University Museum

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Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 7A
9712 EA, Groningen
050 363 5083

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Het Universitair Museum in Groningen is een groot en bekend museum dat is gewijd aan de geschiedenis van de universiteit en de stad Groningen. Het museum bevindt zich in het centrum van de stad en is gemakkelijk te vinden. Het museum is elke dag geopend van 09:00 tot 17:00 uur. Het museum heeft een grote verzameling artefacten en exposities die dateren uit de vroege dagen van de universiteit. Het museum heeft ook een grote bibliotheek en een onderzoekscentrum. Het museum is een geweldige plek om te leren over de geschiedenis van de universiteit en de stad Groningen.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Julia Nowakowska 1 year ago


The InaIna 1 year ago

A really nice little museum. The exhibitions were very well put together and it was an interesting mix of history, technology and natural sciences.

Margreet Versteeg 1 year ago

Nice museum with interactive exhibition about time and the latest exhibition within 'bittersweet heritage' about our colonial history and its effect in the present. Animals are the theme, so the Cassowary, which is so important to people of Papua, the Garuda, a caiman as a talisman and a stork known from Dutch and German birth fairy tales. Very compact and clear. Art too: a beautiful batik of a heron and its meaning. All looted art of course! And little is known about that. The scientist van Baaren did not say where he bought his treasures, for example

R Oliemuller 1 year ago

Great museum with a timeless impression!

Leon Ketelaar 1 year ago

Nice museum! As a teacher I have been a number of times with classes and now also with my daughter and friends for her children's party (shampoo and slime making). Very nice. The temporary interactive exhibition on the perception of time is also very nice. (Pictures are from the children's party)

Mitko Georgiev 1 year ago


Ann K 1 year ago


Haydée 1 year ago


Yuliya Pashova 1 year ago

were here with the whole family

Jana Atsma 1 year ago

Very nice museum. The interactive exhibition on the concept of "time" is very captivating. And of course the permanent collection and the item about the first feminist of NL, Aletta Jacobs are a "must see".

Bram Kempkens 2 years ago

Went with my son a while ago. Highly recommended. Fun, informative and beautifully set up. Kudos to the employees there!

Claudiu 2 years ago

Unexpected to be this interesting

Martijn van de Beek 2 years ago

Nice museum with all kinds of collections. Recommended for when you are in Groningen

B Habibi 2 years ago

Very nice for a change from shopping in the city, just spend an hour in this museum. Entrance 5,-, bargain. Beautiful building, very friendly lady at the cash register. Very special to see the anatomy room and the part about Aletta Jacobs. At the exit bought a bag with her image for 7.50. You will be given a stylus into the museum with which you can request additional information from anywhere. Inside it was quiet, there is disinfection material everywhere, reservation is not necessary at the moment. Nice experience!

Daniela Geuting 2 years ago

Very interesting only the German translation was missing.

George Nikiforidis 2 years ago

Very educational, I loved it and learned a lot of new things.

Marian Castenmiller 2 years ago

Nice museum collection with a new interesting story in every room. Very nice to look at.

H van der Wijk 2 years ago

Nice exhibition, highly recommended

W.R. Van Bussel 2 years ago

Free for students!

Marrigjen de Bone 2 years ago

Nice, cozy museum. Great to entertain you for an hour. No coffee unfortunately, but further down the street plenty of options for a snack.

Aarnoud Boels 2 years ago

Always nice to go in here and combine it with a day in the city center, recommended.

Alex Pietrow 2 years ago

Interessant museum

Petronella Van der Vlist 2 years ago

Hidden gem in Groningen! Entrance fee is also fine.

Bert Smilda 2 years ago

Nice varied exhibitions. Nice look into the (Groningen) history

Stian Kuipers 2 years ago

Not very big, but very informative.

李阳 2 years ago

The exhibition of the glorious history of the University of Groningen is really full of talents. The fare of 2.5 euros is pretty good value.

Berend Slagter 2 years ago

Superb museum, handsome director.

Borous 3 years ago

A very high quality museum offering a large variety of subjects, and for an extremely low price.

Catarina Mierwald 3 years ago

We saw a small, well-researched and compiled exhibition there. A good indoor alternative in rainy weather.

Naseeha Qureshi 3 years ago

An interesting place for biologists especially

Ingmar Jager 3 years ago

Fun for children (party) about 8 years

Paola BP 3 years ago

Very interesting, now there is also an exhibition about Aletta Jacobs. Very nice. There are several exhibitions to admire.

M K 3 years ago

Nice and interesting museum. Slightly smaller than expected. It made an impression. Especially the babies stayed in my mind for a while.

Tim Klein 4 years ago

Nice museum with enthusiastic employees. I especially recommend the anatomy room

Kim Chee Leong 4 years ago

Recommended to visit if you are in the area. The (pieces of) people and babies in strong water will linger in your mind for a while..

Peter Belder 4 years ago

Amazing museum with very interesting pieces

irene respeel 4 years ago

Certainly stunning the 400 km from Bruges to Groningen

Marian Deacu 4 years ago

Nice place!

Jurjen Nieboer 4 years ago

Very nice museum of and about the University of Groningen. With ample attention for many fields of study, and exposure of history. Large collection of old objects and books. Highly recommended. Less suitable for young children.

Sumeet Ranjan Sahoo 5 years ago

The zoology section is really nice containing the zygotes, Siamese twins , also all the body organs

M. v. d. Belt 5 years ago

A free museum with a nice collection.

Jasper Doeven 5 years ago

Free museum with lots to see!

Marloes Van Klaarwater 5 years ago

Nice informative museum! Definitely worth a visit

Mauno-Juhani Kari 6 years ago

A beautiful little museum with no entrance fee. A great collection of things, and also deformed babies and twins in a jar. Recommended!

Frenarda Vervloed 6 years ago

Super nice museum and also free to visit. Friendly welcome. Nice collection and beautiful ambiance. Definitely worth a visit. Not suitable for young children.

Wai Keong Oon 6 years ago

Not been for the museum. But very nice successful children's afternoon held for a birthday. Workshop in which they were allowed to make gel and soap. Furthermore, helped well with the reservation.

birgitta 6 years ago

Very nice little museum. Now a temporary exhibition about Nobel Prize winners. Nice set up. The rest of the museum is interesting but definitely not for children. Admission is free, so whoever is in the area!

Tobias 7 years ago

Very interesting museum. Only not for small children. This is because they have things on strong water that can be experienced as shocking to children.

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