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's-Gravenhof 4
7201 DN, Zutphen
0575 516 878

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De Musea Zutphen is een museum in Zutphen, Nederland. Het museum bestaat uit drie delen: het Museum van de Nederlandse Gouden Eeuw, het Museum van de Dutch East India Company en het Museum of Ethnography.

Het Museum van de Nederlandse Gouden Eeuw is gewijd aan de Nederlandse Gouden Eeuw, een periode van grote welvaart en culturele prestaties in Nederland in de 17e eeuw. Het museum herbergt een verzameling schilderijen, meubels en andere artefacten uit de Nederlandse gouden eeuw.

Het Museum van de Dutch East India Company is toegewijd aan de Nederlandse Oost-Indische Compagnie, een belangrijk handelsbedrijf dat in de 17e en 18e eeuw in de Nederlandse Oost-Indië (het huidige Indonesië) actief was. Het museum herbergt een verzameling schilderijen, meubels en andere artefacten uit de Nederlandse Oost -Indië.

Het Museum voor Ethnografie is gewijd aan de studie van menselijke culturen en samenlevingen. Het museum herbergt een verzameling artefacten uit verschillende culturen over de hele wereld.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Ton Smeerdijk 1 year ago

Nice museum. Friendly employees. Very professionally set up.

Jeroen van Iperen 1 year ago

Nice display of archaeological finds.

barry ten thy 1 year ago

High Skies, Treasures from the Empire From Nov 27, 2021 to Mar 20, 2022 Until March 20, 2022, we proudly present the exhibition High Skies, Treasures from the Rijks. It offers a selection of 40 paintings from the Rijksmuseum collection and several showpieces from its own collection. A lust for the eye. Beautiful views of great masters from three centuries, but also many intimate cityscapes. With air, the first thought goes to cloud formations or a clear blue sky over the open landscape. In this exhibition the emphasis is on air above cities, but also the air in cities. City air liberates. The painting by Nicolaas Baur in the campaign image is a striking example of this. A skating competition for women in Leeuwarden 200 years ago was very liberating. Feeling air gives a feeling of freedom and that is an important part of the identity of the Netherlands. Just think of freedom of the press, freedom of religion, etc. Paintings Of course, the exhibition offers beautiful views with impressive cloudy skies, such as by the 17th-century painters Albert Cuyp and Jan van Goyen, but also by the important master of Romanticism, Cornelis Springer, among others. Various works by Jacob Maris from the Hague School are represented. Other painters you can view are Johan Barthold Jongkind, Isaac Ouwater, Hendrik Keun, Frans de Hulst and Jan Weissenbruch. Cityscapes Arriving in the cities you will be taken through the streets of Harlingen, Amsterdam, Leerdam, Gorinchem, The Hague, Dordrecht and Leeuwarden. Through atmospheric impressions from different seasons you make a journey in time, such as with the winter view by Barend Avercamp. The many city gates and ramparts guarantee the freedom of city dwellers. City Air Makes Free As in previous editions, a contemporary art component has been added to Hoge Luchten. With Stadlucht Makes Free, the duo Martin & Inge Riebeek portray six residents of Zutphen in video portraits. They intuitively opted for encounters with chance passers-by, who answered their question: What does freedom mean to you? This resulted in spontaneous and penetrating portraits, which together bring the image of the city of Zutphen closer. ©®Museums Zutphen

Freek de Bruijn 1 year ago


Jack De Boer 1 year ago

Nice museum with interesting exhibits

Caspar Dechmann 1 year ago


Daniel Meelhuijsen 1 year ago

Not very big, but always nice temporary exhibitions.

petra hillenaar 1 year ago

Beautiful and interesting exhibition about Jeanne Bierum Oosting. Had read the biography and it was really engaging so museum was really fun and worth it. Recommended!

R Teitink 1 year ago

What a wonderful Museum this is, enjoyed the exhibition of Jeanne Bieruma Oosting! A strong woman who chose Art as Life Filling. After this adventure I bought the Biography of Jolande Withuis! Come and see for yourself ... very worthwhile to travel to Zutphen!

Marco Martini 1 year ago

Nice museum and very friendly volunteers. The flash tour was a nice surprise!

Jan-Willem van Braak 1 year ago

Nice museums. Stedelijk museum has a nice route for the children. The other museum was more adult-oriented and showed specific artists.

tiny pijnen 1 year ago

Beautiful private and borrowed collection. It was busy and hot.

A.H. Lukkien 1 year ago

Nice exhibition, but it was the last day. Visit these museums more often and it is worth it.

P Even 1 year ago

High skies, beautiful exposition. Recommended.

A.C. Akeroyd 1 year ago

Museum worth visiting. Walk in and let yourself be transported in time.

Liesbeth Koomen 1 year ago

Nice museum, now exhibition with 40 paintings from Rijksmuseum, called high skies. Beautiful landscapes by 17th century painters.

Waldo Gadellaa 1 year ago

Beautiful museum with an exhibition 'High Skies' from the Rijksmuseum at the time of writing.

Pietro Marco Janssen 2 years ago

Neat nice place, extremely correct volunteers and it makes this beautiful town complete. Art collection fitting

Marco Feteris 2 years ago

nice collection!! friendly staff !!

Caroline Lauret 2 years ago

What a beautiful place for an exhibition "End good 2021" by 4 secondary schools from Zutphen and Warnsveld.

