Museum of Navarra

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C. de Santo Domingo 47
31001, Pamplona
848 42 64 92

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Het museum van Navarra is een museum in Pamplona, ​​Navarra, Spanje. Het museum werd opgericht in 1879 door de Navarrese Society of Archaeology and History. Het museum bevindt zich in het Palacio de Los Condes de Gabia, een 16e-eeuws paleis in het historische centrum van de stad. De collecties van het museum omvatten prehistorische, Romeinse en middeleeuwse artefacten uit de regio Navarra. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek met meer dan 30.000 delen.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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🗣️ Museum of Navarra: Meningen

Raffaele Venturini 1 year ago

You can't make a museum without English captions

Ignacio Lopez 1 year ago

Nice. Little public. Staff of 10

Antonio Martínez Pérez 1 year ago

Very interesting museum. There is an impressive collection of Roman mosaics. Also frescoes of different buildings, both religious and civil. And all for just €2. I recommend it.

Adolfo Melendez 1 year ago

The history of Navarra since prehistory. I loved it.

Roberto Escribano 1 year ago

Fantastic journey from prehistory to the present day. Some great value pieces. Wonderful mosaics and in an exceptional state of preservation. Very rewarding visit from my point of view.

Carmen Valls Ribera 1 year ago

Although some rooms were closed and therefore the entrance was free, the primitive, Roman and medieval part that I saw, excellent.


!!The staff employed is collaborative. Currently only three floors can be visited. Attractive temporary exhibition!!

Maria Iribarren 1 year ago

Very interesting, I was very surprised, unfortunately the second and third floors were closed due to the heat, so I now have an excuse to return, the super friendly staff, they have indicated everything to us with great kindness and given us all kinds of explanations. Nice to meet you

David Ibañez Gonzalez 1 year ago

Very complete museum of the history of Navarra Very friendly staff, and very knowledgeable. They have extensive knowledge. Too bad the last two floors were closed, I think for renovation

Monika Kostera-Kociatkiewicz 1 year ago

Fascinating! Especially world's oldest map! Do not miss when in Pamplona!

soyyocesar 1 year ago

Very well. Very complete and even with a guided tour of part of the installation. You have to go slowly to see everything.

Josu Artetxe Arana 1 year ago

My goal was to see the wonderful box of Leire, but after enjoying it (truly spectacular, a unique work of crystal art), I was eager to return to see that there are so many more works of art to admire;

Elena Mina 1 year ago

The togado of Pompeius, a bronze statue located in an excavation of Curia Street in Pamplona in 1856, one of the 13 statues of this type that exist in the world, is exhibited at the Museo de Navarra. It is ceded by its owner, American, to be exhibited for a period of two years. It is a piece worth seeing and especially if you attend the guided tour, in which the piece and the details of its journey since its discovery are perfectly explained. A success of the museum for showing this valuable piece.

Leo Figli 1 year ago

Great museum to spend all day enjoying art and history. The personnel is very friendly. I recommend going early to make the most of it.

Sasha Munar 1 year ago


Jacob Mata 1 year ago


Maitina Gutierrez Cuenca 1 year ago

A pleasure, to see and listen to the story of Job in one of the capitals that the museum keeps... all explained by Miguel Angel Asiain, thank you.

Omar Mohallem Mohallem 1 year ago

I really liked the museum, you can learn about the history of Navarra and it has archeology and works of art, I really liked it.

Marcos Fidel Grajeras Alt 1 year ago

It has very interesting works. It is also arranged in such a way that it is easy to visit, it is chronologically although they offer you different itineraries. Also the staff is very friendly.

May Rosales 1 year ago


Israel Mina 1 year ago

Many interesting pieces, prehistory, the Roman world etc, to highlight the painting by Goya, (the Marquis of San Adrián)

Deputymouse 1 year ago

Museum that exhibits Paleolithic and Iron Age finds, artistic samples from Roman, pre-Romanesque and Muslim Navarre, samples of Gothic and Renaissance art and paintings from the 17th to 20th centuries. Noteworthy are the Romanesque capitals of the cathedral and the portrait of the Marquis of San Adrián de Goya.

Orlando Mudarra 1 year ago

An exhibition made with magnificent details from prehistory to the contemporary. A very complete approach to art in its most common expressions.

Julia Danilova 1 year ago

A very interesting museum. Free for pilgrims. I really liked the 3rd floor, beautiful paintings. It took me 45 minutes to see everything and enjoy this museum. I thank the staff for their hard work.

Carmen Gil 1 year ago

With many pieces from prehistory to the 19th century, numismatics, painting, Roman mosaics,...

Sara Pérez 1 year ago

Very interesting. Art from prehistory to the beginning of the 20th century, I do recommend going early. We went an hour before closing and we didn't have time to see half of it.

G Steinebach 1 year ago

The staff was extremely friendly. You should plan about two hours to visit the entire exhibition. Explanations not in German. Lots of art. Could use a little more history. Still worth a visit.

Josemari Catalan 1 year ago

You have very interesting works. The new exposure criteria is very successful. Too bad it was desolately empty of visitors

Roberto Caballero 1 year ago

It is very good with pieces of art and archeology to understand the history and art of Pamplona and Navarra, a pity that it was so empty

VirginiaFabiana Landeira 1 year ago

Totally recommended. From the moment you enter and you are received by the staff with great kindness and throughout the tour of the four floors. Art and history of Navarra exposed with taste, respect and all the explanations to enjoy with time.

