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Hoofdstraat 28
7213 CW, Deventer

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Het meer museum in Deventer is een museum gewijd aan de geschiedenis van de stad Deventer. Het museum bevindt zich in het voormalige stadhuis, dat werd gebouwd in de 15e eeuw. Het museum heeft een verzameling artefacten uit de geschiedenis van de stad, waaronder een model van de stad uit de 16e eeuw, een verzameling munten uit de munt van de stad en een verzameling schilderijen uit de 17e en 18e eeuw. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek met een verzameling boeken over de geschiedenis van de stad.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Jasper van Hensbergen 1 year ago

Been several times but you keep being surprised. Beautiful space where even the toilets are beautifully designed. Will keep coming. My 6 year old son also had a great time.

Geert van der Tuuk 1 year ago

Wonderful exhibits. Many special artists and a lot of explanation about the various works of art.

Hilleke Linthorst 1 year ago

Excellently hung fantastic work by both Anya Janssen and Tadeusz. At the museum is a beautiful statue of a full size baby rino. And.. the coffee is nice and the pastry way too tasty. The service is excellent and the attendants are art connoisseurs right away!

Gerard de Wilde 1 year ago

Beautiful spatial exhibition. Texts very legible. Restaurant outsourced to a real catering company. Free parking in the immediate vicinity.

Berry yogaberry Deventer Steenbruggen yoga (Yogaberry) 1 year ago

Fortunately, we live in Deventer and can easily and quickly reach More Gorssel. More has a creative team. Last weekend we walked mindfulness past the paintings. An impressive workshop

Monica Van Veldhuizen 1 year ago

Beautifully organized museum Artistic building Paintings are hung in such a way that you can view them from a great distance Lots of variety in collections

Inge van Niel 1 year ago

Wonderful museum! Beautiful exhibition.

Robert Hendriks 1 year ago

Beautifully built museum. Spacious halls with good lighting. Art hangs and looks very nice. The permanent collection is magnificent and the temporary exhibitions are always worth seeing. This time we saw German painter Norbert Tadeusz, very special and impressive. We also saw the Dutch painter Anya Janssen, the works of art are very finely painted and have a very alienating effect. Beautiful art.

Gerri 1 year ago

Wonderful museum. Free parking. Exhibition Thadeusz is very special. The rest of the museum is also interesting. Staff can provide a lot of extra information.

Guido Hulscher 1 year ago

A nice spacious and bright museum. The permanent collection is worth seeing. The museum is organized thematically, which makes it interesting to compare works. If you're in time for Anya Jansen's exhibition, you're in luck: her work is enchantingly good!

Salomo Poiesz 1 year ago

Visited the museum especially for Anya Janssen / Earthling exhibition. Museum is a nice sleek building with beautiful exhibits. Besides Gorssel, More Ruurlo is also recommended.

שירי גולדברג 1 year ago


Ria van Iersel 1 year ago

Beautiful works of art. We have been again this year. We saw a painting of a child in black with black boots. Unfortunately I did not photograph the caption. Maybe someone knows who that girl is?

Gerard Hunter 1 year ago

Very interesting exhibitions in a modern setting.

Corno van Renssen 1 year ago

Nice museum, easily accessible, interesting collection (modern realism) with a matching exhibition about modern realism in pre-war Czechoslovakia. Nice 10 minute lecture on that. The entire collection can be viewed in 1.5 to 2 hours. Then you have not missed anything and that gives a good feeling. All in all, highly recommended.

Ria Tuller 2 years ago


Johan Wivel 2 years ago

Lovely museum. Great hidden gem in a cute town.

Patrick Hermans 2 years ago

Bob Ross was great

Joke Harbers 2 years ago


Frank Schrijver 2 years ago

Bob Ross collection was awesome!

O “nn” O 2 years ago

Happy little creatures

Ndyuka-Art Plein 2 years ago


Jean Paul Hoogmans 2 years ago

Nice museum and a helpfull staff.

Peter Kock 2 years ago

Wonderful museum. Nice permanent collection with enough variation. But came especially for Bob Ross. Nice setup with quite a few paintings. Nice piece of cult youth sentiment. And special because it is the first Bob exhibition with (due to corona) a limited number of visitors.

Dr. Scarlett 2 years ago

The neo realistic collection was wonderful, but as a die hard Bob Ross fan, it was absolutely fantastic to see his paintings in real life.

Maarten Bruining 2 years ago

Geweldig. My life just became a little happier.

Rosa Farias 2 years ago

I saw the Bob Ross exhibición. Great musea

Tom Parkinson 2 years ago


Freek de Bruijn 2 years ago


Joop Verbaken 2 years ago


Jimmy Tjon 2 years ago


Igor Torfs 3 years ago

Top service

Cees A. Groot 3 years ago

An intimate, beautiful modern museum with good exhibitions! Always parking space, and a nice restaurant. A museum suitable for photography! Been to the museum again to admire the British Realists, and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately € 3 had to be paid on top of the museum card. Also in the neighborhood there is an opportunity to have a drink or something to eat, for example "So and Now" where it was very pleasant with friendly service!

Sebastiaan Briggen 3 years ago

The staff was very friendly and happy to answer any/all questions. Rooms were clean and the route through the museum was easy to follow. All in all I would recommend going here if you're looking to see some great works of art!

Ate Douma 3 years ago

Great exhibitions at both locations. Highly recommended even though we had to drive far for it. A tour of More museums was about 250 km for us but never regretted. Just do people

Ger Kerkhoven 3 years ago

Modern realism is a wonderful world of recognition. Kind of elitist monkey watching. You can argue about taste, so we do that a lot. This is more difficult with modern realism than with abstract, because recognizability simply requires details. Melchers has kept Scheringa's collection for the Netherlands and we can be grateful to him for that. Also a special building, where the visual arts come into their own. So think about it extensively, dear enthusiasts, because it's the details that do it!

Emma Huizinga 4 years ago


Roel Appels 4 years ago

EUAN UGLOW exhibition is great

Will Rutten 4 years ago

The place to ben when you love modern realistic Art!

Mars Louters 4 years ago


james & janneke smardenkas 4 years ago

Great exhibition

Yvette Lov 4 years ago

Loved the uug exhibition- painter not boots

Geert Boogaard 5 years ago

Go there.

M W 5 years ago

Beautiful museum with, at this moment, very nice expositions.

Maria Holmerin Nord 5 years ago

Splendid museum packed with beautiful and interesting piece of art.

Iebe Ypma 5 years ago

Great venue, loved the Timmer exhibition and San inspired representation of animals

Bert van der Meulen 5 years ago


Canon Dirk van Leeuwen 6 years ago

Great architecture, great paintings.

Thieme Hennis 6 years ago


Danny S 7 years ago

Only had a coffee and cake, but the cafe is fantastic. Great service and very nice setting

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