Katwijks Museum

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Voorstraat 46
2225 ER, Katwijk aan Zee
071 401 3047

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Het Katwijks Museum is een klein museum in de stad Katwijk Aan Zee in Nederland. Het museum is gehuisvest in een voormalige 18e-eeuwse herberg en bevat een verzameling artefacten en exposities met betrekking tot de geschiedenis van Katwijk en het omliggende gebied. De collectie van het museum omvat items zoals een 17e-eeuwse Nederlandse kaart van de stad, een schaalmodel van de stad zoals het in de 18e eeuw verscheen, en een verzameling foto's en documenten met betrekking tot de geschiedenis van de stad. Het museum bevat ook een klein café en is van dinsdag tot zondag open voor het publiek.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Katwijks Museum: Meningen

Gerard Couturier 1 year ago

Nice, small museum. Well worth it!

wim vink 1 year ago

Visited the museum on a Sunday afternoon. Warmly received by a very nice employee. Seen beautiful paintings of renowned paintings. These give a good picture of Katwijk from the time when the village mainly consisted of fishing. Surprised by this collection. The temporary exhibition is worth seeing. The other exhibits on display are also well worth a visit.

Holtl005 1 year ago

Beautiful old building with varied collection

Marjo Meyvogel 1 year ago

A great exhibition of Woman: From shutter to cabellut. Our attendant showed us around and was able to tell us a lot about the paintings. An experience richer

Linda T. 1 year ago

Nice museum with a lot to see. And beautiful temporary exhibitions.

Milja 1 year ago

A nice museum to have been here. Seen many paintings, traditional costumes, period rooms and more. Kattuk's history is well represented here.

Guus Van Der Bol 1 year ago

A very nice and interesting exposition in an old shipowner's house. Worth to visit!

Peter Reitsma 1 year ago

Nice museum, be sure to stop by when visiting Katwijk. Nice building with objects of the history of Katwijk.

Sanal Mapsuta 1 year ago

Nice museum with a nice historical story. I still recognize many things from old photos that my grandmother always showed me. They show history well. It still remains a nice little fishing village.

emmy vdpol 1 year ago

Nice informative museum about Katwijk

Nel 1 year ago


Amerik Leeuwen 1 year ago

Very informative, and nice and quiet view the various collections, cozy and recommended ... view the exhibition Color splendor and traditional costumes until September ..

Ton Molendijk 1 year ago

Interesting. History of Katwijk is beautifully portrayed

Marja H 1 year ago

This is such a beautiful museum that the population of Katwijk can be proud of! Scheveningen is crying.

Herman Alberda 1 year ago

Very kindly received. Very nice collection.

lia pronk 1 year ago

Very nice museum with friendly volunteers!

Gerard Breugem 1 year ago

A museum that the residents of Katwijk can be justifiably proud of .

Jan Blonk 1 year ago

Fantastic museum with many sights.

Wil Schuite 1 year ago

A cozy museum with a beautiful private collection. Also a real Katwijk museum with traditional costumes and the history of Katwijk.

Paula Noordermeer 1 year ago

Truly a museum that you cannot miss when you are in Katwijk. Nice explanation by a very enthusiastic lady. Recommended.

Chienwen Chen 1 year ago

very special history museum

Annelies Kornet 1 year ago

Had a great time with the class! Group 5/6 was very interested in all the beautiful stories that were told. Reception in traditional costume and accompanied by Kattukse stories.

K. * 1 year ago

Nice local museum with many sights about this bathing and fishing town.

Victor Arensman 1 year ago

Very nice to have been once. Katwijk has a rich history, which is beautifully reflected in the museum.

Jos Corstjens 1 year ago

Nice museum with nice (changing) exhibitions and an interesting permanent collection about Katwijk aan Zee, of course.

lex Wansink 2 years ago

Really about the history of Katwijk from today to now a nice museum

Wim Jansen 2 years ago


Ella Storm van Leeuwen 2 years ago

To my surprise very beautiful, diverse and complete. Good collection, also in terms of paintings. Mesdag, Toorop, van Goyen, really worth it. Many very detailed models and volunteers very friendly and can tell you about everything.

petra stassen 2 years ago

Every first Tuesday morning of the month the lace circle "De Zelfkant" holds its circle morning there. Various objects can be seen, such as the traditional costume of Katwijk, as a model of old Katwijk and a small display case with objects that the circle members have made.

