Het Nieuwe Instituut

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Museumpark 25
3015 CB, Rotterdam
010 440 1200

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Het Het Nieuwe InstitUut is een museum, bibliotheek en archief in Rotterdam, Nederland, opgericht in 2013. Het instituut is gewijd aan ontwerp, architectuur en digitale cultuur.

Het museum herbergt tentoonstellingen over verschillende onderwerpen, waaronder de geschiedenis van het Nederlands design, het hedendaagse ontwerp en de architectuur, en de kruising van ontwerp en technologie. De bibliotheek heeft een verzameling van meer dan 100.000 boeken, tijdschriften en andere materialen over ontwerp, architectuur en gerelateerde velden. Het archief bevat meer dan 1 miljoen documenten, waaronder tekeningen, foto's en correspondentie.

Het instituut biedt ook een verscheidenheid aan openbare programma's, zoals lezingen, workshops en filmvertoningen.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Nikos Tsitiridis 1 year ago

Really nice exhibits, even if you are not an architect. Also has a nice cafe and you can enter for free with a Rotterdampas.

Tim de Haan 1 year ago

Best architecture museum in NL!

Gustavo Bruno Andrade Amorim 1 year ago

Beautiful exhibition by Lelé

Jules Skopp 1 year ago

This was well worth the money (10e). The permanent exhibitions were interactive and it kept us focused all the time. Good time!

Artur Marin Sabates 1 year ago

The place is fantastic and it is worth passing through if only to see the building. The permanent exhibition gives a comprehensive and entertaining overview of the history of architecture in the Netherlands. The ticket entitles you to visit the magnificent Sonneveld House.

Clare D 1 year ago

AMAZING Solar exhibition...with loads of serious history & ideas & inspiration to double down on our efforts...to save the flippin planet & our actual survival as human race... i left my contribution on A4 sheet as i got my energy consumption down *to* one third last winter ie *by* two thirds with i) pelmets 15-25% (hats over curtains) ii) shelf over rad & curtains iii) fleece lined my oma's curtain (giving them another 40 years of life) iv) aluminium foil (thick not kitchen) behind radiators (so it doesnt disappear into the wall & cosy as anything with "heat the person not the home" & my microwave hotties i) Wheaty bags & ii) All nighters. [BEWARE: Digital microwaves with 99mins are dangerous] oh & 7 layers of clothing designed to fit together with comfort incl gloves & socks. Last tip: feet get wet (hands dont) so if yr feet are cold CHANGE socks...then get them warm!

Samira Allion 1 year ago


ħ 1 year ago

Very modern and artistic, with variety of interesting topics

Olivia Cosson 1 year ago

One of the best museums in the Netherlands and a must for lovers of design, architecture and the avant-garde. The programming is of rare relevance and always offers questions and points of view both on what our current society is and on what it could become. The building is superb, the exhibitions, both in terms of their content and their staging, are excellent and always very well explained, although experimental, and easy to access for a wide audience, if you take the time to read a little. I go back as soon as a new exhibition opens. A visit to conclude with the marvelous bookstore – offering a sharp selection of books and essays on architecture, town planning, landscaping, design, etc. – and the café, with a view of the water.

Simon Liao 1 year ago


Angellyn A 1 year ago


G.J. Koppenaal 1 year ago

I know....that pink stage and that huge pink staircase have only been around for a few months, but they are here! Very striking, very attractive, and certainly also very safe! Accessible for a small amount (€3.00 with many free options), even without visiting the museum. I am well acquainted with the museum, and for me, with constantly changing exhibitions, it is always attractive. Today I am here to enjoy the view in this special way, especially the view of the new spectacular Depot of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, the shiny nearest neighbour. In recent years I have also done this at the Grote Kerk in Alkmaar, the Groothandelsgebouw, and this summer also the St. Janskerk in Gouda. It must have taken a lot of thought (and money....) to make this plateau, this staircase, and this special construction lift (also available for wheelchairs). When you are almost at the top you have a very nice view of everything that is on that large flat roof of machinery, pipes and you name it! Then you also see how much effort has gone into making such a plateau above that. So just enjoy, and I, I look at those high stairs, and take the elevator - at least up! Well done, Nieuwe Instituut and MVRDV!

