KattenKabinet (Cat Cabinet)

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Herengracht 497
1017 BT, Amsterdam
020 626 9040

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Kattenkabinet, of de kattenkast, is een klein museum in Amsterdam gewijd aan katten. Het werd opgericht in 1990 door Bob Meijer en bevat een verzameling kattengerelateerde kunst en artefacten van over de hele wereld. Het museum bevindt zich in een 18e-eeuws kanaalhuis aan het Keizersgrechter en het interieur is gerenoveerd om op de natuurlijke habitat van een kat te lijken.

De collectie van het museum omvat schilderijen, sculpturen, foto's en andere kunstwerken die katten in verschillende omgevingen en culturen weergeven. Er zijn ook een aantal interactieve exposities, zoals een krabbenpaal en een kattenbak, waarmee bezoekers kunnen ervaren hoe het is om een ​​kat te zijn. De Kattenkabinet is van dinsdag tot zondag open voor het publiek en de toegang is gratis voor kinderen jonger dan 12 jaar.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM

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Shereena Lootah 1 year ago

Surrounded by cat inspired art, this quirky little space is worth a visit if you love cats and we spotted 2 actual cats just chilling in there too. I liked it. 10 euros per adult ticket. Really wished there would be cuter merchandise at the gifts store though.

Leighton Williams 1 year ago

It's a cat lover's paradise. Honestly, if you love cats (and if you're curious to see the inside of a canal house on the Herrengracht), you don't want to miss this!

Gillian Dean 1 year ago

An absolute must for cat lovers or anyone who wants to see a stunning, opulent home in thr most historic and wealthy part of Amsterdam. The house is beautiful and the collection is diverse and interesting. We spent a very happy hour here. There were even a couple of house cats prowling around,, one of whom was receptive to tickles.

Ivy Antunes 1 year ago


Daniel 1 year ago

Enchanting little museum devoted to cats. They have a few of their own cats wandering around too

Favia Dubyk 1 year ago

Great place if you like cats! The museum has very reasonably priced items.

Dino Den 300 1 year ago

If you love cats then this is the place for you. A sundry of cat related art and artistry but far more impressively several cats

Millie Sheen 1 year ago

Cat lovers dream. A definite must. It was a sunny day so sadly most of the cats were out and about but the museum was a brilliant collection regardless! The lady at the entrance was so welcoming and lovely. We will definitely be recommending ‍⬛

Kyrylo 1 year ago

We were lucky enough to meet one of the cats lying at the window so it's already 5/5 But in general, it's a nice little museum with lots of posters/ads/other things about cats. The most interesting thing is we were told there's a total of 4 (!) cats living there and the museum itself is owned by the people who live in the same building. Great place for a short visit!

Aeris Vermell 1 year ago

As a museum... A lot of the art is unlabeled or the labels are in incorrect places. I didn't learn much about art. But the vibes? Immaculate. It was wonderful and one of the housecats graced us with their presence. The art is wonderful and the collection is clearly still growing. What a weird and wonderful little place. Well worth the €5 entry

Anastasija Duk 1 year ago


Vina 1 year ago


Hannah 1 year ago


christoffer nordberg 1 year ago

Great collection of cat art, photography, sculptures and advertisements. At least two cozy cats make their home here and may approach you if you are lucky.

Iselin 1 year ago

Very charming museum! With living cats as well, nice and different place to visit

Meredith Beck 1 year ago


Beth Pillsbury 1 year ago

Such a beautiful museum! If you're a cat lover, this is a must on a visit to Amsterdam. Lots of wonderful pieces of art & a lovely little garden too which was delightful in the sun!

ramona ambs 1 year ago

very nice art, very nice people and -of course most of all- very very nice cats...

Maria Clara Liuzzi 1 year ago

Beautiful little spot, full of photos, posters, statues and collectibles, all about cats! If you are a cat lover you shouldn't skip this quirky place when in Amsterdam. There are also a few furry friends living in the space, and if you are lucky enough you can see them wondering around the rooms or napping on one of the chairs.

Miles Tracy 1 year ago

This is a great little museum if you are into cats and art. I especially liked the photography display (who knew Lenin was a cat guy?). I also loved the painting from the French cabaret which had a black feline doing a bit of a Godzilla impersonation except the painting predates Godzilla by at least 60 years. The house itself is also very interesting and the live feline "staff" were an added bonus. I think this was my favorite museum in Amsterdam.

Fay Τiger 1 year ago

My favorite exhibition/museum. It's great to be around cats

Anna Earley 2 years ago

Was very happy I found out about this place and went. They were a small museum but jam packed with a broad range of beautiful art pieces from vases, paintings, sculptures and even a mummy. There was also a very sweet memorial for those gone on to kitty heaven. Saw 3 cats sleeping peacefully. The house itself was beautifully decorated, and the garden looked cute, but it was too cold to go outside. Would definitely go again.

