Zeeuws Museum

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Abdij 3-4
4331 BK, Middelburg
0118 653 000

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Het Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg is een van de oudste en belangrijkste musea in Nederland. Het werd opgericht in 1847 door een groep lokale burgers die gepassioneerd waren over het behoud van de geschiedenis en cultuur van Zeeland. Het museum herbergt een uitgebreide verzameling kunst, artefacten en documenten die het verhaal van Zeeland vertellen vanaf de vroegste dagen tot heden. Het museum is ook de thuisbasis van een bibliotheek en archieven, die openstaan ​​voor het publiek. Het Zeeuws Museum is een must-bezoek voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in de geschiedenis en cultuur van Nederland.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Tineke Mostert 1 year ago

Lots of information about Zeeland clothing, beautiful tapestries. Yes well worth a visit.

Edward de Kubber 1 year ago

Very very interesting. The treasure hunt was fun for the grandkids.

Bartz van den Bosch 1 year ago

Very friendly staff. Seen, read and heard a lot about Zeeland over 4 floors. Interesting object also in the chambers of wonder.

Henk de Haan 1 year ago

Especially the gobelins of naval battles from the 16th century on the 1st floor are impressive. Do ask for an explanation!

Narziss 1 year ago

Very nice museum. Building and location alone make it worthwhile. Nice and interesting pieces and a nice canteen for something tasty. Pleasantly surprised!

Carla R. 1 year ago

Fascinating and educational, beautiful wall hangings and finds from the area. And don't forget the traditional costume, beautifully portrayed. Impressive architecture.

Miguelangel Zambrano 1 year ago


Rob Greve 1 year ago

Nice museum with as highlight the tapestries about the naval battles with the Spanish Armada.

Michiel de Vlieger 1 year ago

Wonderful museum! Beautiful tapestries and over the top beautiful period rooms that are really fantastically painted. Nice items in the shop and perfect catering in the restaurant in a unique place in Middelburg. Just do it.

Daniela Schildge 1 year ago

An absolutely amazing museum, the presentation of each piece was very refreshing and modern - highly recommended

Aart Spruyt 1 year ago

Nice museum. Show how important and rich Middelburg and Zeeland were in the 17th century.

Wil Dijkgraaf 1 year ago

Very much worth it. Nice and beautiful things seen

Rob Slakhorst 1 year ago

Nice museum with interesting exhibits

Geert van der Tuuk 1 year ago

A beautiful and special museum.

florentyna1 1 year ago

Nice museum, especially if you are a Zeeland enthusiast.

HJ van der Veer 1 year ago

Beautiful experience of past and present.

Nico Ingels 1 year ago

Very educational day, interesting with fascinating guides.

Pat G 1 year ago

A well presented and very informative museum.

Richard de Bruijn 1 year ago

Offers insight into the surprising and fascinating history of Zeeland. Beautiful tapestries ceramics and other finds and paintings

Joost Mak 1 year ago

Not a super large museum, but if you are in Middelburg, definitely stop by and visit.....

Susanne Hahne 1 year ago

Really worth seeing, the whole complex is very impressive... the exhibition about the historical production of valuable fabrics is also very interesting.

jacqueline lagendijk 1 year ago

Nice museum really worth it !!!

Jacob Mannessen 1 year ago

The Zeeuws museum had paintings by a lesser known painter Heynse. Another piece of our art history filled in. It's amazing how the Dutch museums do that. Worth to visit. Actually recommended!!

Roberto Lucas 2 years ago

Leuk museum

Nithyanandam N 2 years ago

Must visit place in Middleburg

Siki BOOM 2 years ago

The place has a medieval vibe. Not crowded due to covid. So it's perfect to have a walk in there.

Roshan Chettiar (RON) 2 years ago


Tomás Alberto Chang Pico 3 years ago

The exposition was rather short, which left us wanting more. The staff was extremely friendly. The museum have us a free coffee as compensation for the reparations they were doing in the building. The measures they have taken to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic were probably from the best I have seen in any establishment so far.

Stephen Filby 3 years ago

Most interesting and enjoyable museum

Oto Kurac 3 years ago

Beautiful place.

Charon van Wijngaarden 3 years ago

Fine museum, interesting and also good alternation between paintings, tapestries, attributes and supporting films. Very well taken into account the Corona measures, you can walk around here at your leisure. Very friendly staff who are willing to give you more explanation and want to do just that little bit extra.

Niv Cohen 3 years ago

Amazing museum!!!!!

Johannes Maarten Van Sluys 3 years ago


Mister Jon 3 years ago


Haje Jan Kamps 3 years ago


Kim Jones 4 years ago

Very pretty and well curated historic exhibition. Helps you to understand the history of the area. Cool temporary exhibitions too and a great location

Filip G 4 years ago

Certainly worth a visit. The tapestries are large and definitely worth it. You walk around for a while. If you want to see our video of the visit, visit my FilipG channel on youtube

Peter-Paul Steenbergen 4 years ago

Great museum only refurbished last year. Provides great overview of all facets of life, both contemporary as well as past, in Zeeland. Don't forget to visit the 'Wonder kamers' in the attic!

Alastair Scargall 4 years ago

Excellent, we'll set out with helpful staff the special activity worksheet kept my grandchildren occupied. Homemade cake in the cafe wonderful. Value for money

Joanna Oldham 4 years ago

Over four floors, there were many interesting and really well put together exhibitions, as well as permanent exhibits.

Desirée Kolman 4 years ago

Perfect museum for visiting with young kids. Superfriendly staff. Not too big. Nice collection

Dirk Reimann 4 years ago

innovative museum

Perry Snoeij 5 years ago

Nice museum to walk around and experience the history of Zealand.

New2hgv 5 years ago

What an incredible piece of architecture this is.....It is absolutely enormous and a trip up the tower with its 200 plus steps is well worth the money.....the view of middleburg and the surrounding areas is spectacular.....on certain days I believe there is a market in the square in the middle of the buildings.....which is good for a browse....This place is more than worth your time if you are in the area....go check it :)

A F 5 years ago

Fantastic museum tucked away in the middle of middelburg. The musueum is spread out on 5 different levels with each level focusing on a different theme. Some of the highlights include one level which is entirely focused on the rural farmer way of life in Zeeland and how that is disappearing. Also a floor with alll kinds of historical antiques and artifacts found in Zeeland. There is a coffee shop and restaurant on the ground floor also.

Paul Schweitzer 6 years ago

Gorgeous building, great interactive displays and a relevant and impressive selection of arts

Yolanda van Orden de Graaf 6 years ago

A beautiful museum! From modern works of art! To old works of art! And costumes from Zeeland! Paintings and artifacts from the V.O.C ships brought to Europe! Greatly enjoyed! Definitely worth it !!

Canon Dirk van Leeuwen 6 years ago

Imaginative exhibitions

J. R. 7 years ago

Very nice place to visit, interesting

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