Museo de Ávila

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Pl. Nalvillos 3
05001, Ávila
920 21 10 03

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Het Museo de Ávila is een museum in Ávila, Spanje. Het museum is gewijd aan de geschiedenis en cultuur van de stad Ávila. Het museum heeft een verzameling artefacten uit de Romeinse periode, de middeleeuwen en het moderne tijdperk. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek en een onderzoekscentrum. Het museum is geopend voor het publiek van maandag tot vrijdag van 9.00 tot 17.00 uur, en van zaterdag van 9.00 tot 15.00 uur.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Konstanze Hefft 1 year ago

It is worth visiting. It offers a good overview of the development of the city. The staff is friendly and answers questions about individual things with absolute competence. A total of one hour is enough to visit the museum. By the way, the ticket prices were fair.

Héctor Archilla 1 year ago

Museum with rooms dedicated to the ethnography, archeology and history of the city. It is worth taking a walk through its rooms and touring the building, which has a very nice interior patio. Free Saturday and Sunday. Entry of 1 euro. Hours from 10 to 14 and from 16 to 19. Sunday morning only.

Angeles De Vega 1 year ago

It has been a great success. It is like bringing the Prado Museum to show off two masterpieces: the paintings and the Wall of Ávila

Emi GH 1 year ago

It is worth visiting, I recommend buying a tourist card and visiting several monuments, it is cheaper that way. Nice museum and building, the only thing that in some exhibitors the legend with the explanation is on the side and it becomes somewhat tiresome to look at objects and read.

Cristian Suarez 1 year ago

Very detailed in terms of history and information of general interest. Organized and not very crowded. Ideal to visit with the family.

M. Jose Rey Suarez 1 year ago

Very nice to see.

Studenka Jan 1 year ago

It's fine.

Mary Taylor 1 year ago


Fredy Aponte 1 year ago

Very interesting, very orderly, there is no cost to enter

Julio Diarte / asesor inmobiliario 1 year ago

Everything about the stories of the past is admirable, they are very well preserved.

Erik Salazar 1 year ago

Museum on the history of the province of Ávila. Very clean, neat and interesting. Recommendable.

luis moyano 2 years ago

Modest collection at an unbeatable price (€ 1) in the heart of the city

Tomás Rosillo 2 years ago

It is installed in the building of the House of the Deans. It stands out for the part dedicated to the stenographic exhibition, with a detailed explanation and representative pieces. The central courtyard that is visitor is impressive, columns and the finish of the floor. Very instructive and enjoyable to visit. Next to it is the Church of Santo Tomé el Viejo, set up as a museum with an impressive display of "boars" and Roman mosaics, free visit. Very attentive staff.

Ash Williams 2 years ago

Very nice staff, they have very interesting pieces, but the museum needs updating has been stagnant since its opening.

Emiliano Roman Fresnadillo 2 years ago

As an ethnographic museum, it is worth visiting since the passage of time is correctly appreciated

Montse Hernandez Rivas 2 years ago

A journey through the History of Ávila from its beginnings; everything exposed makes you go back to the past. Objects found in excavations, others donated by collectors. In an old church there are several carved stones, tombs of ancient celebrities, etc. (a place attached to the main Museum). Whoever likes history I recommend it; makes you lose yourself in its impressive past.

Roberto Mancebo Lora 2 years ago

Interesting museum and a very pleasant visit.

Noe Brox 2 years ago

I loved the history that is kept in this museum.

Teresa López 2 years ago

The Museum of Ávila keeps a great historical and artistic heritage of the province, worth knowing. Those who work there offer a close and cordial treatment. So thanks to these factors I will repeat the experience.

Sara HR 2 years ago

It is small but very nice, super clean.

Dani Piloto 2 years ago

Very pretty.

Ricardo Marín Palacios 2 years ago

It has been very good, it has a lot of data, photos and articles on display.

ALVAMU 2 years ago

I saw it very quickly due to time issues but I really liked it, I'll be back with more time. Thanks Greetings


A place that has to be visited to learn about the history and traditions of Ávila and its province. Very didactic information panels; good selection of pieces, well arranged. The building in which the museum is located should be highlighted.

Jose Jimenez Muñoz 3 years ago

Why. Bibemiija

Dolores Ruiz-Ayúcar 3 years ago

It is a provincial museum that has a wide offer, very well located in the center of the city in a very beautiful palace and in a very suitable environment. It constantly has parallel activities for adults and children. We can see part of the life of the province at various times. Nobody who wants to know Avila well can miss it. And it has an association of friends of the museum that is very active in expanding the range of activities.

