Figge Art Museum

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W 2nd St 225
52801, Davenport
(563) 326-7804

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Het Figge Art Museum is een kunstmuseum in Davenport, Iowa. Het museum werd opgericht in 1925 en is vernoemd naar zijn eerste regisseur, John C. Figge. De Figge heeft een verzameling van meer dan 4.000 kunstwerken, waaronder schilderijen, sculpturen, foto's en prints. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek met meer dan 20.000 boeken en tijdschriften. Het Figge Art Museum is geaccrediteerd door de American Alliance of Museums en is lid van de Association of Art Museum Directors.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM

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Jaime Andrews 1 year ago

Excellent, child friendly, wonderfully diverse!

Greg DeCicco 1 year ago

Nice place to visit. Some of the display rooms were a little confusing. Worth the walk.

Loren Jackson 1 year ago

Nice art museum with some very nice exhibits!!!

barry fouts 1 year ago

Great museum. Enjoyed it much more than anything in Des Moines!

John Green 1 year ago

Never been, July is free admission, there was a lot of cool art. Not just paintings. I would definitely go back!!

Maggie Jaques 1 year ago

Amazing museum, architecture was inspiring and had many interactive exhibits

Debra Rantilla 1 year ago


James Mietchen 1 year ago

This small museum has an excellent collection of respected and also less known artists. It is a eclectic collection of modern art and traditional art. You can see it all in about an hour.There is a very pleasant gift shop.

Jeanne Meier 1 year ago

A fabulous museum. I will recommend it. Especially enjoyed the Doris Lee exhibit.

Tom Dale 1 year ago

It's not going to be as good as a museum in a larger city like Chicago. But for a small city, this museum is surprisingly good. Wide variety of exhibits, large spaces for crowding, and clean bathrooms. Would definitely return again.

Keshav Kumar 1 year ago

Very good collection of paintings and photographs. It's also arranged and categorized in clean and proper way. The codes besides the paintings are also very helpful to get audio details about the paintings. Enjoyed the paintings done by kids also, completed during different competitions. A must for anyone who has even a little bit of interest in art and visits Quad City.

Through the Looking Glass 1 year ago


Kelly Stogner 2 years ago

Fantastic exhibits!

Brandon A. 2 years ago

One of the best art museums outside of a major city. Lots of nice Caribbean and colonial Mexican art. The building pretty cool looking just by itself. Worth a visit and has kids activities as well on occasion.

Thomas Chicka 2 years ago

What a unique and wonderful museum! Definitely unexpected in a place like Davenport but so worth visiting if you're in the area! Very cool museum collection and rotating exhibits as well.

Uriah Rogers 2 years ago

I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the exhibits. Quite enjoyable. The top floor was closed, but there was still plenty to enjoy. If I find myself in Davenport again, I'll definitely visit again.

Angela Gilliam 2 years ago

We went to get out in the rain. Beautiful inside, people were helpful. Posted pictures of grand to encourage taking kids. Lots of variety and views of the river are also nice. We will return.

Scott Pocius 2 years ago

Great art museum. Cool building with 5 floors of exhibit space. Rotating exhibit... currently Caribbean art n Academy of Design plus local college and school show. Start at top and work way down cool stairwells. Parking right in front. Gift shop open but not cool looking cafe/restaurant. ✔️ It out!!

Rodney Yoswig 2 years ago

Such a nice place to visit. The exhibits draw ya in. Come by and enjoy this place.

Tim Meyer 2 years ago

Great smaller art museum. They have a great variety of styles available. The day we went, we were able to get in for free, but it is worth the admission price.

Push Pull 2 years ago

A local art museum full of a variety of arts from around the globe. Some very interesting to look and at and some well ART and worth giving your time to look at. Some history pieces such as furniture. Art classrooms for fun and a very cool building to get your steps in. Put on your bucket list and support the local museum. A well stocked gift store full of them unique gift items. Elevator and stairs available. Go solo, with a group or sign up for a tour .

