Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

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Hoogstraat 112
3111 HL, Schiedam
010 246 3666

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Het Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is een museum in Schiedam, Nederland, dat een verzameling kunst en artefacten uit de geschiedenis van de stad bevat. Het museum bevindt zich in het voormalige stadhuis, dat werd gebouwd in de 13e eeuw. De collectie van het museum omvat schilderijen, sculpturen en andere kunstwerken van de 15e tot de 20e eeuw. Het museum heeft ook een verzameling historische foto's, documenten en objecten uit de geschiedenis van de stad.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Stedelijk Museum Schiedam: Meningen

Fransje Schroeders 1 year ago

Received an invitation to be at the opening of the new exhibition: Piet van Stuivenberg and Lotti van der Gaag. Well worth a look.

Machiel 1 year ago

Nice museum, good exhibits. Pleasant place for coffee and/or light lunch in the attractive central hall

Mars Louters 1 year ago

Very nice museum. Surprisingly. Nice energy.

Jasper Helmich 1 year ago

Highly recommended is another museum, be sure to enjoy the help yourself buffet!

kobie niessink 1 year ago

We played a great concert there with the Skyline Big Band Rotterdam! Was a great night! Lots of crowd and happy people. Well organized. Thank you.

Amrita van Veldhoven 1 year ago

Beautiful museum, nice atmosphere, nice people. Splendid exhibitions. Super fun exhibition of what binds people in neighbourhoods.

Marieke Reijmers 1 year ago

What a nice museum! Came here especially for the Zoro Feigl exhibition (fantastic) and pleasantly surprised. Definitely come back sometime.

Marc du Chatinier 1 year ago

Went before the renovation, now also on the planning.exhibitions and themes certainly appeal!

Radboud Wanders 1 year ago

Nice setup. informal. Make your own bread and pour yourself a cup of coffee. Super nice exhibition by Zorro Feigl.

Gerard Rijk 1 year ago

Very nice museum. Good exhibits. Fortunately open again.

Jasper de Koster 1 year ago

One of the most beautiful museums in the Netherlands. A good reason to travel to Schiedam. Museum will open again on Saturday 14 May 2022.

Lisa Emanuelson 1 year ago

Pleasant, fun and fine museum! The exhibition about Schiedam was very interesting. We like to come here for spontaneous museum visits :)

John Kramer 1 year ago

Schiedam and its "water-rich past" (through the ages). Beautiful and well-arranged exhibition. With unique paintings (masterpieces!) Very appropriate and selected afterwards. Well done. The accompanying cycle route Living landscape is more or less a "must".

Fred van Berkum 1 year ago

The museum is beautifully situated and has a classic look. Staff is friendly and collection special. I like to come to Schiedam, which is geographically south of Delft, incidentally and is easy to cycle. Plenty of parking, too.

johan desender 1 year ago

What a party that is. Zoro Feigl, interspersed with a tento over the surrounding landscape. Also exciting for non-Schiedammer, because of the addition of some very nice modern artists. Oh, oh, go see that soon! Nice museum, with a nice atmosphere, and a very friendly welcome. Coffee and snacks, brought in an original way. Beautiful spaces, varied exhibitions. Good looking.

Ancilla Verwey 1 year ago

Prior to this we also did a city walk with a city guide. There was also delicious authentic refreshments. Also ladies at reception very friendly

Bram H. 1 year ago

Really good museum! Fun, interesting and interactive exhibitions and a great atmosphere. Very nice now that everything has been refurbished. Recommended if you are in the area!

Kwok Paul 1 year ago


J. PEROZ 1 year ago


Raoul 1 year ago

Nice location in the center of Schiedam. The museum is definitely recommended. Friendly people work there. Do not forget to take a walk in the beautiful center of Schiedam. The center has a few beautiful buildings to visit.

Corstin Dieterich 1 year ago

What a beautiful museum! The changing exhibitions are always a success. The building looks beautiful!

combustech florin 2 years ago

Nice...very nice

Stip Minov Rasben 3 years ago

Very inspiring. I also had a nice chat with one of the employees of the museum who walked around the exhibition. She was able to tell a lot with enthusiasm and seemed like she was very happy to tell about this. She also asked many questions and was curious how I thought about the exhibition. Beautiful in walking space where you can read and nice staff.

