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C. de la Paz s/n
45001, Toledo
925 23 88 00

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Het Army Museum in Toledo is een van de grootste en meest uitgebreide militaire musea ter wereld. Het ligt in het hart van de stad Toledo, Ohio, en is gehuisvest in een enorm voormalig arsenaalgebouw dat dateert uit het begin van de 20e eeuw. De collecties van het museum omvatten meer dan twee miljoen artefacten, documenten en foto's met betrekking tot de geschiedenis van het Amerikaanse leger, vanaf de vroegste dagen tot heden. Het museum is ook de thuisbasis van een grote onderzoeksbibliotheek en archieven, evenals een state-of-the-art auditorium en conferentiecentrum.

Het Army Museum in Toledo opende voor het eerst zijn deuren voor het publiek in mei 2004 en heeft sindsdien meer dan twee miljoen bezoekers van over de hele wereld verwelkomd. De collecties van het museum zijn gehuisvest in een reeks galerijen die de geschiedenis van het leger vanaf zijn vroegste dagen tot heden beschrijven. Bezoekers kunnen alles zien, van revolutionaire oorlogswapens en uniformen tot tanks en helikopters die in moderne oorlogvoering worden gebruikt. Er zijn ook interactieve exposities waarmee bezoekers kunnen ervaren hoe het was om een ​​soldaat te zijn in verschillende tijdperken, en een herdenkingstuin ter ere van degenen die in het leger hebben gediend.

Het Army Museum in Toledo is open voor het publiek zeven dagen per week en de toegang is gratis. Begeleide rondleidingen door het museum zijn beschikbaar en vooraf reserveringen worden aanbevolen.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Carlos Alberto Guerra Ordoñez 1 year ago


Alexandre Freire 1 year ago

Great place! Definetelly a must go! On Sundays for free.

Joel Hernandez 1 year ago

Amazing pieces of history. Worth the visit

Amanda Ashby 1 year ago

Really good to see all the historic pieces. We'll set out and informative Visited on Public holiday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended No … More

Spencer Nelson 1 year ago

Best museum I visited in Spain. If you are interested in history, weapons, or anything military related this museum is a must see. It takes about 2 hours to see everything. Take one of the museum maps with you. It is absolutely essential.

Salam AlRiyami 1 year ago


R Al Yousufi 1 year ago

Beautiful museum explains about the history of the army in this place

John Hankins 1 year ago


Gábor Kasoly 1 year ago


Paul Alvarez 1 year ago

Excellent place for a quick historic cath up. Magnificent historic object collection. Highly recommended.

Ice Man 1 year ago

Part of Alcazar, so don't get confused.

Raed Kaddoura 1 year ago

A must see in Toledo. So much history and different sections in the museum

Martin Luna 2 years ago

Great Alcasar! And it has a very good restaurant with awesome views!

Juan G Hernández 2 years ago

The Spanish Army is Unique, I had no idea, ALL THE EXPERIENCE: Centuries....Unreal.

Gene I. 2 years ago

Not that many interesting items, lots of text and a very weird mapping inside. But hey, it was a free entrance :D

gaspar sigaya 2 years ago

Must see wheb you visit Toledo!

Brook Riddick 2 years ago

Really amazing museum we didn't even see half of it in over 2 hours. Well worth it

sue pointer 2 years ago

Absolutely brilliant We spent nearly 3 hours looking THERE is also a Restaurant inside & 3 levels access by escalators

Bee Estes 2 years ago

Really need to enjoy weapons and military stuff through the ages. Very well done.

Motorhome Quest 2 years ago

There is such a lot to see you will need a couple of hours, more if you have the audio guide. As you walk around each floor don't forget to go into every opening. There are also audio visual displays.

Eva Mouratidou 3 years ago

Amazing museum with amazing things and paintings to see! Its huge, with great architecture itself! You can see many msny things, clothing of different areas and historical cars. Dont forget to go outside of the backside of the building to enjoy the besutuful view of Toledo. It was definitely the most impressive war museum I have visited so far in my life! The entrace fee is quite cheap so it really worths it to visit! Even if you don't have many days, you will need about an hour, an hour and a half to see it.

