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Stadhouderslaan 43
2517 HV, Den Haag
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De Fotomuseum Den Haag is een wereldberoemd museum dat een uitgebreide verzameling foto's en fotografische apparatuur herbergt. Het museum werd opgericht in 1884 en bevindt zich in het hart van Den Haag, Nederland. De Fotomuseum Den Haag is de thuisbasis van meer dan 200.000 foto's, waardoor het een van de grootste collecties ter wereld is. De collectie van het museum omvat de geschiedenis van fotografie, van de vroege dagen van het medium tot op de dag van vandaag. De Fotomuseum Den Haag is ook de thuisbasis van een ultramodern onderzoekscentrum, dat is gewijd aan de studie van fotografie. Het museum biedt een breed scala aan openbare programma's, waaronder tentoonstellingen, lezingen, workshops en rondleidingen.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Fotomuseum Den Haag: Meningen

Liesbeth Bouwens 1 year ago

Even more than the photo itself, I can be fascinated by the story behind the photo. This time I read a lot, especially the stories of the photographers who captured their parents. Unusually beautiful and vulnerable. What a beauty too of all those people who have captured themselves after a walk on the beach. My heart rejoices that I went to have a look after all.

Kaj Otten 1 year ago

Another excellent exhibition at the Fotomuseum Den Haag, this time about Roger Ballen. It's pretty creepy though.

Titus Ti 1 year ago

Great Exhibition

Gerrit Mee 1 year ago

Was lucky enough to have an exhibition of Roger Ballen and the world according to him today. On the white degenerates in South Africa . Shocking images. Staff in museum very friendly and helpful, took all the time to answer your questions.

Bert Companjen 1 year ago

Wonderful exhibitions, e.g. Parents. Particularly worth it!

Hans Sinkeldam 1 year ago

Fantastic exhibition on the theme of 'parents'. Nice overview of the early work of Paul blanca

Peter Evers 1 year ago

Nice expo about parents

André Meyer-Vitali 1 year ago

It's a gem that you don't want to miss. Of course, it depends on the current exhibition, but the curation is excellent.

TimeCatcher 1 year ago

The whole museum complex is very impressive in itself. A photo museum naturally lives mainly through its exhibitions. The rooms are excellent, as is the beautiful café by the pond. The exhibition we saw didn't sound spectacular. Various professional photographers portrayed her parents. In the end we were so moved that we were not only close to tears. Great stories beautifully told and really lovingly curated. I would also give seven stars.

Cynthia Pallandt 1 year ago

The Island photo exhibition was fantastic and arranged in a very appropriate way. I also really appreciated Tree & Soil. The rest.. not my taste, but nicely designed. The atmosphere in the museum is good and it's great that you can end your visit with a (vegan) snack at Ginger!

Emilia Berenyi 1 year ago

Impressive landscapes and captures

Ginevra Accame 1 year ago


Vanya Kahmann 2 years ago

This museum is a great addition to the Kunstmuseum buildings. Here you can take a small break from modern art and enjoy a set of photographic exhibitions.

Dick van Soest 2 years ago

We saw the small but wonderful exhibition of Popel Coumou. Lovely play of light and perspective

Mio Poortvliet 2 years ago

Nice museum with exhibitions that I particularly liked. Inside is another museum that housed an installation as a temporary exhibition. I didn't know it was there but it was a very cool experience and was more submersive than the pictures. My partner really missed a submersive aspect however I didn't mind. It comes down to taste.

Katarzyna Malecka 3 years ago

I enjoyed the Teddy Bears' exhibition very much :)))

Yasmin Vluggen 3 years ago

Beautiful photo exhibitions to see on a regular basis. Good lighting and a lot of space, so you can also view the exhibition well when it is busier. Museum is easy to drive. Parking in front of the door, but often limited space. I drive a motorcycle and can park in front of the door on the sidewalk.

Dyadya Vadya 3 years ago

Nice museum indeed. I lake caffe , friendly personal. Nice to be here after quarantine:)

Arjan Spannenburg 3 years ago

Awesome museum in The Hague about photography

I am myself 3 years ago

Small, but collections worth seeing

Alfred Kini 3 years ago

Is a Beautiful place

Danny Gooyer 3 years ago

Beautiful exposition

Alisa Mahaletska 3 years ago


Stacey Tibaaga 4 years ago

I loved every moment of it

alice reeves 4 years ago

Brilliant displays and artists

André van Bochove 4 years ago

Nice and quiet photo museum. Nice exhibition by Ute Mahler & Werner Mahler Many black and white photos which makes the images timeless. Worth a visit. during our visit it was quiet there so you could enjoy the beautiful photos in peace

Gabriel de Santana Lacerda 4 years ago

The place is cool, the price is fair and the food is good at the restaurant.

Peter-Paul Steenbergen 4 years ago

Great photo exhibitions of international artists. Not to be missed! Often overlooked as it is right next door to the Gemeente Museum.

Elisa M. 4 years ago

Always so many interesting exhibitions to find here. A must see for all who love photography.

Jimithy Jones 4 years ago

Excellent museum with a modern design.

Javier Quintero 4 years ago

Beautiful; with some audacious expositions in rotation

Zivko Trikic 4 years ago

Prachtige plek

Pedro Vono 4 years ago

Great museum! I saw the Erwin Olaf exhibition and was absolutely stunning!

Davey Kosho 4 years ago

Great exposition space. Great place to visit when rainy

Mikesz Mikesz 4 years ago


aad van den berg 4 years ago

Leuk museum

Gerard van Steenderen 4 years ago

Small, but high quality

tamilew329 4 years ago


Lucia Capasso 5 years ago

Very cool museum, there is a lot to see!

David Blackburn 5 years ago

Great photos, great art, great building, great coffee!

Tim van Iperen 5 years ago

Michael Wolf -Life in Cities

Rene Knellwolf 5 years ago

Great exhibitions

Anita Christina van Dijk 5 years ago

Loved it.

David Bilboa 5 years ago

Excellent exhibitions and size

Vania La Rocca 5 years ago

Been there for the amazing Michael Wolf's retrospective. Highly recommended!

Wolfram Müller 5 years ago


Mustafa 5 years ago


Mw S. Martijn Martijn Seminar 6 years ago

Beautifull exposure for expats

Okko Krediet 6 years ago

Lovely museum, nice collection and expositions.

adriana camelia 6 years ago

Pleasantly surprised

Xinyi Li 7 years ago

very nice photo exhibition museum, not big, medium

Thomas 7 years ago

Always some great exhibitions on display here

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