago

Had so much fun in this museum! Many things to see and they put effort in nice little details! You can walk through old trains, walk through an old village with train station (looks like movie scene), look at tiny train models, see a kids theatre show and go for a ride in a spooky train rollercoaster (not super intense). There were many interactive things and they clearly put effort in making it fun for children! There was also a restaurant and a snackbar. We didn't have time to see everything, but would love to come back sometime!

Stephen Alfreds 1 year ago

what could possibly be a really dull museum os perked by some really fascinating exhibitions. some might be a tad scary for little kids (the Steel Monster ride was a bit scary for this big kid!) but overall a really fun, interactive and tangible look at the history of the railway. A great place to bring kids. the parking was plentiful (but in fairness it was a slow day).

Yajing 2 years ago

Family’s favorite museum! Every time discovering new details. Recently they built the new hyperloop corner, really informative and fun to learn the latest development in railways! The content, experiment and movies are soooo well made even my 4,5 year old can follow the materials. Looking forward to visiting again!

hyunjung kim 2 years ago

Super fun!!! Exibition perfect! There are some activities kids might find super exciting! Your kids should take a mini train ride outside and VR program.

Scott Sanders 2 years ago

Amazing museum filled with history and activities the entire family can enjoy. Well worth the trip. Attention to detail was spot on. You can easily spend the entire day here!

Satya R 2 years ago

One of the best museum in Netherlands. A must visit. History is neatly preserved. It's spread in a decent area and every bit of space is utilized to amplify the experience. How to reach - - By car, it can be easily reached. There is paid parking in front of the museum for 9.5 eur. But reach early, the spots can fill up and road side paid parking in Utrecht is very costly. - There is a shuttle train from Utrecht central to museum entrance for every one hour. Best for the travellers. - You also can have a walk from central station through Saturday market, canals, cafes and parks which is refreshing. Alternatively you can take bus 4, 8, 50 to reach near by and have a short walk. - You need one full day to completely experience the museum. Kids will love it.

Brenda Ferrer 3 years ago

Definitely a mandatory visit while traveling across The Netherlands. The place is not only interesting, but very beautiful. There's like a childish magic inside and a lot of hidden tricks and places for the visitor to discover. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from the front part of the museum where all the royal rooms are but they're definitely worth seeing. Highly recommend it!

Paris Giazitzidis 3 years ago

Very nice museum especially for young children. There are many things to see, so you need to plan spending 3-4 hours there. Sometimes queues for several attractions can reach the 30 minutes. There are around 10-15 real trains which you can visit and get on board.

lena andreytseva 3 years ago

Great museum! The visit will be interesting both for adults and children. A lot of interactive locations, great decorations, great collection of trains. Interesting way of presentation of historical facts and events. U will spent here 3 hours minimum

Jon-David Graham 3 years ago

Wow, this was an excellent day trip. Great for children of all ages and also great to just go and wander around back in time. I am exceptionally happy to note the care in maintaining social distancing during your time at the museum. A lot of clever ideas were involved. My family and I had a wonderful time and we would gladly go back.

Francesco 3 years ago

A museum that met all expectations. There is a lot of history to discover and the location is very beautiful, particular and well organized. There are several attractions, it is recommended for the whole family; the visit was very pleasant.

erik kruit 3 years ago

Nice to be able to see the interior of old Dutch and German trains . Also insight is given on how traffic security was performed and how steam engines work . Beautiful to see all the old train wagons. And all Corona proof by using a red sign that needs to be lit white before you are allowed into a wagon to prevent too many people in a wagon, meaning one household at a time inside a wagon

Mirjam DepDan 4 years ago

I think this museum is one of the most beautiful in the Netherlands. Very rich in details, old trains, films, event halls and play/science stations. We really loved it as a whole family. And if it came to a goodbye, the kids didn't want to leave - that is the best result a musuem can have. The restaurant is also good, even the toilets are not as usual.

Ivo van den Berk 4 years ago

Great fun for kids, although some of the rides are quite dark and exciting for the younger ones. Great mix between museum and theme park. During holidays come 15 minutes before opening to be sure you have a parking spot as parking spaces in the museum grounds are limited. Otherwise you run the risk of having to park as far as the uithof. Drinks and food are quite expensive, but you're allowed to bring your own. Coffee and hot chocolate were almost cold, but the pea soup was great and hot. Overall a great day out with the kids

Françoise CATHERIN 4 years ago

Beautiful railway museum. You'll travel through the time with all the locomotives and wagons. New place to do some "experiences". And they prepare a new one! Even if you're not a train fan, you'll enjoy the visit. And when the weather is fine, a little train and some outdoor games will please the youngest.

Tonatiuh Romero 4 years ago

So much fun in this place! small train outside with a playground. There is also a restaurant inside in case you are hungry. Take your time to visit all the sections in the museum, we almost missed the small roller coaster in one of the sections. Upstairs there is an experiment lab that with nice experiments, some of them were out of order but hopefully will be fix soon. If you come by cark there is parking but you need to pay 10 euros per the whole day. If you come early you can visit this museum and the speelklok museum nearby in the same day!

Richard Maguire 6 years ago

Gorgeous buildings, fantastic trains and fun for all the family. We spent about 4 hours here and only had to leave because my child had a bit of an accident and we needed to get the ferry home! Lots of very well preserved trains, regular talks, great gift shop nice outdoor playground and even several theatres and rides! The entry is rather expensive, but it is certainly worth it in my opinion! Oh, and the first aiders are also excellent ;)

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