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De Royal Delft is een wereldberoemde keramische fabriek in Delft, Nederland. Het is de laatst overgebleven producent van het beroemde Delftware -aardewerk. Het bedrijf werd opgericht in 1653 en zijn producten worden nog steeds gemaakt volgens traditionele methoden. De Royal Delft heeft een rijke geschiedenis en is al eeuwen een bron van Nederlandse nationale trots. De fabriek staat open voor het publiek en biedt rondleidingen en workshops. Bezoekers kunnen de ambachtslieden op het werk zien en leren over de geschiedenis en het proces van het maken van delftware. De Royal Delft is een belangrijk onderdeel van het Nederlandse culturele erfgoed en een must-see voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in keramiek of Nederlandse geschiedenis.

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Ling Lin 1 year ago

Tickets include audio guide. Audio and text explanation boards give a thorough introduction to Delft pottery development. There is a shuttle bus running from factory and shop in the downtown. Many options of souvenirs. A café inside the factory provide simple meals and drink.

Rae-Anne Diehm 1 year ago


Christine Pirling 1 year ago

A very interesting museum, it feels a little bit expensive at first but you can even visit the porcelain workshop (it is a little awkward to watch people working and being so concentrated on their detailed handy work so we went by quickly). There are plenty of beautiful pieces and an interesting audio guide. The museum shop offers lots of (expensive) choices. (if the royal tableware is ever made available to buy, we'll get it whatever the price, it's so beautiful)

_anj _n 1 year ago

It is a brilliant place to visit The videos show how each item is made. Interactive shows about each step in process Large collection of unique pieces Can also see people paint and work live on site Loved how many pieces were present and details given.

Hanjo Steyn 1 year ago

Gorgeous museum, beautiful history. Nice coffee shop for a quick stop

Pablo 1 year ago

If you like fine art and well done pottery this is a lovely place to go.

steve 1 year ago

Was looking foreword to seeing this place before I got to the Netherlands and it did not disappoint even under construction

Ron Moulton 1 year ago

As an American tourist, the Royal Delft tour was one of the few true attractions in the city, other than walking around and appreciating the quaint beauty of the city. The self guided tour with a short film at the start is a little hokey. We wandered up into a group tour with a guide that was a bit more engaging. It’s likely challenging to produce a tour with the dozens of different languages from various tourists that visit. Huge gift shop so if you or any friends or family collect Delft/Daulton collectibles, you will have plenty of opportunity to spend money. A worthwhile visit nonetheless.

Tran Huynh 1 year ago

Nice place to visit (english audio guide available). It’s like a small factory. I was there when it is under construction, so probably there will be more spaces and things to see when it’s done

Cecilia Poggi 1 year ago

Interactive museum. Super interesting. We could also find the guide in Italian, which is not common for Dutch museums.

Rich Visotcky 1 year ago


Ryan Liberati 1 year ago

Very nice museum and pottery factory with an audio tour in many languages. The signs in the exhibits are in English and Dutch. I would highly recommend the high tea!

Layla alblowi 1 year ago

We like the place .. we get beautiful things

Anna Smit 1 year ago

Delft is one of my favourite places to visit in the Netherlands, and the Royal Delft is lovely! This visit, my partner and I booked the ‘Traditional Tile Painting’ workshop and got the opportunity to paint a design using the special delft blue paint. A very cool experience and you can have it shipped right to your door (the UK for us). We hope to come back in the future, as we have enjoyed our visit so so much!

Marathon Mann 1 year ago

The museum shows the history of the ceramic industry in Delft from its beginnings to the current day. The exhibits include some of the finest pieces from all periods. There is also the opportunity to see a master painter at work and view the factory. The audio guides are very well produced.

David Masefield 1 year ago

We had a great visit to Royal Delft. As a fan of old pottery and ceramics it was great to learn the history of Delft blue and Royal Delft. Well worth the visit if your interests lie here.

desy smet 1 year ago

You can going inside the museum & looking around how beautiful handmade porcelain

Christine Webster 1 year ago

Beautiful and interesting museum and shop introducing royal delft. Really enjoyed the movie experience to understand the history of royal delft and then better enjoy the museum! I liked that the audio was informative but not too long in the self guided section. Perfect cafe for a coffee after your visit and a gift shop you could spend an hour in!