Harald Dörnhaus 2 years ago

I am here every two years. The pictures in the permanent exhibition speak to me in particular. Definitely worth a visit! Harald D.

Math van Rhee 2 years ago

Nice meusem about Katwijk aan Zee about shipping and the construction of the city that was destroyed.

Roos Meijer 2 years ago

Wonderful museum! You get a nice picture of the old Katwijk. Definitely worth a visit.

Angelique de Vries 3 years ago

I loved this museum because of the good living atmosphere that all volunteers create. They also know everything about the contents of the museum. Sometimes you get somewhere and then you don't know how the museum works. Maybe some beers. Otherwise great. Thank you very much for the nice day at the museum. Bye. Angelique

Ton van Delden sr 3 years ago

This shows how it was in Katwijk 100 years ago, and how fishing was done, beautiful paintings

dirkenarien van egmond 3 years ago

A beautiful museum with a lot of history, beautiful art and much more. The nice thing is that as a photographer I can also exhibit there.

Jacob Brakenhoff 3 years ago

Interesting museum. Nice permanent collection and always fascinating temporary exhibitions. This time Fer Hakkaart from Leiden: taken from life with colorful realistic work.

Jonathan Kremer 3 years ago

Beautiful collection and extremely helpful employees with a lot of knowledge.

Wim Remmelzwaal 3 years ago

The Katwijks Museum has a lot to offer and amply exceeds the level of a local village museum. A lot of attention for painting and fishing around 1900, but wider than just that.

Local Guide 3 years ago

So far the best regional museum I have visited. Where I normally finish quickly, I am now really amazed by the paintings of Katwijk. They are beautiful!

Peter N. 3 years ago

One should take the time for this very lovingly presented museum. Great impressions from days gone by, lots of art from Katwijk - paintings and great photographs...

Hans Farjon 3 years ago

In a beautiful shipowners' villa where the captains were shown as cutting knives for the shipping company and their money was indicated by a hatch, you will find next to all sorts of corners where scenes from the Katwijk fisherman's life have been shaped a surprising collection of paintings from around 1900 when painters from all over the world in Katwijk beautifully captured the raw reality of fishing life.

Charlotte Westenberg 4 years ago

Small museum with a lot to see. Among other things, the history of Katwijk. Many paintings by famous painters who painted their work in Katwijk

Robbie Coumans 4 years ago

The Katwijks Museum has succeeded in giving a good impression of the life of the population in this region. Historically a hit in the rose to experience how it went here. Beautiful paintings and other objects show this in a special way. Coming from South Limburg, this trip is definitely worth a visit to the bygone times at the sea! Beautiful museum! Thank you for the like!

Willem van Duijvenvoorde 4 years ago

Very nice museum in my own place of residence :-) Visited for the 2nd time and how much has changed. It has become so much nicer and bigger, in short, a must to visit if you live in Katwijk or are celebrating your (day) holiday.

Cor Varkevisser 4 years ago

Beautiful collection in Karwijkse museum from the past, worth a look

Drikus K 4 years ago

Atmospheric museum, beautiful collection of paintings (in the 19th century Katwijk had an artists' colony with painters such as Blommers, Toorop, Von Bartels and Sluiter) and the fishing history of the village is richly represented. Good audio tour. Helpful and enthusiastic volunteers. More than a local museum!

Arie van der Plas 4 years ago

Very beautiful museum with enthusiastic attendants and wonderful exhibitions

Robbert Kuijt 4 years ago

Wonderful collection of old stuff. Highly recommended for everyone!

Karlheinz Georg E L I A S 5 years ago

A wonderful museum, the inconspicuous entrance deceives ... a rich presentation on the history, development and art of this beautiful city

Jan Bruder 5 years ago


Pouros 5 years ago


Kees Bitter 11 years ago


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