stsmt 1 year ago

Nice visit to the PINK roof terrace. Great view over beautiful Rotterdam

J. PEROZ 1 year ago


Aarnout 1 year ago


Leen van der Meer 1 year ago

Climbed the pink stairs, was fine

Anne Jungers 1 year ago

Amazing place! Great exhibition! (the pink staircase was really cool) Good place to eat something or drink a coffee. Super friendly and helpful staff! Great choice of interesting books!

P van Wijk 1 year ago


Gigi Marian Zatreanu 1 year ago


Suzanne Petri 1 year ago

We ate here and sat on the sunny terrace by the water for an hour. Didn't visit the institute itself. The food was delicious and all vegetarian. Tasty and very surprising. Definitely recommended.

Mr Walker 1 year ago

Go with time, patience and an open mind and you will leave with more questions than when you arrived, which I think is a good thing, as this is not a museum.

Alex Spaanderman 1 year ago

Innovative exhibits

Giacomo DM 1 year ago

Extremely interesting.

Damiano Fossati 2 years ago

Ongoing exhibition by MDRDV

Manon Richard 2 years ago

Love it, new exhibition all the time and really nice book selection

BolasBug 3 years ago

Everytime I come to Rotterdam I always pass by for a visit. The exhibits are always different and interesting.

Philemon Mukarno 3 years ago

Great Great Great Great Great Great Great

Minhong Yu 3 years ago

Very very creative program

Michel 3 years ago

Great institute

Felix Mauricio Fraile Schumacher 3 years ago

Very interesting exhibition and performances! Worth to check out if you are into contemporary art, design and culture. It's the third time I'm here and still loving it!

김보민 3 years ago

When I visited the house in Sonefeld, I was able to see it together. The exhibits in the basement gave me a great experience, and the exhibits upstairs were fun. The bookstore on the first floor was also good because there were many books about architecture

Michael Huijsmans 3 years ago

Always interesting exhibitions!

Onno Ebbers 3 years ago

Always fun. Certainly separately, rarely main stream

Aleksander Koska 4 years ago

A wide range of multimedia exhibitions.

Gaia d'Utopia 4 years ago

very nice building and very nice exhibition spaces, located in a pleasant area. Entrance price a bit expensive as usual in museums in the Netherlands.

Ivenne Mecking 5 years ago

Even better than expected. The exhibits (including when we were there: Dissident Gardens) were all beautifully arranged and everything is nice and spacious. Nice to have a look at the existing bookshop afterwards; many beautiful books! Combination with house Sonneveld is recommended. Parking nearby and indoor catering, so fully equipped.

Paul Elliott 5 years ago

Very innovative exhibition space, I especially enjoyed the Steve Bannon: a propaganda retro-spective. That put me in mind of another evil propagandist herman goebbels.

SUNGMIN LJ 5 years ago

E-Culture, Research, Archive, Exhibition

TitiJack TitiJack 6 years ago

The museum for architecture enthusiasts! An almost magical place.

Calum Robinson 6 years ago

Saw an excellent exhibition on the history of screensavers here!

Therese Hallberg 6 years ago

Very interesting museum! I loved the material exhibition and the writing accompanied with it, very well done! Oh also don't miss their bookshop! It's very worth the visit too!

Geert Loosveld 6 years ago

Great museum in a beautiful neighbourhood, excellent expositions

Evert Peterse 6 years ago

In between museum! Makes you think.

Bomi Kim 7 years ago

Their exhibitions are experimental, bold, creative, expansive and with many profound meanings. I couldn't agree more to the use of the word "Institute" instead of "Museum". I'd be so proud of this place if I had been living in Rotterdam.

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