Hans Hendriks 2 years ago

Beautiful exhibition in Henriëtte Polak 'Monologue Interieur'. Reminded me of my own photo project 'The inner & outer of typical Winterswijk farms'. And they have also done their best to make it a dynamic museum focused on experience.

Loes Elbers 2 years ago

Nice museum, interesting history

Mijke Jonkman 2 years ago

A modern museum in an old guise. Very pleasant atmosphere, nicely laid out. Fun activities!

Annette Kolkman 2 years ago

Nice local museum with very friendly hostesses. Very nice is the cellar in which drawings explain the displayed bones that were found in Zutphen. That gives a clear feeling about life in this time. The photo exhibitions that we saw during our visit were a real plus for us

Tine Jonker 2 years ago

What a well-organized and fascinating museum. With very nice staff!!

Joost B 2 years ago

Nice museum, you need more time than you think!

Bennie Wiebrands 2 years ago

Nice museum where the story of Zutphen is really told. Pleasantly entertained as a tourist in his own country about all the information. Easily a 2 hour outing

Edwin Vijsma 2 years ago

Interesting combination of two museums in a beautiful monumental building in Zutphen. Right in the old town. Tip: Combine a visit to these museums with a tour in open boats with beautiful stories from the volunteer skippers. Also recommended

Hans de Visser 3 years ago

We visited the Henriette Polak museum. A nice, small museum. Well documented. The exhibition Code yellow & sunny by Wim Oepts felt warm, beautiful paintings of the sunny South of France. Judith Minks' photo exhibition was reminiscent of Erwin Olaf's photos. Also beautiful permanent exhibition with digital depot.

JJ C (John pardon) 3 years ago

First comic strip in the Netherlands, super fun. Some modern stuff, not my thing. Execution swords. Super nice, clocks 0/10 (there was only one dangling at 12:00 .. really is not possible) was also from the medieval and pre-medieval exhibition. Also props for the audio tour and the clear signs, good graphic designer. The only downside were the transparent information stickers on the glass. They are somewhat difficult to read.

Martine Holterman 3 years ago

Nice exhibition: Tales of Freedom.

Ruud Hoenderdos 3 years ago

nice exhibition by Jo Spier, born in Zutphen

Ger Roos 3 years ago

Nice exhibition Code yellow and sunny by Wim Oepts

Frank de Kleijn 3 years ago

Nice museum with an interactive tablet treasure hunt for the children

Kees Vreugdenhil 3 years ago

I love these 2 museums in one, with a very friendly welcome, and look forward to the Rijksmuseum painting collection soon. Also dived into the exciting history of Zutphen together with the grandsons (free entrance up to 12 yrs) downstairs in the special dim basement floor, where the consequences of the Viking raid can be seen a long time ago.

Jack Frankes 3 years ago

Very nice museum. Definitely worth it now that many paintings from the Rijksmuseum are exhibited for the exhibition Cool waters.

BJ S 3 years ago

Charming museum, nice helpful employees! Beautiful works on the one hand and the history of Zutphen on the other! Not big but well worth it.

Patrick Drent 3 years ago

Visited briefly during a city walk. Looked very promising. Be sure to go there again extensively.

Arjen van Wijngaarden 3 years ago


Huub Spall 4 years ago

Furnished to the norm of the time. Nice collections. Art museum. Historical museum. Temporary exhibitions. What else does a person want when visiting a museum?

Ruben Jans 4 years ago

Personally, a piece of history appeals to me more than art, so I think the cellar is the highlight. That is where the distant history of Zutphen is depicted with showcases full of fossil remains. I also find the ground floor very interesting. There are old photos to see and a collection of objects from history with their stories. Besides all this, there can be seen both ancient and modern art.

Ans Krak 4 years ago

Visited two out of three. The city museum was not that big. But with a museum card it is nice to take with you.

CONRADO MIRR 4 years ago

Modern. ancient.classic.European of all a little interesting.

Kleine Vos 4 years ago

Cute museum

André van Bochove 4 years ago

Nice museum, the collection tells the story of Zutphen. From the vaults of Zutphen, where excavations from the municipality can be seen, you walk from the basement to the ground floor. Here you can see various parts of urban Zutphen through the ages. Beautiful photo collage of this municipality on the first floor complete the visit.

Marc Stemerding 4 years ago

Very nice museum, or actually museums, because there are two: the urban and the Henriette Polak. Both a pretty exhibition seen. Especially the photos in the urban (ground floor) is surprisingly fun. Called Picture this! Writing with light. The other is called Schitteren by absence, also very worthwhile especially the landscapes of Margriet Luyten.

Michel ten Brinke 4 years ago

Nice museum about the origins and existence in Zutphen

Bea Velderman 4 years ago

Beautiful and interesting and well indicate the route

Canon Dirk van Leeuwen 4 years ago


m ca 4 years ago


Ben Hagenberg 5 years ago

Super day. Very nice experience. Geelvink concerts. We are a big fan of this form of integrated culture. City walk with an expert motivated guide in combination with beautiful harpsichord concerts in historic buildings, accompanied by a delicious lunch. The beautiful weather completed the picture. We look forward to the next time.

Marcel Kamperman 5 years ago

A nice museum. The permanent collection was fascinating. You got an extensive picture of the excavations. The exhibition with pieces from the Rijksmuseum depot was beautiful and well-arranged.

Jan de Kreij 5 years ago

A very nice museum with a very good collection.

Studio 53Amsterdam 6 years ago

Recommended. Unknown perhaps but very worthwhile with the HHM. Be sure to check the history of Zuid Veen in the basement.

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