Jasha Garritsen 3 years ago

Great museum to wander around! Shame it is closing for a while for renovation. Hope they can keep the relaxed atmosphere

Ton Peters 3 years ago

Beautiful museum, not too big and beautiful exhibition. Then we went to Schiedam for a while ... Great

oh yeon hwang 3 years ago

About 40 minutes by tram from Rotterdam. Contemporary art, design. Macrossco number works were on special exhibition. The black girl of the girl with a pearl earring was impressive. It's like a special exhibition of contemporary art. From March 2021 -August Nam June Paik special exhibition scheduled Refreshments such as tea and bread are prepared in the lobby on the 0th floor to give you a rest.

Pablo Podhorzer 3 years ago

Excellent modern art exhibitions with very funny signs around the museum. There was Covid-19 photo exhibit, a wing about Realism, and a big installation of a moving plate that it was a standout. Varied. I had a good hour and a half inside.

Jodi 3 years ago

, 'Realism' on display and foretaste of Zwermen! Very nice and atmospheric museum without fuss.

Douglas Koster 3 years ago

The Stedelijk Museum of Schiedam has a good hand in scouting talent and presenting current work. Schiedam may not be the navel of the world, but this museum is anything but provencial.

Efim Shapiro 3 years ago

Small but wonderful museum with carefully curated exhibitions. Also, nice coffee and snacks available in the main hall.

Nice Gomes 4 years ago

I loved it, I recommend visiting

Daniel Lakens 4 years ago

Lovely very accessible museum. The exhibits continuously change over the year, so check what is on.

Peter Delwel 4 years ago

Efrat Zehavi = mOTHER

Michiel Tollig 4 years ago

It's a very fun and open museum. There is so much more to it than just the works exposed. There are so many other things to do here as well. And there is something for everyone and everyone is welcome. And the exhibitions are amazing. It's really worth checking out.

L.R. Beeloo 4 years ago

As many as five different small exhibitions. All very worthwhile. Ao clothing, Cobra, magical. As a special experience "Rothko and I". You can only enjoy a painting in a room. All in all a successful afternoon.

Olaf van der Hee 4 years ago

Very nice entrance with a nice museum café where you can grab and pay what you want. Very nice and friendly concept and so nice to linger. Museum has a nice collection of contemporary art and you notice that it is trying to stimulate the public.

Porodica Subasic 4 years ago

Highly recommended! Went recently when it was free for the day, and was really pleasantly surprised. The Jan Hoek photo exhibition, and the old photos of Schiedam, were great. Staff were also very approachable and enthusiastic.

Mick Welling 4 years ago

Nice location and a top collection of contemporary art

Diny van Marion 4 years ago

Very nice museum, with authentic entrance, the former chapel including pulpit and organ, and on both sides, originally the women's and men's wing, but now exhibition spaces. Lovely cool air con. And nice to be able to have lunch at long tables in the entrance area with bread from the Vlaams Broodhuys.

Margaret Lehmann 4 years ago


Hsu A. 5 years ago

They do their best to present their collections.... Especially in the lobby of the building... It brang me a nice atmosohere.....

Michiel Fokkema 5 years ago

Very nice museum of art in Old people's home.

Ko Houtman 5 years ago

Sticky business!

Caroline 5 years ago


Surrealisme Schiedam 6 years ago

Last week went to the exhibition about Pierre Janssen in the beautiful Stedelijk museum in Schiedam. It is a very beautiful and accessible museum for young and old.

Katia Agnodice 6 years ago

A big YES to discover the exhibition of the moment "Eye Attack": the atmosphere, the shorthand, the accessibility, the works, in short, I just liked it ;-) The most: the discovery of Jan Theeuwes (apparently very appreciated here!) And especially the exchanges with the natives!

ha gor 6 years ago

Fine museum with a semi-permanent exhibition with top pieces from the collection of, among others, Karel Appel, Eugène Brands, Constant and Corneille. Been here for the exhibition (April 2017) "Eye Attack".

L MK 7 years ago

A hidden gem in Schiedam.

behzad diivouneh 7 years ago

Went recently when it was free for the day, and was really pleasantly surprised. The Jan Hoek photo exhibition, and the old photos of Schiedam, were great. Staff were also very approachable and enthusiastic. Highly recommended!

Gerard van Reekum 7 years ago

Never disappointed me, famous for their display skills!

Abdelkarim Ajarray 7 years ago

Het is goed

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