Elin Barnes Author 2 years ago

Such a great space! And the exhibition of Gerardo Lizarraga was amazing!

Juan Jose Verdejo 2 years ago

Nice place to spend some time, at a very reasonable price 2€.

Javier Moreno 2 years ago

Inside there is a lot of history of Navarra and other places that deserves to be heard. Sometimes the museum is left a bit forgotten but it is worth it.

Tomás Rosillo 2 years ago

Located on the Cuesta de Santo Domingo, it has several floors dedicated to different periods and temporary exhibitions The upper floor collects Contemporary Art and going down the most surprising is the one that collects the mural paintings of different churches such as Olleta The most surprising of the murals is The Battle of Mülberg from the Óriz Palace and the mosaic of the Triumph of Bacchus and pieces such as the Leyre casket also stand out.

Inés Balda 2 years ago

It had been a long time since I went to the Museum and my daughter had been asking to go to see Prehistory for a long time. Reading the previous comments from families with children, I was a bit lazy to go. Our experience could not have been better. As soon as we entered, we were received by a girl, Amaia, who accompanied us during the visit and explained everything to us, with great patience. At the end of the visit, he has taken them to a room where they have made a mosaic with cardboard and colored stamps. My daughters have been delighted, asking when we will return. Thanks!!!!!

Tomas Biasio 2 years ago

Interesting and complete museum about the community of Navarra. From prehistory to our days in 5 different exposition floors. It worth the visit!

Bruce Castle 2 years ago

One of the coolest museums I've been to. Great history, fantastic major pieces of art. A real sleeper.

Eva Harley 2 years ago

A great place to visit, with a lot of things to see and enjoy, great works of painting, mosaics, utensils from prehistory to the present day. It has been great and my child loved the book they gave us. Thank you so much for everything.

Motorhome Quest 2 years ago


Andres Vol 3 years ago

Four-storey museum with prehistoric art, beautiful Roman capitals and some elegant paintings, they even have a Goya, a very large museum with not very used spaces. To be a provincial museum ... fine. As a curiosity, the system to leave the umbrellas, with a lock and key so that no one gets "confused" and takes someone else's umbrella, a very curious system. An employee on each floor, very polite and attentive to the visitor. It has an elevator, although its stairs are wide, they are on the side of each floor and easy to climb.

A D 3 years ago

Very interested

Laia Gallart 3 years ago

Simple but very correct, chronological, temporary exhibitions, very very friendly and attentive staff. Special attention to Roman mosaics and Goya.

Andrea Elftmann 4 years ago

Very nice!

Reagan 4 years ago

A museum which contains a lot of history of the Navarra region. But be warned all descriptions are in Spanish but it is worthwhile visiting this great museum as when I went it was free! Amazing views of the surrounding hills also!

Zeglar “Zeg” Fergus 4 years ago

Interesting collection of early Roman and Navarra artifacts. Helpful and friendly staff, easy to find your way around.

Sasee Reka 4 years ago

Understand culture of Navarra

Luces Mexicanas 5 years ago

They have an incredible Prehistory exhibition in the Navarrese Pyrenees, with samples of the first homo sapiens that passed through there 280 thousand years BC really incredible !!!

Gio Darda 5 years ago

The best surprise in Pamplona. One of the best organized museums I have ever visited. Careful, detailed, felt. A pearl of fine workmanship. The care with which it was made shows the love of the inhabitants of Navarre for their land ... a must if you visit Pamplona. With the beautiful initiative of the Navarrese passport, which shows you other beautiful museums scattered around the region that you can visit, to fully experience the culture and feeling of belonging of a simple but proud people

Anna Bordon 5 years ago

Full of interesting artworks!

Beatriz Mainard 5 years ago


Oleg Naumov 5 years ago

This is excellent museum of medieval Navarese culture where you can observe beautiful examples of medieval frescoes, icons, statues. Alas, grand bassinet helmet made in first quarter of XV century and received from local Cathedral is in the storage room instead of permanent exhibition. It was the greatest disappointment of 2012. Visitors are allowed to take non commercial photo without flash light. You need to buy a ticket to get in.

Meos Sohnboker 5 years ago

What a well curated museum telling the story of the region

Jeroen Mourik 6 years ago

Great collection of Roman mosaicos and other finds. The lighting of the objects was excellent. Really enjoyed our visit.

Carlos Bello 6 years ago

The museum is very nice, from the entrance, which is a whole historic building, there in a corner near the walls, there, very close to where the activities of the Fermines begin, it is a pleasure to go through its rooms, there are recoveries of all kinds, from the period Roman, a lot of the history of Navarre, the period when Christianity appeared in the Middle Ages and even a very nice Goya, it was a fascinating experience to go around the circuit and when turning a corner to find a painting in front of us that from 10 meters away It already announced a work by Goya, its lighting, its background and the highlight of the portrayed gentleman, a whole work. It is worth visiting, there is nothing to regret, also the attention of the attendees was very good. Kind regards from Argentina

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