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Ctra. del Carmel 23A
08013, Barcelona
932 19 38 11

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Het Gaudí House Museum ligt in het hart van Barcelona, ​​in de buurt met dezelfde naam. Het gebouw is ontworpen door Antoni Gaudí en gebouwd tussen 1906 en 1912. Het is een klein huis met eengezinswoning dat het huis en de workshop van de architect was tot zijn dood in 1926.

Het museum bevindt zich op de eerste verdieping van het huis en is verdeeld in twee hoofdsecties. Het eerste deel is gewijd aan het leven en het werk van Antoni Gaudí, en het tweede deel is gewijd aan de geschiedenis van het huis en het herstel ervan.

Het museum heeft een verzameling foto's, documenten en persoonlijke bezittingen van Antoni Gaudí. De belangrijkste stukken in de collectie zijn twee originele modellen van de Sagrada Família, de kerk die Gaudí heeft ontworpen en die nog steeds in aanbouw is in Barcelona.

Het Gaudí House Museum is elke dag geopend van 10:00 tot 20:00 uur. De toegang is € 10 voor volwassenen en € 5 voor kinderen jonger dan 16 jaar.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM

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Mark S 1 year ago

Definately worth paying the extra, to learn the history of the development

Yves Wu 1 year ago

The whole park was just absolutely beautiful and amazed how it was designed! The Gaudi House although needed to pay separately to visit, but definitely worth to see, especially the garden almost every corner is a view point. You can see when the Spring comes, the flower covers the passes in the garden and looks through the window with the city view of Barcelona!

alp peker 1 year ago


Marija Jurić Grubić 1 year ago


Paula Churchward 1 year ago


Jennifer “Sea Pie” Eva 1 year ago

Loved it! By 10am it was really busy and very hot! I highly recommend going on a guided tour.

Wafa Jawad 1 year ago

Didn’t go in you need a separate ticket. Beautiful from the outside

Frank Masek 1 year ago

Fun but light on artifacts to view. The whole experience of the park is 5 stars. The house is 3.

Gad A 1 year ago

Great !

Gabby Vargas 1 year ago


Alan Peterson 1 year ago

A must visit. I recommend you take your time. Enjoy the entertainers. Relax. Respond to email. Listen to music and sit and enjoy the visit.

Julian Ruçi (JR) 1 year ago


Hasit Shah 3 years ago

One of the greatest Catalan Architect ever walked on earth Antoni Gaudi's house, very humanistically designed and well preserved, must see place.

Amal W.J.E 3 years ago

Me and a friend made an adventure of this with a long walk from the city to the Gaudi house . It was a nice walk because of all the neighborhoods you got to go through. The surrounding park is free and cool to beep boop through! Also it’s free! You get to still some beauty without paying to go in. But it’s worth going in. Enjoy!

E Colon 3 years ago

This place is incredible, and a must see. The ticket price is reasonable, and the audio tour is great. Fun fact: In the USA, we use the term “gaudy” to describe something flashy, or colorful, well, that term comes from this wonderful architect, Antonio Gaudi. You’re welcome :)

王文龙 3 years ago

It is a simple house. Considering its ticket price, it is good enough. I went there as I bought the ticket of this house together with the ticket of la Sagrada Família. If Parc Güell is on your plan, this house is a good place to visit. If not, as it is not that easy to reach by tourists (it is on a hill), it is somewhere you can skip. If you finally decided to go there, it is better to buy the ticket together with ticket of la Sagrada Família. It is cheaper.

Indira Prado 3 years ago

Beautiful little museum, gives you a peak into how Gaudí lived!

Maya K 3 years ago

An opportunity to tour a complete house built as "a model home" at Park Guell (originally meant to become a 60 houses resident project). It ended up being the home of Gaudi himself, where he lived for almost two decades. This is an opportunity to learn a bit about Gaudi's daily routine and the humble life he chose to live despite his success, as well as to see some of the furniture and other items he designed.

Paul Chard 3 years ago

A real insight into Gaudi. The garden is stunning. His home is so inspiring.

Mikeal Butler 3 years ago

Gaudis house he lived for 20 years. Very fun history tour, short and a self learning experience. Takes about 10-15 min to walk through the house. 30 if you read everything. It was only 5 euro.

Jason Patrick Voegele 4 years ago

So the house itself is interesting enough i suppose. Spoiler allert- Gaugi had a square toilet. I assume the ticketed entrance price is only worth it in the sense that it directs you to an incredible view of the far more interesting surroundings. The view is astonishing. Although some of the other Gaudi related sites are currently under construction for restoration and excavation, the walk through the larger park complex is worth every moment. You spend.

