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De Mortel 4
5211 HV, 's-Hertogenbosch
073 627 3680

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Het Design Museum Den Bosch bevindt zich in 'S-Hertogenbosch, Nederland. Het museum werd opgericht in 2008 en herbergt een verzameling van meer dan 15.000 objecten die zich richten op de geschiedenis van het Nederlands ontwerp. Het museum is verspreid over vier verdiepingen en heeft verschillende tentoonstellingen en evenementen die het hele jaar door worden gehouden. Het museum heeft ook een café en een winkel waar bezoekers Nederlandse ontwerpproducten kunnen kopen.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Design Museum Den Bosch: Meningen

Ranjeet Kumar 1 year ago

Het is goed

Aad Reijmerink 1 year ago

2 beautiful and surprising exhibitions more than worth seeing!

Tim van Rijn 1 year ago

Beautiful Goth Designing Darkness exhibit seen here. Well worth it. Catering is shared with the neighbors of the Noord-Brabants Museum. The Bossche Bol is present here, so that's soon good. Nice little museum shop and friendly staff.

Jeroen Scheffel 1 year ago

Extremely lovely staff and the location/architecture is amazing!

Merel Stil 1 year ago

Great exhibit on GOTH. Nicely made and useful audio tour. The staff was also extremely friendly.

Stijn Fabriek 1 year ago

A beautiful museum, both in terms of building and the collections they exhibit. We went there for a sneaker exhibition. The exhibition is well set up, with great stories about the brands, history and lifestyle surrounding the sneaker industry. Also seen a lot of special sneakers!

Murat Çağatay Nesimioğlu 1 year ago


Veronique Keek 1 year ago

Nice museum. Nice and interesting exhibition on sneakers. Recommended.

Joep de B 1 year ago

Went to the exhibition Sneakers Unboxed, nicely set up, lots of information and background, nice videos. Both teens also thought it was 'cool'...

Peter van Cappelle 1 year ago

We visited the sneakers exhibition and the poster exhibition of Engel Verkerke. Both nicely set up and interesting. We were also kindly assisted by the museum staff.

Stephan VanRuitenbeek 1 year ago

Two beautiful large exhibits; Verkerke posters and sneakers. Very well done.

Booby Smeele 1 year ago

Beautiful and interesting retrospective exhibition with the theme Sneakers. You will therefore look at sports and leisure shoes very differently .

henk Epskamp 1 year ago

Went to the GOTH exhibition. Very fun and interesting. Fascinating, especially for people who come from the years when Gotic was a cult.

Rita Pumpkin 1 year ago

Superb Goth exhibition. A must see.

Alicia Bernal 1 year ago

Loved the Goth exhibition

kinkymen wouter 2 years ago

After the visit to the North Brabant museum in the same complex, I went to the Design museum, because the Gothic exhibit caught my attention. Gothic is a beautiful, special and special exhibition, I really appreciated it. Also in terms of lighting completely set in the right atmosphere. On the 2nd floor was another exhibition by Lucio Fontana. Not my taste at all, but I didn't come for this either. Watched this very quickly and went again

Docile Bodies 2 years ago


Wim Roelsma 2 years ago

Design Museum in the beautiful Brabant Museum. Wonderful place to take your artistic thoughts to the next level.

Lal L 2 years ago

Wow, this museum is really good I knew lots of things about design and Austrian Radical art as well

Stanneke Lammers 2 years ago

Really good exposition of the work of Meret Oppenheim!

Tomáš Hríň 2 years ago


david mclean 2 years ago


Marc Lamers 3 years ago

Interesting exhibition

Remy Baeten 3 years ago

Visited the "Bodydrift" exhibition on a rainy Saturday. First and foremost: the museum responds very well to the restrictions of the government in Corona times, everything is well and clearly arranged. We felt very safe. Furthermore, fine routing, beautiful design and content very interesting and interactive. Recommended!

Gerard Biesot 3 years ago

Beautiful. Must to visit.

Anna Novikov 3 years ago

An amazing place

Joost Klinkenberg 3 years ago

Seen 'Design of the Third Reich'. Good subject, good overview, lots of information, rightly exhibited. But wrong title. Because one thing; this has nothing to do with design. What the Nazis have come up with on the basis of manipulation and pseudo-scientific rumbling is an extensive set of neoclassical, traditionalist, heraldic-inspired style elements. Shaped into a lot of lying propaganda. The way to war. Design is the opposite of all this.

Ralph Tepel 3 years ago

Excellently prepared exhibition on the design of the Third Reich. Interesting video introduction to the exhibition. It fills in the areas that were blanked out from design history during the Bauhaus celebrations. From graphic to product design to architecture and fashion design... highly recommended.

Lydia Deurwaarder 3 years ago

Because the offer has changed regularly, it is difficult to say very much about the content in the long term. But I thought it was a special collection. Today I watched "The Poster Is Dead", "Touching Words" and "Stigmerie: Learning from Ants" and it was really a must! What a beautiful museum, friendly staff and a beautiful restaurant.

