Museu de l'Empordà

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La Rambla 2
17600, Figueres
972 50 23 05

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De Museu de l'Empordà is een museum in Figueres, Catalonië, Spanje. Het museum is gewijd aan de geschiedenis en kunst van de regio Empordà. Het werd opgericht in 1908 door de Catalaanse kunsthistoricus Jaume Morera I Llauradó. Het museum is gehuisvest in het voormalige klooster van Sant Pere de Rodes, een romaanse gebouw uit de 11e eeuw. Het museum heeft een verzameling schilderijen, sculpturen, keramiek en archeologische objecten van de prehistorische tot de 20e eeuw. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek en een documentatiecentrum.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Xv 1 year ago

Very attentive staff. Works of great interest by Rosa Tharrats, Gino Rubert, etc. It is worth a visit: it has both free exhibitions and a permanent collection for a fee.

Sònia Cuadrat 1 year ago

Very interesting exhibitions that complement the Plaça de l'Escorxador.

Alex Molina 1 year ago

I am not very fond of art, but some of the exhibits I thought were very beautiful. The man at the reception was very kind. The entrance was free with the visit to the Dalí museum (something good had to have to go to the Dalí museum).

NAI LI 1 year ago

Meer als een kunstgalerij, werd deze plek tijdens mijn bezoek daar gerenoveerd, dus de eerste en tweede verdieping werden niet geopend. Als je het ticket van Museum de Dali hebt, zou je hier gratis zijn.

Rosa Duran 1 year ago

very interesting The temporary exposure very well. documented. It's free

W L 1 year ago

Vrij! Ze hadden een aantal echt mooie stukken, waaronder die ik gisteren heb gezien in het National Museum in Barcelona! Dus ik denk dat dit een verborgen geheim is.

Maria José Areste 2 years ago

Wonderful museum with avant-garde periodical exhibitions, and a very rich and diverse collection of permanent works

Sufian M. 2 years ago

It was a very pleasant visit, I had a great time

Maria Dolors Lopez Navarro 2 years ago

Very beautiful and interesting

Ojo de Pez 2 years ago

nice visit

Bally Garcia 2 years ago

Het is goed

Mercè Alvarez 3 years ago

Both the museum and the exhibitions they hold are very interesting.

Agustí Planas 3 years ago

The desire to bring new things and the professionalism to overcome it

German de Juana Fernandez 3 years ago

Especially the exhibition by Eudald de Juana

Xurxo Fernández Vega 3 years ago

Very good visit, both the museum's own painting exhibition, as well as the temporary exhibition on painters in exile.

i 3 years ago

Most affordable museum of the Empordà. Alternating historical as well as contemporary (art) themes beyond the stupid other money machines museums of Figueres. Always my pleasure.

Jordi Oliveres 3 years ago

Magnificent museum you have to visit if you go to Figueres


The museum is magnificent, especially the first floor. The staff are charming, helpful and very professional.

Odorico Arranz 4 years ago

Recent history that we can not forget

Susanneta Floretta 4 years ago

Very intrepid

Monika Mosmann 4 years ago

An excelente exhibition of a young artist. Brilliant !!!!

jack stones 4 years ago

Grand and white. Liked how tourist free it was

Jaume Calopa 4 years ago

Very interesting. !!!!

Sandra Marchand 4 years ago

Nice and quiet

Maria Flora Algans Colls 4 years ago

We have seen the exhibition "de ca la Teta al Bulli" ... and we liked it very much ... gastronomic history

Cels santana 4 years ago

It is very interesting, it has many curiosities

Josep Blanes 4 years ago

Very good and very interesting temporary exhibition on the kitchen made and created in the Empordà.

Antonin Capel 4 years ago

Several exhibitions in one museum

Antonia Ponciano Bover 4 years ago

Zeer goed

Jaume Carrera 4 years ago

fantastic Mandatory visit

Leonid Palash 4 years ago

Amazing !!!