Bill Braaten 3 years ago

I was amazed oh, it's not just two hundred years of history but it's closer to eight hundred years of History many many suits of armor and very very antique firearms. Spain was a warring Nation for many many years and has the history to prove it. I do recommend the museum for the Antiquities as much as the armament.. Spain has a rich history and this is part of it I say don't miss this the entry fee was quite reasonable at about 5 Euros

úTRAVELók 3 years ago

Very good, but very large. We walking around 4 hours and we are tired.

Mary Adanac 3 years ago

Amazing museum! Extremely cheap tickets. If you are traveling to Madrid, make sure you visit Toledo.

Gabriel Santos 4 years ago

A really cool place to know more about the army and army related stuff. I'd say only the lower half of the museum is actually worth it tbh.

Culture Nuggets 4 years ago

So much to see!! I am definitely going back to visit in the near future. I got some great souvenirs from the gift shop. The staff in gift shop and the front desk were very friendly and helpful.

Nir Habler 4 years ago

very good museum.

Martin Studynka (Darthy) 4 years ago

Very nice and large museum. Only 5€ entrance fee. It has four floors in old part and three floors in new part of building. Inside you can find history of Toledo and Spain since times of roman empire to modern era, with lots of historical weapons, clothings, books, flags, battles and much more.

Jesus Pascual 4 years ago

Huge, modern, well organised, and very cheap to enter military museum. On par with any other more well-known world museums. Battles, history, paintings, military technology, guns, uniforms, miniature soldiers, name it, they got it. Well worth a whole day visit. The restaurant inside is relatively inexpensive and good quality. The kids will enjoy it!

Artem Neznanov 4 years ago

Excellent museum for only five euro entrance fee. Could spend here all day.

Iñigo Lopez de Uralde 4 years ago

Very well conserved. Interesting content both in English and Spanish.

David Thomas 4 years ago

Massive. History buffs need to set aside 3 to 4 hrs.

Andrea Pulitani 4 years ago

Very interesting museum, about history of Spain

Jacob Neat 4 years ago

Really cool museum if you are here you should take the time to go in and enjoy

Nora Szponar 5 years ago

A must see in Toledo. A very well organised comprehensive museum in a beautiful building. Very helpful staff. Was almost completely destroyed in the Civil War but rebuilt. A very poignant remider is a room which has been left in the state it was in after the building fell in the Civil War - a most affecting sight. If you are a lover of military miniatures then this is the place for you. I liked the way that the story of the building was told from the prehistoric beginnings.

Theresa Tran 5 years ago

Really nice museum! It's awesome that the museum is built within the ruins. Lots of artifacts and history so be sure to have ample time. Place closes at 5pm and cost is €5 a person.

Mehmet 5 years ago

Great museum about history of Spain. Many interesting things to see

Edmond Chua 5 years ago

Free entry on Sunday! Gets pretty crowded after 12pm. But it’s a huge place with lots of different exhibits! Great visit for the family, get ready for lots of walking.

Jordi E 5 years ago

Top of the list of things to see in Toledo. Can’t recommend strongly enough. Views from the balconies are spectacular.

RAFA S 5 years ago

Visit on Sunday. It is free. I could imagine how all the weapons have been developed in a scientific and cruel way and how people might have fought with these weapons

Paul Bailey 5 years ago

Great museum! Lots of historical items. Deceptive length of time the tour will take. Allow 3-4 hours.

Jean L 5 years ago

This is undoubtedly an awesome city and this museum contains an unique collection of pieces, weapons including helms, armors, shields plus an endless collection of war accessories that can simply take you back in time. It is closed on Mondays, notice there is free access of Sundays.

TingYu Liu 5 years ago

A good place to learn more about Toledo’s history.

Kevin Jones 5 years ago

You could easily spend 2-3 days just at this museum. Its a world heritage site!

A V 5 years ago

Amazing museum for army enthusiast and those how are eager to learn about history. Entrance is gratis!

Linton Nightingale 6 years ago

Guns, rifles, swords and canons: you name it, this place has it. The history of the Spanish military is exhibited in all its splendor. The museum was recently renovated and is worth the visit.

Cris and Kaye Tagamolila 6 years ago

The museum is newly renovated and collection extraordinary. Spanish history is not as well known as the English or French so this place helps with understanding the key events and the role of the military.

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