Emílio Goeldi Museum of Pará - Research Campus

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Av. Perimetral 1901
66077-830, Belém
(91) 3182-3200

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Het Emílio Goeldi Museum van Pará is een wereldberoemd onderzoeksinstelling en museum in de stad Belém, in de Braziliaanse staat Pará. Het museum is vernoemd naar de oprichter, in Zwitsers geboren naturalist en ontdekkingsreiziger Emílio Goeldi, die voor het eerst in 1866 in de regio Amazone aankwam.

Het museum herbergt een uitgebreide verzameling Amazone -artefacten, planten en dieren, evenals een onderzoeksbibliotheek met meer dan 60.000 delen. De onderzoeksprogramma's van het museum zijn gericht op de natuurlijke geschiedenis en de antropologie van de regio Amazone.

Het Emílio Goeldi Museum is een van de belangrijkste culturele instellingen in Brazilië en is een must-bezoek voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in het Amazone-regenwoud en zijn volkeren.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

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Cláudio Teixeira 1 year ago

A place that welcomes Amazonian science

Aline Silva 1 year ago

love love love

Robert Melo 1 year ago

Place for family to walk

Científica Geotecnia 1 year ago

Excellent place to get to know a little about the Amazon.

Luan Carlos Veiga Braga 1 year ago

very good place to take the family.

Cris Cunha 1 year ago

My son and I love the place. There are still some rooms under renovation, but overall, it is pleasant.

Gillmax Ferreira 2 years ago

Zeer goed

FANTASTIC RIO 2 years ago

Museum and Zoo. Fauna and Flora, Tropical Forest All very interesting. With new buildings.

Edivaldo Moreira 2 years ago

Wonderful, I observed some very old animals.

Levino Vieira 2 years ago

I had the opportunity to work for a while in the MPEG research field and it's just an amazing place. Do not confuse this place with the Museum open to visitors, which is located on Av. Magalhães Barata with Alcindo Cacela.

É do Remo 2 years ago

It's part of my childhood, it's great to be here close to nature and animals

Jose elias Zt 3 years ago

Very good place pracer visited all days

Waldiney Xavier 3 years ago

I studied and graduated from that institution. However, there is a lot to be done, and I believe it is being done, so that Ufra is a RURAL university more focused on the job market.

Marcelly Lobo 3 years ago


Vanja Elizabeth Souza Costa 3 years ago

Very beautiful place. It deserves to be maintained by the federal government so it doesn't close. The researchers and students do extraordinary work for the environment

Auxiliadora Lima 3 years ago

A place to know, learn, deepen knowledge and fall in love with the Amazon region

Gb Souza 3 years ago

Place of excellent climate, fauna and flora with various riches

Diego Peres 3 years ago

A tour that immerses us in nature. Beautiful and well taken care of animals. Varied lunch offer with typical regional dishes. Who wants peace and tranquility, is a super option.

Rodrigo Gonzalez 3 years ago


LDN Diniz 4 years ago

Place for research and teaching. The zoobotanical park is on Av. Nazaré, downtown Bethlehem.

Kallil Maia 4 years ago

Excellent opportunity to get to know nature in its splendor.

Pablo Borges 4 years ago


Jose Maria 4 years ago

Good reception and welcome. Archive for several searches on Amazon.

Paula Duarte 4 years ago

An amazing experience!!! Discover the 2 oldest museum in Brazil! 152 years! Research reference in the Amazon.

Enzo Silva 4 years ago

This museum cannot be extinguished. It is an extremely cultural heritage of our dear Amazon.

Abel Bustamante Ferrada 4 years ago

It is the oldest museum after the MNRJ, more than 150 years of research of the highest quality. Mandatory reference for any study involving the Amazon

Elcio Costa 4 years ago

Great space to walk with the family, take the kids

Pry size 4 years ago

It is a place that talks a lot about the Fauna and flora of Amazonas and contributes much to the history and culture of the state of Pará, not to mention that it is a very attractive tourist spot.

Emilio Caldas Martins 4 years ago

I have very beautiful moments in this place, especially a trip I took with my niece.

Ellen Santos 4 years ago

Zoobotanical Park on Av. Magalhães Cheap, with a pleasant atmosphere. Good for visits with children and tourists.

FAGNO PIMENTEL “Pimentelcr7” 4 years ago

I liked it a lot since I met the museum and the Educator Lúcia Santana da Silva was great with agent she was super cool.

Cassia Paiva 4 years ago

You're safe now! The stalls are beautiful and the food excellent. It's a great place to spend an afternoon!

Paulo Victor de Moraes 4 years ago

It is a great place. Large research center in Brazil

Julienne L. Seabra 4 years ago

In addition to the various researches that are conducted, the place is where we can have a direct contact with nature.

helder cordovil 4 years ago

Incredible place with a lot of scientific knowledge and a very rich collection of species for research!

Filipe Silva 4 years ago

The place is very good for you to take the whole family to get to know a little about the history of the city and some of the State's animals, for those of you who don't know yet. You are missing out on a very good family outing. Great place to take pictures too.

Alex Dias 4 years ago

For those who want to have contact with nature in the middle of the city, this is the place

Rose Mariana Tapajos 4 years ago

Excellent place to appreciate the best in species of animals and plants

Stephan Ferlin-Reiter 4 years ago


Nayron 5 years ago

MPEG Research Campus. One of the main scientific production institutions in Pará. Open for visits only at specific events. If you want to visit the Emílio Goeldi Museum, it has to be the Campus (zoobotanical park) located at Rua Magalhaes Barata, 376.

André Pompeu 5 years ago

Research campus in several areas of Goeldi, such as linguistics, anthropologist, botany, etc. One of the most important in the country, which even though it had to cut spending, is still very active in spreading new knowledge.

Neto Dias 5 years ago

Zoobotanical park reference in research and excellent to take the children on the weekend.

Rodrigo Magalhães 5 years ago

Biodiversity information is very important, so it is necessary for people to have knowledge and fight for the preservation of the place.

Luzimar Serrão Siqueira 5 years ago

It was great. I saw animals and a beautiful nature!

Alberto Silva 5 years ago

Very interesting because where I had support for my studies and learning

Jaime Oliveira 5 years ago


Caroline de Oliveira Martins Hall 6 years ago

Great place for those interested in conducting research in the Amazon.

Ellison Cleyton 6 years ago

One of the best tourist spots in Belém, everyone should know. Too bad the Federal Government has been reducing investment, even so it's still worth a visit

Max Figueiredo 6 years ago

Best place for a family walk and some more outdoors

Andre Mendes 6 years ago

Excellent research center. Visits must be made at the Park

Nilson Gabas Junior 7 years ago


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