Rafa Sánchez 3 years ago

Facilities and contents very well exposed. Although it is not a very extensive exhibition, it is enough to offer a really pleasant visit. Admission is free.

Charo Santamaria 3 years ago

It is a beautiful museum. It collects the history of the people who inhabited the province from Prehistory to the middle of the s. XX and has a visitable warehouse with extraordinary pieces

Benito Obrador 3 years ago

The entrance to the museum costs €1, it is symbolic. It makes a trip through time in the area from the Neolithic, to the Spanish empire. Time approx. an hour or a little more. It is very well explained and the exposition is worth it. Several rooms, and two floors. It is pleasant to visit and cultural.

Veronika Sengupta 3 years ago

Geweldige plaats

Francis Rosales 4 years ago

I went with my family on a Saturday at the time of the guided tour and we thought it was spectacular and very informative.

Juantxo Martínez Duque 4 years ago

Great ethnological, archaeological and historical museum with very good information panels and very well explained everything. Saturdays and Sundays free. Tip: when you go out, visit the Church of Santo Tomé el Viejo on the left

Reinaldo Bejarano Saborío 4 years ago

Beautiful architecture Avila a formidable place

Daniel Eduardo Delgado Alfonzo 4 years ago

A unique visit

Jose Anibal Saquero Sanz 4 years ago

The kindness and good welcome of the staff, both the manager and the people dedicated to surveillance, make visiting this Museum a very pleasant experience. In a very well structured way, the tour takes you through the different rooms on both floors of what was the Casa de los Deanes. Traditions, History and Fine Arts bring you closer to the capital of Ávila. Don't miss the patio and don't forget to see the warehouse located in the neighboring Church of Santo Tomé. A personal recommendation: spend some time on the triptych with scenes of the Virgin on the second floor and locate the different scenes that are explained on the information panel on the right.

Jorge Gelato 4 years ago

Very interesting museum about history, customs and life of this area of ​​Spain. Very well presented. A must for anyone who likes these samples of science and art ...

juan gomez 4 years ago

An essential place to visit if you come to Ávila. They have objects from the year 1200 BC until the beginning of the 20th century.

Karina Alvarado 4 years ago

I liked it, especially because there was an interesting temporary exhibition of drawings. It gives us an idea of ​​how the people of the past Avila lived and dressed.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez 4 years ago

Charming museum that is free of charge immerses you in the long-lived, and not very well known, history of Avila. Didactic, collected and with a lot of content, it must be a must on your next visit to Ávila. Divided into two almost adjacent parts, museum and warehouse, apart from the usual historical rooms it has a part dedicated to ethnography. I don't care at all that my taxes are spent maintaining these little wonders.

José Vicente Vidal 4 years ago

A real wonder to know or expand knowledge about the history and the uses and customs of this beautiful province, its capital and the towns that make it up. If this review has liked or at least seemed useful, please let me know by clicking on I like it.

Gustavo Alonso Madrigal 4 years ago

Recoleto and interesting museum especially ethnographically. Berracos vettones and Roman stelae. In line with the rest of the castile and lion museums. recommendable

Pilar pilar 4 years ago

Essential for those who are curious to know how was the life of the ancient inhabitants of Ávila, at different times. I think it's a very interesting museum.

Schmuel King 4 years ago


Ximenez 4 years ago


Bea 4 years ago


Katya Gonzalez pallol 5 years ago

Good tour of the history of the city, the guides very friendly and willing to answer all questions. They have very cool activities for children.

Cervigon 5 years ago

It is a small, attractive museum and not heavy to visit. This visit should be joined by the Church of Santo Tomé el Viejo, where they have collected a large number of zoomorphic sculptures (boar vetones), worthy of study. The attention received by the two people at the entrance was commendable.

Alex Chaves 5 years ago

Museum divided into rooms and with details of the entire history of Ávila and something of the community of Castilla y León. It covers from the years 700 d.c. until 1960 AD It has many details very well taken care of. The building is very beautiful, it has one of the most beautiful interior patios I have ever seen. It has art paintings by some artists from the autonomous community. Admission is 1 euro.

jecale ira 5 years ago

Very good. We found him on the way and we were more than two hours. Very enjoyable, varied ... Employee friendliness.

losreyesgodos doce arroba 5 years ago

A museum where you can contemplate the past, logging, photographs, all the instruments that were used at the time On Saturdays and Sundays entry is free. Very entertaining and curious.

Milagros Sanchez 5 years ago

This museum is very good, because it shows us how it was lived before, it shows us furniture, tools, suits, in short, how it was lived in the past

Marcos Franco 6 years ago

Very small provincial museum super well explained. For all the years that it has, it is very well explained and the museum work is very interesting.

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