Anna Merechenkova 4 years ago

The exhibitions are usually very interesting. "The country of cooks" is highly recommended.

Les Gémeaux 4 years ago

Met een ticket van Dali Theatre-Museum zijn we gratis toegelaten.

Mª Angels Afonso 5 years ago

Very interesting Dalinian temporary exhibition

Bel Contes 5 years ago


Jose Antonio Franco 5 years ago

The slightly scarce permanent collection

Eduardo Yauri 5 years ago

Recommended, inspiration for all tastes

Patrizio Giannone 5 years ago


Romina Paola Chiacchiera 5 years ago

The people who receive you are super nice and predisposed to help. When I went there was an excellent sample about Dalí and his family. Impressive the file exposed in this sample.

Mary Meagher 5 years ago

Geweldig museum

Carles Serra 5 years ago

I really enjoyed watching the exhibition on the Dali of Figueres, a highly recommended place for those visiting Figueres.

Carles Prades 5 years ago

It is well worth arriving, I am from Barcelona, ​​to see the exhibition on the Dalí family

Cristina Vidal Palé 5 years ago

Little hidden treasure!

Victoria Alba 5 years ago

Very nice to be able to know the Dali vine

Carmen Pérez Sánchez 5 years ago

The L 'Epordam Museum was created in 1946, although the current building was built and inaugurated in 1971. "Art has no past or future. When a work of art cannot always remain alive, then it does not deserve the least consideration." Taking this principle as a premise, we begin with expectation, the visit to the Museum of L 'Empordam, a spectacular area in Catalonia. The taste or aptitude to perceive beauty and judge it, is developed by education and teaching Conceived as a museum of archeology, history and art, it preserves one of the most outstanding art collections in the region. It is an institution that pays special dedication to contemporary artistic creation. It directs its work to the investigation, conservation and dissemination of the rich local and regional cultural heritage. The permanent exhibition of the Museum of L'EMPORDAM is made up of archeology collections: Attic, Italian and Iberian ceramics; outstanding samples of megalithic culture (pieces that come from the corridor tombs of La Albera). It has a magnificent representation of works from Antiquity (Iberian, Greek and Roman pieces). It has sculptures from the Middle Ages; sculptures and paintings belonging to the 19th and 20th centuries (Gargallo, Tapies, Sorolla, Nonell, Mira, Vuixart). L'EMPORDAM's art is represented by the extraordinary works of internationally recognized artists such as: Dalí, Santos, Torroella, Blanquet and Vallès. It is a spectacular and beautiful museum; We have really enjoyed this visit. Art are sensations that, in one way or another, reach the viewer. Sensations of all kinds, simply aesthetic or symbolic, of attraction or rejection. Sensations that move us, that impress us or that provoke a certain state of mind. It has been a unique emotional experience. Art, if you enjoy it in good company, will thrill you in an exceptional, unique and unrepeatable way: like a dream. All of these sensations require an intellectual process to become an emotion.

Carlos F. Sopuerta 5 years ago

Uitstekende tentoonstelling over de familie van Dali.

Dr. Gonzalo Carazo 6 years ago

If you come to the Dalí theater museum, admission is free. I came to Figueres without a tour and as I had time available I went to meet him. They made me free access and in case of not going to the Dalí museum there is a price reduction if you meet the discount profile. It is located in the center of Figueres, it is a three-story museum, it has an elevator and benches (two) to rest on the visit, although you walk it for about 30 min (at a quiet pace). The works are paintings, pieces and manuscripts. It is a small museum, but everything that is educational and more free, super well received. Very friendly staff, they kept my backpack so that the tour was lighter.

Academia de Negocios (Marketing Creativo) 6 years ago

Recommended visit to go with family

mecheri yasmina 7 years ago

He work

Josep Fernandez Roura 7 years ago

The Empordà Museum, Iberian, Greek, and Roman

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