National Museum and Research Center of Altamira

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Avenida Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola, s/n
39330, Santillana del Mar
942 81 80 05

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Het National Museum and Research Center van Altamira is een wereldberoemd museum- en onderzoekscentrum gewijd aan de studie van de Altamira Cave-schilderijen in Santillana del Mar, Spanje. Het museum is de thuisbasis van 's werelds grootste verzameling grotten van grotten en het onderzoekscentrum is een van de toonaangevende instellingen voor Cave Art Research. Het museum en het onderzoekscentrum bevinden zich in het hart van het Altamira -grotcomplex, en bezoekers kunnen de grotten bezoeken en de schilderijen van dichtbij zien. Het museum herbergt ook een bibliotheek en archieven en organiseert reguliere conferenties en symposia over grotten en andere onderwerpen.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM

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🗣️ National Museum and Research Center of Altamira: Meningen

Kepa Esteban 1 year ago


James Almodovar 1 year ago

History in it making. Here we find the similar cave men stories as we have seen in the USA. My guess these are much more older than the USA.

Laura Clark 1 year ago

World heritage sight not to be missed

helen ashford 1 year ago


Manlio Pastore 1 year ago

Must to be place Where The Art begins...

Andreea GB 1 year ago


Rowland Conway 1 year ago


M Dolby 1 year ago


R aluca 1 year ago

Amazingly built, it is really worth a visit if you are in the area, despite of the small hike from santillana del mar.

Jose Granizo 1 year ago

Excellent intellectual experience

Davinia Martínez Gutiérrez 1 year ago

A must

Sahrish Butt 1 year ago

It's really worth to go and with family and friends

Una Lynch 1 year ago

Amazing to see hand prints of our ancient ancestors.

Nora Szponar 1 year ago

Excellent displays and explanations of methods and artefacts.

ivan gee 1 year ago


Ajax Snare 1 year ago

An important place with wonderful and knowledgeable guides.

Alfredo Salcedo 1 year ago

An excellent replica of the original one and and excellent place to see one of the early paintings of human.

Libélula de Arcilla 1 year ago

The feeling of being inside a real cave is amazing, don't miss this place!!

Andreas Zourellis 1 year ago


Alex K 2 years ago

Replica of Altamira Cave and small, interesting museum. Well worth the visit.

Sandra Gislason 2 years ago

Really informative & fun, even for kids

Nonna Pappy 2 years ago

Everybody should visit this museum and spend to understand some of our past. Informative.

Todd Mullin 2 years ago

Loved the "neo-cave"! It is an amazing reproduction of the real site that seems to give the same feel while protecting the priceless original.

Irene Pasqualini 2 years ago

My family and I came here on a Sunday, hoping to visit the reproduction of the famous cave of Altamira, one of the most prominent forms of rock art from the Paleolithic age, recognized by Picasso as the mankind's acme of art ... The entrance tickets on Sundays are free, and so, when we stopped over on our travel from Guipuzcoa to Asturias, we found them all booked out. Anyway, we were able to visit the museum, which was also free, fun and educational! We spent a couple of hours inside, amazed by spear ends, choppers, harpoons, and then by the many forms of rock art and mobile art on display. The visit covers a whole lot of aspects of archeology as a science and of material culture of the Paleolithic man, through videos, little windows, panels, etc etc, that will leave both adults and kids entertained. After the initial letdown of finding out that we had no hope of going in, the visit to the museum itself turned out to be absolutely fascinating. The facilities are well kept, and include bathrooms, a gift shop and a cafeteria (on Sunday, open only to 14.30).

Yolanda Santa Cruz 2 years ago

Wonderful place. They did and incredible work recreating the original Altamira paintings even down to the ceiling cracks. Make sure to ask any questions that you might have to the guide. They were all very passionate about the history of the cave and the surrounded ones.

Muhammad Arshad Mukhtar 2 years ago

Really amazing experience. Cantabria as a whole a great place for the people passionate of prehistoric times.

Tamas Szucs 2 years ago

Great experience, if you fownload the app you can skip the crowd and be in the realidtic replica cave almost alone. The museum is also refurbished recently with loads of audiovidusl meterials

Neil Boast 2 years ago

Worth seeing the reconstruction, even if it not possible to visit the original.

sreyaa guha 2 years ago

Felt great! Although it is still the replica...but still

Bee Estes 2 years ago

I don't have the words to properly explain the incredible work that they have done here. I'm so thankful that they have preserved the real cave of Altamira, yet have created this one of a kind museum to let visitors experience what it would be like in the real thing. Exceptional work has been done here, don't miss it!

Wendy Boast 2 years ago

Worth a visit can be busy. Good background information and recreated cave area.

free electrons family 2 years ago

A www FreeElectrons.Family review: EXCELLENT museum, especially for young KIDS who can come in for FREE. We specifically had this museum as a stop during our 36-day family camping road trip from Spain to Poland and back this year. At €3 euros per adult, this is a GREAT ALTERNATIVE to the expensive cave museums in FRANCE! The only downside was that you have to get your ticket ahead early on the same day because there is no online booking. There is a restaurant in case you get hungry. €1.50 for cerveza, €1.50 for reposteria, and between €2 for bocadillos. See photo of receipt for details. There was a separate play-learning space for children but it was closed during the coronavirus pandemic when we visited. And of course, there's a souvenir shop for all kinds of interesting mementos. Read more about our family move abroad, camping, reviews and travels on our blog. Just google us! Big Smile! free electrons family

Paul Tarry 3 years ago

Very interesting, even the children enjoyed it. A full size replica made in fibre glass of the real thing.

Matej Cigale 3 years ago

I really like the museum. Granted the cave is a reproduction but it's a very good one. Could have fooled me.

Veronica Romero 3 years ago

Great substitute for the real Altamira caves. Good history lesson for the kids too.

Barbara Miller 4 years ago

Interesting museum of ancient cave paintings and artefacts

The Merovingian 4 years ago

Worth traveling from anywhere in the world just to see these creations and to contemplate those who came before us. I’d like to live in this cave. I have a new installation of my own to contribute

Coziana eugenia Voinea 4 years ago

Great historical value and great things in the shop

David Knutson 4 years ago

A small but complete museum that displays a replica of the famous Paleolithic cave paintings. In addition to the paintings, there are displays of human development in this part of Europe, along with abundant interpretation of community and family life of people from the time. The museum can be visited in about an hour.

Andrés Cepeda 4 years ago

Incredible replica of the actual cave. Got the chance to go and visit the real one too and they are very similar indeed. It was and amazing experience but you have to go on Friday 09:30am to have the chance, they do a raffle and only 5 are selected for the visit.

FERNANDO CUCE 4 years ago

Great history lesson and evidence of human race and the interaction with nature 13000 years ago

Ade Loveday 4 years ago

A really good day out to see the replica caves,very well done amazing reconstruction Down to every detail,and the exhibition (museum) was also superb.

e laing 4 years ago

Must see if anywhere near Santillana. Fascinating and really friendly staff

carsten hellmuth (cahel) 4 years ago

Interesting and worth visiting while in the area. Take a guide

Ana Bernad 4 years ago

Even though the neocueva is a replica, it has been done really well. They also give you a bit of historical background and information on how it was made.

Ad Hoek 5 years ago

Very nice museum, I had a great visit

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