Alyssa O'Harold 2 years ago

If you are an Art/ Cat lover this is the perfect place! Beautiful art works in beautiful rooms along with some friendly kittys make it an awesome experience! Highly recommend!

Fargo DonWargo 2 years ago

Cool little museum, we only found one live cat hanging out.

Karl Chong 3 years ago

A must if you love cats. The cat cabinet is hilarious and you can pet some of the cats. The cats really act like they own this place. I loved the wall where people sent in portraits with their own cats

Linda Oskamp 3 years ago

Lovely: everything cats, supernice helpful girl selling tickets and an actual cat in a beautiful house! ❤❤

Miki R 3 years ago

If you are cat crazy like me, I assume you found this place before traveling to Amsterdam. Once there it's a very small museum but there are a lot of cat artworks and sculptures crammed into the small space. The best part was little Ciri (in the picture) who wanders around the museum and seems to enjoy the adoration of the visitors. If you are lucky, she will walk around the museum with you. It was so worth it. (If you have the Iamsterdam card you can get a discount here too)

Gaby Rodo 3 years ago

We had so much fun here! My partner and I love cats and this was the cutest and most fun museum we had been to. The museum really exceeded our expectations. Plus if you’re lucky you’ll get to pet all the kitties!

Alex Dixon 3 years ago

Very small museum, but I’ve never seen one like it. Set within a beautiful residence, complete with restored ceiling paintings, KattenKabinet displays every painting and object the owner (who lives upstairs) has collected, relating to cats. There’s everything from ephemera to sketches by Dutch masters, mummified cats, and concept artwork from this century. The entry fee is quite steep for the size, but probably worth it for the experience, or if you love cats.

Gurvinder Sohal 3 years ago

A very lovely little museum dedicated to cats! If you are a cat lover you can't miss this! Rooms have a wide array art related to our feline friends. You can even seem some cats roaming around! We found them nestled in the corner of the gift shop, looking for people to give them a friendly pet. Overall 5* hosts were lovely!

Liam Thompson 4 years ago

Fascinating place, if you're a cat lover then this is a must! Amazing artwork in every room as well as a great gift shop and gorgeous cats living there, what a place to be a cat!

Count Vanderhoff 4 years ago

It's a museum about cats, what more do you want? It seems people have been depicting cats through questionable art for centuries and this huge canalside mansion is full of just that, along with at least three adorable feline residents that obviously love the attention. Not busy, no-one else we spoke to in Amsterdam had even heard of it, but for me, a connoisseur of eccentric art and cats, it was a trip highlight.

Paola Tomić 4 years ago

A must-visit for any cat lover out there. A very cute collection of cat related art that will keep you entertained for quite some time. Great gift shop as well. If you're lucky, you'll be able to meet some real life fluffballs. that live there.

Tewsday “Tewsdaykitty” Hannant 4 years ago

This was the best part of the whole trip! Forget the Rembrandt and the Van Gogh it's all about the kitties with me. Loved every moment of this special place dedicated to the best pet you could possibly get, the cat! A must for any cat loving person. one man's life of loving cats and collecting everything to do with them, in his own home! Also there are 6 real life cats too, we only found 4 though.

Éanna Cristin Doyle 5 years ago

Absolutely a gem in the heart of Amsterdam! A must visit for art and cat lovers alike! Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere amongst the owners cats, which roam around the museum and will happily come over to greet you. The selection of art and memorabilia was impressive. I feel I could visit over ten times and still see something new! The interior of the building was exquisite Edwardian style with high painted ceilings and beautiful large mirrors. Outside there is even a cat themed garden but sadly it is only open to the public on Sundays! I would highly recommend everyone to visit as it really is a wonderfully unique place and the admission is only a few euros!

Fi Michelle 5 years ago

Loved it but only wished there was more to see. There was an outside area and another floor that was not open. Some beautiful and hilarious art in a stunning old house. We even saw three real kitties.

Marcel Wagner 5 years ago

Wonderful place for cat lovers! A collection of paintings, sculptures, old advertisements showing cats,... and some real cats - all of that in a beautiful house at the Herengracht. The shop offers some interesting books and other stuff.

M T 6 years ago

Nice place with cats and paintings/statues of cats. The entry is 7 Euros or 4 if you're a student (I could use my student ID from Germany. The service is really friendly. There are three or four rooms with paintings which have some interesting paintings. When the weather is good, there is an exhibitions with advertisements with cats. The cats themselves hang out in the museum, too. They're friendly and like being pet. There also is a shop with books, postcards and bags. Overall a nice experience, expect a stay of 30 to 45 minutes. Take your time and read the explanations on the signs.

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