Museo Del Titere

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11006, Cádiz
956 27 68 46

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Het Museo del Titere is een klein museum in het historische centrum van Cádiz, Spanje. Het museum is gewijd aan de kunst van poppenspel en heeft een verzameling van meer dan 200 poppen van over de hele wereld. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek met meer dan 500 boeken over poppenspel en gerelateerde onderwerpen. Het museum is geopend van dinsdag tot en met zaterdag van 10.00 tot 14.00 uur. Toegang is gratis.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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anibal pizarro 1 year ago

We liked it a lot, it's quite amazing, we saw it by chance while we were walking, admission is free, it has several rooms, some of which are more interesting and curious, some stupendous and wonderful figures, it was a great success to find this museum,. I think it is a must see. It is located on the right side of the entrance to Cádiz in the walls.

Jose Maria Soto Melero 1 year ago

New museum located in the well-known and central Puerta Tierra, very interesting to visit....

Lesley Peters 1 year ago


Mario Espinoza Pino 1 year ago

Beautiful museum in the entrance walls to the beautiful Cádiz. Very well organized, with puppets from all over the world and from different historical periods. Admission is free and the space is designed so that people with functional diversity can access it without problems. An unexpected little gem.

Javier Olmedo 1 year ago

Very nice to take the little ones, I loved it

MARISELA 1 year ago

Going first thing in the morning is ideal, there are hardly any people, free admission. Many puppets, a tour of approximately 35/40 minutes depending on what you want to entertain yourself. Very nice for CHILDREN AND NOT SO CHILDREN

Daniel Bohórquez 1 year ago

Free admission, it has a wide collection of puppets from different parts of the world, easy access.

MIGUEL 1 year ago

Very interesting, not only because it is cool (for free and with which it falls is not silly) but because it has very nice puppets and from many origins (China, India, Russia, Mexico...) and to highlight those used for shadow puppets. By the way, of many sizes. Fantastic exhibition for the modest price of free. Thank you

Katia Profeta 1 year ago

Very nice this museum dedicated to puppets from all over the world.

Martuki Tuki Tuki 1 year ago

An endearing space for both children and adults

Blanca Rodríguez 1 year ago

Interesting to see different types of puppets from various countries, they are very beautiful.

Francisco José Alvarez Gómez 1 year ago

Authentic works of art in an incomparable historical setting. Interestingly, the visit is free.


A spectacular collection, puppets from all over the world and an extensive tour of all the different types

Paku Gamer 1 year ago

Admission is free, very good exhibition for all audiences ..... especially children

Yolanda Fernandez romero 1 year ago

Beautiful museum worth seeing. They have everything super well placed and placed. It's worth it, the puppets are beautiful. In the photos are some of the puppets that you can see… many more are missing. Entrance is free.

Jay Xu 1 year ago


Mariela Ines Sosa 2 years ago

Free entry, a walk to take advantage of.

Victor Valsuaº 2 years ago

Very nice and if they also made puppets or plays for schools, it would be wonderful....

Jose Maria 2 years ago

A very pleasant visit I recommend it is something I would say almost unique

Mª Dolores Perez Bertolin 2 years ago

Beautiful, a wonder.

Manuel DUEÑAS 2 years ago

Nice museum where you can appreciate the evolution of the puppet, with many samples from around the world. All this in a historical environment such as the Puertas de Tierra.

Rosa Astudillo 2 years ago

Very curious and interesting. I loved it!!!

Anita Arriaza Lozano 2 years ago


AUREO ARES 2 years ago

Very nice with a huge variety of puppets both of type and from different places and well cared for. With the peculiarity of being free the entrance.

Lirio Martin 2 years ago

Incredible collection and plus free admission. A museum for lovers of puppets and artists in general.

Flora Cuero 2 years ago

I recommend everyone to go to the museum, it is beautiful and a lot of education for both children and adults, I loved it

Palo Mitas 2 years ago

A very curious museum since it has a large number of puppets from various times and countries. It is not very big and it looks fast. Entertaining to go with the kids. I loved.

Susana Bralo 2 years ago

It contains pieces from all over the world, a large collection and well displayed, with love and respect. as they deserve

Sheila Giz Castelao 2 years ago

It is tiny and it does not take long to see, the puppets without precious and also the entrance is free. It is totally worth the visit, especially with children.

Inmaculada Sánchez-Barrancos 2 years ago

A very good way to have a good time, the bad thing is that it is so small, but for half an hour long if you have and, above all, it is free

elena rodriguez 2 years ago

A good place to visit with children. Puppets of different countries, sizes and shapes. A nice place with several rooms, plus free admission.

Mayte mayte 2 years ago

Very nice museum to visit alone or with children. Recommended to visit.

Umama Malik 2 years ago


Alba Enriquez 3 years ago

Un sitio muy interesante, las marionetas son una preciosidad, recomiendo venir a verlo.

manuela isla cruz 3 years ago

A good place to visit with a great variety of puppets from different countries and times. Ideal for the little ones

GLORIA SALLA 3 years ago

Beautiful and very interesting little museum. Very friendly staff, there are explanations and details with the scripts of some works... We loved it. As a recommendation, a projection could be put on, with some work or explanation of the stories that some dolls represent. Lucky to have gone. Plus it's free.

Rocío Santisteban Sanz 3 years ago

Wonderful if you are interested in puppets. In addition, the project they are carrying out with public schools and institutes in Cádiz is very interesting. It is a beautiful way to make the museum alive and to give voice to the youngest.

Juan r 3 years ago

Entertaining, a sample of the puppets and how are the settings and puppets of different cultures and times. It takes 30 minutes to visit and admission is free.

Arthur Kadar 3 years ago

Very pleasant place for children. There is even a room at the back where we can test our puppeteering skills. PS: if you like puppet shows, every Friday evening there are shows at the Teatro del Titere (not far from the market)

Yoly Hdez.Díaz 3 years ago

A beautiful museum. It is worth seeing. Gratuitous

Mark Annison 4 years ago

good if you like puppets

Enrique Romero 4 years ago

Different museum where you can find puppets of different types and parts of the world. Very interesting to visit with children. Also at the end of the visit there are some small scenarios in which you can handle some puppets which makes the little ones have fun. Recommendable.

V. Molina y Mª J. Llopis 4 years ago

It is the typical and curious of each place expressed in the handling of puppets of all kinds.

Esperanza Sanchez 4 years ago

It is a place worth visiting, stop and see all the details they have, the figures and all the work that has been done to create this museum.

Matteo gfig 4 years ago

I love the puppet museum and the children, we have visited it twice on our holidays to Cádiz.

Mahmuddin Turfalia 4 years ago

Let's come

pedro rodes 4 years ago

its name is very simple, like its museum, but it has its charm, only for housing no less than more than 300 puppets from all over the world, as well as different ways of operating, because not all of them are manipulated with rope, there are of cardboard, electric etc.. without a doubt, a must visit, besides that it is free, it is in an emblematic place at the foot of the land gate.

Sergio CaPal 5 years ago

Very good museum that is also free. My partner and I loved it. They were undergoing renovations when we went but it still has a great variety of puppets from all over the world, they even have a stage where you can make your own puppet theaters.

Hagar Shirman 5 years ago

Amazing collection! Highly recommended if at all interested in puppets or marionettes.

Rusa-en-Europa 5 years ago


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