Alfred van Swam 3 years ago

Interesting, impressive exhibition, Design of the Third Reich. Clear explanation via the audio guide.

Martine 3 years ago

Impressive exhibition about the visual language of the Third Reich. The tour we received was a very nice addition to the museum itself. Everything can be seen and noticed that many considerations have been made to convey the right message with respect to the jet-black side of WW2. Don't expect a holocaust museum, don't expect a design exhibition, but go see something unique and come back amazed!

DoggyBag Tours 3 years ago

What an impressive collecting of unknown facts. It really gives an idea of the reason the masses followed this leader. Out of sheer optimism, that got betrayed terribly.

Laika Spoetnik 3 years ago

Nice modern museum opposite the Brabant museum. The perhaps controversial exhibition "Design of the Third Reich" is very impressive. Although not a large exhibition in terms of surface area, it is very extensive and well constructed. The free audio tour is very enlightening. Extended until March 1, 2020

Suzanne van der Ven 3 years ago

Design of the third empire. Impressive exhibition. If you then walk outside and see the names of the deceased Jewish victims from Den Bosch on the wall of the opposite synagogue, you can only be quiet. Register for your visit. Many articles and references can be found on the website. Take advantage of the free audio tour. Then the exhibitions are not messy. Then you become aware of the incredibly refined way of propaganda and influencing. And its powerful effect on a society. The opening text of the website says a lot: Design of the Third Reich: why in Design Museum Den Bosch? We are used to seeing the good side of culture in museums. Design is often presented as a contribution to a better world. The history of design therefore consists of recurring subjects that represent the morally correct. But design reflects the world, with all its good and bad sides. In the Design of the Third Reich exhibition, design is an instrument in the hands of the ultimate evil. The Nazis were masters in using design to achieve their goal; masses of people managed to get them on their side. Design Museum Den Bosch is a new style design museum with a critical attitude. If you want to be able to say "never again", you have to make the effort to analyze how the processes of influencing worked at the time. That is what this exhibition does.

J J 3 years ago

fun and inspiring

Gerda van Hulst 3 years ago

Unfortunately we only had an hour and a half, starting at half past three, so we have to go back by train to see everything about the 3rd empire. The presentation with photos and in addition the text went too fast for us 70+, so we had to watch it twice, and therefore not enough time left for the rest of the exhibition.

Lana Harach 3 years ago

Good price, especially for students, well worth it and it was a very well put together museum. Washrooms are clean (and free), and they have lockers available for free use while in the exhibit which was very handy! Basically they had everything in Dutch, English and another language, and they had electronic 'tour guides' where you would scan it at a location and get to hear about the items in front of you in your selected language. Will definitely go back for their next exhibit!

Abhranil Bhowal 3 years ago

Interesting exhibit on the use of design as propaganda in the Third Reich. Tastefully done.

Sara Gomes 4 years ago

Beautiful building and surroundings, went to the design of Design of the third Reich exposition and totally recommend it.

Niels de Zwarte 4 years ago

Very nice museum, very interesting exhibitions! It's also nice that there is a combination ticket with Noordbrabants Museum attached to it. Nice and spacious. Recommended!

Jake 4 years ago

The Third Reich exhibition was very interesting and educational. Very special that all these original documents can be viewed. Security checked ticket entrance time, very understandable, because the rooms cannot handle so many people.

Yvonne Ivy Anita 4 years ago

Vind het geweldig!

Wouter Duijts 4 years ago

The Design Museum is a place you must visit when you come to Den Bosch. The two exhibits are very different and therefore compliment each other. The building is grand and spacious with long sightlines through, among other things, the undulating wooden walls that also function as a presentation decor. The museum shop contains different types of products for young and old.

Annemarie Lemmens_koks 4 years ago


stsmt 4 years ago

Beautiful museum, beautiful collection, but above all a beautiful building with a beautiful staircase

Anja de koning 4 years ago

Beautiful exhibition. A museum to visit regularly ... just the store alleen

Bob Meewis 4 years ago

Very nice museum. The name Design Museum does not include the contents of the exhibitions. I saw beautiful exhibitions that are much more under the heading of modern or contemporary art. February 2019 the exhibition with beautiful photos on a very large size seen from interiors of special, eccentric people and buildings of the photographer Thijs Wolzak. It is somewhat 'peeking at the neighbors'. You can also listen to the stories of the residents through a hearing aid. Really worth it. There is a floor below the exhibition of the versatile Jean Cocteau. Also worth it. The signage from the station could be better. There are signs here and there.

tamilew329 4 years ago


Dima Medun 6 years ago

Cool contemporary art museum!

Iwein Fuld 6 years ago

Don't miss the happiness project on the second floor...

Frank 6 years ago

Great but small modern art museum, best combined with the museum nextdoor

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