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De Museo Geominero in Madrid is een van de belangrijkste geologische musea ter wereld. Het werd opgericht in 1788 door de Spaanse regering en is sinds 1867 in het huidige gebouw gehuisvest. De collecties van het museum omvatten meer dan 300.000 rotsen, mineralen en fossielen van over de hele wereld, evenals een bibliotheek met meer dan 30.000 delen. Het museum is vooral bekend om zijn collecties van Spaanse mineralen en fossielen, die tot de belangrijkste ter wereld behoren.

De Museo Geominero is open voor het publiek van maandag tot zaterdag en de toegang is gratis. Begeleide rondleidingen door het museum zijn beschikbaar in het Engels, Spaans en Frans.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Stan Hoffman 1 year ago

Very interesting collection of fossils and minerals.

Yauheni Barannikau 1 year ago


Jeremy 1 year ago


Jordan Rios 1 year ago

Fascinating exhibit for those interested. Wonderful building with a majestic colored glass ceiling.

Susana Ruiz 1 year ago

This museum is one of the museums in Madrid that I have found most interesting, the collection of fossils, minerals and rocks from all the Spanish regions that it contains is incredible. It has great historical value. I will definitely go again because going just one day seems insufficient. It is best to go as early as possible to see everything. The museum is free.

Juan Manuel Parreño Sotos 1 year ago

Amazing museum in the capital. It is already impressive to see so many varieties of stones, fossils and minerals, but the building in which it is located is even more impressive. The museum is free and I recommend visiting it first thing in the morning and with patience. I also recommend a guided tour if there is availability to better understand the chronology of such presents. Highly recommended.

Gaja Velnar Milčinović 1 year ago

Very rich exhibit.

Jenaro Percal 2 years ago

If you need an explanation about any mercury oxide, ask the crew. Simply wonderful. Don't miss the optical instruments by the entrance...

Ani K 2 years ago

Went with 2 nine year olds. We spent an hour there and enjoyed the collection around the border. We learned about the uses of different metals.

Rosa S Gracia 2 years ago

I love it

jaqsbcn 2 years ago

If you like fossils and stones this is your place. Is free and the building is also nice to see.

Laurentiu Gabriel 2 years ago

A beautiful experience with geological time!

Beatrice Marciniak 2 years ago


Liviu 3 years ago


José Viana 3 years ago

Really fun place to go if your into rocks and fossil's, it's huge on the inside

Elena Rumianceva 3 years ago

Absolutely amazing collection of minerals, semi-precious stones and fossils!!!!

Boyan Yovanovich 3 years ago

Very beautiful place. Entrance free of charge. A lot of minerals and fossils. To me it was spectacular experience.

Andrea Roberts 3 years ago

Beautiful - really worth a shot visit. It's right by the foody street of Calle Ponzano and it's free!

Gerardo Herrera Alonso 4 years ago

If you like minerals and ancients fossils that is definitely your museum. Mainly focused on minerals, there are plenty of them on different sizes and shapes. The fossils are mostly prehistoric invertebrates and flora. The most of them are in glass cabinets and the bigger ones exposed open where you can touch them. The kids that are studying minerals or like them will have a great time here. As extra, the historic building deserves by itself a visit, that was designed as headquarters for Geological and Mining Institute of Spain. The magnificent open main hall with its three stories is great. You can access each of the floors by various metallic and narrow spiral staircases that carries along to the beginning of the 20th century. In the ground floor the showcases and glass cabinets set up hallways where you can get lost gazing at them.

Paschalis Kyrtsopoulos 4 years ago

Amazing space and atrium

Florin Lupu 4 years ago


Ricki Hold 4 years ago

Awesome museum!!! Anyone interested in fossils or geology will LOVE this place! And the building is beautiful too

Kombada Mhopjeni 4 years ago

A beautiful museum with a fantastic collection of minerals, fossils and rocks. Your window to earth science history in Madrid. It is free and open to public Monday to Sunday.

caron Williams 4 years ago

Amazing old school geology museum fabulous

Dragon Heart 4 years ago

Magnificent place! Beautiful setting. Historic, impressive facilities with an amazing, well-organized exposition of rocks and minerals.

Vincent Bode 4 years ago

Beautiful building, amazing collection of stones and minerals, FREE!

Raphael Fernandez 4 years ago

Great architecture and a good exhibits, worth a visit for all the family. Not difficult to get to, but parking can be awkward. Non Spanish nationals, remember to take passport or other ID to get in.

Christopher Keane 4 years ago

Great old style museum with a fine collection of fossils and minerals from around the world.

Luis Martins 4 years ago

Great museum, full of lovely specimens. The architecture of the main room is mind blowing!

Sharon Birach 4 years ago

Beautiful and informative museum

Catherine Petit 4 years ago

So many things to see that are unique.

M McLay 4 years ago

Comprehensive interesting exhibits. Includes thoughtful use of Braille labelling. Architecture and stained glass windows amazing. Requires more than one visit.

Josh Maurer 4 years ago

Beautiful museum, well organised, for me it's a must see

Peter Bentham 4 years ago

One of my new favourite places in Madrid. The space is beautiful and the geological collections are something to behold.

Bartosz Lipiec 4 years ago


Andrew Rojek 5 years ago

A speculative 5 stars. Didn't make it before it closed at 14:00 and today is my last day :-( Could well have been one of the best destinations for a good photographic experience to really challenge a good quality camera.

Robert Gorup 5 years ago

Very nice museum. Not to big but a lot to see, especially if you are familiar with the topic. Our 4 years old enjoyed.

Mónica * 5 years ago

I strongly recommend the weekly workshops for family&kids.

Amina Langedijk 5 years ago

Beautiful building with rich and unique collection of minerals and fossils. Part of the mining school. Visited at the occasion of a conference hosted by the IGME.

Kate Bell 5 years ago

Amazing building, definitely worth an hour

Christopher Schembri 5 years ago

This museum is a must for all those who love geology, rocks, fossils and crystals. The exhibits are well categorised by their chemical formation (silicates, elements, etc) and there are a number of varieties for each rock and crystal. It is worthwhile visit There is also a section showing the various rypes of cuts used in gemstones. In January 2018 there was also a highly interesting section on amber, however I don't know if this is a permanent exhibit. Highly recommended. Entrance is free but a travel document / passport is required.

John DeBliek 5 years ago

Very large and interesting collection of rocks, minerals and fossils. Well worth a visit if you have any interest in geology. Best of all it's free.

XY Yang 5 years ago

great museum~

Trish Gordon 6 years ago

Worth the trek to see the building let alone the gems. Feels like stepping back in time

Ralph Greco 6 years ago

What a great hidden gem (pun intended) in Madrid.

L W 6 years ago

Free and very extensive rock, gemstone and fossils collection. Will take 1-2 hours. Only spanish descriptions and no audio guides. There isn't AC so I would try to go during cooler time of the day (morning). Not busy. Hidden gem (pun intended)!

Margarita Inclan Robredo (civil engineer) 6 years ago

The better geology experience of my life.

Yuka 7 years ago

Super nice and interesting museum to visit with your kids.

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