Margaux Tison 1 year ago

Friendly staff, safe and well maintained locker rooms, everything is very clean. The experience itself is amazing and we have gone many times. The best museum gift shop I've seen - it feels like part of the exhibit rather than a commercial afterthought. The courtyard area and the building is also beautiful- take your time when walking through to enjoy the beautiful art nouveau architecture.

Asia 1 year ago

Lovely place. We spent here a relaxing morning on Saturday (July). It wasn't busy at all. We paid reduced admission because of some construction work going on. Best part was a tasty lunch in a beautiful graden. It was 17,5 p.p. for a soup, sandwich, soda and tea/coffee.

Zoe Ryan 1 year ago


Ana 1 year ago

Royal Delft is amazing place to step into history of 17 century. This uniqe tehnique of producing and painting plates and other ornaments is saved from late 17 century and was not changed since then. Tour begins with short movie about how all started until today. After that, you can go step by step with audio guide through showrooms. Tour ends in factory where you can see how they made it in different steps.

Kurt B 1 year ago

I don't collect this but it was beautiful and informative. It's sad that they now only have one factory, prior to covid there were 4.

The Antics of Q 1 year ago


David Bouwkamp 1 year ago


Charlie Curilan 1 year ago

I'm not even into porcelain and all that but the multimedia presentation was pretty cool. The staff are very friendly and it was all very interesting. It's a small museum so you won't take too much of your day, which is a plus for me. The walk to it was also a stroll through a nice neighbourhood, a quieter side of Delft, away from the tourist crowd.

Kitty Huang 1 year ago

Very nice experience! I enjoyed the painting workshop a lot. Got to learn from experienced instructors in a nice environment. The staffs in the museum are super friendly and nice. The museum your was interactive and creative. Highly recommended!!

George Papadopoulos 1 year ago

Gorgeous museum, happy I could finally visit it! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The audio guide offers enough information and keeps it interesting. There is also an audio guide for children. One of the nicest gift shops I've been to, also has a little cafe and parking on location.

Heba 2 years ago

We did not do the tour but we barely made it to the shop before it closed at 5 PM. What a lovely shop full of the gorgeous blue porcelain items. It was expensive but beautiful to look at. They do have some porcelain cups around €12 also tree ornaments etc.

Helena Sunny 2 years ago

Established in 1653, Royal Delft is the last remaining Earthenware Manufacturer (out of 32) in Delft. Have been Keeping with its centuries old tradition, their Earthenwares are hand painted by experts. Famous for its Delft Blue Earthenwares, Royal Delft is among the top makers of Ceramic products in the World. Located just around 1.4 kms from Market Square of Delft Central , Royal Delft is a popular tourist destination where you can visit their workshop, museum, and Showroom. You can also take a few pieces of marvelous Delft Blue home if you want - - - buy them from the Showroom of course. I am Uploading two photos from my visit as my recommendation.

Walter Hegan 2 years ago

Very interesting and informative tour and presentations. Watching an artist paint a piece and walk through the active fabrication area was super cool.

Hala Shashaa 2 years ago

A must see when you visit Delft The Netherlands. Highly recommended. Excellent variety of Art and alot of choice for souvenir. Very friendly staff

Christine Canty 3 years ago

I thought this is a very interesting place to take a tour. The history of the company, pieces of artwork, and watching the Tradesmen still practicing their trade gave me a better appreciation for handmade products.

Emma Clarke 4 years ago

What a beautiful part of the town. The tour was so informative and fascinating. We learned a lot about Delft. During the tour you watch them work up close. Could not believe we were in amongst everything on the factory floor! Enjoyed a lovely lunch in the courtyard and then a wander through⁰ the shop. Was pleasantly surprised that the shop contained Royal Delft for every budget so able to bring a little Dutch home. Thoroughly recommend to everyone and transport was so easy too!

Cassie Payne 4 years ago

If you are into pottery this is a great place to visit. You can see the different stages of the process and during the tour you can see a student paint the pottery for the different designs. As well as see how they bake the pottery. The tour is not long and you can see some of the older works done throughout the years. Also if you are visiting the country and you feel as though you missed seeing Rembrandt's Night watch, since it's currently being studied, Royal Delft has there tile version on display!

little dot 4 years ago

Enjoy this factory a lot, hard to get here by yourself. I came with a tour. Interesting pottery, it was said that royalty purchased from them. I bought a miffy!

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