Bahia Museum of Modern Art

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Av. Lafayete Coutinho s/n
40301-155, Ilhéus
(71) 3117-6132

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 1:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 1:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 1:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 1:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 1:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 1:00 – 6:00 PM

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alsb 1 year ago

The museum has a unique architecture, for dialoguing with the Bahian colonial historicity and the contemporary, since the project has interventions by lina bo bardi. there are great exhibitions, café space and an unparalleled landscape, especially for the sunset and Gamboa beach. worth a lot!

Igor Sobral 1 year ago

A must see!

Marcelo Monte 1 year ago

I really enjoyed meeting MAM. I highly recommend. It has a very beautiful view, the visit could be guided.

Mirna Oliveira Carvalho 1 year ago

Amazing place, it has a view of the sea, in addition to the amazing exhibitions!!! It doesn't pay to enter and next door you have Solar do Unhão, a beach that is really worth visiting.

Tiago Freitas 1 year ago

Very interesting place, various elements of country culture, paintings by Candido Portinari, Juraci Dórea, fossils, ex-votos and free admission. A good walk to take the family, in addition to being a place of extreme relevance for the academic public from different areas.

Vero Kraemer 1 year ago

Wonderful place with an unmissable sunset! I loved the exhibition in the chapel and in the other house, which are beautiful, with incredible architecture. The space for the pier was closed, unfortunately. At the end, MAM's coffee, which is also great! If you go to Salvador, don't miss it!

Emerson Sidinei 1 year ago

Think of a nice place, and with a sunset like that!!! Opening in the afternoon, there is parking, but it can fill up, because of events, admission is free!

Laís Lage de Carvalho 1 year ago

Very cool, pleasant and beautiful space. There is a cafe available for snacks, art exhibition and there was a cultural music event. Check the website for the schedule. I took advantage of the tour to have lunch at the Solar do Unhão community, which is right next door.

Thallita Bezerra 1 year ago

one of my favorite places in SSA! I recommend going in the late afternoon to catch the sunset. The cafe has many vegetarian and vegan options, and the pies are delicious!

Beth Rodrigues 1 year ago

We paid a visit to the museum whose exhibition was of modern art. Also the bookstore where it tells the history of Bahia.

Davide Araujo 1 year ago

Museum has itinerant, permanent works and a view of Bahia de Todos os Santos and a wonderful sunset. There is a bar that offers outdoor tables in addition to jazz by the group Geleia Solar do Jam at mam on Saturdays

Vanessa da Silva Hnat 1 year ago

Beautiful place .. Super well maintained, there is a cafeteria with tables under the trees .. a wonderful collection of African and Brazilian works. I highly recommend.

matheus abbade 1 year ago

One of the most pleasant places to go in Salvador. Always up to date and with free entry. It is worth checking out the cinema with affordable prices.

Rita Retondario 1 year ago

Wonderful space both inside the museum itself and the location by the sea. Unmissable!

Maria Minamigata 1 year ago

It was wonderful. The place is mystical, historical and naturally beautiful, not to mention that the place brings an architecture that takes us back to the past. I loved. I'll go back and take other people.

Rosa Fonseca 1 year ago

Preserved space with an excellent contemporary collection. And the sunset is beautiful from the pier!

Ingrid Vale 1 year ago

The place is amazing. On Sundays, you don't pay to visit the exhibition. In addition, it has a spectacular sunset.

Larissa Araújo 1 year ago

Museum with free admission. It has movie sessions and a very cool exhibition called "encruzilhada". It has a cafe with delicious food and an incredible view of the bay of all saints. The museum is on the side of Gamboa beach. You can enjoy and make two visits in the same day.

Ana Carolina Guimarães Sousa 1 year ago

I loved visiting MAM, beautiful view, the Encruzilhadas exhibition is perfect. Definitely an unmissable point to visit in Salvador.

Lau Ríos 1 year ago


Karina Kazumi 1 year ago

I loved it! There's a scale in the tree! The view is spectacular! The story is a thrill to the imagination... to see the tracks of the carts carrying the smoke that arrived.. anyway... go! Oh! The coffee is so good! And all the employees are receptive, smiling and explain everything you want to learn!

Lau 1 year ago

Fantastic! Clean organized with a lot of well-preserved historic structure from floor to window, from stone wall to Robocop elevation to tile arts,n

Thiago César González 1 year ago

Beautifull place. ;)

jessica santos 1 year ago


Kassia Salomão Torres 1 year ago

The place is pure art and architecture, and still has a beautiful view!

Marina Dogani 1 year ago

Wonderful place, with an incredible space to be explored. If you can, stay until late afternoon to watch the beautiful sunset.

João Victor 1 year ago

An incredible place, I loved the exhibition and it has a very beautiful view of the sea, it is really worth taking a day to visit. won't regret

Janaína Casanova 1 year ago

I love the MAM space! I came back after two years and it is very beautiful. Good exhibitions, beautiful sunsets and now there is a Saladearte cinema with coffee. Very pleasant weather.

Camila Miki 1 year ago

Beautiful project by Lina Bo Bardi that is really worth a visit! Perfect for art, architecture and cinema lovers :) and also to enjoy an incredible late afternoon / sunset in Salvador. What's more, there's a cafe with tasty snacks, a movie theater with recent films at an affordable price.

Douglas Postels 1 year ago


Samara Candeira 2 years ago

It's a fantastic place! As a cultural space and as a tourist spot! The place is easily accessible but there are security issues depending on the time (usually after 18:00). There are two exhibition spaces, the mansion and the church, there are usually exhibitions in both. This one I went to is a list of the institution's collection with archer Lina Bo Bardi. The visit is valid for both the exhibitions and the outside area of ​​the museum, which has a spectacular view, a beautiful sunset! Anyone who wants can go to the MAM beach. The Jam no MAM event takes place in the space, which is an incredible jazz session! Currently it is happening every 15 days, it is not possible to participate in jazz as before dancing and drinking in the same space, but you can watch the event in the parking lot. There is accessibility for people with limited mobility in the two exhibition spaces, however, I did not find tactile signage or audiovisual resources to support people with various types of disabilities.

Camila Trindade 2 years ago

Beautiful place! It has a wonderful view of the Bay of All Saints. Very nice atmosphere, very cozy. On Saturdays there is Jazz at night. I recommend following their Instagram for more attraction information.


Mara place! Dona Lina Museum of Modern Art of Bahia - MAM The Museum of Modern Art of Bahia is located in Solar do Unhão, a historic site from the 18th century, on the shores of Baía de Todos os Santos in Salvador. Founded in the early 1960s

Tarcio Machado 3 years ago


Carlos Amorim 3 years ago

Fantastic. It is rebuilding.

Saulo Santos 3 years ago


Felipe Guillon 3 years ago

Interesting environment

Yasmin Santos 4 years ago


Maira Lopes 4 years ago

I'm missing that place. The most beautiful sunset view and lookout.

kristy carias 4 years ago

Awesome view of the sunset, jazz music, beverages and food. Crowded in summer.

Linda Teplin 4 years ago

Great music. But steep hillside to go down. Could be difficult for people with disabilities. Arrive early to get a seat.

Jailson Gusmão 4 years ago


Helida Conceição 4 years ago


Rafael Yamagata 4 years ago

Amazing musicians!!

Patrícia Guimarães 4 years ago


Marlan Magalhaes 4 years ago


Adriano Marques 4 years ago


Pablo Grabiel 5 years ago

Music by the shore!

José Augusto Pereira Virgens 5 years ago

My work 2!

Daniel Carrara 6 years ago


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