Warisala Chatuchinda 4 years ago

Amazing artist! But the interior inside his house is so humble! Lovely museum and well worth the money :)

Patrick Sundlof 4 years ago

Gaudi is my new fav architect and role model

Fira Marius 4 years ago

He was a genius but very humble man.the house is amazing and the view over the city realy can even see the sea.Park Guel is realy nice to see as well.over all,a great experience.

Adelina Soare 4 years ago

Very nice and intresting, but you need to buy tikets in advance.

Davis D. Janowski 4 years ago

I am not much of an architecture buff, I'm much more interested in ancient ruins and monuments but for those that are this is one of the rare places in the world where a city has a star architect that has been elevated to great heights. I was moved by how simple his own needs and desires were when it came to his personal effects and room. It could not have been more of a contradiction from the ostentatious nature of his design.

Miau Miaunei 4 years ago

Lovely house with a few interesting facts about Gaudi. Worth visiting.

Jordan Verbeek 4 years ago

I visited the house in December 2016. There was a great interactive feature which showed the house how Gaudi would have seen it. The architecture is unique, being quirky and funny in some places, and breathtaking in others. It is small, but you need to take your time during the two hour tour to really appreciate the designs. Highly recommended!

Dinesh Kumar B 4 years ago

Parc guell must go in Barcelona with beautiful architecture though it two residential buildings were built but this place is good to be at sunset

Jonatan Pity 4 years ago

Nice view of Barcelona. The park is quite large and nice to walk in. The Gaudi museum is unique and worth the visit.

Rainbow Mania 4 years ago

Another must visit when in Barcelona, the man, the legend himself! We managed to acquire a dual ticket for here and the Sagarde Familia, which works out very reasonable. Both places can be accessed via the various hop on hop off bus tours active in Barcelona, although you will need Google maps for the exact location of this one as it's off the beaten track so to speak. The gardens are breathtakingly beautiful and the house, while small, is delightful. There are several toilets on site but I dont believe the actual house has disabled access. There is also a very large viewing platform that gives you an excellent look out over the city for a few extra euro. Absolutely recommend.

Gabor Papp 4 years ago

A must see if you visit park Güell. You get a sneak peak into Gaudi's puritan personal life including his bedroom and modern bathroom. He was a devoted man to his trade, who spent 20 years of his life in this villa and only moved into his workshop at Sagrada Familia for the last couple of years.

Zahra M 4 years ago

A very simple but full of calmness house that representing humility of unique, distinguished architect

Andreea Titiriga 4 years ago

You must visit the Gaudi house museum to see the plaxe where the grwat Gaudi lived. Recommend it!

Ann Kershaw 4 years ago

Gaudi lived here for 20 years. His bedroom furniture and some personal belongings still there. Short film about his life. Good model of Sagrada familia. Some amazing furniture that he designed. Mirrors and chairs. A good insight into Gaudis personal life.

Patsy Loh 4 years ago

Amazing to be in Gaudi's house. Watch the video in a little room.

Chris Odecki (codecki) 4 years ago

There is nothing quite like the design and feel of a historic home or building by Antoni Gaudí, this building is no exception. Pictures do no justice. This place has to be seen and felt first hand.

Marcin “Abra83” Reterski 4 years ago

A beautiful house with a breathtaking view. If you need to use the toilet it is a good place.

Melanie Evans 4 years ago

If your visiting the park it really is worth paying a little extra to go round the house. You get a great understanding of the man and the way he lived before he moved into the Sagrada Familia and it really will enhance your enjoyment of seeing his other works

Diana Stroescu 4 years ago

Lovely to see how he lived and how humble he was despite of his greatness.

Luis Cardona 4 years ago

An absolute work of genius. Definitely buy tickets online ahead of time and do the guided tour.

Joey Sarver 4 years ago

The Gaudi House Museum is a must if you plan on visiting the Park Guell while in Barcelona. Make sure to buy your ticket in advance online for the park and the house because they often sell out in advance. The contrast of the grandiose first floor and the austere living corridors of Gaudi and worth seeing if you have time. You also get a deeper understanding of the religious devotion of Gaudi that I had not fully appreciated.

Mouamar Arnous 4 years ago

A must do if you are visiting Barcelona, please note, you need to book ahead of time otherwise you cannot buy your ticket and walk in. You need an appointment

Valeria Landa 4 years ago

The Gaudi house was a nice place to visit, but you don't just go for the house, you go for the surrounding park, structures and views. Beautiful place to spend a few hours.

Kurt Meredith 5 years ago

make sure you're ready to walk up some long stairs and long uphill climbs, but it's definitely worth it once you get there.

Nicoline Spaans 5 years ago

Modest house but worth a visit if you're into the architect

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