Anna 2 years ago

For a small museum it's filled with lots of beautiful art pieces. A must stop.

Brian Robinson 2 years ago

Great collection of art. I specifically enjoyed the Pop Art (more than just Warhol). My wife loved the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit.

Laura Ostrem 2 years ago

This was my first visit to this museum just a block off the river. It is spacious with three floors of exhibits. There were several special exhibitions including Pop Art when I visited. The room docents seemed knowledgeable when I asked a few questions. I ate lunch in the Cafe which has glass walls facing the river, and my chicken salad club croissant was big enough for t wo and included fries or fruit. The gift shop is fun to explore with items from local artists, lots of children's items, as well as books and other products related to the museums collections. I went through the collections rather quickly but it's worth repeat visits.

Felipe Petry 2 years ago

I’m not much of an art guy but it’s nice to see some old paintings and different kinds of imagination.

Curineia Hanson 3 years ago

Loved it! And fyi! All University Of Iowa students get in free!!!

Amy Zesbaugh 3 years ago

Terrific variety! They change exhibid often, so there's always something new to enjoy.

Valerie Sherman 3 years ago

Loved the focus on the Midwest and would like to see more of that. They should double down on that identity rather than trying to have a ton of random European art, too. Just my opinion.

Wendy Kelley 4 years ago

The Figge is such a treasure for our community. Their current exhibits are excellent. I've always had wonderful visits here.

Jeffrey Willhite 4 years ago

Great architecture. William Hawkings collection is truly spectacular.

Beth Fuentes 4 years ago

We enjoyed the new exhibits. There is a room for children to do art of their own. It was enjoyable, after looking at the art,for my child and I to make our own. The views are amazing. The cafe is nice too.

Toby Hines 4 years ago

An absolute treasure. Always something great to see and experience here. The museum is small enough to do in a few hours and the changing exhibits on the 3rd and 4th floors are fresh, thoughtful, inspiring, well-designed, and sometimes even playful. Great family/children's areas. Highly recommended!

Angeline Gulhaugen (AGhoul) 4 years ago

This is a really nice art museum, that should not be overlooked. I have been here multiple times, but I was here recently for the French Impressionists exhibit that had been made available through some very kind donors who also donated all entrance fees. The exhibit was wonderfully done. I try to go here at least every 6 months, and if I'm not mistaken, the entrance is free on Thursdays after 5.

D J 4 years ago

Always interested in seeing the new artwork of all forms here. My daughter's artwork was selected by her school and I wouldn't miss the award presentation for anything!

That One Dude 4 years ago

Really cool art peices. They also have a cafe in the place as well. 4 stories of art peices, so it'll take a while to see it all. Definitely cool though. They also have free days!

Jeff Allen 4 years ago

The Figge's collection is not too be missed! They own the "Portrait of Maquoketa" by Rose Frantzen!! And the special exhibitions are worth the trip!!!

Kelly Sluis 5 years ago

The lady in the gift shop provided us a map and explained where all the exhibits were and a recommended path to wonder. The Irma Koen exhibit was special and we were lucky to catch it for it's last week. The museum has a great focus on art that is both religious and from colonialism. The view of the river is beautiful in winter and an amazing spot to view the eagles. Cannot recommend enough.

Jakob Dodd 5 years ago

My experience at the Figge Art was very positive. One of the floors was closed for renovations, but there was still a large number of pieces on display. Good variety of domestic and foreign influences. Got in for free using the pass available at Moline Public Library.

Jay Santana 5 years ago

The Figge is an amazing museum and venue. Their Frank Lloyd Wright furniture collection is my fave! Recently I attended a showing of the Vanessa McNeal film “Voiceless” at the museum. Great film. Great auditorium.

Cynthia Bowen 5 years ago

Very nice art displays, lovely gift shop, great view of the Mississippi River.

R Dean Roberson 6 years ago

A world class facility dedicated to art education. The museum store is the best place for a gift downtown. Showcasing the arts and helping our community know each other better via special events and diverse programing..

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